Monica Padilla Interview + Second Chances Campaign Interview


Monica Padilla was one of the many people to fall victim to the Hantz train during the 19th season of Samoa. The train that brought with it an edit that saw hardly any airtime given to most of the cast of the 19th season and the train that saw the Galu tribe eliminated after the merge. But for Monica there is much more to tell than her edit showed, and now that she is in with a shot of returning for the 31st season of Second Chance, it’s the perfect time to chat to her and hear her side of the story.

War_paintMonica started off slowly before forming a strong bond with Laura Morett in the early part of the game. Post merge she was one of the few people to not be swayed by Russell and stayed loyal to Galu, and eventually was voted off in 7th place and joined the jury.

In her chat with us, Monica gives us all the reasons why you need to vote her back on to play a second time, why losing Russ Swan really didn’t affect Galu after the merge, just what the reaction has been like from her Samoa cast members about the possibility of her playing a second time, how busy life has become with campaigning as well as talking about soap operas and celebrating the Puerto Rico Survivor family.


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