Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 13 Recap Featuring Kass McQuillen


The current season of Survivor: Worlds Apart continues at a rapid pace as we approach the end of the game! After an entertaining penultimate episode, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Kass McQuillen from Cagayan, who is also among the candidates eligible to return for season 31 of Second Chance!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


The game seemed simple: It was everyone versus Mike, who surviving by way of Immunity. Below the surface there was so much more. Dan won an extra vote at the auction. Both Carolyn and Mike had Hidden Immunity Idols. Meanwhile, birthday boy Rodney was beginning to self-destruct. Carolyn considered teaming up with Mike. At the Immunity Challenge, Carolyn clinched her second victory in a row. Mike played his idol at Tribal Council, forcing the alliance of six to vote out Tyler. Now Mike is left without any protection. Six are left.



After Tribal Council, the tribe congratulate themselves on making it to the final six. Mike confesses that he has to find another Hidden Immunity Idol or he has to win Immunity for the rest of the game. Dan has trouble trying to get the fire going. Mike offers to help, but Dan won’t let him. He is eventually successful, telling Mike that he everyone likes to win from time to time. Dan confesses that Mike is arrogant and condescending. His free pass is now gone. Dan confesses that he feels comfortable with his alliance of five. Carolyn confesses that she doesn’t trust Dan due to his advantage in the game. Her idol will only help her for one round, so she needs to use Mike as a back up option. She and Mike sit together on the beach and she tells him about Dan’s extra vote. They agree that they need to vote Dan out before the advantage can hurt them. Carolyn confesses that if Mike loses Immunity, he will still have to be the one to go.


Carolyn and Mike form their plan. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 33


For the Reward Challenge, the six contestants were split into two teams of three. The teams must race through a series of obstacles, untie knots to release a door way, and use a hatchet to cut a rope and release puzzle pieces. They then must collect the puzzle pieces and complete a word puzzle. The winning team will be picked up by a helicopter and taken on a aerial tour of their surroundings. They will then land and enjoy surf and turf meal with wine. Jeff addresses the fact that Rodney is still the only one to get no reward. Rodney suggests that maybe someone will give him their reward. Jeff asks if this is entitlement. Rodney said it was about people not living up to their promises. Mike says that he sympathizes with Rodney but that Rodney has to win if he wants a guaranteed reward. The challenge begins. Rodney, Sierra, and Dan are on the “blue team”; Mike, Carolyn, and Will are on the “red team”. The two teams stay fairly neck and neck through the obstacles portion of the challenge. When both teams get to the puzzle they are completely lost and unable to figure out the scrambled expression “A REWARD WITH ALL THE FIXIN’S”. After an hour of failed attempts, Jeff begins to subtly provide clues to the teams, and the “red team” finally realize what the expression is. Mike, Carolyn, and Will win reward. Carolyn struggles with whether to give her reward to Rodney, but chooses to keep it after Jeff reminds her that the reward might give Rodney the strength to beat her.


Mike, Carolyn, and Will win a reward with all the fixin’s. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 34


Mike, Carolyn and Will enjoy their scenic tour on the helicopter. Carolyn confesses that the helicopter ride was the best reward she has received so far. The chopper lands and the trio find a table full of food. They dig in and comment that they feel their minds getting sharper. Mike suggests that they should be the Final 3. Carolyn says that it would be a strong Final 3. Will tells him that he has trouble entertaining this deal because of the threat that Mike is. Mike begs them to at least not let Rodney beat him and they talk about his recent childish behaviour.


Will, Mike, and Carolyn enjoy their surf and turf. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Rodney complains that surf and turf is his favourite meal. He confesses that he feels betrayed by Carolyn and that revenge will be sweet. As soon as Mike is gone, she’s next. Dan scavenges two melons and brings them back to camp. He shares them with Sierra and Rodney, who confesses that it felt like receiving a reward. He comments that he’s feeling his mind return to him. The three of them get pumped to take out Mike the next chance they have.


Dan finds some fruit for his fellow reward losers. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 35


The next morning, Carolyn reads tree mail to her tribe. Dan confesses that if Mike wins Immunity the five will have to scramble. That can’t happen. Period. Mike approaches Sierra and shares his perspective that Dan, Rodney, and Will want to go to the final 3 together. Sierra will be the next one to go. Sierra says that she is not sure what she is going to do to set up her end game, but if Mike loses he will be going home without a doubt.


Mike warns Sierra that she is on the chopping block. (Image credit: CBS)


For the Immunity Challenge, contestants must use grappling hooks to get three bags of balls. They then must use one of the balls to complete a table maze. Mike is the first person to get all three of his bags and begin working on the table maze. Dan gets his third bag and starts on his table maze. Both men drop their balls a number of times, trading leads. Sierra gets her final bag and begins her table maze. Sierra works methodically and very nearly defeats Mike, but Mike pulls off the win in a seemingly split-second victory. Mike wins Immunity for the third time, much to his tribe’s dismay. Mike confesses it was like the fourth of July in Texas – fireworks going off in his mind.


Mike wins Immunity. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Dan confesses that Mike seems to be unbeatable. Carolyn was next on his chopping block and so she has to go tonight. Dan approaches Sierra, Rodney, and Will and they all agree with this plan. Sierra confesses that they might need to get rid of Dan because of his advantage. Mike puts a log on the fire and Will, Carolyn, and Rodney ask him if he’s cool with voting for Dan. Mike agrees. Mike confesses that if they want Dan gone, maybe he should vote out one of them instead. Mike approaches Dan and tells him that the others are voting for him. He tells Dan that he is the only one who has the power to save Dan. Dan confesses that he didn’t appreciate Mike’s attitude. Mike confesses that Dan wasn’t shaken by his warning. Carolyn and Sierra discuss that they feel confident about Rodney and Will being willing to vote out Dan. Mike sneaks up on them and tells them that 1,000,000% the men are sticking together and that one of them, Carolyn or Sierra, will go home. He tells them to look at who is sleeping in the shelter. Dan and Rodney. They feel safe. He walks off, and Carolyn tells Sierra that Mike is psycho. Carolyn confesses that she is not sure if she can trust the men, but she doesn’t want to waste her idol if Dan is the one they are voting for.


Mike points out Dan and Rodney napping in the shelter. (Image credit: CBS)


The Jury take their seats and Shirin is visibly pleased to see that Mike won Immunity. Jeff begins Tribal Council by asking Mike about trust in the group. He says that there may be some trust issues, but they still have a common enemy – himself – uniting them. Rodney begins to comment on trust but is unable to form his thoughts. Jeff observes that this must be a sign of fatigue. Rodney agrees. He says it is hard to be around anyone 24/7, but you have to trust in the people you’ve made alliances with. Carolyn says that you want to trust people, but she knows her head is on the chopping block and she’s nervous. Dan says that Carolyn has definitely proven herself as a threat, but says that his name is also on the chopping block. Will confesses that he is nervous as well, partly due to Dan’s advantage. Rodney says that the advantage can be used as a strong arm tactic. Dan says it might be a good night to use it, but if he can use it at the next Tribal Council to ensure a spot in the Final 4, it might be worth keeping it. They vote. We see no votes and hear no voting confessionals. Jeff retrieves the votes. Dan stops him and plays his advantage – the extra vote. He casts it. Jeff collects the votes. Carolyn plays her Immunity Idol for herself. Mike high fives her. The votes are revealed: Carolyn (does not count), Carolyn (does not count), Carolyn (does not count), Carolyn (does not count), Carolyn (does not count), Dan, Dan. Dan is the thirteenth person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart and the sixth member of the jury. Jeff warns them that it is still anyone’s game to win.


Dan is the thirteenth person voted out and the sixth member of the jury. (Image credit: CBS)


A special two-hour season finale! With only days left… worlds collide.








It’s interesting right now as we head into the final week how much we’re caring about the end of this season or who much we’re caring about who is on the next season. I for one haven’t been a big fan of this season so I’ll be glad to see it over with, but I do still have hope that Carolyn can win it and make it a better season than I think it is right now. Of course if Rodney wins I’ll lose my shit and be over the moon happy, but unless Carolyn and Mike go 5th and 4th, I don’t see that happening.

Both Mike and Carolyn played well this week and both would be deserving winners and I find it hard to see anyone but one of those two winning. I think for sure Will and Sierra will get no votes at the end if one of them makes it and can’t see any of them winning the game. It would be the strangest edited season ever if one of them wins the game.

Hard to think this time in a few days we’ll have our 29th winner of Survivor and know who will be competing to become the 30th! So exciting to be a Survivor fan right now!



Finally the episode that I’ve been waiting for! Mama C came out with the goods and I was actually kept guessing until the end whether or not she would play her idol. Thank god she did. In hindsight it was probably obvious she would play the idol since she only had 2 more opportunities, but as a fan I’m so glad she lives another day. Mama C is definitely my favourite to win the season. I really hope she can pull out an immunity win or two next episode, otherwise I’m sure she’ll go at the next tribal if Mike manages a win again.

Dan. Well. I’m glad this gnome man has finally gone. He’s not all bad and he’s had some decent gameplay, but it’s his thinking he knows better that everyone else about every single situation, which gets under my skin. Having the rest of the contestants know about the extra vote did not do him in any favours and probably made him more of a target however why he kept the clue in that massive cigar box is something I cannot understand. Anyway, one thing is for sure, we haven’t had a character like Dan before on Survivor and I’m glad for what he brought to the season. Sorry, but you’re not a hero of the season Dan.

There’s so much to say about Rodney. I definitely see him in the FTC, but unless he’s there with Will and Sierra I don’t think he can win. Even so, he’s been another great element to the season, and I wouldn’t count out his ability to get some jury votes, since I think many of the cast find him charismatic and like him. He’s waaaaaaay less of a goat that people think. Sierra actually seems to be very liked by the cast, so if she can sit with Will and Rodney I wouldn’t count her ability to win it either. Obviously the hot favourites are Mike and Carolyn, but they are also the threats with targets on their backs, so much of them getting to the end depends on their ability to win immunity.

Can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Hoping for a great finale and good Final Tribal Council performances. So often someone chokes in the FTC performance. Lets hope this doesn’t happen. Overall World’s Apart is filled with really good characters and memorable moments, and I think people would like it much much more on these merits if it wasn’t as hyped by Jeff pre-season. It’s still a REALLY solid season.



So, we are really getting down to it at this point of the season! I liked this episode and historically it’s the episode that focuses on the underdog (Mike) getting one over the main alliance. We start with the debrief from Dan calling the game how he sees it, which for some deluded reason in his mind has himself as the hero and Mike as the super villain that is arrogant, self centred, selfish and condescending. All traits that Dan has shown most of the game. He is very deluded as he thinks he has it in the bag and that he is on top of the alliance. The reward challenge is really not worth mentioning considering Rodney just overshadowed the whole thing with his whining. Although, I did love Jeff’s comment about going to therapy!

I think the pre-immunity scramble is worth mentioning. I feel not enough players actually do it, and it shows who really needs and wants to win the game. The immunity challenge showed that Mike really is capable of a immunity run to the finish, while most of the others just showed their incompetence. Although, it was nice to see Sierra up there in the challenge. The post-challenge scramble was just as interesting and the pre… Due to the fact that, even though Mike and Carolyn have Immunity, they are the two most productive scramblers this week. Tribal council was great. The use of advantages and idols always creates a bit of fun. I think Carolyn’s use of the idol was fantastic. Keeping it secret for so long is actually a credit to her, and, as we see with Dan targeting his advantage her way, she used it exactly right. It is Dan who goes home (thank goodness) and still he is as lacking in self awareness as he was at the beginning of the game.

I think the last three episodes have shown that the editors are finally getting it right. But it’s also pretty transparent what they’re doing. They’re setting up each character based on where they will be placing. Sierra will be fifth due to no air time. Mike is a classic 4th finisher with his huge edit this season making him a fan favourite and his underdog status setting him up for a return. And that leaves us with a Final 3 of Mama C, Will and Rodney which is also a classic Final 3 scenario. Rodney, who thinks he made huge moves but really hasn’t and is sure he will win. Will, who is only there because he has zero chance of winning and everyone knows it. I really have no idea what his tribal plea for the win is going to be. He has done nothing. He rode coat tails the whole time. It makes me think back to past coat tail riders and, to be honest, all that come to mind are the women like Nat T., Sherri, Courtney, Danielle and Chelsea… No offense but Will has to be one of the most unattractive coat tail riders in Survivor history! (Jokes!) Then there is Carolyn who did make moves, was in a strong alliance and a sub-alliance, and probably does deserve to win. With a jury full of super fans, I am guessing they will probably hand her the win, with maybe two votes not going her way and going to Rodney instead.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for the 13th episode features Kass McQuillen! Kass discusses everything that happened during this episode and looks ahead to the rest of the season with her answers to the ‘World’s Apart 5!’ Kass also campaigned her way on to season 31, talking up her chances and what she would bring!

DARK HORSE: Carolyn      
NEXT TO GO: Rodney
WHAT TRIBE WOULD YOU BE ON: White Collar        

Join us next week as we are joined by our very good friend John Carroll from Marquesas to help us recap the finale of Worlds Apart!



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1 Comment on Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 13 Recap Featuring Kass McQuillen

  1. Katherine Adams // May 20, 2015 at 8:08 pm // Reply

    Finally stayed up to listen to this gem. I’ve always been a Kass fan, partly because she really IS a fan of the show. I enjoyed her on Cagayan; I think she’s friggin’ smart and that annoys people. (People seem to forget about her epic immunity win, as well.) And she’s absolutely hilarious; you might have made a mistake suggesting she start her own podcast … you’ll really have some competition then. LOL. Great job by both of you; can’t wait until tonight!

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