Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Second Chance Snubs


With Survivor’s 31st season officially announced as a second chance season, giving former castaways a second chance to play the game is the realisation of a concept that fans have long been frothing for. With an eclectic mix of former castaways, including both old school, middle era and new school players, it’s undoubtedly an exciting shortlist that any die hard Survivor fan will appreciate. But just like every shortlist, there are only limited spots and this means there are some glaring omissions with many castaways that definitely deserve to play again. Here are the top 10 players that really could have shone if they had a chance to return to our screens one more time. Read on for more! 

10. So Kim – Worlds Apart


So was sexy, salacious and a little bit silly. Yes she made a big mistake, but I can’t help feeling for her. Originally cast for season 29, only to not compete at the last minute, and then unceremoniously first booted, there’s SOOOOO much more So could have offered. She played the hidden immunity idol clue completely wrong but her instincts were right, it was only trusting Joaquin that was her downfall, who ended up getting off pretty much scot-free for the same crime.

Being in a tribe with only six people meant that after the white collar tribe lost the immunity challenge she really had nowhere to hide. It’s just a pity this was the case because I’m sure if she could made it the first few days we could have seen a lot more of her Type A awesomeness. Some may say she’s “so-so” and a forgettable contestant, but I beg to differ after the massive impact she made in just one episode. Despite the fact she’s been snubbed from the shortlist, she wound up with a catch in Malcolm, so I’m sure she’s sleeping very soundly.

9. Marty Piombo – Nicaragua


I’m neither here nor there about Marty as a character, but it’s safe to say his proactive gameplay meant he was never a wallflower and his popularity among fans definitely warrants there are many people invested in him getting a second chance. Sure he could have played his cards better after the tribe swap, but really what can you do when you’re switched to a tribe of mall-going, MTV watching airheads? Marty was never afraid to speak his mind and play aggressively which is ultimately what you want with any Survivor player. Don’t count him out just yet. There’s room for this Silver Fox to shine on our screens once again.

8. Nadiya Anderson – San Juan Del Sur


Some will argue that as one half of the Twinnies, she’s had more than her fair chance of reality TV appearances. Personally I would love to see what the very likable twinnie Nadiya has to offer on Survivor since we never really got to see her get the chance to play.

It would be great to see how her game contrasts Natalie’s as the more kooky twinnie, and I’m sure if we got to see her again we’d be treated to a few more lovable foot-in-mouth-moments. I’m not saying she would or could win, but the twinnies have personality in spades and the fact she made such an impact in 1 episode and such great TV should be enough for her to be brought back. Love you Nadiya!

7. Greg Buis – Borneo

greg buis

If Kelly Wiglesworth can be brought back for another swing I find it extremely offensive that Greg Buis, probably one of the most entertaining and memorable contestants of all time, hasn’t been asked. The rumour mill of him returning was in overdrive in the lead up to the potential cast announcement, and seeing him dropped from the list was almost enough to bring physical pain as one of the most glaring omissions from the updated returnee list.

Perhaps CBS thought his unpredictable and unconventional behaviour too much of a gamble to allow him to come back, or maybe the hearsay is true, and Jeff just doesn’t like him. The fact is, if Shane can be brought back with his blackberry, shouldn’t the guy who introduced us to the Island Phone also deserve a second shot? One thing is for sure, if this guy was on the ballot, he’d be a shoe-in to compete again and what a beautiful thing that could have been.

6. Tracy Hughes Wolf – Micronesia


I have mad respect for Tracy. She gave great confessionals, and was even named Jeff Probst’s most ‘underestimated player of the entire season.’ So why is it that she was never asked back?! IT’S A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE I TELL YOU!

Unlike most of the pre merge boots on the season, Tracy got plenty of airtime because she was a joy to watch, representing a solid all round survivor player who was smart, strategic and strong. The fact that she had such dreadful odds but never gave up was something to be proud of. It should definitely be enough for CBS to realise she deserves a second shot and if she had the chance to play again would give it her all, just like she did the first time.

5. Silas Gaither – Africa


One of Survivor’s original young bucks would have definitely learned a thing or two since his time on the show, and it would be fascinating to see him return as a player now that he’s been around the traps and gained some more life experience. A victim of the inaugural tribe swap that no one in his season could have anticipated, Silas’s brattish way of playing meant he had nowhere to move and was quickly disposed of come the switch. It would be great to see one of the most memorable contestants of the first 5 seasons return. He’s still only 37 and hearing his modesty to admit his mistakes in interviews, I’d rate him a really good shot to go a long way into the game. Just like Skupin and Gervase of the same Survivor era, returning old school players have a track record of doing relatively well in modern Survivor seasons.

4. RC Saint Amour – Philippines


Say what you will about RC, but this girl definitely has more to prove. A woman scorned by something that was never her doing, she was thrown under the bus in an epic fashion. Some might say annoying, I say awesome. She was oh-so-close to returning in Blood vs Water with her dad, and sadly her second chance was slighted for medical reasons.There’s more scheming, plotting and double crossing that we sadly won’t get to see. Plus we know that she isn’t afraid to call people out after the game and she LOVES to gossip. We can only assume this would have translate onto the screen if she got another chance to play.

RC isn’t strictly a  snub, since Probst confirmed on Twitter she declined to return for season 30, however the fact that she said no definitely feels like we’ve been snubbed as viewers. I get it, people have lives outside of Survivor and have many reasons why they can’t or don’t want to return… This doesn’t change the fact that I love this woman like no tomorrow and can only wonder about the gloriousness that would have been RC and ABBY on the same tribe in season 31.

3. Frosti Zernow – China


Hardworking and extremely likeable, for Frosti the numbers were never really on his side. As the youngest contestant on the show up until that point, his ability to avoid drama and stay upbeat showed maturity beyond his years.

Why we’ve had to see James and Amanda play three times is beyond me when there are so many people from China who could have offered much more. In all honesty, I’d pretty much like to see nearly all of the Survivor China cast return, and since Peih Gee appears to be a shoe in, next at the top of my list is Frosti. Still a young gun, and still undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, let’s hope the fact he’s not shortlisted is not because he was asked and wasn’t interested. Message to CBS: Give the Frostmeister another shot, other wise your casting choices may get a Frosty reception from fans. Hope this “Frosty threat” makes you shiver in your boots.

2. Katie Collins – Blood Vs Water


Perhaps it’s because she is just so damn nice (she made a shell necklace for Tyson on his birthday) and maybe it’s because she was slighted by the white rock. Whatever reason, Katie definitely deserves another ride on the Survivor merry-go-round. She definitely fits the beautiful young woman mould and like Kelley Wentworth, it would be great to see play the game independently of a loved one. If you need convincing Katie is a major babe, see above picture.

After Tina’s legacy was cemented by a decent performance in Blood vs Water, it would be great for Katie to have the opportunity to do the same by making another appearance and hopefully getting more screen time. Who knows, maybe she’ll have kids (hopefully Hayden’s since they would make beautiful babies) and in 20 years time if Survivor if still running her offspring could play the game and we’d have three generations of the Wesson family on the show. Ok… I get that this is extremely far-fetched fan fiction but I get giddy just thinking about it.

1. Brian Corridan – Guatemala


The fact that no one from Guatemala has ever played again (Stephenie doesn’t count) is an absolute travesty of justice. As each year goes by with not a single player returning, Guatemala is starting to feel like the forgotten mythical season. It seems almost like CBS and Probst wish it would disappear, but as my favourite season I can never let the fact that we’ve seen none of the awesome cast return. Leading the list of awesome returnees would be Brian, one of the biggest talkers, schemers and savviest contestants in the 11th season. The fact that he still lives and breathes the show, and is active in the fan community and social media means he’s still engaged and invested, which makes me question why he was once again overlooked. However I never thought Varner would be heard from again, so Brian my friend, never say never. Your snubbed season and you are definitely worthy of the top spot.

Do you agree with this list? Which other players do you think are most deserving of a second chance? Who was snubbed from the snub list and why? Let us know with a comment!

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37 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Second Chance Snubs

  1. I honestly do not understand the brian love… I think he is very overrated I just don’t get it. I have seen Guatemala 4 or 5 times and try to see it but cant

  2. If any first boot should come back it should be Marisa Calihan, also Helen Glover and Deena Bennett should be on this list.

  3. First boots shouldn’t count!

  4. I agree with a lot of these but others to include would be:
    Clarence Black (See if he learned from his mistakes)
    John Carroll
    Sean Rector
    Helen Glover
    Heidi Strobel
    Twila Tanner
    Rory Freeman (One of my favorites from Vanuatu, great story)
    Coby Archa
    Ian Rosenberger (I don’t consider his departure as a quit, it was a life lesson)
    Rafe Judkins (I know it’s a long shot)
    Judd Sergeant
    Michelle Yi (She deserves it a lot)
    Jean-Robert Bellandre (Another standout China contestant)
    Jason Siska (The Ozzy kriptonyte, let’s see what he would do now)
    Marcus Lehman (I was shocked he wasn’t on there)
    Crystal Cox
    Ken Hoang
    Sierra Reed
    Jaison Robinson (The only other standout from Samoa)
    Holly Hoffman
    Chase Rice
    Alicia Rosa (Would have a much better chance to get one than Sabrina)
    Chelsea Meissner (She probably learned a lot from Kim)
    Pete Yurkowski
    Reynold Toepfer
    Eddie Fox
    John Cody (He dominated Redemption Island)
    Hayden Moss
    LJ McKanas (One of the most popular people on a great recent season)
    Sarah Lacina (The infamous Kass victim)
    Josh Canfield (Josh vs Jeremy 2.0 would be awesome)
    Reed Kelly
    Jon Misch
    Baylor Wilson
    Jenn Brown (I’m assuming her feelings towards the end of the game were true)
    Tyler Fredrickson (He deserves it more than some of the guys)

  5. Completely agree with Katie.

  6. REALLY?!?!? katie so and nadiya are jokes. Id be pissed to see them back (well actually only upset at so) definetely anyone post merge tocantins or gabon besides susie. Judd ian sean neleh rafe from the earlier seasons too.

  7. I’m definitely with you on Guatemala (Honestly, there are about 7 there worthy of returning). I Agree with Frosti, but Jean-Robert would probably be more entertaining. Not sure on #8 ans #10. Would rather see a Marquesas, Thailand or Fiji in thier spots. Good list overall though. Silas would be great.

  8. Michelle Yi (screwed over by that bizarre “send half the tribe to tribal council” twist) and Jenny Guzon Bae (screwed over by the “let’s rig the game for Yul” double boot) needed to be on this list.

  9. Apart from Greg, Silas and maybe Katie, I don’t like this list. Can’t comment on Guatamala since i didnt see it. Marty might have deserved a spot, since he got a bit screwed by the old vs young twist, although I’m glad he won’t be on. R.C I’m mixed on, since she wasn’t in the wrong about lying to Abi, but people commented she was playing way too hard and made everyone suspicious so I don’t think she is a good player, and glad she is not on.

  10. Mackenzie // May 13, 2015 at 3:20 pm // Reply

    Your assumptions about Greg Buis are wildly inaccurate. He’s been talked to about coming back MULTIPLE times (most aggressively with his sister for the first Blood vs. Water) and he’s never been interested. The rumors of him being in the mix for Second Chances are false and the person who put his name out there as a candidate pretty much admitted to having had falty intel. Probst has named Greg as one of the players he most wants to see return. If he was willing to, it would have happened by now.

    A season with a tribe made up entirely of first boots is a very likely scenario and I think that’s the place we could see people like So Kim and Nadiya Anderson again. As far as snubs, for me, the people that come to mind who I think would have actually been willing to entertain coming back are:

    Gretchen Cordy (Borneo)
    Holly Hoffman (Nicaragua)
    Jeff Kent (Philippines)
    Christy Smith (The Amazon)
    Deena Bennett (The Amazon)
    Sean Rector (Marquesas)

  11. You guys do realise that these people may not be interested and/or available?

  12. So, Nadiya, Tracy, Katie…
    This list sucks….
    The only saving grace is a Guatemala Castaway on top spot and greg…….
    Throw in Neleh, Rafe, Marissa of bvw, lydia or even a first boot in Zane Knight

  13. I always love these lists, but hate to call them “snubs” since we never know who had to decline an offer.

  14. thebobmaster // May 14, 2015 at 5:03 am // Reply

    I’d like to see a season where anyone who was medically evacuated from the game (who didn’t have other seasons to compete in) would be offered the opportunity to return. That would mean:

    Bruce Kanegi (Panama)
    Gary “Papa Smurf” Strikesky (Fiji)
    Joe Dowdle (Tocantins)
    Mike Borassi (Samoa)
    Kourtney Moon (One World)
    Dana Lambert (Philippines)
    (as much as I’d hate to see him back)Shamar Thomas (Caramoan)

    After they’ve at least made an offer to those 7, then they could give second chances to the rest. Or even just have new castaways, other than those 7. To me, those are the 7 most worthy of a second chance, as their eliminations were just due to rotten luck out of their control.

    • thebobmaster // May 14, 2015 at 5:04 am // Reply

      OT: As for the list, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who would like to see Silas return. Love him or hate him, he got screwed over the last time he played, and it would be nice to see him get a second chance.

  15. Hands down the biggest snub has to be Natalie Bolton from Micronesia, she was by far the best of the fans & was the last fan standing & she has the makings of an incredible villain. Hell even dumb as a door post Erik got recalled but still no Natalie, that is truely a crime.

    • Yes! I was shocked not to see her on this list. I’ve been wanting to see her again ever since.

  16. Michelle Chase & Tina Scheer

  17. HAYDEN MOSS !!!

    What about John Caroll, Burton Roberts, Darrah Johnson, Sherri Biethman, Natalie Bolton? They are all way more deserving to be on the voting poll than some people from your top 10 like So, Nadiya, Katie, Frosti, …

  18. jaclyn

  19. People who actually weren’t snubbed but should come back:
    Jon Misch- Jaclyn said he would be back if he cared to answer his phone as they did call him
    Hayden Moss- He declined coming back. I think he had prior commitments
    Greg Buis- we were told he declined due to work commitments
    Lindsey Cascaddan: She is pregnant thus cant come back
    Ashley Underwood: I would love to see her but again pregnant

    People who were clearly snubbed:
    Shane Powers: yes he was on the ballot but shouldve gotten back on over people like woo and keith
    Natalie Bolton
    Katie (BvW)
    Jenn Brown (carolyn over jenn really???)
    Hali Ford
    Alexis Maxwell (Mikayla over her seriously???)
    John Carroll
    Heidi Strobel

  20. I think someone who really got snubbed was Matt Elrod from redemption island. Personally I would’ve loved to see him play again! Being the second one voted out, fight his way back into the game again, only to be dooped by Boston Robs alliance. Sure not the smartest of the bunch, but to play the game of survivor with 30 some odd days stranded solely on Redption Island, in my opinion that’s worthy of a second chance.

    • Matt Elrod isnt coming back. Thats not even his name anymore, now his name is Wyatt Nash. Hes tried to become famous in Hollywood or something.

  21. 1st) Josh — Josh vs Jeremy 2.0 would be EPIC!
    2nd) Nadiya
    3rd) Chelsea — Kim’s righthand woman never gets credited enough!
    4th) Twila — Would have been a worthy winner in Vanuatu too
    5th) Shambo — The “Fecklessness”!
    6th) LJ
    7th) Christy — The “deaf woman” archetype could be redeemed after the disaster that was Nina.
    8th) Rodney — The imitations!
    9th) Jefra — She is waaaay better than some of those that were vying for the same archetype in the Second Chance roster (Jefra is waaaay better than Mikayla, Monica, Stephanie Valencia–and I voted for Mikayla and Monica is coming back!)
    10th) Jeremiah

    • Josh wasn’t snubbed- he has his broadway play so he cant film Survivor- he doesnt have enough time
      Jefra is in no way better than Monica or Stephanie Valencia. I love both. Definitely better than Mikayla though.
      I wish her right hand girl Alexis was on the ballot though. She had so much potential.

  22. Greg Bouis 7th and Sean Rector not present?! Are you f** kidding me?!

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