Gretchen Cordy Interview


Whenever a Borneo contestant appears on this show it’s time to get a little bit excited. With Gretchen Cordy, that remains the case. A long time fan favourite who has been described as a potential winner of the game, she was involved in what is universally considered the first ‘blindside’ in the history of the show and set the standard for future seasons. But just how did the vote out go down? What dirt can she give on several long standing secrets from her season? And just which Pagong member demanded a phone off Mark Burnett to quit the game only days into filming? You’ll have to find out by clicking below!


Gretchen early on made herself known around camp and socially fit in with the majority of her Pagong tribe. However at the merge when the power needed to be moved, she was taken out by Richard and the Tagi four in what is usually perceived as the first ‘blindside’ in the history of Survivor.

In our chat with Gretchen she talks about doing her first Survivor interview in 15 years, just why she very nearly pulled out of the show before it began, having early conversations with both Richard and Gervase, dishing on which contestant nearly quit only days into filming, how much alliance talk was actually on Pagong, her thoughts on working with BB and talking about why his death was so hard on her, that cow moment with Gervase and Joel and why Joel took the fall for it, everything to do with Greg as well as going over several rumours from her season and why she stopped watching the show after Amazon.

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2 Comments on Gretchen Cordy Interview

  1. Jacob Buck // July 4, 2015 at 12:05 am // Reply

    It was great to hear from Gretchen. I love having season 1 contestants on podcasts! Awesome work!

  2. Katherine Adams // July 4, 2015 at 6:14 pm // Reply

    Hel-lo! OMG! Gretchen clearly underestimates her popularity to Survivor fans. And CBS poobahs = idiots for not having her back. Definitely one of my all-favorite interviews now. The minute she started talking, it was easy to remember why she’s so popular. CBS needs MORE older players like Gretchen, not the forgettable “kids” they keep throwing at us. (I’m STILL mad T-Bird won’t be on S31.) Thanks to Gretchen, and kudos, Ben, for getting the interview, and giving us a Survivor treat to hold us until September. YAY!

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