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Another season of Survivor is over and the winner of Worlds Apart has been announced! But were they the best player? Did any other players deserve to make it further than they did? Who was completely underrated and who was completely overrated? In today's feature article join Ben and Noah as they sit down and give each contestant a grade in the official Survivor Oz – Survivor: Worlds Apart Report Card! We guarantee you that some contestants parents will be glad to see their reports whilst others will be hiding them on their way home!

(CONTAINS SPOILERS – If you haven’t seen the finale of Survivor: Worlds Apart and do not wish to know the final result, do not click below!)

So Kim

Voted Out Day Three



So Kim

BEN’S THOUGHTS: So didn’t have too much of a chance to really show what she was capable of, as the first boots never usually do. She formed an early alliance and thought she had the numbers but it was quick to backfire on her and she was taken out. Tough luck given that she should’ve been on the previous season which would’ve been interesting to see how she would’ve done.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: So showed a lot of potential to be a great player of the game, she made alliances, attempted to obtain the idol and stepped up in the challenge. She was placed in an unfortunate situation being forced to align with Joaquin and putting a huge target on her back. The lie about the neutral box was pretty poor and past seasons have shown that it is better not to take the idol. In any other season So probably could have gone quite far, a player who had potential but never got to show it.


Vince Sly

Voted Out Day Six



Vince Sly

BEN’S THOUGHTS: Vince as a character gets a much higher mark than a C-. Vince as a player of Survivor, well he doesn’t. Socially awkward, it wasn’t really too much of a surprise to see him taken out as early as he was. Would’ve been great to see him go further just to see what he could’ve done but it wasn’t to be.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Like So, it wasn’t as if Vince wasn’t attempting to play the game. He tried to create a tight two person bond with Jenn and when he soon realised she was closer with Joe and Hali, switched sides. He tried to create an equal three person alliance with Will and Nina that probably would have taken him to the merge and who knows what would have happened then. Unfortunately Will switching to the other three lead to his demise. Vince had some spurts of a player but needed to work on his social game to integrate with the majority.

Nina Poersch

Voted Out Day Eight




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Probably lucky to make it as a third boot, Nina more than likely should’ve gone home in the spot of Vince. Struggled to fit in with her younger tribe mates it was a real shame to see her not fit in despite her best efforts.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Nina never really integrated with her tribe and struggled to get something going. This could be because she was deaf or was an older lady in a tribe of mainly young people, or maybe a mixture of both. After Will switched she really had no options left and fought hard to stay in the game but couldn’t break the core four. She struggled to keep up in the challenges, or rather Joe made her sit out because he thought she couldn’t keep up. If the alliance with Vince and Will stuck, Nina probably would have made the merge but would have been unlikely to win due to the fear of being a jury threat.


Lindsey Cascaddan

Voted Out Day Eleven




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Lindsey was a tough cookie and brought some real spunk to the game but her vendetta against the well backed Rodney bit her in the butt and she was sent home. Had a good vibe that she could finally break the ‘alternative girl’ drought and make it far but we all know how good my predictions are right? Not that good…

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Lindsey had one strong close alliance with Sierra and for a time seemed to be associated with Rodney. If the Blue Collar went to tribal council earlier it appeared she would have been in the majority. Throughout her time in the game she fought with nearly everyone on the tribe, something that more than likely lead to her demise. Lindsey was strong in challenges and did show signs of some gameplay but ultimately her personality clashed too much with the rest of the tribe and Rodney was deemed more loyal.

Max Dawson

Voted Out Day Fourteen




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Max by far didn’t play an awful game but he also didn’t play an overly good game either. It was a shame, as he was my pre-game tip to win but I think he failed to live up to expectations and got a little too caught up in the experience he had been dreaming about for a long time. A tribe swap also severely hurt his chances and Max was gone.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: The professor of Survivor lasted for a much shorter time than most people predicted he would. Max was an ok player but certainly didn’t live up to expectations. He started the game out well, siding with Shirin and Carolyn to ensure his safety at the first tribal council. While he remained a strong competitor in the challenges, as the days went on it seemed Max became more and more isolated from the White Collar. The naked “strategy” made the tribe uncomfortable and took him away from the action and there was talk amongst Carolyn, Tyler and Shirin to take him out. After the tribe swap his new tribe grew more annoyed with his and Shirin’s Survivor fandom talk and his old alliance member Carolyn felt she couldn’t trust him.

Joaquin Souberbielle

Voted Out Day Sixteen




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Given I was the only one pre-game who talked him up I feel a little chuffed that he turned out to be fairly popular amongst the crew here at Survivor Oz and for very good reason. He was entertaining and strong and showed mild signs he could be a great player if the circumstances were right for him. Sadly they weren’t, and his bromance with Rodney would serve as a catalyst to vote him out. Might need to work on his lying skills as well but was devo to see him go.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Joaquin began the game with a rocky start. He made an instant alliance with So but the neutral box lie put an immediate target on his back. He was kept around over So thanks to his challenge prowess but missed out on a majority alliance. Over the course of the White Collar days he slowly worked his way back into the game and as Max and Shirin grew further and further apart from the tribe, Joaquin became closer to Tyler and Carolyn. At the tribe swap he worked every new person on the tribe and created a close alliance with Rodney. Unfortunately it was too obvious and when Mike threw the immunity challenge to save his ally Kelly, Joaquin was targeted to break up the bromance alliance.

Kelly Remington

Voted Out Day Nineteen




BEN’S THOUGHTS: From what we saw of Kelly she was a strong capable contestant who was liked enough for a tribe to throw a challenge to get rid of her. Ultimately it lead to her being voted out for being so liked but she would’ve been a massive threat for the win had she made it deeper into the game. Was a shame we didn’t get to see more of her but she showed some positive glimpses

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Kelly never really had a chance to show her worth. She was a very strong social player, or rather she didn’t piss anyone off and seemed to be one of the most beloved players out there. During the Blue Collar days we barely saw her but we also didn’t have any indication that she was in danger or on the outs. When they did go to tribal council she was a power couple with Mike determining who left the game. After the swap she was in a prime position where she was almost completely safe and could choose where to align with. She was well liked so much so that she was deemed a threat enough to take her out first in the merge by Jenn’s idol and alliance. Kelly was strong in challenges and well liked but we didn’t see enough of her to determine just how good of a player she was.

Hali Ford

Voted Out Day Twenty-Two



Hali Ford

BEN’S THOUGHTS: Didn’t really contribute too much to the game and served as a firing point for her no collar tribe members falling out of contention for the win. Working closely with Jenn and Joe she seemed like she could be part of a dominant alliance but others were quick to make sure this didn’t happen. Had some memorable quotes about America and the constitution (which she loves by the way) but outside of that, not much more overall to the game to warrant a higher mark.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: While not brilliant, Hali was an all-around good player. She got off to a strong start as a bright spirit who appeared to be well liked in her tribe. She joined with Jenn, being perceived as her number two while also using Jenn as a shield. Anytime there was conflict such as the Nina argument, Jenn normally took most of the heat. Jenn normally seemed to be perceived as a stronger player such as the first merge tribal council. During the No Collar days Hali along with Jenn were able to rally Joe and gain Will on their side to form a majority. After the swap they were instrumental in swaying Kelly to their side, keeping Will in check and joining with Carolyn to form another majority. Throughout the entire pre merge Hali was never in danger of going home. At the merge she fell on the wrong side of the numbers and while they tried to turn it around was eventually voted out. Had they gained the majority Hali probably would have won the jury vote at the end.

Joe Anglim

Voted Out Day Twenty-Four




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Similar to Hali, relied heavily on his challenge ability and outside of that attempted to make moves that didn’t really work. Extremely popular amongst the fanbase which has seen him make a prompt return for a second shot at the game, he will need to really show what he is capable of if he is to live up to the Ozzy/Malcolm style of player he is often compared to. At least one half of that pair (and it’s not the three time player) actually has proven they are a player, but can Joe?

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: I believe Joe to be one of the most overrated players of this season but he certainly had some things going for him. He started the game as the No Collar tribe’s provider and was well like by everyone on his tribe (except Vince!) and was their main challenge performer. He had a tight alliance with Jenn and Hali and was still close with Nina and Will. After the swap he was the lone No Collar and had options, to side with the White or with the Blue. Although Rodney targeted him, he was able to stay under the radar enough to make it to the merge. From here Joe dominated in all the challenges, putting a target on his back but leaving him with little options after falling in the minority. He was receptive enough to gain the idol clue but sharing it with Tyler furthered his demise. The fake idol was a strong final ploy but it couldn’t save him from the vote. Points lost for the bad move of sitting Nina out of the challenge, points gained for a strong social game. I don’t believe Joe can ever win this game but with a bit of tweaking he could become a Malcolm level player.

Jenn Brown

Voted Out Day Twenty-Seven




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Jenn early was a sight to behold. A great social player with some strategic thinking and somebody for sure who could’ve won the game had she remained on track. But then things quickly fell away. She lost Hali and then she seemingly lost her will to play the game. It was like she fell off a cliff and threw any chance she had at winning away with her. It was one of the most sudden downfalls I can ever remember in the show which sucked, because I’m a huge Jenn fan and she would’ve been great as a winner.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Jenn started the game out strong but fizzled out towards the end. In the beginning everyone wanted to work with her. Vince was adamant that she would be his number two, Joe wanted to work with her and Hali was her number two. She was in a prime position within the No Collar tribe. It only got better when she managed to find the hidden immunity idol while the rest of the tribe feasted on chicken. At the swap Jenn and Hali stuck strong and gained the numbers in Kelly and Carolyn to take out Max. The merge put her back with Joe and together they took out a threat in Kelly by playing Jenn’s idol, saving herself in the process. Once Hali was voted out, Jenn refused to strategize or do anything to try and save herself in the game. She was just hanging around waiting to get voted out. I don’t believe Jenn is a quitter, technically she still could have won but I do believe she gave up. She was a good social, physical and entertaining player but the last third of her game was completely out of level from the beginning.


Shirin Oskooi

Voted Out Day Twenty-Nine




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Shirin started off loveable and capable of doing great things. She was funny, different and smart and that looked like it could combine to get her far in the game. But something just fell flat with her at the mid point and it didn’t seem as though her head was in the game to really bring her a result close to a win. It was a shame to see as she would’ve made for one of the most entertaining winners of all time but who knows? Maybe she can make that happen on season 31.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Shirin started the game in a pretty good position. She initiated an alliance with Max and Carolyn with Max as her close number two. She wasn’t a target to be voted out at the first tribal council and had good footing. During the remainder of the White Collar tribe it appeared she slowly fell into the minority with Carolyn shifting toward Tyler and Joaquin. She was perceived as annoying and many people wanted to vote her out. At the switch, Carolyn no longer felt safe with Shirin and Max and Max took the bullet, leaving Shirin on the outs of the tribe. Had the other tribe not thrown the next challenge Shirin probably would have been voted out next. At the merge she aligned with the minority and was once again on the outs. She showed some signs of recovery when she joined with Mike as “a backseat driver.” It didn’t help in the end as the “Axis of Evil” took control and she found herself in the minority once again where she was eventually voted out. Shirin had some potential and will no doubt improve with her second chance but given she probably would have no chance of winning unless in the finals with Rodney, Dan or Will puts her at a B-.

Tyler Fredrickson

Voted Out Day Thirty-Two




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Tyler played a fantastic game that was far from flawless but certainly worthy of a high ranking. Always in the thick of things when the vote came around (with the exception of the “I have no idea what is going on” moment), he worked closely with Carolyn and showed himself to be a massive threat which would ultimately lead to his vote out. A massive surprise to me as I pretty much wrote him off pre-game, so it was great to see what he was capable of.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Tyler was one of the strongest players of this season. At the start of the game it seemed as if he was everyone’s ally. He was a crucial member of the tribe and was the only one to know about Carolyn’s hidden immunity idol. He had a minimal edit but every time he spoke it was an intelligent comment on the game. He talked about wanting to take the weak people with him to benefit his chances. The post swap tribal council was the only time he was out of the loop until his vote out. At the merge he rejoined with his closest ally Carolyn but kept his distance as the two managed to fly under the radar. He joined the majority Blue Collar alliance while also being a part of the Rodney initiated secret four alliance. He deflected suspicion off Carolyn’s idol, made sure to get idol information out of Joe, unfortunately also hurting his game by giving information to Mike. Tyler was a great social, strategic and physical player. Unfortunately he caught the Rob Cesternino syndrome where he was deemed too much of a good player to take to the end and he was cut off when the majority six had no other options. Tyler may have not been the most interesting character but he was a strong player.

Dan Foley

Voted Out Day Thirty-Five




BEN’S THOUGHTS: Dan was never going to win this game. His social skills were not exactly the best and nobody would’ve voted for him to win at the end. But that aside, he didn’t play a horrible game and I feel his personality and social ability I just mentioned overshadowed many aspects of his game. He was strategic and always attempting to make moves. He had a power that he used at the time to what he thought would be his advantage. And he was in the right alliance to take him far and would’ve been in the final 3 had Carolyn not played her idol that night. Comment all you want at this rating, but I stand by the fact that Dan on Worlds Apart was not as bad as he was made out to be. Word.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Dan is an anomaly of a player who had his ups and had many a downs. He started the game out rocky being isolated from the tribe and struggling to fit it, often causes arguments or saying things that offended the other tribe members. He made the right decision to take extra beans over the idol clue at the beginning, something that could well have helped the Blue Collar win challenges and essentially saving himself. He eventually found himself in a strong alliance with Mike, Rodney and Sierra. From here on out he was in the majority for the rest of his game, accomplishing most of what he set out to achieve. He was in game mode at the auction, winning himself the vote doubler and solidifying himself with Sierra. The advantage put a massive target on his back and eventually lead to his demise, had Carolyn not played her idol he probably would have found himself in the final three. The social game is the biggest lacking area for Dan who often spoke at inappropriate times or annoyed people. I still feel in some scenarios Dan did have a slight chance of winning the game.

Sierra Dawn Thomas

Voted Out Day Thirty-Seven




BEN’S THOUGHTS: I have a feeling Sierra was madly popular and seen as a huge threat to win amongst the cast but due to her edit we the viewer never got to fully see what she was capable of and what she was actually doing out there. Therefore it is very hard to rank her on a report card like this. She was in the right alliance and for the most part was involved in the strategic moves enough to keep her on side and part of the discussion. But again, it’s hard to be able to fully grasp at exactly what she did out there. Looking forward to fully digesting her game and being able to see just what she did and if she was perceived as a threat.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Sierra was an ok player in the game. She had a close bond with Lindsey and seemingly with Rodney too. Although she was on the chopping block early, she was put in the perfect position post merge where she could determine her own fate, ultimately sticking with the Blue Collar four for the greater good even if Rodney and Dan had said some unkind things to her. While not initially in Rodney’s four, Sierra made a duo alliance with Dan, turning on Mike and joining the ‘Sinister Six.’ Here she was never a target until the final five after Dan had been voted out. Sierra seemed to have a bond with every player in the game, giving her some options to stick with Rodney or go with Carolyn and Mike. Sierra was a strong challenge competitor and was very well liked, her biggest problem would be whether or not she had done enough or be viewed as a player from the jury.

Rodney Lavoie Jr.

Voted Out Day Thirty-Eight




BEN’S THOUGHTS: I love this man to death. He is one of the top 10 characters to ever play the game. And he is also a severely underrated player in my mind. Showed real strategic awareness and was able to make people work with him despite his overbearing personality sometimes, he easily could’ve won had things gone to plan and he ended up at the FTC next to Dan and Will. At times his blow ups were a bit too much, but he still remained popular amongst his tribe mates. Absolutely robbed of not being in consideration for Season 31. If we don’t see him return for another shot something is wrong with the world.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Rodney was a surprise gamer this season. He started the game strong, going all in with his cool, calm, collective strategy, working the people on his tribe. He eventually got on peoples nerves but was still kept in the alliance over Lindsey. Here he stuck with the Blue Collars attempting to get the biggest threat in Joe out of the game. At the merge he stuck with his alliance but initiated a sub alliance in secret with Will, Carolyn and Tyler. The plan was to make it appear that Mike was in control and take him out at final seven. While they didn’t accomplish that, the secret four gained two new members in Dan and Sierra as Rodney worked Dan against Mike. The secret four all made it to the final seven where they turned on Tyler. Even when they alliance was targeting each other, Rodney was always safe and had his loyal alliance with Will. It all came down to a fire making challenge which took Rodney out of the game. Rodney’s biggest issue in the game was social aspects like making sexist comments or complaining about his birthday. However I don’t believe it was completely out of the realms of possibility that Rodney could win the game at the end, especially if Mike was taken out at fourth.

Will Sims II





BEN’S THOUGHTS: Oh Will. Bless his heart. He tried his hardest and got right to the end. But for the most part he seemingly had no clue what he was doing out there and trundled along with various alliances to go into the FTC with no shot at winning. And it was a shame because I think I remain one of the only Will fans out there. A super nice guy who made mistakes in the game and of course by losing his cool at Shirin, it is sadly something that will always tarnish his Survivor legacy.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Will had some funny moments in the game but as a player he was seriously lacking. The first tribal council he attended he knowingly put himself fourth in the totem pole of an alliance rather than an equal first footing with Nina and Vince. Here he floated along as the fourth member all the way to the merge. At the merge he turned on all of his No Collar tribe and more than likely losing their votes in the process. The fight with Shirin pretty much ensured that he would not win at the end, even though he did try and be the good person by sharing the food. From here he floated to the end with everyone wanting him in the final three to beat him. He doesn’t have a lower mark because I feel he defended his game well at the final tribal council even if he had no shot of winning and in some ways he got himself to the final rather than being completely dragged there.


Carolyn Rivera





BEN’S THOUGHTS: Carolyn was robbed. Robbed of more votes at FTC and robbed of another shot at the game on S31. She to me ranks easily in the top 5 of best players never to have won this game. An amazing player who was able to get people on her side, keep them on side and work around different players while having security of an idol in her pocket and dominate challenges along the way. She could vote someone out and still remain in their good books or the good books of her fellow alliance members afterwards. There were easily shades of a certain Mr Freeze (thanks Noah) to her game. So for her to end the game as equal runner-up with Will is something that will never sit right with me as a fan of this game. No offence to Will, but Carolyn is an incredible player who deserved more. And to me that deserving more could’ve just been an extra $900,000 than she walked away with.

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Carolyn played a strong game of Survivor. She was initially targeted by So but in that same week Carolyn solidified as alliance with Max and Shirin as well as a secret pairing with Tyler, the only person to know about her hidden immunity idol that she found in week one. No one else would ever find out about this idol until she played it at the final six. Carolyn felt more and more isolated by her alliance as Shirin and Max grew closer and closer, so at the tribe swap she took out Max and almost guaranteed herself a safe ride to the merge. At the merge she joined with the Blue Collar majority while also being a part of Rodney’s secret four. It was here that she was safe through to the final seven. At the auction she was one of the few to gun for the advantage but luck wasn’t in her favour. At the final seven she blindsided her closest ally Tyler who was also her biggest threat going forward and someone who seemingly would have targeted her eventually. She had options from here being close to Sierra but also forming a bond with Mike and gaining his trust by telling him about Dan’s advantage. She won the fire making challenge at the final four which took her to the end where she received one vote to win. Along the way she won two immunities and was a competitor in most of the challenges. Carolyn is a worthy runner up who should have at least been second place over equal second with Will.

Mike Holloway

Sole Survivor




BEN’S THOUGHTS: An amazing turn around from one of the most passionate and out there players of all time. He was always on. From eating scorpions to doing ‘the happy dance’ and scaring people in the middle of conversations. Mike is a worthy winner of the game. However one thing that will always be noted is that he had to rely heavily on challenge wins to make that possible. Not to take that away from him as that is an important element of Survivor, but ultimately he would’ve been gone at any stage had he lost. Also his moves were far from great. His auction stuff up was bad. And risking taking Carolyn to the end rather than just taking her out and bringing Rodney with him was something that I still question. But negatives aside, he also worked his way through various alliances and managed to get people on side with him at crucial votes to swing the vote in his favour with an immunity necklace around his neck to really stir the pot. And his idol play at the Shirin vote certainly was a smart way of making the power alliance scramble. Congratulations Mike!

NOAH’S THOUGHTS: Mike was a good winner, not one of the all-time best but still very much worthy of his win. Despite some arguments in the Blue Collar tribe (firewood anyone?) he was in control for pretty much most of the pre merge. He had Kelly as a close number two and also had Dan on his side as a vote. He was the one who decided who went home at the only Blue Collar tribe. After the swap he managed to ensure Sierra’s vote was on his side and pulled in Joe to take out Joaquin who was getting too close to Rodney. At the merge he remained in control even when his biggest ally was voted out from Jenn’s idol play. He played the situation with Joe and the idol well and even had Tyler revealing crucial info to him. His alliance was slowly turning on him though and the auction was the breaking point. Turning on everyone in the game at the auction was Mike’s biggest mistake in that he lost nearly all his alliance members and put a big target on his back. He would go on a massive immunity run and with the help of the idol found himself in the end. He tried multiple times to get Dan back on his side and failed but did manage to form a connection with Carolyn. In the end he received nearly all of the votes to win based much on his social game and the personal connections he made with the tribe. Despite having a clear understanding and commentary on the game, his strategy game leaves much to be desired but his social relationships and challenge dominance contributed to a near blow out win. Expect to see Mike on another season sometime in the future.


Do you agree with our report card? Who did we get right? Who did we get wrong? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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31 Comments on Survivor: Worlds Apart – Report Card

  1. Tom Wright // June 1, 2015 at 9:44 am // Reply

    U guys are way to generous with your rankings

  2. You are too gererous with Max and Nina, these two players are so annoying.
    I will give a A to Rodney, he is a good player (and really entertaining) and i think his annoying edit is due to the Heroes edit of Mike.
    Agree with you about Carolyn, she played an amazing game and was robbed with the immunity challenges made for Mike and the fact that Tyler was bitter.

  3. Rodney is a reality TV producer’s dream: a volatile Boston meathead who gives off memorable one-liners every time he opens his mouth. A character like that would be cast on ANY reality show out there, whether it be Big Brother, The Amazing Race or even MTV’s The Real World. Having said all this, I thought his gameplay on Survivor was average at best. He was useless in challenges, he was the most unlikeable person in the most unlikeable alliance ever and was outsmarted by someone he termed “a dumb redneck” time and time again. Are we going to see him again on a future Survivor season?? Absolutely.

    • I agree. I loved watching Rodney but he was not that good at this game. Countless times during this season he said things like “You won’t believe what I’ve got in store”. What did he do that was so amazing this season?

  4. Oh, I miss the report cards with Jarryd. Both of you seemed to not put much thought into all of these rankings. My personal list:

    So: D
    Vince: C+
    Nina: D+
    Lindsey: C-
    Max: D
    Joaquin: C
    Kelly: C
    Hali: B
    Joe: B+
    Jenn: C+
    Shirin: C
    Tyler: A-
    Dan: C
    Sierra: C+
    Rodney: B+
    Will: C-
    Carolyn: A-
    Mike: A

    Also, if anyone is going to praise Mike as a great winner, you can not discredit Fabio’s game.

    • I agree, I don’t dislike him as a winner simply because he wasn’t overtly Strategic or his portrayal as a goofball.

  5. So: F
    Vince: C-
    Nina: F
    Lindsey: D-
    Max: D+
    Joaquin: D
    Kelly: C+
    Hali: D+
    Joe: B-
    Jenn: B
    Shirin: C+
    Tyler: B+
    Dan: B-
    Sierra: B
    Rodney: A
    Will: D
    Carolyn: A+
    Mike: A-

  6. Love Noah’s grades. I feel Carolyn and Mike are definitely both A-‘s. Had Carolyn’s social game been good enough to get her the extra jury votes to get her the win she is potential A to A+ material

  7. You gave A’s to Mike & Carolyn?!!!!!!! Neither were better than B+. Mike though he won it was against some of the worst opposition in survivor history & he had to win 5 immunitys + a hidden immunity idol to get to the end because he was so scattershot with his strategy – some was very good, some terrible – & his social skills were limited to say the least, they just looked good when compared to most of his opposition.

    As for Carolyn she had a decent strategic game but no better than that like Mike socially it just looked good when compared to who she was playing against. On top of that her social game was awful – the best thing anyone said about her was that she was “cold” – she had no time for anyone not in her alliance & even there she was lacking.

    All in all in terms of gameplay this was the worst cast in survivor history, none of them deserve high marks & certainly not Mike & Carolyn.

    • RB Liljestrom // June 2, 2015 at 1:38 am // Reply

      WOW!!! Where do I fucking begin? Worst cast in Survivor history? Worst opposition in Survivor history? I better not. Have a nice day.

    • people called her “Mama C” for a reason. She was very close with Sierra Will Rodney (except for not giving him rewards on his ‘damn birthday’) and Tyler. She falls into the classic mom who gets robbed. She was super strategic, and was considered more no-nonsense than cold from what I gather from exit interviews. Definitely played a more well-rounded game than Mike. Every confessional we got form Carolyn was strategy-oriented, and sound strategy, at that. Whereas Mike played a much more emotional, erratic game, and not so good socially either.

      As for “worst cast in survivor history” in terms of gameplay. I think that hyperbole may be your middle name. there was a lot of strategy this season that unfortunately got overshadowed by Will and Dan being assholes.

      • RB Liljestrom // June 5, 2015 at 1:33 am //

        Classic mom who was robbed? Really? Mike played a terrible social game? She received the Mom edit and people are naturally going to give the only motherly figure on the season her due respects ie Muffin from SJDS. Reed put that in the right perspective on final tribal. If her social game was so great can you explain to me how she only received 1 vote? I can make the argument she would have lost to Will. If Mike’s social game was not so good how did he win? The edit made it appear that he was a mad man obsessed with winning the game. Driving the others crazy with his will to win. Knocking out members their alliance one by one leaving them seething with hate after every immunity win. Add that to a bad social game and how does he beat the great and mighty Momma C? He outplayed, he out witted, he out charmed and he outlasted the greatest player in Survivor history Momma C. Go figure.

  8. So: D
    Vince: C-
    Nina: D-
    Lindsey: D+
    Max: C-
    Joaquin: C-
    Kelly: B-
    Hali: B
    Joe: B-
    Jenn: B+
    Shirin: C
    Tyler: B+
    Dan: C-
    Sierra: B+
    Rodney: A-
    Will: D
    Carolyn: A+
    Mike: A

  9. The most right score on here is Carolyn’s A average. Easily the best player this season who deserved more votes at the FTC, but was overshadowed by a challenge beast underdog story, which is unfortunate. Ben and Noah have her score higher on average than the winner of this season, which I find very accurate and telling. Feel so bad for how things turned out for her at FTC and 2nd chances.


    I really don’t understand how Dan gets two solid Bs…As admitted by Ben and Noah, his social game was awful (one of the worst I’ve ever seen through 30 seasons) and at its core, Survivor is a social game. The same goes for Will, although not as much because he at least had a bit of self-awareness, and his final tribal wasn’t bad considering what he had to work with to that point…Both of them should have gotten much lower scores, though.
    Dan- D (for dan)

    And this has nothing to do with loving Shirin to infinity and beyond (which I do) but it’s ridiculous that her strategic mind scores lower than her two antagonists. Being on the receiving end of verbal abuse should get you a higher score simply because you had to endure more in the experience emotionally than the other two. She was unjustifiably hated through no fault of her own, so I wouldn’t call that a poor social game, seeing as the edit always portrayed her as reasonable, rational and pragmatic in terms of gameplay, and deserves higher than the two people who were early on deemed the “goats” of the season. The Ozlets had a problem with her for some reason this season, and seemed to favor her agressor, Will, almost defending his actions against her, which I find pretty deplorable.

  10. RB Liljestrom // June 2, 2015 at 4:01 am // Reply

    So: F.
    Neutral box. Enough said.
    Vince: F
    Creepiest people of all time.
    Freddy Kruger, Jason Vorhees, Hannibal Lecter, Vince Sly. Not necessarily in that order. Voting him off was a possible life saving measure.
    Nina: D
    Poor thing stuck on the wrong tribe. She looked more out of place than Snoop Dog at a KKK rally.
    Lindsey: D+
    Apparently doesn’t play well with others. Especially if they’re assholes.
    Max: C –
    Can’t get over him sticking those witch-like feet in the communal water pot. Biggest disappointment of the season.
    Joaquin: C
    Would have been an F- for coming up with the neutral box ploy but he recovered nicely.
    Kelly: B-
    Had a plan and was in 2 alliances. No collars picked up on it and she paid the price.
    Hali: B-
    Wrong side of the numbers. To close to Joe and Jenn
    Joe: B-
    Too much of a threat. Everyone saw through his Svengali persona.
    Jenn: B
    Was doing great until all of the THC was depleted from her system. Would have won if she had a bong and 39 day supply of ganja.
    Shirin: B-
    Annoying. Survivor Savant. Dustin Hoffman was a savant in Rain Man and what did that get him? Institutionalized.
    Tyler: B
    Aligned himself too closely with Carolyn. Didn’t use the knowledge of her idol as leverage when his head was on the chopping block. Next to Carolyn the most over rated player of the season.
    Dan: B
    Played the “game” well. Socially retarded. Could not read people for shit.
    Sierra: B
    Consummate floater. Stayed under the radar and in the numbers. Most under rated player. May have won if she got to the end.
    Rodney: B+
    Season’s main mover and shaker contrary to all of the delusional Carolyn lovers. Would not have beat Mike or Sierra. Would have beat Carolyn.
    Will: B
    Contrary to popular belief he was not a goat. No Collars had no idea he wasn’t in their pocket. They loved him. Possibly the least athletic African American ever. He fucking made Scout look like Lebron James. Still made it to the end.
    Carolyn: F-
    She gets that for having Hillary Clinton as her idol and role model. B+ for game play. Good in challenges for an old lady but this was not an athletic lot outside of Joe, Mike and Tyler. OVERRATED!! A+ Ben? TOP 5 never to win the game? WTF is your obsession with this old lady? I thought Rodney was the one with the Oedipus Rex complex. SHE FUCKING TIED WILL SIMS!!!! I can make the argument Will would have beat her. Chances are he gets Jenn, Tyler, Joe, Hali and Rodney’s votes. Maybe even Dan’s after Rodney gets in his ear. Did you not see that she was at the bottom of any alliance she was in. Sure she maneuvered well but great players work their way up or become likeable. She did neither. Kept the idol a secret because Tyler was a fool to not use it against her. Probably wouldn’t have used it had Mike not pointed it out that she was on the bottom of her alliance. Had Dan not panicked and used his extra vote she probably would have taken it home.
    Mike: A
    He won inspite of his auction blunder. Vote wasn’t even close. Unlike Fabio, Mike knew he was a major threat and he knew what was going on. Excellent at reading people and the circumstances he was in. Most importantly, likeable enough to get all but 2 votes.

    • No way Will was getting the no collar’s votes or Tyler’s. Will flipped on the no collars at the merge. Even if it wasn’t a flip, They still have no right/obligation to vote for him. Will sucked at challenges and only made the merge because his vote switch to Vince, Jenn voting out Nina over him and Max being annoying. Will didn’t make any major strategic moves. And their was that Outburst at Shirin

      • RB Liljestrom // June 7, 2015 at 5:24 am //

        Correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t rewatch or follow all of the after show shit but I do listen to exit interviews. To a person all of the No-Callers loved Will and had NO IDEA he wasn’t with them. Jenn went so far as singling out Carolyn saying, “I hate Momma C”. That doesn’t speak too highly for one of the top 5 greatest players to never win the game. (Ben FuckingWaterworth’s words not mine) Tyler saw right through Carolyn’s facade and deeply regretted her unwillingness to hel

      • RB Liljestrom // June 7, 2015 at 5:37 am //

        Correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t rewatch or follow all of the after show shit but I do listen to exit interviews. To a person all of the No-Callers loved Will and had NO IDEA he wasn’t with them. Jenn went so far as singling out Carolyn saying, “I hate Momma C”. That doesn’t speak too highly for one of the top 5 greatest players to never win the game. (Ben FuckingWaterworth’s words not mine) Tyler saw right through Carolyn’s facade and deeply regretted her unwillingness to help him when he needed her most. Unfortunately it was too late. She was never getting his vote especially since he saved her ass. In relation to strategy and social game she ranks right up there with Russell Hantz. B+ for strategy F for social game.
        Ps I use FuckingWatersworth as a term of endearment. You know I love you Ben inspite of your delusional creepy Carolyn obsession.

    • As for Why Carolyn is so madly popular. One she is the oldest contestant of the season but was able to make it to the end and was presented with a good chance of winning. Despite being an older woman, she could actually win challenges. Carolyn actually watched the show.

      As for Rodney & Will beating her, Again, I doubt Will could. Despite your opinion, Will was likely a goat, Shirin’s speech summed it up best. Rodney was the only person who would vote for Will and that’s because Will was Rod’s friend and he hated the others. Both Carolyn and Rodney had flawed social games, but Rodney comes off as more annoying(His voice, his laziness, his whining about not going on rewards) So I don’t know if he could beat her too.

      • RB Liljestrom // June 7, 2015 at 5:47 am //

        Let’s agree to disagree on this. Will was a goat in the sense that he wasn’t winning against Mike, Sierra, or Rodney but I’m pretty sure he would have received No Collars votes against Carolyn based on their exit interviews. You can’t go off of anything after the show aired because the players are swayed by the edit. Cheers.

    • Why you Hate Carolyn?

      • RB Liljestrom // June 7, 2015 at 2:44 pm //

        I don’t hate Carolyn. I’m sure she’s a nice woman outside of the game of Survivor. I’m not a fan of Hillary Fucking Clinton her idol and role model. I’ve been overwhelmingly biased towards Carolyn from the get-go because of this. I do hate politicians in general because a vast majority of them are fucking scumbags. Hillary and her slime ball husband are at the top of the list. Maybe I overlooked all the magnificent earth shattering moves that she made but I sure scrutinized every move that I considered a misstep. I didn’t fall prey to her favorable edit like the Ozlets. They propped up her game by leaving out negative confessionals from fellow tribe mates. Case in point: the editors showed little interaction between her and Jenn but Jenn’s parting words were “I hate Momma C”. I knew right then she was toast. 3 votes she was never going to get.

  11. How does Vince get in the Cs!! He screwed up his alliance with Jenn, aligned with will and Nina and then told Nina that he didn’t trust will. That was completely stupid!

  12. Will is a “super nice guy?” Yeah, compared to Hitler.

  13. So: D+
    Vince: C-
    Nina: D
    Lindsey: C
    Max: C-
    Joaquin: C+
    Kelly: B-
    Hali: B-
    Joe: B-
    Jenn: B+
    Shirin: B
    Tyler: A
    Dan: B-
    Sierra: A-
    Rodney: A
    Will: B
    Carolyn: A+
    Mike: B+

  14. Mike was pretty much a shit player other than challenges. Essentially Ozzy (who I love, for the record), none of his post-merge strategies were successful and the auction blunder is one of the worst plays I’ve seen. Carolyn probably should have won in the end, although an A+ is hyperbole, as is calling her one of the top 5 best (those are Amanda, Cirie, Russell, Rob C. and probably Fairplay). I thought Tyler was excellent this season, and his demise wasn’t really his fault.

  15. So D+
    Vince C
    Nina D-
    Lindsay C-
    Max C
    Joaquin C+
    Kelly B
    Hali B
    Joe B
    Jenn B-
    Shirin B
    Tyler A-
    Dan C+
    Sierra B
    Rodney A-
    Will C
    Carolyn A-
    Mike B+

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