Ozcars 2015 – Top 25 Best Survivor Players Never to Have Won

Best Non-Winner

Today we bring you who you voted for as the Top 25 Best Survivor Players who have Never Won. The results were interesting, the usual suspects are here, there are some new entries from old and new seasons and some surprises too. You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite season just miss out on reaching the finals? What do you think of the Top 25?

Once again for this poll we added up the total votes received by our Survivor contestants, as well as our Survivor Oz crew and the people who took part in our online poll. No negative votes were taken into count for this poll, and several repeat offenders from last year made an appearance, as well as several new contestants.

25. Baylor Wilson (San Juan del Sur) – 13 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

At number 25 we have our first NEW entry, Baylor Wilson in her first opportunity has successfully made her way into the top 25. Played a good game with her mom Missy in her corner, until epically blindsided by eventual winner Natalie. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see Baylor play Survivor again in the future.

24.Wes Nale (San Juan del Sur) – 14 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

The first of three players tied on 14 votes, Wes is an interesting addition to this list, especially seeing his father Keith did not make it in the Top 25. Wes was unfortunately the victim of a double idol play, being voted out by the lowest ratio of total votes cast in Survivor history. Did voters confuse Keith with Wes?

23. Ciera Eastin (Blood vs. Water) – 14 Votes


LAST YEAR: 14th (-9)

The second of our three players tied on 14 votes, Ciera has retained her position in the Top 25 even though she did drop to 23rd spot. Ciera showed she was a gutsy player in Blood vs. Water, willing to make big moves to win. It may not have worked out, but the fan favourite will be back at it in Second Chances.

22. Albert Destrade (South Pacific) – 14 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

South Pacific finalist Albert makes his debut in the Top 25, and deservedly so. Prince Albert may have finished the game in third position, but he kept scheming his way to the finals, even convincing Brandon Hantz to hand over his immunity necklace.

21. Gregg Carey (Palau) – 16 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Another brand new entry, Gregg Carey was a dominant member of the Koror tribe and a massive threat to Tom Westman winning the game. Gregg thought himself, Jenn and Katie would be final three until the clamps were put on Katie and she flipped. Underrated Survivor player.

20. Jerri Manthey (Australian Outback, All-Stars & Heroes vs. Villains) – 18 Votes


LAST YEAR: 7th (-13)

Jerri was the first big villain and one of the most memorable Survivor players of all time. Her amazing story arc over 3 seasons sadly closed with an agonizing vote out at the final hurdle. Whilst she drops from 7th to 20th place, Jerri still garners a lot of love within the Survivor community.

19. Zoe Zanidakis (Marquesas) – 21 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

One of the more ‘eyebrow raising’ additions to the list, Zoe was part of the dominant Rotu 4 alliance that was led by John Carroll. They eventually saw themselves picked off one by one, after their arrogance was seen by the rest of the tribe during an immunity challenge.

18. Yau-Man Chan (Fiji & Micronesia) – 21 Votes


LAST YEAR: 15th (-3)

The winner of best third-boot of all time, Yau-Man at least hangs on to a spot on this list. Down a bit from last year, he is still a popular player to this day.

17. Susie Smith (Gabon) – 23 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

One of the more unlikely players to play the game, Susie proved to be a hard worker around camp, but was underestimated by other players at their own peril. Susie wasn’t afraid to make big moves, was able to win two immunities including the important final challenge to make the finals. While she’s not someone that quickly comes to my mind when I think of this category, I can totally understand why she was voted in.

16. Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands, Micronesia & Philippines) – 25 Votes


LAST YEAR: 18th (+2)

Jonathan Penner, one of the great Survivor storytellers, his confessionals were amazing and his storylines have been gold! His first experience in Cook Islands is very underrated and worth another glance.

15. Malcolm Freberg (Philippines & Caramoan) – 27 Votes


LAST YEAR: 9th (-6)

With alliance partner Denise, started on the woeful Matsing tribe and experienced many early lows until he found an idol. Dominated the game from that point on, putting himself in a position to win the game. Faltered at the end with Denise, lost a challenge and got the bullet.

14. Randy Bailey (Gabon & Heroes vs. Villains) – 27 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the abrasive Randy Bailey is great television, I’m just not sure whether he is the ‘best non winner’ from a strategic point of view.

13. Spencer Bledsoe (Cagayan) – 30 Votes


LAST YEAR: 3rd (-10)

A fan favourite from Cagayan, this 3rd placer from last year took a little bit of a tumble down the list. Started the game in a dysfunctional tribe, and was always behind the 8 ball, Spencer was the great underdog story of Cagayan. Almost did the impossible, but gets a ‘Second Chance’ to win the game, due to a massive fan following.

12. Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands, Micronesia & South Pacific) – 35 Votes


LAST YEAR: 10th (-2)

If Survivor wasn’t about the social game and you had to pick the best player, Ozzy would have to be number 1! His dominance in challenges, whether on land or in water and his food gathering and fishing are second to none. Lost Cook Islands by a single vote, was a threat in his next two outings, imagine if he had nailed the social game!

11. Carolyn Rivera (Worlds Apart) – 40 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Great recognition for her excellent game play in Worlds Apart. Carolyn had a great understanding of the game of Survivor, won immunities, had an idol and went to the finals because of it. Unlucky to be matched against Mike in the finals, otherwise Carolyn was a certainty to win Worlds Apart against Rodney and Will. Hopefully we see her again soon.

10. LJ McKanas (Cagayan) – 48 Votes


LAST YEAR: 21st (+11)

Another Cagayan player to improve his spot from last year, this beauty had a lot going for him until Tony decided he was too much of a threat and had to go.

9. Amanda Kimmel (China, Micronesia & Heroes vs. Villains) – 61 Votes


LAST YEAR: 6th (-3)

What can I say about Amanda that hasn’t already been said a million times over? Putting her body through the rigours of back to back games, making the finals both times and falling at the last hurdle is underrated. Almost deserves a win after her exceptional game play across her three seasons.

8. Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins) – 63 Votes


LAST YEAR: 13th (+5)

The runner up of Tocantins got obliterated at final tribal council, but his game to that point was worthy of votes and if the scenario was right he would have been a worthy winner. A deserving ‘Second Chance’ player!

7. Trish Hegarty (Cagayan) – 67 Votes


LAST YEAR: 19th (+12)

Trish climbs from 19th to 7th and bitch slaps Spencer on the way up. The highest placing Cagayan member on the list, Trish was a great ally to Tony, an arch nemesis to Lindsey and just great all round television. Definitely has a big fan following.

6. Mike Borassi (Samoa) – 71 Votes


LAST YEAR: 17th (+11)

For the second year running, Samoa’s medical evacuation Mike Borassi makes the top 25 and surprisingly moves up 10 places. I actually have no words to explain it; instead I will let Jeff help me…


In Mike’s defence we didn’t get to see a whole lot of his game in Samoa and he is part of an elite club of contestants that have never had their torch snuffed. Robbed of a returnee spot on Survivor Philippines, we can only hope he gets the chance to play again someday.

5. Brett Clouser (Samoa) – Final Voting Percent 11.66%


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Top 5 has its first shock when another Samoa player makes the list; his first appearance since making the list in 2012. Absolutely no disrespect to Brett but this is one of those ‘WTF’ picks, with 30-40 better players than Brett. He was clearly so amazingly good CBS made him practically invisible. Yes, that was said with tongue in cheek.

4. Russell Hantz (Samoa, Heroes vs. Villains & Redemption Island) – Final Voting Percent 13.51%


LAST YEAR: 1st (-4)

The King last year, Russell will have hand over his crown and settle for 4th. Russell is the most polarising Survivor player of all time, love or hate him, he is a regular fixture in this list. Russell has amazing gameplay in nearly every facet of the game apart from the social element, which is so integral to winning over a jury and winning the million dollars.

3. Colby Donaldson (Australian Outback, All Stars & Heroes vs. Villains) – Final Voting Percent 13.61%


LAST YEAR: 12th (+9)

Being a man with a high level of integrity is a great quality to have in life, but when it costs you a million dollars in Survivor, you have to question that decision, something I think Colby has thought about many a time over the course of 15 years. One of my all time favourite players, his selflessness clearly cost him the chance to be the Sole Survivor of The Australian Outback by a solitary vote.

2. Rob Cesternino (Amazon & All Stars) – Final Voting Percent 21.62%


LAST YEAR: 4th (+2)

So close to being the Sole Survivor in The Amazon, Rob was probably the first player to really understand his weaknesses and play to his strengths, his social game was amazing and the way he was able to maniuplute and lie to people to get the desired result was masterful. As Jeff Probst once said ‘the smartest player never to have won Survivor’. I totally agree.

1. Cirie Fields (Exile Island, Micronesia & Heroes vs. Villains) – Final Voting Percent 39.61%


LAST YEAR: 2nd (+1)

No 1 spot for fan favourite Cirie, one of the most unlikely of players that was on the chopping early in her first season. Cirie was able to adapt and was extremely sociable and well liked, exceeded expectations in Panama and went even better in Micronesia. While debate still rages amongst the fans whether Cirie would have won Micronesia if there was a Final 3 she’s unquestionably a deserving winner of this title.

Our third ‘big four’ reveal is coming your way tomorrow as we count down the best 30 winners of Survivor!



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18 Comments on Ozcars 2015 – Top 25 Best Survivor Players Never to Have Won

  1. Rid Judson // June 23, 2015 at 9:06 am // Reply

    I still like to hear reasons why people think Baylor is a good player, she would have got shit on in the FTC more than her mom if she was there instead

    • Baylor was responsible for the John Rocker vote out. Chose to go with Josh who she trusted not the girls early which was a big decision. She was thinking strategically pre-merge and then let her mom control her which was her demise. If her mom had been booted pre-merge and didn’t get a chance to control Baylor I think Bay would’ve surprised us, and maybe won the season.

  2. Zach Chong // June 23, 2015 at 9:36 am // Reply

    #CarolynWasRobbed VETO

  3. i actually really agree with this minus of course mike borassi lol and maybe not baylor albert and wes but i can see were people are coming from there and maybe have brett a little bit lower but i honestly really like this one (maybe its just because my two queens carolyn and amanda are in the top 15 and my queen cirie pulled off a win XD)

  4. This is hands down the strangest of the lists!

  5. Half of this list is just WTF entries.

  6. This list is a joke! I will say I’m glad players like Gregg are getting recognition, but there are so many terrible players on this list. Where is Fairplay, Lex or Rafe?

  7. I’m not the biggest fan of Ciera but she was better than Baylor and Wes. How is she equal with them?


  8. Wes, Zoe, Brett & Borassi are the only ones that don’t belong here. I’d replace them with Fairplay, Coach, Lex & Kathy. Perhaps find a way to put Alex Angarita, Rafe, Stephenie & Wigglesworth in there too.

    Glad to finally see some Gregg love. One of the most underrated players ever. Susie’s also a surprisingly solid player on rewatch.

  9. What?

  10. Ciera, Jerri, Malcolm, Spencer, and Ozzy should be way higher on this list!!!!!

  11. Randy looks so much like Jack Nicholson in his photo

  12. I’m sick of the trolling on the lists, it’s not funny voters!

  13. Does anyone know when the top 10 mistakes made by winners list is coming?

  14. Gregg Goldberg // July 2, 2015 at 11:10 pm // Reply

    Why isn’t Mike Skupin on this list

  15. Mmmkay but where is Sash?

  16. Ciera is criminally underrated. Just rewatched bvw and she and Hayden (wait. Why isn’t Hayden on this list) were the second and third best players that season behind only Tyson.

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