Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Alliances We Wish Happened


There's been more than a few alliances that never really got off the ground in the time since Survivor first went to air, as sometimes when it comes to alliances, the best laid plans just don't work out. This week our Californian Ozlet Ivan recounts his pick of alliances that could have been but weren't. What this may have meant for their respective seasons could be anyone's guess, but if these contestants teamed up, one thing is for sure -  it could have been explosive and changed the game. Read on for the 10 alliances we wish happened, and leave your comments on other alliances that you wish had come to fruition. 

As we all know, you can’t align with everyone (Russell Hantz and Sash Lenahan will try to argue with me on this, but that might be a big reason why they didn’t win). There’s been some possible alliances that looked interesting but never really got going for a variety of reasons. This is an opinion based list so I totally understand if your list is way different from mine. Here’s my criteria for “alliances that didn’t happen”

An alliance where the members listed never completely voted together for more than a single tribal council and only voted together when they didn’t have the votes to get who they really wanted out.

Yeah it’s not as complicated as I expected it to be when I first began writing this list. Keep in my alliances that were pagonged either pre-merge (Cool Kids Alliance from Caramoan or Younger Guys alliance from Vanuatu) or post-merge (whatever alliance Lex had left at that point in All Stars or Savaii alliance from South Pacific) are not considered alliances that didn’t happen because they did vote together, they just weren’t successful.

10.Boston Rob, Coach, and Russell – Heroes vs. Villains


boston rob coach russel


I know some people may cringe that this made the list and I sound like Jeff Probst because of this. But hear me out. All of these players were among the most talked about contestants of that season, have somewhat over-the-top personalities, get A LOT of confessionals, and have different styles and beliefs on how to play Survivor. Mainly this made the list because of a Final Tribal Council scenario between these 3. I feel every aspect of that scenario would be interesting: the speeches, the juror interactions, and the finalists would likely get in arguments with each other. And of course Jeff Probst would barely contain himself the entire time. However not only would they be unable to trust each other for 3 weeks let alone 39 days, the season overall would likely be diminished since they would have 95% of the airtime.

9.Coach and Ozzy – South Pacific

coach ozzy

Again it’s mainly a battle of philosophies. I was hoping for more in-depth Ozzy and Coach interactions than what this season provided us with, but because this was their first time playing together and they were on separate tribes, I knew it wouldn’t be likely. Ultimately it was just two veterans trying to pagong each other and thinking they would win if their side pulled through but then Sophie managed to win. And if it wasn’t such a pagong based season I would imagine the jury would have a tough time voting for either of these two, granted for some less than ideal reasons because we know their social games leave something to be desired. It’s a thought I’m sure crossed a few minds when this season aired.

8.Kelly, Sean, Jenna, Gervase, and Colleen – Borneo

kelly sean gervase

Because it was the first season, Borneo likely didn’t get the kinds of criticism many pagonging seasons tend to get these days. But this would’ve been a massive power shift that may have some positive effects on the Survivor legacy. It is hard to tell because we view Richard Hatch as an iconic winner and if this alliance did succeed, how would the outlook be if Kelly or Gervase was the winner and potentially a face of the franchise? Maybe the threat of this alliance happening could’ve threatened Richard, Sue, or Rudy a little more and add some more interesting scenarios to this season. While this is an interesting hypothetical, I’m not sure too many people wished Borneo panned out differently.

7. Coby, Stephenie, Gregg and Jenn -Palau

coby jenn stepehnie

Coby was Stephenie’s one lifeline in the merge (well, I guess it was a merge by default) on Survivor Palau, but because Coby extended that opportunity that did put a target on his back and he was voted out. It didn’t help that some players like Janu or Caryn weren’t too open to strategizing, but imagine if Coby, Stephenie, Jenn, and Gregg did manage to turn the tables on Tom, Ian, and Katie. Probably would’ve made for a less predictable endgame, though I am happy with Tom Westman as a winner.

6.Francesca and Corinne – Caramoan

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 1.58.25 pm

Unfortunately for Francesca, Corinne started hating Phillip too little too late to realize aligning with him just wasn’t going to work out. Had Corinne realized that sooner and for example pulled Malcolm with her to Francesca’s side, we’d be looking at a completely different game than the one where Stealth R Us ran rampant. It likely would’ve still ended in Favorites domination but Francesca’s legacy certainly wouldn’t have been as tragic, and Phillip wouldn’t have had the last laugh.

5.Sandra and the Heroes – Heroes vs. Villains

sandra rupert

Based on my personality and how I think I would play the game, I ended up rooting for the Heroes this season and unfortunately they just couldn’t get things going and ended up causing their own demise (namely JT and Candice). So this had to be on the list, and I think this would’ve made for a more interesting endgame because Russell Parvati Danielle and/or Jerri (whoever survived the final 10 vote) would’ve been more panicky and create more drama, and Sandra would’ve still had a reasonable chance at making it to the end and potentially winning the game still. It could just be everyone trying to get to the end with Colby and Candice for an easy win but it could also be much more interesting and complicated than that.

 4. Jeremy and Josh – San Juan Del Sur

jeremy josh

Yeah I could’ve used any two strategic players who butted heads as examples such as Rob and Jon and Matt and Colton, but Josh and Jeremy were definitely an interesting pair who played similar games and whose alliances happened to be predominantly of one gender (Jeremy having an all female alliance, Josh an all male alliance). They both ended up blindsided out of the game in the merge and simultaneously at that. Rob and John didn’t have a lot of warning signs that Vecepia and Neleh were actually decent players, but 25 seasons later maybe Jeremy and Josh should’ve been more wary of Baylor, Jaclyn, and John instead of relying on them as swing votes. Just a thought.

3. Boston Rob and Kathy – Marquesas

boston rob kathy

Unfortunately for Rob, his plan of the 3 original Maraamu and the 3 Rotu excluded from John’s alliance taking over the game eventually came to fruition but only after Rob was voted out. However Rob and Kathy did develop an interesting relationship in the short time they had together in the game that we got to learn more about in All Stars. Had John been voted out at final 10 and Rob, Kathy, Neleh, Paschal, Sean, and Vecepia reached the final 6 it would’ve been interesting to see how far Rob and Kathy’s alliance would work out, and if it didn’t, it certainly could’ve changed some outlooks in All Stars.

2. Cirie, Penner, Yau-Man, Ami, and Eliza – Micronesia

cirie penner yau man eliza

Going into the season, Cirie, Eliza, Yau-Man, and Penner were probably the most popular of the favorites, with some consideration for Ozzy and James. So you could imagine fans were devastated when Cirie voted out Yau-Man, two players people would’ve liked to have seen work together and I agree with that notion. It would’ve been interesting to see it work out. It may or may not have given Cirie a better chance of winning but I think the season as a whole would’ve benefited more from those personalities lasting longer.

1.Ciera, Caleb, Hayden, and Katie – Blood vs Water

ciera, hayden, katie caleb

I listed this as number 1 because I wanted for once the newer players to be able to win a half new half returning player season, and Blood vs Water was the best opportunity for that to happen! In the final 7 it was crystal clear Tyson, Gervase, and Monica were a tight group of 3, so it would’ve made sense for Hayden, Caleb, Ciera, and Katie to team up, but it didn’t happen and I was definitely bummed out. They would still have to navigate Tyson’s hidden immunity idol but if it worked out, not only would we have a different end to the season but fans and the Survivor crew alike would have a better opinion on these kinds of seasons. But now it seems like any future seasons formatted like this will be a surefire victory for a returning player.

Honorable mentions: Burton and Rupert with Morgan, Christy/Butch/Matt, Sean and Vecepia with General and Tammy, Jerri/Amber/Nick/Elisabeth/Rodger, Morgan/Brice/Jeremiah, Stephenie/Bobby Jon(in Guatemala), Matt and Zapatera, Zane and somebody from Matsing, Eliza and the fans post merge in Micronesia, the Exile Island alliance from Tocantins. 

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!





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22 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Alliances We Wish Happened

  1. Agree with the first and two, i add “Skupin/Penner/Lisa” in Philippines

  2. Ahhh. There is so much “what if”ing going on in an article like this! meh..

  3. Other Honorable Mentions could be

    Rob/Lex/Kathy/Amber/Shii-Ann- All-Stars
    Terry/Danielle/Bruce- Exile Island
    Ozzy/Adam/Parvati- Cook Islands
    Erik/Peih-Gee/Denise- China
    Tracy/Chet/Erik/Ami- Micronesia
    Kenny/Crystal/Bob/Corinne- Gabon
    Natalie/Mick/Brett- Samoa
    Sophie/Albert/Mikayla/Rick- South Pacific
    Jenn/Hali/Joe/Shirin/Sierra/Tyler/Carolyn- Worlds Apart

    • A few good choices but some such as Kenny/Crystal/Bob/Corinne seemed kinda random. Many of your choices would have to deal w/ ties especially in an era that feared drawing rocks but I think in B vs W people realized if it comes down to drawing rocks or losing numbers rock drawing is worth a go.

      • Kinda random?? I was hoping for the same thing while watching Gabon 🙂 I don’t think this is random given that it appeared that Kenny and Crystal were attempting to somewhat work with Corinne and Bob to get Matty out at F7.

      • Oh right they did have that moment when Corinne was voted out and Matty was a bit close to being voted out. I forgot, my bad! 30 seasons of Survivor, so many different moments to consider.

  4. Id put exile alliance from tocantins number 1. Love sierrs brendan taj and steve and obviously jt would be a part of that too. Thatd be mighty fun to watch

    • So many good choices and Exile Alliance just barely missed my top 10. If Brendan could beat jt in an immunity we possibly end up w/ a different winner.

  5. I think both Jeremy and Josh’s games would have benefited if they kept each other around. Possibly would have benefited the season as well. I would love to have seen a Kenny/Crystal/Bob alliance

    • Especially in the last few seasons you have to be careful when voting out the biggest threat because you may the 2nd biggest. Like how Cirie liked to keep weaker players around pre-merge to give herself a buffer.

  6. Tom Wright // May 20, 2015 at 2:53 pm // Reply

    10.No 9.No 8. No 7.Yes 6. Yeah would make Caramoan at least slightly better 5. Yes 4
    Hell No would make SJDS boring as hell 3.Yes 2. Hell yeah 1. No

  7. 10. Yes (All 3 are so entertaining and if you add Parvati and Sandra this = Best Thing Ever
    9. Yes (Wanted Ozzy to win South Pacific)
    8. No (If this happened Survior wouldn’t be what we know today)
    7. No (Team Tom Westman)
    6. No (Corrine I wanted to do better but this could effect Chochran’s win so no thanks)
    5. Yes (Russell was awesome especially on Samoa but I wanted J.T. And Candice to do better)
    4. Yes (Love them both)
    3. Yes (BOSTON ROB!!!! :))
    2. Maybe (Loved Yau-Man, Penner, Parvati, Ozzy, Cirie, James, and Amanda so tough for me. I wish Favorites voted out Eliza not Yau)
    1. Yes (Huge Hayden and Ciera Fan)

    • Yeah I figured most of the times people would disagree would be if my alternative future cost someone else the win.

    • I’m no Ciera fan but it would have been smarter of her to be with the other new players than Tyson(The mastermind of the season) and Monica(The Badass women who was winning challenges).

  8. Matt and Zaperata… who wins?

    • I think Julie or Steve has a good chance of winning because the first instinct would be to vote out the obvious physical threats like Matt Mike and David and maybe even Ralph to some extent and I think Julie or Steve would probably find themselves in a final 3 such as Julie/Steve/David but at that point David would have made several enemies (like how Ralph wasn’t his biggest fan after he sided with Stephanie)

  9. Um, how about Jefra/Jeremiah/Spencer/Tasha

    • Eh I didn’t give that one too much hope because Jefra was too afraid to make a move against Tony (even if his super idol could’ve bounced back on her) but I did hope Kass did stay true to her alliance because I was rooting for Spencer and Tasha but I think Tony deserved his win once he made it happen.

  10. Sierra/Hali/Jenn/Shrinn/Joe/Mama C

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