Survivor Worlds Apart – Finale and Reunion Recap Featuring John Carroll


The dramatic thirtieth season of Survivor: Worlds Apart comes to a close! After an entertaining finale episode and reunion, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our very good friend John Carroll from Marquesas!

(If you haven’t watched the finale episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


Jeff begins the show by addressing us from the live finale event stage. He shows off the crowd and promises a dramatic finale and a conversation during the reunion about the way some of the men of the season addressed some of the women of the season. He reminds us that we’ve had the opportunity to vote for the cast of next season, and tells us that the full cast will be revealed at the end of the reunion.


Jeff begins the finale by addressing the viewers form the live finale event stage. (Image credit: CBS)


Thirty-five days ago, eighteen Americans were divided into three tribes based on their profession and approach to life: White Collar, Blue Collar, and No Collar. From the beginning, the Blue Collar tribe thrived. They were hard working, fearless, and – above all – a family. But every family has its issues. The White Collar tribe was all business, but bosses without employees just didn’t work. The No Collar tribe brought a more free-spirited approach to the game. They were playful, spontaneous, and very affectionate. But free-spirit thinking doesn’t always lead to success. They lost challenge after challenge. After the tribes merged, the three collars were now one society, but the No Collars quickly found themselves on the bottom. Joe, Hali, and Jenn were voted out one after another. At the Survivor auction, Mike deceived the trust of his alliance in order to get the advantage. His attempt failed, and Dan found himself with an extra vote – a brand new advantage in the game. From that moment on, Mike was on his own. He found the Hidden Immunity Idol and won challenge after challenge. With their plans destroyed, tempers flared. Unable to get Mike out of the game, the majority alliance had to turn on each other. Mike takes this opportunity to try to reunite his original Blue Collar tribe, but he is unsuccessful. He turned to an unlikely ally – Carolyn. At the last Tribal Council, Dan played his advantage and targeted Carolyn. She played her Hidden Immunity idol, and Dan was sent home. Sierra, Rodney, Mike, Carolyn, and Will remain. One will become the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Worlds Apart!


The final six Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)


The tribe returns to camp and Mike is left alone while the other four go off to talk. Mike confesses that he feels all alone. Rodney tells Carolyn that it was a breach of trust for her not to tell them about her idol. She is incredulous, reminding him that they all just voted for her. Carolyn confesses that she has to be on the look out, but Mike is still the biggest threat.


Carolyn and Rodney point fingers at one another. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 36


For the reward challenge, contestants must race under a net crawl, slide tiles into a target across a table, use a machete to transport those tiles over a series of obstacles, and then sort the tiles into pairs. The three tiles that don’t have pairs are the numbers to a combination. If the numbers are in the right order, the combination will unlock a box and raise a flag. First person to do so wins time with their loved one, who will return with them to camp. Each contestant gets a hug with their loved one before the challenge. Carolyn’s loved one is her husband, who says that they were high school sweethearts. Mike’s loved one is his mother, who he explains has his utmost respect. She made him who he is. Rodney’s loved one is his father, to whom Rodney explains that he has found peace about his sister’s death out on the island. Sierra’s loved one is her father, who she explains is her best friend. Will’s loved one is his wife, who says that Will is still cute. The interaction gives Will a boost of energy, and they start the challenge. Will takes an early lead in the challenge, flying through the net crawl. Mike takes the lead on the tile slide table and no one is able to catch him. He handily wins the challenge and his mother returns with them to camp. Jeff reveals that not only will she return with them to camp, but she will stay the night. The next morning, they will be taken to the location of the next Immunity Challenge where an advantage will be waiting.


The loved ones. (Image credit: CBS)


The tribe welcomes Mike’s mother to the camp, calling her “queen for the day”. Mike confesses it is special to be able to share this with the person he cares the most for in the world. The tribe implores her to look at how much weight Mike has lost, but she says that she was expecting him to look a lot worse. Mike then takes some time alone with his mother and reveals that he has been on the outs for a long time. She confesses that her job is to give Mike everything that he needs and  to attempt to boost his spirits. Mike confesses that it means the world to be able to talk to someone that he can completely trust.


Mike talks with his mother in the river. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 37


The next morning, Mike and his mother arrive at the location of the challenge: a giant maze inside of a compass rose. They find a note that says that the challenge contestants will be blindfolded and have to navigate the maze to find four medallions and the Immunity necklace. For the advantage, Mike will have thirty minutes to explore the maze, navigated by his mother. They have issues navigating the maze, and the time runs out before they are able to explore the maze as thoroughly as they would have liked. His mother confesses that she felt terrible about not being able to help him more than she did. She hopes that she didn’t mess it up for him.


Mike bids farewell to his mother. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff explains the challenge to the other four contestants. While Mike didn’t get the time preparing for the challenge that he would have liked, it was apparently enough. As soon as the challenge starts he goes straight for the first medallion and gets a huge lead. The other four attempt to work together to beat him, but, once again, Mike is unstoppable. Mike wins Immunity.


The compass rose maze. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, the tribe half-heartedly congratulate Mike. Carolyn confesses that this is the first Tribal Council she’s been to without the Hidden Immunity Idol. She plans to use her bond with Mike to secure her place in the Final Four. She, Mike, and Sierra decide to target Rodney. He expresses the concern that they were working against him at the last challenge. Sierra confesses that she will do whatever Mike wants because she is scared. They make a final three deal. Mike and Rodney go on a walk after Mike reveals to Rodney that his head is on the chopping block. They agree that Sierra is the biggest threat to beat Mike in the challenges and that she has friends on the jury. They decide that the three men will vote out Sierra tonight and go to end together. Mike confesses that now he has to pick between his two final three deals.


Mike has two final three deals to pick between. (Image credit: CBS)


The jury take their seats, and Dan is visibly disgusted to see Mike’s huge smile accompanying his huge Immunity necklace. Jeff asks Mike if he is the swing vote tonight, and Mike assures him that he is. He says that he loves everyone sitting with him, but he can’t trust any of them. Rodney explains the conversation that he had with Mike and says that he is real. Jeff asks Sierra if she knew that she was on the chopping block. She says that she heard her name going around, but she’s a good competitor in challenges who is liked and helpful around camp. Jeff points out that this would be a good reason to get rid of her. Mike points out that they have been keeping weaker players to take to the end, and, if he hadn’t been winning, he would be gone. Will assures him that if he doesn’t win tomorrow, he will be gone. Rodney looks unhappy, reiterates that he is genuine, and implores them to get to the vote. Rodney votes for Sierra, saying that he outwitted her after 37 days. Jeff retrieves the votes. No advantages are played. The votes are revealed: Sierra, Rodney, Sierra, Rodney, Sierra. Sierra is the fourteenth person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart and the seventh member of the jury. Jeff implores them to get some sleep for the next day’s challenge. They will need it. Will looks visibly intimidated by the notion.


Sierra becomes the seventh member of the jury. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 38


For the final Immunity Challenge, contestants untie knots to open a gate, ascend a huge tower staircase, retrieve one of three keys, slide down a huge water slide, navigate a multi-level obstacle, and use the key to unlock a bag of puzzle pieces. They then must repeat this process with the other two keys. Once all the pieces are unlocked, the contestant must complete a totem puzzle. First person to do so wins Immunity and earns a spot in the final three and a chance to plead their case to the jury. Once again, Mike is unstoppable. The other three suffer on the massive staircase and are completely worn out and unable to keep pace with Mike’s unending adrenaline. The three losers take a moment to earnestly congratulate Mike on his phenomenal accomplishment, and praise one another for pulling out all the stops and giving it all they had. Will asks Jeff if they can do the honour of putting the necklace on Mike’s neck. Jeff obliges and congratulates Mike for now being in an elite group in Survivor history.


Will places the Immunity necklace around Mike’s neck. Jeff beams. (Image credit: CBS)


We return to the live finale event, where Jeff tells us that that is why people dream of going on this show. Mike had a huge adventure and a huge win. He then takes us into “Green Room 2” where the nominees for season thirty one await the announcement of the cast.


Jeff shows off the nominees for season thirty-one. (Image credit: CBS)


Back on Day 38, Mike confesses that the decision for who to vote out tonight is huge. The wrong decision might cost him a million dollars. Rodney tells Will that Mike will definitely side with them tonight. Will says that he doesn’t trust Mike. Rodney remarks that when they made it to the merge he told Will that they would make it to the end – and here they are. Mike tells Carolyn that he wants to force a tie and have Carolyn and Rodney make fire. Dan, Sierra, and Rodney were all part of his end-game alliance plans, but they all turned his back on him. None of them will get to sit with him in the end. He implores her to discreetly work on making fire. He tells her that it will show the jury that she earned her spot. He tells her that he knows that she can do it. She confesses that she is freaking out but that she has no other options. Mike tells Rodney that he is not in a position to guarantee him anything. Rodney confesses that Mike is just trying to get Carolyn’s jury vote. He feel confident that Mike will vote with them to get rid of Carolyn. Carolyn approaches Mike, distraught that she has had so little success with her fire-making practice. She confesses that she is frustrated but tonight she will have her game face on.


Carolyn practices making fire. (Image credit: CBS)


The jury take their seats and one by one react to seeing Mike’s necklace. Jeff congratulates Mike on securing his spot at the Final Tribal Council, before addressing Will’s sentiments after the final challenge. Mike says that it was a heartfelt moment. They are a dysfunctional family, but they are a family. Dan and Sierra exchange a disgusted look. Mike explains that Carolyn is well liked and might get a lot of votes, and Rodney has played a great social game. Who he takes to the Final Tribal Council is a big decision. They vote. Carolyn votes for Rodney, saying that she hopes her skills will take her to the final three. Rodney votes for Carolyn, saying that he has a lot of love for her but has to do what he has to do. Jeff retrieves and reveals the votes: Rodney, Carolyn, Carolyn, Rodney. It is a tie. Shirin fist pumps. Jeff explains that there will be a fire making challenge, and says that by now they should know how to make fire. Dan laughs raucously. The challenge begins and both Rodney and Carolyn are unsuccessful for a very long time. After six minutes, Carolyn breaks her flint. Jeff gives her another one. Rodney breaks his. Jeff gives him another one. This continues. Around the hour mark, Rodney gets a flame. Moments later, Carolyn gets flame. Rodney uses mostly coconut husk, while Carolyn piles her wood around the flame methodically. Her fire is much more substantial and burns through the rope. Carolyn celebrates and hugs Mike. Rodney is the fifteenth person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart and the eighth and final member of the jury. Jeff congratulates the final three: Mike, Carolyn, and Will as they are consumed by the smoke of Carolyn’s fire, which Rodney placed his blue shirt into.


Rodney becomes the final member of the jury. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at the live event, Jeff says that it was a very dramatic fire-making challenge, reminding us that it’s a rare event in Survivor history. Jeff then shows us a clip of Rodney on his way to Ponderosa, in which he reiterates the peace of mind that he was able to achieve from playing the game. Jeff then tells us that the next time he sees us, he will have the winning votes.


Jeff builds the hype at the live finale. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 39


The next morning, Carolyn, Mike, and Will enjoy their final three breakfast. Will confesses that this experience was worth all the suffering, and now all he has to do is try to convince the jury that he has played a deserving game. Carolyn confesses that she played from start to finish. It was a season of gamers, and she needed multiple plans at her fingertips. Mike confesses that he dug down into parts of him that he didn’t know were there. There is no wall in his way that he can’t go under, over, around, or burst straight through. A lot of people don’t like how successful he was, and the Final Tribal Council will be a battle.


Carolyn rejoices in a good breakfast. (Image credit: CBS)


The jury enter and take their seats. Jeff explains that they will each have an opportunity to address the final three. This process begins with Joe, who sets the tone for the evening by imploring all fronts to be dropped and for them to be straight up. He tells Will that he will have to man up and own his game. He tells Carolyn that she was a bit cold, but she needs to tell them how she outplayed and outwitted. He tells Mike that he won challenges, which was great, but what else did he do? Hali is next and asks Carolyn about being in the stereotypical mother role. Carolyn says that it makes people see her as a mom rather than a player, but she is a player and she fought hard. Rodney asks Will to explain how he kept it real with everyone on the jury. Will says that he knew he was going to be the underdog. He only had who he is as a person. All he had was to be a good friend, a good person. Shirin looks disgusted. Will says that no one makes it to the final three just by luck. Rodney then asks Carolyn what moves she made. She explains that she voted for Tyler and Dan and hooked up with Mike when she was turned on by her alliance. Tyler is next and he tells Mike that he put almost everyone on the jury, but what did Mike do in the game socially? Tyler explains that he saw someone who was paranoid and destructive. Mike says that he thought he is a good social person, but he must have failed based on seeing their faces. Tyler then explains that he felt betrayed by Carolyn, who he put all of his trust into. She says that the game makes you do things that you aren’t proud of. She had to do what she did to get to the end. Tyler says that he understands. It’s a game.


Tyler explains the betrayal he felt from Carolyn. (Image credit: CBS)

Sierra is next and she asks Will which trait from the other two players he wished he possessed. He says that he likes Mike’s work ethic, but not his style of leadership and enforcement. He likes Carolyn’s analytical ability. Jenn tells the jury that they are bitter and angry at people who played better than them. They were consumed by groupthink and put Mike on the outside. He outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted. If you’re a fan, vote for who deserves it. Prove that you’re a fan. Dan is next, commenting that he will be hard-pressed to follow Jenn. He begins by saying that Colby Donaldson proves that winning Immunity doesn’t mean you get to win this game. He tells Mike that he didn’t care about the jury, just about getting to the end. He better start caring, because he’s got no necklace to save him tonight. Dan walks back to the jury bench, but Mike asks if he can address Dan. He tells him that his biggest regret is the wedge that his behaviour at the auction placed between them. He apologizes for going back on his word. Dan asks Jeff if he can go back up. Jeff obliges. Dan re-takes his spot and tells Mike that that is the first bit of honesty that Mike has given him since the auction, and it’s exactly what he’s been waiting for. If someday they are bigger men, they will mend their fences.


Dan tears Mike apart, and then seems to accept his apology. (Image credit: CBS)

Shirin is the last to address the final three. She explains that she hoped that Mike and Will would both be sitting there for her to address them. She explains that when Will verbally assaulted her, he took her back to a dark place that she remembers from her childhood, where she had to protect herself from vicious personal attacks. The magical thing that happened during the game is that she did have a protector, which she had never had before. Like a real human being, Mike ran in to save her. She reveals that she made her first million dollars when she was twenty-five and that nothing felt better to her than the moment Mike protected her. She tells Mike that this doesn’t mean he has her vote. Her vote goes to the person who played the best game, so Carolyn is in it. She explains that there is a parallel between the animals they interacted with out there. Mike is a howler monkey – he is loud, he comes at you, and, if you threaten him, he will throw faeces in your face and tear you limb from limb. He voted every single person on the jury out except for Shirin. Carolyn is a stingray – hidden, doesn’t want to make waves, and if she detects something that puts her in danger she will sting you dead. Carolyn was on the winning side of every vote and is the only person with that unique distinction. Will is the dead fish they dragged in with their nets. They willingly bit into the dead fish, but that dead fish can poison you from within. Everyone wanted to take Will to the end. He didn’t have to do anything. Look at the gameplay: aggressive, stealthy, dead fish. She then quotes Sue Hawk, saying, “when we go to vote, let it be the way that mother nature intended.” They vote. Jenn votes for Mike, saying that he 150,000% deserves this money. Rodney votes for Will, saying that he hopes people realize what a good guy Will is. Sierra votes for Carolyn, saying that she genuinely believes that Carolyn truly played the best game out there. Dan bangs his head on the table. Everyone reacts with confusion. Jeff retrieves the votes and congratulates them on a great season. He departs.


Shirin outclasses Will by calling him a dead fish. (Image credit: CBS)


We cut back to the live final event, where the final three and the jury await Jeff on stage. He enters with the urn of votes and takes his position. He says that there is no easy path to the end. They all earned it, but who did the jury decide was the most deserving. He reveals the votes: Mike, Will, Carolyn, Mike, Mike, Mike. Mike is the winner of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Mike gets to his feet and, before running to his family, he runs to hug Probst. He then leaps into the audience to hug his mother. Jeff says that Mike won by digging in and getting dirty. He hands Mike his million dollar check.


Jeff is very happy with his newest winner. (Image credit: CBS)

They return from the break and Jeff asks Mike if playing a loose game was why he was able to succeed. Mike says that he succeeded because of Jesus Christ. Jeff asks the question again, hoping Mike might answer from a strategic perspective. He asks if Mike was able to play a more aggressive game because his back was to the wall. Mike agrees. Jeff then brings up Mike’s move at the auction. Mike says that he doesn’t regret the move, it was the strategic thing to do, but he regrets making a promise to Dan and then turning back on it. He regrets the betrayal, but not the strategy. Jeff points out it must have been a mistake since he got all of the blame and none of the benefit. Mike agrees. Dan and Mike reveal that they have mended their fences since then. Jeff then has Rodney show off his suit to the audience. He asks Rodney if he thinks he would have won the game if he had won the fire challenge. Rodney does. Jeff does an impromptu vote, showing that Mike still would have won. Jeff asks Carolyn if she was surprised by how few votes she got. She was proud of her game and is sad that she didn’t receive more votes. Hopefully she’ll be on the next season. He addresses Joe, reading tweets of adoration. Joe says that he is feeling the love and reveals that he is single. Jeff asks if women are approaching him. Joe says they are.


Joe Anglim is a single man. (Image credit: CBS)

After the next break, Jeff bring up that the fact that sexism was a hot topic with regards to this season in social media. He begins by addressing the things that Dan said on the show, and addressing the fact that Dan has been vocally frustrated in the press with the edit that he received. Dan begins to explain that a lot of his comments were taken out of context and not presented or perceived with the sarcasm or humour that they were intended. Jeff cuts him off, bringing up the comment about someone slapping Shirin. Dan says that, first of all, he would never have said that if he knew about Shirin’s past at the time, but the comment was meant to be an exaggeration like saying “I could just kill this person”. It’s an expression. The audience applauds. Dan says that he doesn’t care about the audience’s reaction or what Jeff thinks. He turns to Shirin and gives her his version of a heartfelt apology. She doesn’t look like she buys it. Jeff cuts him off again, and brings up the comment about Rodney’s mother being a whore. Dan explains that, again, he was taken out of context. They had been joking around about “yo momma” jokes earlier and he was continuing that thread. Jeff plays a short uncut clip of the scene where Dan makes that comment. There are no ‘yo momma’ jokes in the short clip. Dan does not try to defend himself, quoting himself that “just cause you don’t like the facts, doesn’t change the facts”. Jeff asks Dan if his true intention is coming across, and does Dan have a prejudice against women? Dan says he definitely doesn’t. Jeff says then maybe it is a case then of Dan not being aware of how he comes across to others, citing the “Mail Escort” shirt that Dan is presently wearing. Dan says that it is clearly a joke and it is easy for things to be misconstrued in this “PC age”. He says that he put his foot in his mouth and he is truly sorry. The crowd loudly applauds and a few people in the audience stand up to show their support.


Dan carefully tries to explain himself without putting his foot in his mouth. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff then turns the conversation to Will’s verbal assault against Shirin. He tells Will that he knows that Will is a good guy, but wonders why didn’t Will take the opportunity to apologize to Shirin when Jeff gave him the chance? Will says that they hadn’t spoken in three days and he knew that she wasn’t receptive to an apology and he honestly wasn’t ready to give one. Shirin makes a face of comical disgust. He says that he apologized to her at Ponderosa and sent her a text when the episode aired. Shirin shakes her head and makes a thumbs down sign. She says that she has not received a genuine apology. He sent a weak apology after public opinion was in her favour. She quotes Penner, saying that values change but wrong has no expiration. What happened to her was wrong and she wants to use the platform to help others. Jeff asks if she would accept an apology. She says yes. Will says that she should apologize to her because that who he is. He apologizes to Shirin’s family, saying that he did was wrong, and he apologizes to Shirin. Shirin does not seem to accept this apology either. Jeff says that he hopes that they can move away from the negativity. He then brings out a small birthday cake for Rodney. They sing Happy Birthday and Rodney blows into a noise maker. Jeff says that this concludes their time with the season thirty cast.


The reunion ends with Rodney blowing into his noisemaker. (Image credit: CBS)


We return from commercial and Jeff reveals the winners of the season 31 second chance vote. The nominees are scattered in small groups throughout the audience. Jeff goes from cluster to cluster, revealing who will be returning to the season and who will not be. As the nominees become confirmed cast members they rush onto the stage. Afterwards, the cast, already packed, depart the studio and get onto a Survivor bus. The nominees who did not make the cut were: “T-Bird” Cooper, Shane Powers, Brad Culpepper, Max Dawson, Jim Rice, Troyzan Robertson, Carolyn Rivera, Natalie Tenerelli, Sabrina Johnson, Stephanie Valencia, and Mikayla Wingle. The cast of the season is: Joe Anglim, Vitas Baskauskas, Spencer Bledsoe, Jeremy Collins, Terry Deitz, Ciera Eastin, Stephen Fishbach, Tasha Fox, Abi-Maria Gomes, Woo Hwang, Kimmi Kappenberg, Peih-Gee Law, Kass McQuillen, Keith Nale, Shirin Oskooi, Monica Padilla, Andrew Savage, Jeff Varner, Kelley Wentworth, and Kelly Wiglesworth! They are headed to Cambodia for season thirty-one, which is officially titled Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance!


The cast of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance (Image credit: CBS)


The logo of Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance (Image credit: CBS)





Finally, this season is over.

Wasn’t feeling it at all. Had some good moments throughout but for the most part this certainly didn’t live up to it’s hype. Jeff Probst calling any season ‘one of the best ever’ is always a red flag that the season is actually going to suck.

Congrats to Mike for a well deserved win. Played a solid game, although not flawless for a steady win. I would argue Carolyn deserved  much more love than she ultimately got, so it’s a shame to really see her only getting the same amount of votes to win as Will did.

Already next season is looking great although there are a few massive snubs and a few massive WTF people coming back. But already counting down the days until September!



First off I have to start with the most important point of all and that is to congratulate Mike Holloway on his win and title as Sole Survivor. Everyone has different ways of winning and Mike played the best game he could with the cards given to him. So well done Mike, enjoy the moment because it was not an easy road to victory. I have to say there is obviously something in the water in Texas that makes for great challenge competitors – between Mike and Colby, its seems to be a strong suit in players from that part of the world. And Mike, after watching your second chances audition again, you should take up acting!

This episode went by in a rush – although that might be because I literally fast forwarded through large sections of it – once Mike won that final immunity challenge, the season was effectively decided for me because of the crap editing job that has made a Mike win inevitable for months. So I cant give a detailed analysis of Cook Islands fire making challenge v2.0, or the final day breakfast – but I did stop to watch the final tribal council as I figured there would be plenty of fireworks, and I wasn’t disappointed.

However – I do have to complain about something, and that’s the addition of an extra reward challenge at the start of this show. If it means we lose the traditional “fallen comrades” sequence, I don’t like that but know I am in the minority here. But when we are cutting out the final 3’s jury opening speeches, I do have an issue with too many challenges. This is meant to be the climax and defining moment of the season, where we see the final 3 fight for the win, and you cut it out? Oh, of course, I forgot, we need to see people balance tiles on a machete instead (didn’t your mother tell you not to run with scissors by the way? Machete doesn’t seem much better).

I guess the jury made up for it and were all pretty entertaining, if not slightly strange. The Dan interaction was bizarre, and quite frankly if you played a drinking game where you took a shot every time someone apologised during this finale and reunion, you would be comatose by the end. And then we have Shirin. I really have had enough of this person and hope like hell she is voted off early in Second Chances. I don’t mean any of the personal stuff with her – I don’t have a right to comment on that, its not my place. But the constant references to Survivor history are really grating, and if she thinks this is going to go down well with the Second Chances cast, I’m not sure that’s the case.

The final vote was totally predictable, and once again I find myself asking why the runner up didn’t have a better storyline that would have at least thrown doubt on the winner’s eventual fate. I said the same with Redemption Island, One World and Blood vs. Water. The night’s big loser was Carolyn, who for my money was probably the best strategist in the game but often went episodes without being seen. Building up a better storyline for her would not have taken away from Mike’s win, but resulted in greater tension at the end. I just don’t get it. The sad part is that had we seen the whole of Worlds Apart before voting for Second Chances, Carolyn would have had a much better shot as I really feel like she has unfinished business now. I really do feel for her.

So let’s close the book on an incredibly overhyped and ugly season and look ahead to Survivor Second Chances. I only voted for 13 of the 20 cast members which probably says everything about how in touch with the rest of the fan base my views are. Overall, I think they are a great group though – its fun to look forward to only the third full all stars season and the first in 5 and half years. It was a bit of a spine tingling moment to see these guys and seeing how excited the likes of Jeff, Savage, Kass and Abi were to be back on the show was just so cool. I think its going to be a great season, I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Roll on September…



So this finale determined for myself that Survivor: Worlds Apart was quite possibly the Worst.Season.Ever. I’ve never sat through a more uncomfortable 2 and a half hours really, from the start of the reward challenge through to the end of the reunion was just squirm-worthy TV! I didn’t particularly care for any of the 5 who remained, and I understood that the loved ones challenge was important, but the amount of time hearing about each member’s loved one was just awkward and difficult! The challenges were predictable and sadly favoured Mike, while the gameplay was dismal from everyone involved. Sierra didn’t seem to justify any reason as to why she should stay, and the Final Four vote and challenge was just frustrating! Well played to Mike and all but…it just wasn’t interesting to watch!

And then we get to the final tribal council…which was quite comfortably the worst one ever! These final tribals (or at least what we get to see) is too much about the jury’s personal stories, and not about the final 3! We got very few worthwhile questions (credit to Sierra for the best one!), and then we got 3 of the 8 giving us real personal spiels…I get it…you got voted out, but it’s just not how the jury should be! Jenn channelled her inner David Murphy to address the jury…real original! Dan went down the emotional path with redeeming Mike, and Shirin…oh my god! I get it, I’ve heard everything about the story, but to quote Sue Hawk, compare every player to an animal and beat down on Will, and treat Mike as a courageous hero to America…no! I wanted to stop watching Survivor through this…it was so, so uncomfortable to watch! I understand how the world works and that things go against people and it’s not fair, but it was just so uncomfortable to watch, and that’s what this who season has been really, uncomfortable!

Then we get to the Reunion, which was easily the WORST REUNION EVER because they spoke basically about nothing in the game! IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE UNCOMFORTABLENESS!!! We didn’t hear about the moves, what happened, or anything remotely interesting, we heard that Dan (who was treated pretty poorly by Jeff) is misunderstood but Jeff just thinks he’s a jerk, we heard Rodney mention he had a bad birthday, and Will make an apology that was not really accepted and was instead made to be all about Shirin, like everything has been…I’m so unhappy she’s been voted back in! It was just uncomfortable moment after uncomfortable moment! DON’T EVER LET ME HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN JEFF!

We didn’t hear much from Mike, we heard basically nothing from Carolyn, who was robbed from going back on, we heard very little from so many players from this season, and then it’s just uncomfortable between Will and Shirin, with Dan, with Rodney, and with Jeff! It was handled really poorly!

Speaking of handling something poorly, the vote for getting back on was a bit awkward for those not getting on, and while I praise those who voted for most of the people…but we have to get to the main issue here…HOW THE FUCK DID SHANE POWERS NOT GET BACK ON???!!! SERIOUSLY MERICA…YOU WANT TO SEE FUCKING SHIRIN AND WOO AGAIN, BUT YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE T-BIRD OR SHANE…WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?????

Pick up your game in Season 31 or I won’t be around for season 32!



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for the final episode features John Carroll! John discusses everything that happened during this episode and as well as the twist and cast of season 31.


Thanks to those of you who stuck with us through this whole season! Join us next season when we will be back to recap Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance!



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