Ozcars 2015–25 Biggest New Survivor Villains

Biggest Villain

We continue our top 25 reveals of each of our Ozcar categories, and today we bring you who you voted as the top 25 villains from the last 2 seasons of San Juan Del Sur and Worlds Apart! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite player just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

For this category, it was a simple case of you voting for who you thought was the biggest ‘villain’ in the last 12 months of Survivor. The word ‘villain’ was subjective, as numerous contestants who were considered heroes (and who also appear on the heroes list) make the top 25. It makes for an interesting talking point as to what people consider a ‘villain’ and what people consider a ‘hero’. What do you think?

25. Joe Anglim (Worlds Apart) – 16 votes


Joe Anglim has all the attributes to win Survivor. He’s athletic, resourceful, smart and very well liked within his tribe. But those characteristics make him dangerous, and was seen as a threat, so his fellow tribemates got rid of him on Day 24.

24. Jaclyn Schultz (San Juan Del Sur) – 16 votes


Can someone enlighten me as to how Jaclyn is a villain? Is it because she should have voted out Natalie instead of Keith?

23. Max Dawson (Worlds Apart) – 17 votes


Should Max be even on this list? He has the brains for this game but what’s written on paper doesn’t always translate to reality. He biggest downfall was walking around naked at camp which made his tribemates very uncomfortable.

22. Keith Nale (San Juan Del Sur) – 18 votes


From the beginning, Keith didn’t have any idea of how to play the game of Survivor. He wasn’t a great strategist and his social skills weren’t the best. His only mistake was when he blurted out the now famous quote, "Stick to the plan!"

21. Vince Sly (Worlds Apart) – 21 votes


The coconut salesman with the feathers in his hair! He was bizarre and unusual. He had a little crush on Jenn and was seemed to be a little on the jealous side, when he confronted her about flirting with Joe. His presence around camp made it awkward around his tribemates and was seen as somewhat annoying.

20. Alec Christy (Worlds Apart) – 21 votes


Alec seemed to have the brains for this game but really didn’t put it to good use. He didn’t do much in the game except for flirting with a former Miss Michigan.

19. Sierra Dawn Thomas (Worlds Apart) – 36 votes


We didn’t get to see much of Sierra on camera, although she played a somewhat of an average game, which leaves me scratching me head as to why she is considered a villain. The only thing I can think of is that, she made so many alliances in the game, she didn’t know where or who to trust.

18. Carolyn Rivera (Worlds Apart) – 38 votes


Carolyn played a great game strategic game. She was targeted early on but managed to find a Hidden Immunity Idol. He biggest move in the game was to get rid of her closest ally in Tyler to move further in the game.

17. Tyler Frederickson (Worlds Apart) – 40 votes


Tyler played a somewhat quiet game, although he was a brilliant strategist. He deserves to be higher on the list as he didn’t have many enemies. Should he even be on this list?

16. Jenn Brown (Worlds Apart) – 41 votes


Jenn started off the game very strong and was in a powerful position after finding a Hidden Immunity Idol. Then things started going downhill from there. She seemed very disinterested in the game after her immediate alliance was voted out and wanted to quit.

15. So Kim (Worlds Apart) – 48 votes


So Kim started off on the wrong foot with her tribe. She made up a lie about the idol vs food clue at the beginning of the game and lost the the trust within her tribe. It’s a shame she got voted out early as she had the potential to go deep into the game.

14. Reed Kelly (San Juan Del Sur) – 51 votes


In my opinion, Reed should have been higher up on the list. He was an intelligent player, never gave up and went down fighting to the end. Who could forget him calling Baylor, a ‘brat’ and his attack on Missy at the Final Tribal Council?

13. Nina Poersch (Worlds Apart) – 54 votes


Nina should be well out of the top 25 Survivor Villains. She was never a big threat as she had trouble fitting in her with much younger tribe.

12. Joaquin Souberbielle (Worlds Apart) – 55 votes


I thought he would have mad it further into the top 10, like So, he started off on the wrong foot with his tribe. He had the potential to go further in the game if not for his sneaky and cunning ways.

11. Natalie Anderson (San Juan Del Sur) – 57 votes


Natalie just makes it outside the top 10 but she should be further down the list. She started off slowly but got her bearings once her ally, Jeremy was voted out. One move that would probably consider her to be a villain is her blindside of Baylor.

10. John Rocker (San Juan Del Sur) – 80 votes


John played a somewhat modest ….that was up until his past came back to haunt him, then the outbursts and insults came. He went as far as threatening eventual winner, Natalie, that if she was a man, he would knock his teeth out. Ouch!

9. Jon Misch (San Juan Del Sur) – 83 votes


It is surprising to see Jon this far up in the villains list. He didn’t do anything villainous in my opinion. The only thing that let him down was he was putting his faith in alliance, which ultimately got him out of the game.

8. Mike Holloway (Worlds Apart) – 89 votes


Apart from being the eventual winner of World’s Apart, Mike had to win it the hard way. Despite some disagreements with the work ethic of some of the members of his Blue Collar tribe early on, Mike was coasting through the game or so it seemed. That was up until the Survivor auction where he was everything reared its ugly head. He lost nearly all of his alliance and was always at odds with Dan.

7. Shirin Oskooi (Worlds Apart) – 97 votes


Although she was entertaining to watch, she was seen as annoying to her tribemates. She had the potential to go further but kind of lost her way mid game.

6. Missy Payne (San Juan Del Sur) – 100 votes


Apart from being a strategic player and refused to be taken out of the game despite her injury late in the game. She was not very well liked with some members of her tribe, which resulted in her getting bombarded by the jury at the Final Tribal Council.

5. Drew Christy (San Juan Del Sur) – Final Voting Percent 10.65%



Drew had the potential but it seemed as though it got stuck in second gear and stayed there throughout his time on the island. He was the brains behind throwing a challenge but it backfired and he was sent packing.

4. Will Sims II (Worlds Apart) – Final Voting Percent 11.38%



If there is ever a ‘Villain’s Villain’ award, I am sure he would win it. He will always be remembered for his un-humanlike outburst on Shirin, which had social media sites, e.g. Twitter, into meltdown as fan’s disapproved of his actions and demanded an apology.

3. Baylor Wilson (San Juan Del Sur) – Final Voting Percent 13.82%



Unsophisticated and wide-eyed, Baylor was somewhat an underrated player in San Juan Del Sur. She did lack a little bit of social skills and was seen as lazy around camp. She couldn’t make decisions on her own and always looked to her mum, Missy, for advice.

2. Rodney Lavoie Jr (Worlds Apart) – Final Voting Percent 30.25%



Well, what can I say about Rodney?! He looks as though he was taken of out the reality television show, Jersey Shore, and thrown onto the the secluded islands of Nicaragua. He got on his tribemates nerves at the best of times…..who could ever forget about his, "well, it’s my birthday, I should a reward" attitude.

1. Dan Foley (Worlds Apart) – Final Voting Percent 33.90%



Confused. Unsympathetic.  Somewhat clever. These are the characteristics of a villain. Dan Foley fits into one, if not, all those characteristics. He was never shy to say what was on his mind. He went as far as calling Rodney’s mum a whore, which he later apologised for. He didn’t see eye to eye with Shirin and suggested that someone needed to come and slap her to shut her up. Who could ever forget his pathetic apology to Sierra? Is he Survivor’s most outspoken villain? I guess, he is a worthy winner for the villain award.

Another finalist list is revealed tomorrow, as we bring the 19 sexiest new men from the last 12 months of Survivor!



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11 Comments on Ozcars 2015–25 Biggest New Survivor Villains

  1. screw it… #CarolynWasRobbed

  2. Why cant ben do the descriptions? Jimmy does it terribly!

  3. Tom Wright // June 10, 2015 at 10:46 am // Reply

    I really think next year you guys should do the top 25 heroes and villains of all time which I think you did the first two years instead of the two most recent seasons I just don’t think it makes sense when someone like Mike Jon and Shirin are high on both lists but I can understand it might hard to collect the votes throughout all the seasons

  4. Agree 100%

  5. Not nearly as screwed up as the heroes list, but:

    Alec, Vince, Carolyn, and So should be higer than they are.

    Jenn, Mike, and Shirin should be lower than they are.

  6. Amazing that Josh did not get on either list considering how big of a character he was.

    • Wow you’re right, true! He should totally have been on the heroes list, and probably on the villains list too given that he was at least more villainous than someone like Joe or Sierra!

  7. i what world is nina a villain?

  8. RB Liljestrom // June 11, 2015 at 3:21 am // Reply

    Tough fucking crowd. You fuckers would chastise Santa Clause for getting ashes on the carpet. Thanks for the effort. If you’re doing more it would be less cumbersome to have only the top 5 to eliminate overlap.

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