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With the Ozcar full results out of the way, Feature Monday's are back in business. Given the increased frequency of CBS using past contestants from one of their reality shows to beef up the casting lineup of another e.g. Keith and Whitney from Survivor South Pacific competing on The Amazing Race or The Twinies from The Amazing Race competing on Survivor San Juan del Sur, today American Ozlet Anthony Rossi drafts his own season of Survivor featuring Amazing Race teams. Who would Rossi like to see stranded on a deserted island? Read on to find out!

Reality television is something that we all have been fascinated with. Survivor is one of those shows that we all know and love (clearly, because you’re reading this now). Survivor is not the only interesting reality show, because we have The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and a variety of other shows. In the history of these shows some players have crossed over to another show. We have seen Boston Rob and Amber compete on The Amazing Race and Hayden compete on Survivor. Now that players have crossed into other shows, we see the possibility that more cross overs can occur.

The amount of crossovers on these reality shows is pretty minimal. Imagine seeing more of the big name Survivor contestants competing on either The Amazing Race or Big Brother. It would be interesting to see which contestants will compete on these other shows and how their game would play out. After recording a lot of episodes for The Amazing Race Oz, I have been inspired to write this article. In my hypothetical season, I will have 10 entertaining teams from The Amazing Race that I think would be fun to watch on Survivor. This season is not fully thought out with the layout, so it is not meant to be thought about in a logistic way.

Ron and Christina (Season 12 + 18)


These two had a rocky journey on The Amazing Race experiencing high highs and low lows. Ron and Christina were great entertainment, because their relationship was not the best and over the course of the season the audience saw them grow as individuals and as racers. Both of them would be an interesting fit for Survivor, because whether they were to play together or separately it would be entertaining from start to finish. I also recommend that people watch the 12th season of The Amazing Race, because it’s brilliant.

Tim and Marie (Season 23)


On The Amazing Race the best strategy is to get along and work well the other person, but that is not the case for Tim and Marie. These two argued the entire time, but it worked because they consistently placed well. Watching these two on Survivor would certainly deliver as they would probably argue all the time and provide some great moments. Would they work together in the end or would they turn on each other?

Nick and Vicki (Season 17)


It was close between these two and Brooke and Robbie, but in the end I feel that Nick and Vicki were easier to support, because they were greater underdogs, whilst Brooke and Robbie were generally consistent. Their performance wasn’t stellar, but made it quite far. They weren’t the smartest team or the strongest either, but they were fun to watch and support. I feel they would find decent success at Survivor, but if they don’t at least they provide some great amusement.

Sam and Dan (Season 15)

Sam and Dan

The two brothers certainly packed on punch on the 15th season for they were willing to fight hard to win the game. I feel that both Sam and Dan would carry that determination to Survivor. Being a sibling duo there moment when they got along, but there was also a fair share of arguments. They were entertaining to watch not only as racers, but also see their relationship move through the course. Despite doing pretty well during the race they still had their struggles and arguments, which made for compelling viewing.

 Ernie and Cindy (Season 19)

Ernie and Cindy

These ruthless two were easily one of the most driven teams on the Amazing Race. The lowest position they ever placed was 5th, which is quite impressive on its own. Both Ernie and Cindy were willing to do whatever they had to in order to advance themselves. That competitive mentality is helpful to have, especially when making the transition to Survivor.

Charla and Mirna (Season 5 + 11)

Charla and Mirna

LEVEL 5! Easily one of the best teams in the history of The Amazing Race, Charla and Mirna delivered some of the greatest moments and quotes. Charla’s drive coupled with Mirna’s attitude make for a compelling team to watch, but also a team to watch out for, because they can certainly compete. It would interesting to see these two play Survivor and see how their dynamic relationship would play out.

Kym and Alli (Season 25)

Kym and Alli

#thecyclists. Kym and Alli provided a great deal of laughs throughout the race. From chasing ducks to dancing at pubs to singing while making milk, they were great to watch. Both Kym and Alli had funny one-liners and spoke without a filter, which made for such great entertainment. This team was also very competitive and were generally able to knock out the challenges with ease. The easy going, fun attitude of these two would carry into Survivor and deliver competitively.

Joey and Meghan (Season 22 + 24)

Joey and Meghan

Team YouTube! These internet stars were quite memorable the first time around, which resulted in them returning for the second time. They enjoyed the experience from start to finish and would expect no less of them to carry that through to Survivor. Both Joey and Meghan were very invested in the journey and were quite physically capable.

Zev and Justin (Season 15 + 18)

Zev and Justin

Of all the ways to be eliminated, Zev and Justin easily have one of the most disappointing exits. They were unfortunately eliminated, because one of them lost their passport. What makes it even worse is the fact that they realized after the checked in at the pit stop in first place. Fortunately they were able to return and drastically improve their performance. I feel that these two would have an advantage over the other teams, because on Survivor they don’t need to worry about losing their passport. Jokes aside, both Zev and Justin made great strides on the race and the progress they made can be brought to Survivor.

Blair and Hayley (Season 26)

Blair and Hayley

Now I realize that this may be premature, but these two especially Hayley has thoroughly entertained the audience with their comments and their ever dynamic relationship. Every single episode there was an argument and it results in an entertaining pairing. These two need to grace our screens for a second season, whether it be The Amazing Race, Survivor or own their own reality show.

Would you like to see more crossovers between The Amazing Race and Survivor? What teams would you like to see compete on Survivor? Let us know your thoughts below!






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7 Comments on Survivor – The Amazing Race US Edition

  1. Stopped reading when you had Joey and Meghan…

  2. Zach Chong // June 29, 2015 at 10:22 pm // Reply

    don’t forget Leo & Jamal.

  3. I’d also cast the Hockey Brothers from season 22 and Tim and Danny from season 23 and the Chippendales from 21 and Brook and Claire from Season 17 also no to Blair and Hayley, Hayley was way too annoying I never want to hear her voice again! Same with Marie of Tim and Marie.

  4. charla and mirna all the way also i would love to see even though they only survived one legs andie and jenna would be awesome to watch play as birth mom and biological daughter it would be interesting to see them play they seemed so happy and blessed when they raced and it would be interesting to see if jenna would be willing to turn on andie to further herself

  5. I highly doubt Zev would do well on Survivor, seeing as he has Asperger’s. I’m not saying that’s insurmountable, but in a heavily social game, anything that affects how well you read and come across to people is a significant handicap.

    Also, Joey and Meghan? Joey was annoying enough on the Race.

    That said, I’d love to see Charla and Mirna on Survivor. Another team I’d like to see is Brooke and Clair. Nice, friendly presenters…who more than delivered on the physical front. I don’t know if they’d be a triple threat (don’t have a sense of their strategy), but they definitely have the social and physical game.

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