Ozcars 2015 – Top 25 Greatest Players of All Time

Greatest Player

We conclude our reveals of each of our Ozcar categories as today we bring you who you voted as the top 25 greatest Survivor players of all time! You know the winner, you know the final five, but did your favourite season just miss out on reaching the finals? Read on to find out!

Once again for this poll we added up the total votes received by our Survivor contestants, as well as our Survivor Oz crew and the people who took part on our online poll. No negative votes were taken into count for this poll, and several repeat offenders from last year made an appearance, as well as several new contestants.

25. Tom Westman (Palau & Heroes vs Villains) – 22 Votes


LAST YEAR: 20th (-5)

Tom battled his way to the end hunting sharks, winning challenges and finding himself in the final three with Ian and Katie. He was one of the most likeable winners of all time and played a strong game. Perhaps his less than impressive Heroes vs Villain game brought him down in the fans eyes. Tom finished 14th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcast series that was conducted in January.

24. Yul Kwon (Cook Islands) – 22 Votes


LAST YEAR: 19th (-5)

Often considered one of the most boring winners of all time, Yul also dominated the game and lead the Aitu four to a victory. He is the only Asian American male player to win the game and did a great job at representing his community like he wished to do. Yul finished 13th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

23. Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands, Micronesia & Philippines) – 22 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Finishing with the same amount of votes as Yul is his follower or “rat” to the tribe in Penner. Penner is one of the most popular contestants to play the game and is remembered most fondly for back chatting with Jeff Probst. Unfortunately Penner finished in the same position on his third time as his first but did manage to fit in a fourth wall break and memorable final tribal performance in doing so! Penner finished 59th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

22. Ethan Zohn (Africa, All-Stars) – 23 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Ethan is often viewed as one of the most heroic and well liked winners of the game. He hackeysacked and didn’t eat the ham all the way to the end and further returned in All Stars to be the last winner standing. Make sure to check out Ethan’s Survivor Oz interview which was also eligible for an Ozcar this year! Ethan finished 23rd overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

21. Amanda Kimmel (China, Micronesia & Heroes vs. Villains) – 24 Votes


LAST YEAR: 25th (+4)

This sexy strategist has worked their way all the way to the end twice, back to back but always seems to fail at the end. Amanda was a fan favourite who is also a very capable player in all three of her season. Amanda just misses out in the top 20 in a very worthy position. Amanda finished 31st overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

20. Earl Cole (Fiji) -26 Votes


LAST YEAR: 24th (+4)

Earl really was one of the greatest players in Survivor history and deserves a spot in the top twenty all-time greatest. He dominated in Fiji and became not only the first African American male to win the game but also the first person to win unanimously beating out Cassandra and Dreamz in a 9-0-0 vote. Let’s hope this prompts more people to join the official Earl club and get him into the top 10 next year. Oh and make sure to check out Earl’s Survivor Oz interview, it is quite possibly the best one ever released! Earl finished 5th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

19. Susie Smith (Gabon) – 26 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Susie doesn’t always get a lot of love as a player in the Survivor community so it is nice to see her get some recognition! Susie came one vote from winning the game during Survivor Gabon and was someone few predicted would even make the end. Susie turned on Marcus, told Corinne she was going to vote her out and then won two individual immunity challenges including the all-important final one. Let’s get some more Susie love going and celebrate her impact in Gabon! Susie finished 95th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

18. Russell Hantz (Samoa, Heroes vs. Villains & Redemption Island) – 27 Votes


LAST YEAR: 6th (-12)

He is the greatest player of alllllll time!! Russell Hantz’s legacy and fan base may have diminished over time but he is still getting some props for his aggressive gameplay in Samoa and Heroes Vs Villains. Russell is quite possibly the most polarising player in Survivor history but always manages to find himself in multiple Ozcar categories. After all he did always say that America should be voting for the winner…Russell finished 30th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

17. Brian Heidik (Thailand) – 32 Votes


LAST YEAR: 3rd (-14)

Mr Freeze is in the house! The guy that has made a live appearance on every Ozcar reveal episode (bar the original one when he was M.I.A!) has failed to take a win this year. That doesn’t stop him from firmly imprinting himself into 17th greatest player of all time. Brian deservedly will always make his mark in anything Survivor Oz related or Ben will be sure to have a hissy fit…so what else is new? Brian finished 10th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

16. Colby Donaldson (Australia, All-Stars & Heroes vs Villains) – 34 Votes


LAST YEAR: 13th (-3)

For once Colby beats out Tina Wesson in something! Just picturing him jumping up on a live stage screaming “YEAH! YEAH!” waving his arms about like a madman when he finds out he won his way to the top 20. Not even his third game in which he wore a fat suit throughout its entirety has stopped the fans from giving Colby some love. I am sure he is thanking god he is alive, a Texan and now an Ozcar ‘teenager!’ Colby finished 28th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

15. Richard Hatch (Borneo & All-Stars) – 35 Votes


LAST YEAR: 8th (-7)

Richard is the original and a fantastic winner of the game. He is the initiator of the alliance and a rat eating snake. Richard no longer seems to get as much love as he once did as a player in the game but his finishing spot is nothing to be ashamed of. Richard is sure to be dropping his pants in celebration of him making it this far although of course he will be telling you he should be number one! Richard finished 6th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

14. Rob Cesternino (Amazon & All Stars) – 36 Votes


LAST YEAR: 12th (-2)

Ozcar winner for best Survivor media and Best Player to Never Win finalist Rob C manages to secure his legacy as fans still see him as one of the all-time greatest. Rob dominated the game in the Amazon and was potentially one vote away from winning the game, something that could have potentially pushed him into the top ten. Despite having just a few wins over the years, Rob C has a pretty solid track record in finishing positions for the Ozcars. Rob finished 24th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

13. Penny Ramsey (Thailand) – 40 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Who? Penny is a shock entrant into this year’s Ozcars but it is great to see some Thailand love none the less. Penny was the second last surviving Sook Jai tribe member and memorably stabbed her ally Jake in the back in an attempt to stay in the game. Big congratulations to Penny but I would be remiss if I did not add #Tammywasrobbed. Penny finished 168th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

12. Randy Bailey (Gabon & Heroes vs Villains) – 43 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Randy was a huge character in Gabon and devised the master plan of ‘piss everyone off so they vote for me.’ Everybody loves Randy right? His villain and old grump persona has won over the fans to get him near the top ten. If only he could get the Sugar fans votes then perhaps he could have made it. Bring Randy back for a third time! Randy finished 158th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

11. Yau-Man Chan (Fiji & Micronesia) – 53 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

This year’s Ozcar winner for best third boot also makes it high in the greatest player category, probably thanks to his Fiji performance. A fan favourite and a frequent Survivor Oz guest, Yau Man his still active within the online fan community, something that was sure to help him gather some votes. Hopefully next year Yau Man and his little turtle can make it even higher! Yau Man finished 34th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

10. Zoe Zanadakis (Marquesas) – 57 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Zoe!!! This Marquesas contestant has an online cult following and provided one of the funniest Survivor Oz interviews of all time. The Zoe fans have spoken and believe she is a top 10 player of all time. Is it finally time for Zoe Zanadakis to get her Survivor Second Chance? C’mon CBS! Zoe finished 296th overall in the Survivor Oz payer ranking podcasts.

9. Cirie Fields (Panama, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – 58 Votes


LAST YEAR: 10th (+1)

This year’s winner for greatest player to never win also rightfully makes it in to our top 10. Cirie is a brilliant player of the game and represents so many of us couch potatoes who watch the show. She came so close to winning the game in Micronesia and wasn’t far off in Panama with only three others and a pile of leaves in her way. I think there is a strong chance we will see Cirie playing for a fourth time and perhaps then she will make number one. Cirie finished 20th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

8. Trish Hegarty (Cagayan) – 65 Votes


LAST YEAR: New Entry

Trish is one of the most underrated Survivor players of all time. Or perhaps she isn’t as she finds herself in the final ten! After having a rocky start Trish played brilliantly in Cagayan, forming strong bonds and strategies with Tony. She was responsible for much of what happened in her season and was memorable and likeable along the way. Make sure to check out Trish’s Survivor Oz interview as well which was also in the running for best new interview. Trish finished 57th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

7. Kim Spradlin (One World) – 77 Votes

LAST YEAR: 9th (+2)

Kim truly is a phenomenal player and one the greatest to ever play the game. She completely dominated during One World where she controlled everyone and no one wanted to vote her out. Most people considered Kim to be one of the best of the best so it perhaps surprising she didn’t crack the top five but she came damn close though! Kim finished 2nd overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

6. Mike Borassi (Samoa) – 80 Votes


LAST YEAR: 18th (+12)

Hopefully Mike doesn’t have a heart attack when he sees he missed out on the top five this year! It appears the League of Borassi has struck again. Not much is known about this cult group except for that they formed around 2009 and have been gaining members ever since. The League of Borassi have done there absolute best to get their holy father into the top but just don’t have enough man power as of yet. Hopefully Borassi himself will be able to make an appearance at the bi annual Borassi gathering the League has scheduled for August this year. Mike Borassi finished 391st overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts, what were we thinking!?

5. Tony Vlachos (Cagayan) – Final Voting Percent 8.67%


LAST YEAR: 7th (+2)

Tony was a player like we had never seen before, taking elements from Russell Hantz’s aggressive game but fine tuning them so that he won the game even when he backstabbed nearly everyone in doing so. He played a million miles an hour and was having so much fun while doing so. He played hard and gave us memorable moments like the llama and the deer in the headlights. Tony will be fondly remembered as one of the best characters in recent history and is very worthy to sit in the top five baby! Tony finished 3rd overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

4. Chris Daugherty (Vanuatu) – Final Voting Percent 18.06%


LAST YEAR: 17th (+13)

Chris doesn’t always get the love he deserves as winner so it is great to see him crack the top ten. Possibly the biggest underdog story in Survivor history, Chris overcame so much to make it to the end and gain the jury votes. All while doing it in style. It is criminal that Chris hasn’t been brought back to play for a second time because he really is one of the greatest character’s the show has ever produced. Chris finished 8th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

3. Boston Rob Mariano (Marquesas, All-Stars, Heroes vs. Villains & Redemption Island) – Final Voting Percent 19.56%


LAST YEAR: 1st (-2)

Mark Burnett’s personal endorsement and long term fan favourite Boston Rob unsurprisingly finds himself into the top three. Rob dominated both the game in All Stars and Redemption Island and was a notable character in his pre jury seasons of Marquesas and Heroes vs Villains. Every time he plays he is a big factor as to how the season plays out. Finally after four tries he did what Rupert could not and won the game in a near unanimous vote. Boston Rob constantly finds himself at the top of this list and managed to win the Ozcar last year. Rob finished 12th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

2. Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains) – Final Voting Percent 22.66%


LAST YEAR: 2nd (No Change)

Parvati is officially the most winningest contestant in the Ozcar’s four year history. Parvati is the full package, she is strategic, sexy and a challenge beast. Parvati’s popularity cannot be matched as she continues to dominate in almost every category she is nominated for. Congratulations Parvati for being awarded the sexiest female in Survivor history and just missing out on the all-important greatest player of all time! Parvati finished 9th overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

1. Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands & Heroes vs Villains) – Final Voting Percent 31.05%


LAST YEAR: 4th (+3)

With two Survivor wins under her belt it is no surprise to see Sandra taking the crown for this Ozcar. Sandra is the queen of Survivor, she holds a near unbelievable record that will probably never be matched and almost certainly will never be beaten. Her ‘anyone but me’ strategy has proved to be successful and popular amongst the fans. Expect to see Sandra in this list again next year but will she be able to make the top again? Congratulations on the win Sandra! Sandra finished 1st overall in the Survivor Oz player ranking podcasts.

That’s it! All our Ozcar categories have been fully revealed. Thank you so much to every single person who voted and made this years Ozcars the best year in history! Stay tuned because the Ozcars will be back better than ever in 2016!



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30 Comments on Ozcars 2015 – Top 25 Greatest Players of All Time

  1. Sandra IS a floater she SUCKS

    Tony-Russell tie for 1st
    Kim and Brian tie for 2nd

    • Gabriel Snuffles // June 25, 2015 at 9:32 am // Reply

      Russell Hantz IS a idiot he SUCKS
      After all, he lost 3 times, one of them to Sandra.

    • I do not understand how you think russell is tied for first. He literally got 2 out of a possible 18 jury votes. There is a reason he didn’t win and don’t say bitter jury. They weren’t bitter about being voted out, they were mad about how he treated people and social game is a huge part of survivor. Period.

      • Its about outwit outplay outlast Sandra only outlasted. Russell did all 3.

        The definition of a bitter jury is one that votes based of emotion and not game play. Switch Tony and Russell in season 19 and 28 Russell wins Tony loses

      • No. The jury was not bitter, they voted because russell was a bully. Social game is a part of the game. It is just as important, or even more important, as any other part. I mean would you rather vote for someone you really liked or someone who bullied you?

      • Gabriel Snuffles // June 26, 2015 at 7:34 am //

        First of all, Sandra outplayed Russell because she was nice to the jurors, and Russell was not. Tony made big moves and blindsides, and wasn’t the cheeriest, but he wasn’t a jerk like Russell either. Sandra outwitted Russell multiple times, like when she convinced him Coach was against him, when she hid her idol from him, when she burned his hat, and when she beat him up at the final tribal council. And as you said, she outlasted, because she did better than Russell in the end. The juries in Heroes vs Villains and Samoa didn’t vote on “emotion”, they voted on social game. As Jeff Probst has said, “Survivor is a social game”. It doesn’t matter if you have a good strategy, because if you were completely obnoxious about it, you can’t win. People can not vote for a winner strictly based on strategy, the social (and to a lesser extent, survival) aspects play into it. If Russell was on Cagayan, he loses. If he was on Borneo, he loses. HE WILL NEVER WIN SURVIVOR. The only reasons he got far on Samoa and Heroes Vs Villains is because Russell was a pretty good liar. But everybody knew he was lying, backstabbing, and being an all around rude person closer to the end of the game, and did not vote for him because he did poorly. This is why he was voted out first of his tribe in Redemption Island, and cried at the end because he realized he can not win Survivor.

      • RB Liljestrom // July 1, 2015 at 3:54 am //

        Sackeshi you left out the most important one. He out assholed everyone and that my friend will get you a loss every time.

    • And social game is gameplay. And it’s not like natalie did nothing. She did help orchestrate the Erik vote when russell had no idea what was going on. Sandra was able to trick russell and got him to blindside coach, which saved courtney another vote which in turn saved her from going home at the next tribal.

    • Yeah she only won twice.

    • Russell would have gotten eaten alive if they tried to play in the old days without idols.

      • He would have had a different strategy and people were more gulubul in the early seasons

      • Gullible, it’s spelled Gullible. No People back in the early seasons was not more gullible. Strategy was less complicted. Russell Hantz would still be an early out because of horrible personality(Why he lost twice in the finals)

      • Russell has a one dimensional strategy which is be digressive and bully people into doing what he wants. Earlier seasons they would voted him out first chance they got. It was a more social game back in the old days and more skill was required to stick around. Besides juries back then would have hated Russell even more than they do now. Richard Hatch was hated because he formed an alliance which some players considered cheating. I wouldn’t even put Russell in the top 40 players of all time.

    • Sorry, Russel Won a Season?. Russel had(at least) the half of the Votes?. No Question, Sandra is the Queen, Russell is IDIOT, not intelligent, IDIOT, DUMB,

  2. Penny Ramsey? OK, yes I do remember her, but again, I remember 99.999 percent of Survivor players. Yes, she was decent, no, she is not Top 25. Mike Borassi, no, Trish Hegarty, no, Zoe Zanadakis, no.

  3. Zach Chong // June 25, 2015 at 10:30 am // Reply

    Good to see Susie on the list!

  4. People really like to mess with these lists. Unfortunately.

  5. I know some of these are troll votes, but regardless, Todd not making this list is an absolute disgrace. To me, he’s easily top 10 and probably top 5(along with Boston Rob, Sandra, Parvati and Kim).

  6. Awesome to see our man getting some more love this year. Should be able to get the word out even sooner next year for the push to #1. Please get Mike on the podcast as much as you can this year Ben!

  7. Penny, Randy, Mike and Zoe should not be on this list at all. Susie isn’t bad and trash was good in her season but none of them should be here either. And how is TYSON, OZZY, MALCOLM or JERRI not on in this list!!!!

    • And TODD

      • This is my top 25. Tyson, ozzy, Malcolm, and jerri aren’t in it.

        1. Sandra D
        2. Brian H
        3. Kim S
        4. Todd H
        5. Tom W
        6. Tony V
        7. Parvati S
        8. Rob M
        9. Tina W
        10. Richard H
        11. Yul K
        12. Vecepia T
        13. Earl C
        14. Natalie A
        15. Mike H
        16. Denise S
        17. Natalie W
        18. Chris D
        19. JT T
        20. Sophie C
        21. Danni B
        22. Cirie F
        23. Rob C
        24. Aras B
        25. Ethan Z

  8. wow, Mike, Penny and Zoe the top 25. Not even close

  9. ozcars were a disappointment this year. Too many trolls, people not voting seriously.

  10. RB Liljestrom // July 1, 2015 at 4:20 am // Reply

    The Ozlets need to edit their lists. Add a little common sense to weed out the Troll factor. Come to think of it maybe these lists should be eliminated. Danger Dave Ball said that all the die-hard Survivor fans are idiots and these lists prove his point. I could live with the top 4 Best All-Time players but that’s only because I’m a huge Chris fan.

  11. OH NO! I really wish Spencer was here he’s my favourite male contestant ever! I’m glad Amanda made it higher and Sandra WON!!! And I hope Cirie makes it even higher next year she’s the best player of all time!

  12. The Ozcars have been completely destroyed with people like Mike Borassi and Zoe Zadaskis making appearances on these lists. Its really annoying because such great players don’t get the recognition they deserve

  13. My List
    1. Cirie
    2. Ozzy
    3. Parvati
    4. James – China, Microneisa, Heroes vs. Villians
    5. Sandra Diaz
    6. Earl Cole
    7. Yah Man
    8. Amanada
    9. Boston Rob
    10. Danni
    11. Vercepia
    12. Spencer
    13. Tasha
    14. Brian H
    15. Ethan Z
    16. Aras
    17. Colby D
    18. Yul K
    19. Tony
    20. Richard H
    21. Susie S
    22. Jerri M
    23. Ted R.
    24. Mike B.
    25. Chris D

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