The Amazing Race Oz – US Season 26 Episode 10 Recap


Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode including the pitfalls of recording using Pamela, bizarre llama loans and shifty side deals between Peruvian cab drivers and potato sellers!

We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episodes of the US version of The Amazing Race including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with Season 26!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of Ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


There’s been so much stuff going on! Uni, work, other work, dancing…finally there’s some time for the Amazing Race!

Apologies this is so far behind! But enjoy it while it lasts!

So we left our teams in Amsterdam, who were we left with again?

#1 #TeamSelfie (Laura & Tyler)

#2 #BlairleySurviving (Blair & Hayley)

#3 #Jelannny (Jelani & Jenny)

#4 #TruckStopLoveStory (Mike & Rochelle)

#5 #MasterHairstylists (Matt & Ashley)

It was a non-elimination leg last time…so #MasterHairstylists get the extra speedbump to do on this leg!

We start with a recap of #BlairleySurviving having a great argument in Amsterdam…they say they’re going to improve…I can never take anything Blair says seriously with his conceded look on his face! Hopefully it means a bit more entertainment though!

#TeamSelfie are taking off first though! Where are we headed?

Fly to Trujillo, Peru, once there, catch a cab to Plaza De Armas, and join in the Festivities of Castilla De Puerta

Don’t back any of the spelling or pronunciation of any of those words…but Peru!

Laura tells us because there is no pre-existing relationship between the two there’s less bickering than if she’d done it with a boyfriend…well yeah…but he is your future boyfriend right?

It is also Laura’s 30th birthday! (I couldn’t believe Laura was turning 30! I backed her to be like…26 max!) So they’re hoping for birthday luck!

We get our first reference to FitBit of the episode…monitoring your FitBit charge as a demand is always concerning…let’s count the references to FitBit as a special edition of QuickCount…that’s 1!

#BlairleySurviving depart, they tell us they have fun like…90% of the time! That’s only 10% bickering, which is good right?

They also mention there are pre-booked flights but you can get better ones if you can find them! And they also say they’re going to have a good time, they’ll be right one day!

#TeamSelfie book flights, and mention they don’t get in til the next day, but the ominous music suggests they did something wrong!


Did they??

#BlairleySurviving arrive, there’s a brief hello, and while #TeamSelfie tell us about enjoying Amsterdam…#BlairleySurviving find an earlier flight! It arrives around 11 hours earlier! Wow! Big oversight there!

Not that #TeamSelfie seem to notice…they’re just excited that they get to spend the night in Amsterdam!

#BlairleySurviving get called smarter than #TeamSelfie by the travel agency, and Blair mentions he thinks he peed himself with excitement…I saw no excitement in that face at all!

#Jelannny depart, and that’s really it!

#TruckStopLoveStory depart (and mention FitBit…that’s 2!) Mike says it’s been very positive for their relationship and if it was anyone else he’d just want to strangle them, so I guess it’s good Rochelle’s alive!

#TeamSelfie go to a bar and get drinks, while at the same time #Jelannny meet #BlairleySurviving at the travel agency and are able to get on the same flight as them. The travel agent tells us it’s almost full though so that looks like it for the racers.

Laura tells a bartender she’s now 30, and he reacts with the same horror I did when I first heard the news! They do shots…nice!



#MasterHairstylists depart (with our 3rd FitBit mention). They know there’s a lot to overcome, but they know they do well when their backs are against the wall.

So we get a few trips to the airport, and #BlairleySurviving and #Jelannny take off! We then get a ginger looking #TeamSelfie arrive at the airport after realising they didn’t read their clue properly…you think they’d notice this by now! It’s only episode 10, no biggie! We get small talk from the back teams who are sleeping at the airport, and I’m pretty sure #TeamSelfie are still drunk! No selfies on Laura’s birthday though…poor form!

Next morning, the remaining teams depart, and mention how important it is to not be last, good normal segment really.

In Peru, #Jelannny and #BlairleySurviving arrive, and after a lot of travelling, arrive at the Plaza, where they receive a 7am start for the next morning…so it’s party time! There’s some party dancing, a lot of fireworks getting set off, and a great band! A fun night for all who are there and not on a plane!



So we cut to 7am the next morning, and #Jelannny and #BlairleySurviving receive their next clue

Proceed to Plazuala De La Merced to find your next clue

We also see here that Blair speaks perfect Portuguese…or maybe Spanish…in any case…it’s outstanding!

The two teams get in taxis, but the drivers don’t seem to know where they are taking them! Hayley mentions this to Blair, while #Jelannny get help from several taxis and go back where they were. Blair continues talking to locals about what I assume are directions (he could be trying to sell Hayley for all I know) while Hayley simply says he’s doing nothing and they need to go back! To be fair, they don’t seem to be doing much, but Blair is talking to a guy with a smartphone that just might be able to help.

Eventually #Jelannny find the shoe shine stall, and get their next clue!

Travel to Santo Domingo and then to a sugar cane plantation to get your next clue

They didn’t show the exact names so I’m simplifying it a bit, so sorry any locals who are offended…but they’re going to a sugar cane field!

We also see that the Speedbump is here!

The 2nd flight lands, and it’s much more frantic!

But even more fun is watching Blair talk Portuguese (I’m just backing it in, if it’s Spanish…I kind of apologise) to a taxi driver trying to figure out directions, while Hayley yells at him about the fact they’re not in the right spot! Blair plays it cool that they’re finding out, but that’s not good enough for Hayley! She says they have to go back to where they were and can figure it out from there…but they’re figuring it out now Hayley! It’s hilarious and frustrating at the same time!


Damn it Blair!

Blair asks them to work together, while Hayley angrily demands her input be used from now on. Turns out she was kind of right I think, and they find the shoeshine store, worst news for Blair! We know he won’t hear the end of this!

And she carries on…she’s ‘So beyond pissed off’! And can’t stand looking at him or listening to him! I bet their teamwork improves off the chart now!

The 2nd flight’s teams all get to the Plaza and are not handed a 7am start time for the next morning, they just get the clue and go!

In the countryside, #Jelannny arrive at the Sugar Cane fields while telling us they’ve basically never been on a farm! Real city slickers! They grab their next clue though…it’s a roadblock!

In this roadblock, teams must work with a sugar cane cutter and chop down a row of sugar cane!


Just cut it all, no biggie

Sounds physically demanding, not that #Jelannny realise and Jenny happily volunteers!

Also…they won date night…yeah that still exists!

Jenny sees how much she has to cut down. It’s a lot! And her first few cuts are very awkward and slow, like Courtney on Survivor China bad…but they get better!

Back near the shoeshine place, #TeamSelfie find a place with Llamas and typewriters, but no detour, it would be hilarious if that was just there, and was not part of the race! They run past the speedbump and the next clue! I’d be watching the cameraman when I run past anything…they find it very quickly! #TeamSelfie ask some people, who tell them it’s far away, which they tell to #MasterHairstylists, so they frantically get into taxis! Right behind them, #TruckStopLoveStory simply walk up to the shoeshine place and get their next clue! Simples!


Cameraman found it first!

Back from the break and #TeamSelfie are staying positive, as they found the detour and the speedbump, wait? Tyler asks when Laura mentions she saw the speedbump part, which makes Tyler realise that’s where the box is! Laura is slightly confused but through gentle communication they realise they need to go back! #MasterHairstylists also click that they didn’t need to get into a taxi!

At the sugar cane field, Hayley is up for #BlairleySurviving! I would never trust her with a machete! Blair thinks it’ll be a great way for her to release some anger though! We also get FitBit reference number 4!

It is very tiring for both Jenny and Hayley though!


Would you trust her with a machete?

Back at the shoeshine, #TeamSelfie find their clue so can move on!

Back in the field, we get more talk of Blair being scared of Hayley with a machete, can we please put her on Survivor?

#MasterHairstylists finally find the speedbump!

Speedbump! Type a loan for a Llama!

Note: Kristan in our recap though that they were typing out a loan for the Llama…as in, for the Llama to take to the bank to get a withdrawal from a bank account…not quite!

Ashley’s mum still uses a typewriter so she knows what she’s doing! Matt has no clue!


It was a simpler time…

At the roadblock, we get some cheerleading from Blair and Jelani, and gradually all the cane is getting cut down, as Jenny talks about it being a great work out, while Blair tells Hayley she will get offered a job here! Another cunning way to leave her in Peru! Jenny does finish eventually, and gets their next clue!

Proceed to Parque Ramon Castilla and deliver the sugar cane to receive your next clue

Also, FitBit reference and something about taking note of how many steps everyone has taken…I’m not writing too much about that! But Hayley finishes shortly afterwards and we get another FitBit reference, so that’s 6!


Nearly as many steps as FitBit references!

Also, as they leave, the cheering of the locals on the back of a tractor is outstanding! Possibly the highlights of this leg!


Random Cheering Locals are the best!

#MasterHairstylists get their loans done, it would be more fun if they had to take a Llama with them, but we did find out it’s the 4th of December on this day! They are done and back racing!

At the sugar cane field, Mike is in for #TruckStopLoveStory, while Tyler is in for #TeamSelfie

Tyler wants to get a move on, and goes nuts going through the field! Mike isn’t quite able to go as quickly!

#Jelannny arrive at the Castilla, and get their next clue, and get ready for the FitBit counter!

Teams must add up how man steps they have taken according to the fitbit, and then calculate how many calories/steps they need to take to have a glass of juice, which they must then finish


Forget about Ford…It’s all about the FitBit!

So Phil becomes the FitBit salesman! That’s 7 references!

We get a bit of math from #Jelannny, they have a calculator so it’s not much fun! Jenny tells us how wonderful the FitBit is…that’s 8!

#BlairleySurviving arrive and Hayley gets excited because they get to do Math, really?? They also are adding up!

At the roadblock, Tyler passes Mike and just keeps smashing it out, to the point where the locals are giving him thumbs up and applaud him as he finishes! What a beast! Mike also finishes shortly afterwards! We get more FitBit stuff from both teams, so that’s 11 references!


Last one!

#MasterHairstylists pass the others as they leave, there’s a lot of time to make up! Matt mentions they’re last, which is apparently a bad thing…Matt is doing the roadblock though

At the Fitbit calculator, #Jelannny correctly identify the right number, so get a juice which is really nice, and now it’s Detour time!


Mamas: Teams must search the street of a market for the ingredients for traditional moonshine in Peru. Once they have them all they must deliver them, and have a full drink before they can move on


Papas: Teams must sort potatoes into their 4 different kinds, then take them to the market and sort them into 4 different spots to get their next clue with no errors!


Unexciting from first impression, #Jelannny are doing Papas

#BlairleySurviving finish the Fitbit advertising task and choose to do Mamas.

#MasterHairstylists finish at the detour, as Matt smashes through it all! We get more Fitbit references so that’s…14!

#Jelannny arrive at the potatoes and sort them right there!

At the market, #BlairleySurviving get to the market and with Blair’s language skills, the challenge is relatively simple for them! Hayley calls it Spanish so let’s say its Spanish!

At Papas, #Jelannny carry potatoes, it’s unexciting, while at Mamas, Blair is starring and collecting a lot of ingredients!


Not a lot else to show really…

At the FitBit thing, we see #TeamSelfie and #TruckStopLoveStory arrive, less Fit Bit references!

#BlairleySurviving collect the final parts of their ingredients while #Jelannny stack all their potatoes in their respective spots, are they correct?

No! And it gets better as the lady pushes a button that releases the bottom of the table and the potatoes go all over the floor! Brilliant!


Taters everywhere!

#BlairleySurviving find the moonshine master (I want to call her the Beer Baron!). They have their drink, it was very nice apparently, now I want it! But they are off to the pit stop!

Proceed to the Pit Stop, Virgen De La Puerta! The last team to check, may be eliminated!


It looks nicer from the air

The grandma cooking the moonshine made #BlairleySurviving miss their grandparents, actual moments of compassion!

At the Fitbit challenge, we get little mention of FitBit, but we get a few correct answers! So #TeamSelfie are off, and want to do Mamas. #TruckStopLoveStory also finish, they also are doing Mamas.

At the pit stop, it’s a calm jog in from #BlairleySurviving! Phil tells them they are team number 1!


What fight?

As the winners of this leg, they have each won a FitBit fitness kid! Oh boy…here comes a painful spiel! They get home fitness equipment, and everything fitbit makes, plus a laptop and cellphone…I can’t fault that! Blair’s sarcastic excitement at all this makes the segment more enjoyable! He remembers to honour the sponsors well!


Glorified Pedometers!

Phil says it all looks good for them, and Hayley says they are BFFs! They have ‘complete respect for each other’, but sometimes Blair wants Hayley to shut up, and she wants him to listen to her, yikes! It’s great fun to listen to though!

At the potatoes, #Jelannny are correct so they are off to the Pit Stop!

#TeamSelfie arrive at Mamas but…it’s not Mamas! It’s Papas! They’ve been taken to the wrong detour! They realise after a bit that they’re at the other one…so they just do it! They just fill them all up and have small bits of tension but, nothing dramatic!

#TruckStopLoveStory find the actual Mamas and go and start to pick it all up, it all seems very simple!

#Jelannny arrive at the pit stop and check in as Team Number 2 to a pretty good crowd! Phil asks if they’re disappointed there was no love between them, but Jelani is happy to gain a lifelong friend! Naww, that was the right thing to say if you want to keep racing!

At the FitBit, #MasterHairstylists get it done, while at the Potatoes, the hard work is done by #TeamSelfie, now just the sorting!

#TruckStopLoveStory just walk through the market, ask a few people nicely, and calmly get through the detour, they were really nice so it worked really well for them!


When lost…just ask!

#MasterHairstylists leave the FitBit, so we might leave it at 18 references! They’re going to Mamas.

#TruckStopLoveStory head off to see the moonshine lady as #TeamSelfie arrive to start loading their potatoes. They still have to sort them though! Laura has the strategy of putting water on them to see, apparently that works!

#MasterHairstylists arrive at the market, and while asking for the shopping list, head past #TeamSelfie who are sorting the Potatoes. Now here’s the best moment!

Tyler tells #MasterHairstylists that he thinks they got taken to Papas instead of Mamas, despite Mamas being very close to where they are! So #MasterHairstylists go back to their confused cab driver, and with very little effective language communiation, end up getting taken somewhere! I have no idea if Tyler meant that!



#TruckStopLoveStory arrive at moonshine lady and drink their moonshine! They’re off to the Pit Stop!

#MasterHairstylists are now taken to Papas! Where they are now completely confused as to what’s going on! They just decide to do it! There are some adorable pigs around as well!

Back at the market, #TeamSelfie are running out of water, so start spitting on the potatoes…so unsanitary! Tyler decides to check if they are right, they are not, and the potatoes go everywhere! A frustrating day for #TeamSelfie! They try and keep it together though!


Don’t sell me that one…

 #MasterHairstylist have loaded their potatoes, do they still have time?


Last chance?

Well there’s only 1 team to overtake now, as #TruckStopLoveStory check in as team number 3!

#TeamSelfie try again…and they are correct! So they are off to the Pit Stop!

#MasteHairstylists get to the market, and load the potatoes!

#TeamSelfie are lost, they can’t find where they are going…can #MasterHairstylists make a comeback…their potatoes are wrong!

So #TeamSelfie find Phil, and are Team Number 4! They are relieved, and still happy with the partnership. I swear out of all the blind dating couples, these two are still made for each other the best! They joke about making it interesting for everyone else, I’m sure they were just relieved to survive!

So #MasterHairstylists get it correct, but are the last team to arrive. And sadly this time, they have been eliminated from the race!


It’s been a big journey for them, we get another montage of them, a reference to being engaged (of course!). And we see their good moments! Ashley tells us when they’re together it just works beautifully! They feel they could’ve won, but it’s an amazing experience that they will miss!

And they close it with a SELFIE! We’d been in short supply recently so we get a late one!


And that’s the leg! We’re down to 4 teams and 2 episodes to go!

#1 #BlairleySurviving – They’re still here! And they’re doing well! It’s hard to believe but they’re doing well! Can they keep it together?

#2 #Jelannny – Good flight booking and a solid leg all up, can’t fault them!

#3 #TruckStopLoveStory – The only dating team left have been slow and steady throughout the race, and have just constantly done better than one team! It’s all they need to do at the moment, but they will need to step it up at some point!

#4 #TeamSelfie – Still one of the strongest teams who had a really, really off day! Will bounce back strong you’d imagine!

Leg Assessment: Meh, it was interesting to go to South America, but the challenges were pretty bland in the end, the best parts really involved a lack of communication between locals and the teams.

Roadblock Assessment: Gruelling in the sun, a lot of hard work for those doing it!

Detour Assessment: Uninteresting really…both tasks seemed pretty easy! The best part was the potatoes getting dumped out of their display if it was wrong!

Quick Counts:

FitBit Count: 18 different segments…not bad!

#MasterHairstylists’ references to Marriage count: 1 (Total of 9!)

Selfie Count – Just the 1 (28 all up)

Predictions: Colin – 4th, Kristan – 5th, Rossi – 4th, Jarrod – 8th, Noah 6th, Alex – 6th  

So it’s a point to Kristan!

Well there are only 2 episodes to go! I’m excited to see what happens in the race to the finish!

Tune in next week for our episode 11 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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