Stephen Fishbach Interview + Second Chances Campaign Interview


There was a time when we thought an interview with Stephen Fishbach would never happen. The powerful strategic player from Tocantins was a heavily requested guest for many years but it was an interview that never seemed to be possible. But now with a crack at a second shot on Second Chance, Stephen finally makes his long awaited debut on Survivor Oz  and you know he has a lot to talk about!


Stephen was a dominant force on Tocantins, aligning with JT to form a formidable pair that went all the way to the end where he would sadly crack under pressure at the final tribal council and not receive a single vote and finish as the runner-up.

In our chat with Stephen he talks about what has taken him so long to come on the show, his campaign to get back on Survivor and why he feels he needs another shot, just what happened with JT at the end in Tocantins as well as what it will be like playing and not talking about the show and whether or not he feels he can win the game if he makes it to the end again.


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2 Comments on Stephen Fishbach Interview + Second Chances Campaign Interview

  1. Haha,

    now that Fischbach has something to gain, he finally does an interview.

  2. #getfishback

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