Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 12 Recap Featuring Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper


The current season of Survivor: Worlds Apart continues at a rapid pace as we approach the end of the game! After an entertaining episode, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper from Africa, who is also among the candidates eligible to return for season thirty-one!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


Rodney was putting together a strong alliance, but being in charge doesn’t always lead to happiness. Rodney hadn’t won any rewards this season. Tyler discovered that Dan’s advantage was an extra vote and informed Carolyn. Mike exposed Rodney’s hidden alliance but doing so put himself on the outs with the tribe. Mike was unbeatable at winning Immunity and won two weeks in a row, keeping him safe. At Tribal Council, Mike threatened to use his Hidden Immunity Idol on Shirin, saying that they were voting for Tyler and a random other. Tyler and Will flinched at the game of chicken and they voted for Dan. Mike kept his idol and Shirin was sent home. Seven are left.



After Tribal Council, the alliance of six attempts to clear the air. Dan discovers that both Tyler and Will cast votes for him, but he says that he forgives them and understands why they did what they did. Mike confesses that it was fun to watch people start to scramble. He’s safe for the next vote. Tyler confesses that he plans on voting for Dan again, calling him extremely loyal, and, thus, extremely gullible.


Dan reassures Will that he is not mad at him. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 30


The next morning, the tribe wishes Rodney a happy birthday. Will tells Rodney that he will give his reward up to Rodney if he has to. Rodney confesses that there is a 0.0000% chance that he will not get a reward because he has faith in his tribe mates.


Will reassures Rodney that he would give up his reward for him. (Image credit: CBS)


For the Reward Challenge, the contestants will be divided into teams of three. They will work together to unspool ribbons from a pole to release a key. Once they have the key, they will build a latter which they will climb and unlock a bag of balls. They then must take the bag of balls through a net sling where they must attempt to land the balls in five net targets using a catapult. First team to get all five targets wins the opportunity to take toys, clothes, and school supplies to a local orphanage. They will also take part in a barbecue including chicken, steak, and pork. Teams are selected by way of a school yard pick. Carolyn, Sierra, and Mike are the “red team”; Dan, Rodney, and Tyler are the “blue team”. Will is not selected and has no chance to participate or win reward. The “red team” takes a small lead unspooling the ribbons early on, but their lead is extended when Rodney leaves the “blue team” balls at the starting side of the net sling. Rodney has to go back and complete this portion of the challenge again. By the time Dan starts catapulting balls for the “blue team”, Mike is already comfortable and warmed up for the “red team”. Dan sinks shot after shot and almost makes a comeback, but Mike, who is unwilling to relent his position despite pleas from Sierra and Carolyn, narrowly clinches the victory. To Rodney’s extreme disappointment and disbelief, no one on the winning team is willing to give up their reward to him. He confesses that they have turned him into “the psychotic person that I am.”


Mike sinks a ball at the Reward Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Mike, Carolyn, and Sierra arrive at the orphanage and begin handing off toys and supplies to the horde of children waiting there. Mike plays soccer with the kids and confesses that he was deeply moved by the children who he interacted with. Sierra confesses that it was one of the coolest experiences that she has ever had. She tells the kids about her horses. The three load their plates up with a massive amount of food. Mike reminds Carolyn that this is a special day for them, not just for Rodney. He tells them that there is no one he would rather share the experience with. Carolyn confesses that she got to see Mike in a different light at the reward. She is thinking about aligning herself with Mike since he is not going anywhere at the next Tribal Council.


Mike, Sierra, and Carolyn enjoy some barbecue on reward. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Rodney does dishes in the ocean. He complains that it is the worst birthday ever. He confesses that all bets are off and his so-called “Survivor family” are really scumbags. Carolyn and Sierra  will not be going to the end with him. Tyler, Rodney, and Dan discuss Rodney’s behaviour. Tyler says that he will cool off. Dan says he won’t, it’s just how he is. Tyler says that Rodney’s loss will definitely complicate things around camp. Could get dirty. Rodney returns to camp and goes off on Carolyn. Dan confesses that it was a bit much. Rodney reveals to them his plan to say he wants to quit, luring Mike into a sense of security and making it so that he doesn’t play his idol. Tyler and Dan confess that they don’t have much faith in this plan.


Rodney reveals his plan to trick Mike into not playing his idol. (Image credit: CBS)



That night, the tribe sits in the shelter and Rodney begins his performance. He complains loudly to the tribe about the winning team’s lack of respect for him and calls out Carolyn for faking her mother role. He says that he is done with this game and that they should send him home. He is done. Mike says that there is no way that he is going to vote for Rodney. He confesses that he sees through Rodney’s plan. He tells Rodney that if he wants to quit, he is more valuable to keep around. Tyler and Carolyn walk off and they discuss their options for the next Tribal Council. Tyler knows that he is on the chopping block and has to win Immunity. He mentions Carolyn’s idol but she makes no indication that she will give Tyler the idol. She confesses that she feels like she is the one in charge of the game.


The tribe endures Rodney’s acting performance. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 32


For the Immunity Challenge, each contestant must hold onto a knotted rope that is attached to a pole on a dock and lean backwards off the dock over the water. Every five minutes, the contestants will have to move down one knot on the rope, making the challenge harder. There is no where to hide and no strategy, just pure endurance. Most of the contestants go out on the first knot of the challenge, beginning with Will. Dan goes shortly after him, saying that his “own fat ass” is to blame. Sierra drops third and Rodney drops right after. As they transition to the next knot, Mike loses his grip and falls in. Only Tyler and Carolyn remain. Carolyn is rock solid and does;t budge. Tyler falls in. Carolyn wins Immunity. Dan confesses that the good news is that Mike has to play his idol; the bad news is that Dan is a target because of his advantage.


Carolyn is rock solid during the Immunity Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, everyone congratulates “Mama C: The Challenge Master”. She confesses that the game is not cut and dry and she has to figure out what her move is. She tells Rodney, Dan, and Sierra that they need to split the votes between Mike and Tyler. If Mike plays the idol, Tyler goes home. Carolyn confesses that Dan might be a good vote instead of Tyler. Dan tells them that he is concerned, but they tell him that he has nothing to worry about. Tyler approaches Will and they agree that Dan needs to go because of his advantage. Mike and Carolyn talk, and Mike tells her that he thinks the vote will be four votes for him and three votes for Tyler. He confesses that he hopes Carolyn is on board with him because his options are limited. Tyler approaches Carolyn and they agree that Dan is the one they have to get rid of because of his advantage. Carolyn confesses that she is the one who will decide which way things go and it’s still a toss up between Tyler and Dan.


Tyler and Will agree to vote for Dan. (Image credit: CBS)


Hali, Joe, Jenn, and Shirin take their place on the Jury bench. Jeff begins Tribal Council by asking Mike about his Hidden Immunity Idol. He says that he will be playing it and that one of the six will be going home. Tyler and Dan should both be worried. He’s enjoying it. Jeff asks Dan about the two votes he received last time. Dan says it was tough but he knows who voted for him and the air was cleared. He’s still concerned that he is on the bottom and that it might be him that goes tonight. Jeff asks Tyler is he scrambled. He says that he touched base with everyone, but Mike is charismatic and Tyler is on his chopping block. Jeff then asks the tribe about Dan’s advantage. Carolyn says that it’s something to worry about because they don’t know what it is. Dan says that everyone in the game has approached him about using it together. Sierra says that she suspects a big move will be made tonight that everyone has been waiting for. Tyler says that every decision has a huge impact at this point in the game. Jeff asks if Tyler would be surprised if he went home tonight. Tyler says yes. They vote. Dan votes for Mike, saying it breaks his heart. Mike votes for Tyler, saying he’s been trying to get him out for a long time. Jeff retrieves the votes. Mike plays his idol for himself. The votes are revealed: Mike (does not count), Mike (does not count), Mike (does not count), Mike (does not count), Tyler, Tyler. Tyler becomes the twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart and the fifth member of the jury. Jeff says that they should be concerned that everybody wants to take the weakest to the end.


Tyler is voted out. (Image credit: CBS)


At this point, Jeff appears on a beach and makes a special announcement, revealing that next season will consist of returning one-time players who did not win their only season. We, the viewers, have the power to vote for the former Survivors to come back. Watch their videos and place your votes for 20 out of the 32 eligible contestants that you’d like to see return at CBS.COM/SURVIVORSECONDCHANCE. The cast will be revealed at the live finale on May 20th.


Jeff announces the twist for next season. (Image credit: CBS)


The majority alliance crumbles, and Mike sees an opportunity to pit the remaining Survivors against one another.


Mike gets his scramble on. (Image credit: CBS)









I feel like this season hasn’t had too many dramatic votes but definitely a lot of dramatic moments. I understand some of these moments have gotten a negative reaction from many people but I’ve enjoyed this season. The gameplay has been very complicated because there hasn’t been one person calling the shots, we don’t have a Kim Spradlin or even a Tyson (BvW) who seemed nearly invincible most of the game. The closest we’ve had to someone constantly be in a good spot is Will, who let’s face it is probably everyone’s first choice to sit next to at Final Tribal Council. We do have an interesting final 6 after Tyler’s blindside. Will isn’t a favourite to win but he’s trying to involve himself in the game and can be a loose cannon, a cannon who fires all cylinders when provoked (Nina, Vince, Shirin can attest). Rodney despite having a large and kind of rough personality hasn’t had a vote cast towards him in a while and has made alliances whenever he needed to. Carolyn is playing hard but effectively; we’ll see if she is the next big target once Mike is gone. Dan seems to be at the heart of a lot that’s going on and it remains to be seen how he’ll use his advantage. Sierra is still in the game but I can never tell where exactly she fits in and Tyler’s elimination furthers her position in strategic limbo. And the magic number for Mike is 3 (assuming a final 3) challenges to win and if he makes it he has a good chance of winning. Aside from Tyler I see the entire jury so far voting for him. And then we have the second chances vote. Most of the players that were nominated are players I’d like to see get asked back and it’ll be interesting to see how people feel.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for the 12th episode features Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper! She discusses everything that happened during this episode and looks ahead to the rest of the season with her answers to the ‘World’s Apart 5!’ T-Bird also campaigned her way on to season 31, talking up her chances and what she would bring! You can check out her great website about her campaign here

TIP TO WIN: Carolyn
DARK HORSE: Will     
WHAT TRIBE WOULD YOU BE ON: White Collar        


T-Bird shows off a certain 8-Ball in the interview

Join us next week as we are joined by another former player to help us recap the 13th episode of Worlds Apart!



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3 Comments on Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 12 Recap Featuring Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper

  1. I will be pretty disappointed if Dan and Will both make it to the final 3, although I imagine it would make for a pretty heated final tribal.

    Wooh Ivan’s recap!

  2. Daniel A. // May 9, 2015 at 7:46 pm // Reply

    I swear if T-Bird doesn’t make on Survivor 31, I’m boycotting the season.

    • Tom Wright // May 9, 2015 at 11:16 pm // Reply

      U know casual fans aren’t going to remember her and just vote for people on the past four or five seasons

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