Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Reasons Worlds Apart Was Better Than San Juan del Sur


There’s been much said about the recent season of Worlds Apart, and while it may have fell short of the promised excitement, there were plenty of twists, turns and memorable characters and moments that ensured that the 30th season is one that definitely won’t be forgotten.  This week Ozlet Julian Groneberg offers his rebuttal to the last week's argument that San Juan was the better of the two recent Survivor seasons.  Do you agree with his 10 assertions why Worlds Apart made the better season and was far superior? Read on to find out and leave a comment to tell us what you really think!

10. No Quitters


Every season that includes a quit is a major buzz kill from a gameplay perspective. Had she had stayed in the game, the singles alliance plus Missy and Baylor could have gained game control and as a single player who definitely seemed non threatening, McGee had the potential to go a lot further into the game. Maybe its because I was rooting for her to come into her own and show some girl power, but it was hard to watch McGee going out the way she did. Any quit leaves a bad taste, and despite the reasons being sometimes understandable, its hard to appreciate someone who voluntarily leaves the game.

Contrast this with Worlds Apart and for the first time in several years of Survivor the entire cast remained in tact until they were voted out. Despite the whinging of Jen that she wanted out, there is a major difference between being dead in the water, and voluntarily quitting. The fact that we didn’t see anyone voluntarily quit in Worlds Apart is a tribute that the fact that this cast came to play, and play hard.

9. No Time Wasted on Exile Island and Hero Arena

hero arena

I’ll give props to the production team for trying something different when it comes to the implementation of Hero Arena for the chance to win tribe glory in reward form, as well as the chance to send someone to Exile Island. Sadly, the battles between loved ones never quite played out as they were intended, and sending your loved one to Exile never seemed like that much of a big deal. Not to mention the small-scale carnival style challenges in the small arena felt a little trite and low budget. Between these challenges and scenes of Exile Island, a big chunk of screen time was dedicated to less incidental scenes that could have been better spent in character development.

In terms of twists trialled in Worlds Apart, yes, Dan’s extra vote proved to be someone of a moot point in terms of what it achieved, but it did throw spanner into the works in terms of strategy discussion. Plus, compared to the twist of seeing the return of Exile Island, I strongly believe the extra vote has plenty more mileage in terms of what it can offer in future seasons. I’m convinced after San Juan Del Sur, that I never need to see another incarnation of Exile Island or the ‘Hero Arena’ ever again.

8. Stronger Winners Arc


There’s a fine line between having a winner feel too obvious, and one that comes out of the shadows as a complete surprise. Ultimately its a balancing act so a season doesn’t feel too predictable but is still satisfying and the winner’s is portrayed as the ‘best player’ that season. Although Natalie’s win was welcome and well deserved, I felt the winner’s arc was someone stronger during Worlds Apart with Mike’s storyline. Mike was the leader of a strong strategic alliance throughout the pre-merge and responsible for holding the blue collars together after the tribe swap. With Lindsey’s prophecy that one of the blue collars ‘was winning the game.’ it felt like a fitting conclusion that Mike’s intensity and energy resulted in a million dollar win. As much as I love Natalie and feel her win was definitely deserved, she flew under the radar for the first half of the game – at least from an editing perspective.

Some may argue that Mike’s win felt predictable, but the fact that he pulled out back-to-back-to-back-to-back immunity wins and kept himself safe made his the ultimate underdog storyline that is always compelling. It may have seemed possible that he could win all the way to the end, but the fact that it ACTUALLY happened was far less probable and made for a special end game in a way that that we hadn’t seen before.

7. Drama and Controversy

shirin drama

Say what you will about the whole Shirin/Dan/Will fiasco and the negativity that surrounded the season, but as uncomfortable as it was to watch at the time, at least it got us talking. Good luck finding something from San Juan Del Sur that provided a water cooler conversation quite like the in-fighting of Worlds Apart. Despite the fact the whole sexism and misogyny conversation that surrounded Worlds Apart was discussed  to the point where we were blue in the face (the reunion was an absolute abomination) the controversy at least goes down as a major point of difference to the season.

Because of the attention that was shined onto the bullying and sexism we saw in Worlds Apart, its highlighted the dark side of the social game of Survivor that we hadn’t seen quite like it before. The ‘Bring the Popcorn’ episode and the fireworks that ensued after the auction, set the stage for one of the most dramatic episodes in recent Survivor history, which was like watching a train wreck of personalities collide.

The opportunity for Shirin to explain the abuse she suffered and speak out against the verbal abuse and misogyny was a memorable point of difference that really made us think about the nastiness and sexism that is often on display in the game.

6. More Interesting Camp Life

Shirin naked

Because of the three-tribe format, the first half of Worlds Apart was far more interesting and enjoyable to watch as we learned about the different collars and watched whether castaways would live up to their respective stereotypes. With a solid scene each week from each of the three tribes during the pre-merge, it felt like we really got to know what was going down on each beach. This provided a great insight into the different characters, including the free spirited skinny dipping Jenn and Hali relationship, the dysfunctional style family of the blue collars, and the white collar factions of Shirin and Max and Carolyn and Tyler.

When contrasted with to San Juan Del Sur and the time spent on challenges and Exile Island scenes, the tribe dynamics seemed less important than talking about their loved ones on the other tribe and what to do when you lose flint. The more evenly matched tribes on Worlds Apart compared to the Coyopa thrashing also ensured there was a greater balance of scenes form all tribes in Worlds Apart.

5. A More Coherent Theme

Three tribes WA

Seeing the Blood versus Water theme again just 12 months after the first airing of the format really didn’t offer the same level of excitement. It was difficult to ever really care about the relationships between the loved ones compared to the first Blood Vs Water season, and with so much time focusing on the relationships between the couples, much of the other relationships between tribe members was left on the cutting room floor. Having loved ones playing ‘against each other’ never really mattered since realistically they were never going to vote against one another and were always destined to team up as a couple in the merge.

Contrast this with the White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar ‘class warfare’ theme, which ran the course of the season, and offered more dramatic tension with different collars pitted against one another.  This three collar format also ran the entire way through the season with representatives from each collar in the final three. Seeing the hard working ability of the Blue Collar tribe being able to stick together despite their dysfunction made for great TV. In true white collar style, the duo of Tyler and Carolyn had the strategic side of the game very well figured out, as did, the did Max and Shirin, who knew the theory of the game, but failed in the execution. True to form for a no collar tribe, the free spirited no collars were synonymous with decision making on a whim and cruised along in the game without much of a plan, especially come the merge.

4. Stronger and More Unpredictable Pre-Merge

max and shirin

Because we had three tribes in Worlds Apart, the inevitable tribe swap was far more exciting than that of San Juan Del Sur with many more ways the vote could go. During San Juan Del Sur’s pre merge, the tribe swap couldn’t resurrect the snore-fest of the early episodes, as reunited couples made for obvious voting blocks. One of the other bright points of the pre merge phase of Worlds Apart is the fact that we had a representative from each collar being voted out before the tribe swap. This prevented the pre merge being too heavily focused on the ‘losing’ tribe and made for plenty of screen time to assess the dynamics on display in each tribe.

Contrast this to the pre-merge of San Juan Del Sur and you had an almost invisible Hunaphu tribe and some slow and at times clueless strategy, the pre merge phase of the Game in Worlds Apart definitely comes out on top by a long shot.

3. More Even and Consistent Editing

even editing

The Worlds Apart cast never really got the editing shaft like many of the contestants in San Juan Del Sur did. Alec, Wes, Dale, Val, Kelley and Julie and Reed in the early part of the game were almost invisible, whereas in  Worlds Apart only Kelly and Sierra got overlooked. Even Nina, So and Vince were given good treatment in their boot episodes and it felt like we got to know each and everyone of the contestants characters on a much deeper level than the contestants in season 29.

Despite Mike being a major character who had potential to win throughout the season, there were still points up until the final 5 where it seemed possible that other players including Carolyn and even Rodney could take home the million. The post merge of San Juan Del Sur definitely had some twists and turns, and while this made for a refreshing change and some unpredictable blindsides, the downside of having a dark horse winner made it harder for casual viewers to appreciate in the same way of Mike’s story of adversity. Additionally, a more even spread of confessionals among all the players in Worlds Apart made it one of the more evenly edited seasons in recent memory and that’s always a good thing.

2. People who were there to play

drew and alec

San Juan Del Sur was a cluster of people who were weren’t as clued-in to the intricacies of the playing Survivor as they should have been by season 29. This meant a lot of decisions that didn’t make good strategic sense and a cast of contestants who weren’t very game aware. This was especially noticeable after the strategic gameplay of the fans and returning players we had seen in season 27 and 28.

Nadiya got voted out being on a reality show previously, and with Keith, Julie, Wes and Alec and even Baylor to a lessor extent, you had people that weren’t as willing to make big moves. Worlds Apart contestants were willing to scramble to the end if they knew they were on the chopping block, and sometimes it paid off. With Jenn and Carolyn playing their idols perfectly, we saw some good old fashioned players, including Rodney who may have sucked in challenges but definitely knew how to hustle – and hustle he did.

1. An Exceptional Cast


The biggest reason why Worlds Apart trumps San Juan Del Sur is the stellar casting mix of memorable characters, gamers, heroes and villains. While the season may not have lived up to expectations, the cast is hands down one of the best in recent memory.

Almost all contestants elicited some kind of reaction from the viewer. From the quirkiness of Vince, Max, Shirin, and Hali and the likeableness of So, Joe and Joaquin, to the villains of Will and Dan, to the complex character edits of Jenn, Mike and Rodney, we really did have a bunch of Americans from all walks of life and from all outlooks that were just waiting to collide. Never before have I shouted at the TV so much with some of Dan’s commentary, and screamed at the screen as Mike won another immunity challenge.

Even the bigger characters of Jeremy and Josh in San Juan Del Sur just weren’t as enjoyable to watch and as unique as the cast of Worlds Apart, including the early boots in season 30. Almost all of the Worlds Apart cast I would like to see return, which is a great deal more than what can be said for San Juan Del Sur. There’s a reason why San Juan Del Sur was panned by entertainment writers and by Jeff Probst himself, and much of it came down to the largely dull casting for the 29th season. There just wasn’t that explosive mix of characters and personalities that makes the social game of Survivor so great to watch.

When compared against the cast of Worlds Apart the difference is stark, and since casting is one of the biggest factors that makes a successful season, the cast alone is enough to make Worlds Apart the superior of the two, even if the season may not have met the high expectations fans had.

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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34 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Reasons Worlds Apart Was Better Than San Juan del Sur

  1. Now this is what I like to see. This list is great and worlds apart is in every way better than SJDS in my opinion.

  2. Zach Chong // July 8, 2015 at 10:49 am // Reply

    nooooo…. I’m vetoing. SJDS was amazing

  3. YES YES YES YES YES…. Way to go Julian on a fantastic article. Worlds Apart is a very good season of Survivor, top half in my opinion. SJDS is a bottom half season and while not nearly as bad as Thailand/Fiji/Nicaragua/Redemption Island, it was not that exciting.

    Every point you touched on I agree with Julian especially regarding the editing. How anyone can truthfully believe SJDS was better edited than WA is beyond me. Like you said, there were very few invisible people. I would even go as far as saying there were no invisible people because Kelly had her accident which got people talking about her and Sierra I always felt had no worse of an edit than Jaclyn of last season. She had confessionals every episode and had her moments that they didn’t have to show (ex. first episode when she didn’t believe Mike and Dan). And to anyone who argues “Mike’s win was too predictable” then I’ll tell you what .. look at Cagayan for a second. Spencer and Tony both had huge edits that season. Yes, Tony did win, but take him out of the scenario and put another woman in the end game (say, final 4 of Spencer/Kass/Woo/Trish instead of Spencer/Kass/Woo/Tony) I am very sure people would say “Spencer is the obvious winner” (based off of edit) but he didn’t want. The fact is that men in Survivor often have bigger personalities than women so often get bigger edits therefore even if they don’t win will get more airtime. In no way did Mike have a better edit than Spencer in Cagayan, Russell in Samoa, or several other contestants that didn’t win. You are right about the editing, and survivor fans that believe the same thing as Julian and I, don’t let the Worlds Apart haters fool you, Worlds Apart DID have better editing than SJDS!

    The other thing that I’d like to voice my agreement with Julian about is the controversy. I think that the main reason that Worlds Apart is held in bad regard by a lot of fans is all the sexism that was an undeniable part of this season. To me controversy is part of what makes survivor an amazing show and to highlight sexism helps show awareness to sexism which is an issue not just with Survivor but also with our country and planet. I feel more motivated now than ever to help stop sexism after watching how people like Shirin and Sierra were treated by Dan and Will. Same with Cook Islands, a top 5 season IMO, it was filled with amazing strategy but was brought down in regard because of the racial controversy. It just brought awareness to an issue with our country that racism is and added a little controversy which is one of the ingredients for a recipe of a good Survivor season.

    No, Worlds Apart is not one of the very best seasons ever, but in my opinion it left us with a top half winner, a Top 5 non-returnee cast, and a season much better than the one before it. I just hope that it will get more praise from the fans over time and get above frigin’ third from the bottom in the Ozcars next year!

    • I’m going on Mike’s obvious win argument, his edit was way to much screen hoging I honestly wasn’t even rooting for him, Sierra should’ve got a better edit. The reason why SWDS is way less predictable is because of the edit that basically hid the final 3. Also you didn’t find Jeremy’s blindside, Stick to the plan, Jaclyn’s five hour silent treatment, or Baylor’s epic blindside entertaining? SWDS >>>>>>>>>>>> Worlds Apart. Also SWDS is unfairly hated because it had to follow Cagayan, an amazing season. Plus Natalie/Jaclyn/Missy final 3 ♡♡♡

      • God bless you Andrew. You make a compelling case for SJDS. This hole argument reminds me of the old joke about the twins. One’s a happy-go-lucky optimist and the other’s a dour pessimist. Their parents want to bring them closer together on a more even keel. So on their birthday’s they get the pessimist a pony and a huge pile of horse shit for the optimist. Their birthdays arrive and the parents show the pessimist his pony and he’s disappointed because he wanted a full grown horse. They can’t find the optimist so they look all over and find him at the pile of shit. He’s tunneled into it to the point where only his feet are showing. They pull him out and the dad says, “What in the hell are you doing?”. The son replies, “I know with all this horse shit there has to be a pony in here somewhere.”. To me SJDS is that pile of shit and the people that really love it are in search of a pony. Outside of Natalie and Keith it’s not there. That’s just me but I’m kind of an asshole. The one thing we have in common is that we love this fucking show for twisted different reasons.

    • Cook Islands had no Racism. Just a divide by Race that was quickly done away with in the 3rd Episode.

  4. I don’t know any season filmed in Nicaragua that is TOP10 season. Maybe it’s the location?

  5. One of the best Top 10 lists this year. Great job!

  6. 10. Yes .. seeing someone quit even after 28 seasons is dissapointing…
    9. Yes .. Hero arena kind of sucked…plus I would have preferred the return of redemption island and it would have returned had so and doo kim not left.
    8. Hell no!! No offence Mike but clearly, Nat balled out (Hi Jeremy) she had social, strategic and to a level physical skills too.
    7. Ummmm… Missy’s three divorces, Jaclyn’s M.R.K.H issue, John-Natalie fight over his past.. need I say more..
    6. No
    5. one or two changes between white and no collar tribes and this can very well be brains brawns beauty 2. Still It gave nearabout the same feeling..
    4. Both Premerges were meh!!
    3. No. WA had a very predictable edit which wasn’t the case in SJDS, especially.. and every Castaway apart from val are well remembered.
    2. Yes.. so many of em in SJDS were just a waste of time
    1. Yes.. True..

    • 10) No Quitters
      Let’s not mess with semantics, unfortunately the game beat Jenn down and she all but quit. That being said she gave us more in her short time than all of the cast of SJDS. (Excluding Nat and Keith)
      9) Exile Island
      Exile Island adds nothing to the game with the exception of the Hidden Immunity Idol. Other than that it cuts down on the players ability to enhance their game.
      8) Stronger Winners Arc
      Take Natalie off the SJDS and it is hands down the worst season ever. The editors did a great job with her story arc. Hers was more balanced than Mike’s. His was all over the place until the merge and then he was ‘dead man walking’.
      7) Drama and Controversy
      SJDS gets the nod for not having it detract from its story line.
      Biggest complaint and discontent with WA was the contrived misogyny put in by the editors. Worst part of the season. Editors tried too hard to create a villain when one didn’t exist.
      6) More Interesting Camp Life
      5) More Coherent Theme
      4) Stronger and More Unpredictable Pre-Merge
      3) More Even and Consistent Editing
      Editors did a horrible job on WA. Did a major hatchet job on Dan. Ball buster yes. Misogynist no. Made Joaquin and Rodney look like douche bags. Sierra who? Shirin victim hero edit. More of an instigator and socially unaware buffoon. Will was made to look like a bully. Under those conditions Sir Walter Raleigh would have dressed down Shirin for her treatment of Will. Great cast. Editors, not so much.
      2) People Who Were There To Play
      No brainer. SJDS was Survivor For Dummies.
      1) An Exceptional Cast
      Not even debatable.

      • San Juan del Sur was a strong season. I felt like giving up on Worlds Apart because it was awful. The good players in WA were voted pre-merge (except for Vince and Max who were annoying to watch). WA had people talking about flipping, but it rarely happened. Josh and Jeremy were voted off back-to-back which was unexpected. I would prefer Natalie A over Dan F any day of the week.

    • @Erric, Val was pretty memorable. Alec or Wes is a better example

  7. Hello dude // July 8, 2015 at 10:45 pm // Reply

    I Agree with this article. Overall WO is better and I see it being a season whose stock rises as time goes on. However, SJDS had its moments towards the end, and offered some of the best Survivor comedy plus Nat is a better winner (slightly bias, as I loved her on TAR) then Mike.

  8. You bring up some good points here, but also some I disagree with. For one I immensely prefer Natalie as a winner, and even though looking at it from a character arc perspective, it might not have been as strong, I was far more satisfied with her win than Mike’s, since Mike’s game was lacking in quite a few places. The controversies and such I don’t think were in WA’s favor and only made viewing uncomfortable. WA’s edit may have been a little more balanced than SJDS’s, but not much, and not enough to really be a factor for me, personally.

    Overall, I still believe SJDS to be a markedly superior season, but this article did highlight some virtues of Worlds Apart and improved my opinion of it as a season somewhat.

    • Also, I don’t get how people are saying Val was under-edited or invisible. She had 7 confessionals in her two episodes and plenty of screentime from what I remember. Dale was hardly invisible either, and even Julie had a decent edit.

  9. nattiefan // July 9, 2015 at 2:33 am // Reply

    Wow what an awful article, kudos for that!

  10. Jacob Buck // July 9, 2015 at 5:48 am // Reply

    I personally liked SJDS more, but mainly because my favourite player actually lasted a while

  11. Dillon Kay // July 9, 2015 at 6:12 am // Reply

    Val got 4 confessionals in her 1st episode and 3 in her 2nd episode. She wasn’t invisible, in fact there are quite a few other 2nd boots who were invisible.

  12. I think the more accurate term is for the Worlds Apart cast is more strategic. Most people do come on Survivor to win a million dollars. Worlds Apart’s cast just had more people who had watch the show.

  13. Worlds Apart was a bad season for various reasons 1) most of the interesting AND likeable characters got voted off early 2) far to many unlikeable characters 3) the game play varied from average to bloody awful 4) mediocre winner, Mike was good at challenges but little else 5) massively over-hyped by Probst as the best ever & turned out to be crap 6) the rampant sexism that poisoned the atmosphere.
    In the end Worlds Apart was a disappointing & uncomfortable train wreck of a season & justifiably rated as one the 5 worst Survivor seasons with maybe only the boor fest of Redemption Island being worse.

    • Andy I agree with you wholeheartedly about Jeff overhyping the season. That’s not even debatable. Most of the interesting and likeable characters getting voted off early. I don’t really agree with that but I see your point. However, I respectfully disagree with all your other points. Game play average to mediocre? Are you aware that in history of Survivor WA holds the record for most successful idol plays? The Ozlets have touted Carolyn as a top 5 player to never win the game. She received 1 vote against a mediocre winner. Mediocre winner that overcame insurmountable odds to win in landslide fashion. Maybe you meant mediocre edit? He’s easily a top 10 winner with a bottom 5 edit. Rampant sexism? I too fell for that edit. Hook, line, sinker, Rod and fucking reel. Until I found out Shirin went off, as batshit crazy women often do, when approached about the possibility of Will hoarding HIS food. They didn’t show what she said to him. Come to find out most of what Will said about the people on the cast not liking her was ABSOLUTELTY true. He crossed the line when he took it outside the game. Considering the hunger, fatigue, stuck in camp with an obnoxious Shirin, it’s easier to understand. EVERYBODY talked shit about Shirin. Even Max said she was toxic. If the editors didn’t try to get fancy by creating the sexist bullying story arc and portray what actually happened WA is a top ten season easy.

  14. Cam jackson // July 9, 2015 at 10:25 pm // Reply

    I think worlds apart is wayyyyyy better the SJDS the only problem was production screwed up the editing. The whole dan and Rodney sexism and hate mostly could be left out. I felt they should’ve built up Will as a mean evil person because u just couldn’t leave out shirin and their arguments from TV. A lot of the controversy can be avoided. Also, they should’ve built up Tyler and Rodney more. I think Tyler was the leader not then we would be more surprised at his departure because we thought he could’ve won. And Rodney, well producers should have still made him a villain with a strong social game and could potentially oust mike without all the sexism

  15. I still liked it more than SJDS, but Mike and his edit really took down Worlds Apart for me. I predicted a Mike win at about final 7 and never doubted it after, just because his edit so clearly made him out to be the winner. Very frustrating to have what should have been an underdog comeback become predictable.

  16. I never gave thought to Worlds Apart having an exceptional cast. It was likely the jury phase of the game that kill of the thought WA’s cast being exceptional.

    • Top 10 cast. Casting was phenomenal. Edit bottom 10. FTC sucked because they were shoving 2nd chancers down our throats. They F’d up big time. They were given a Buggati Veyron and they modified it into a Hyundai Elantra. Even with all their screw ups it was still 10 times better than SJDS.

      • What is a Buggati Veyron and a Hyundai Elantra? Cars? Also, are you talking about Shirin.

    • Frankly, I believe SJDS was on par with Worlds Apart. Worlds Apart had a much better pre-jury phase while SJDS had the better jury phase and and ended up with a more well rounded winner. Mike had some strategic insight and did win a curb-stomp battle, but he mostly gotten to the end because of winning immunities and a well played idol. Mike’s social is also not that amazing. Despite winning 6/8 votes, Mike did caused himself to be public enemy number one.

      • Jordan if everybody loved the same things we’d have World peace. I loved this season. Little better than middle of the pack. Cast top 5. That’s me. This had the potential to be a top 5 season. I can see why people hate it. I have a dog. People that hated WA probably have a cat. Mostly likely they have 150 cats in a studio apartment but we have different tastes. That’s what make the world go around and the murder rate so high. To each his own.

      • Anonymous // July 12, 2015 at 6:12 am //

        Haha RB .. you’re hilarious, but you bring up a good point. I wonder how fool proof it is 🙂

        I loved WA and am a dog person.

        I have a friend that did not like WA, loved SJDS, she is a cat person. Her husband loved WA and is a dog person. Hmmm. 🙂

  17. Natalie is a better player, but Mike is a better winner. To me his win felt more earned while Natalie while certainly a deserving winner didn’t have any competition aside from Jon who was too naive. Natalie bothered me the way she tried to make all the men look like terrible people when they did nothing that outrageous.

  18. I am completely indifferent towards both WA and SJDS. Both are relatively new season, so I’m expected to have vastly different opinions from each side.

  19. 10. I can understand people dislike quitter. But Julie quit is some sort of like Janu in Palau, because it indirectly gave Jaclyn 3 more days to found out that she and Jon will be the bottom in Josh alliance and eventually side with Jeremy alliance and SJDS was recovered quickly once Josh was blindsided. The quitter I would dislike was Osten-Colton type quit.

    9. No comment.

    8. Natalie winner arc. Mike winner arc was OK only because of that horrible WA post-merge, but it could be done better had Mike winner edit wasn’t so obvious and Carolyn, Sierra, Tyler, or even Rodney get decent edit for a doubt on Mike win.

    7. HELL NO!!! All the misogynists and abusing controversies was just adding unpleasantness to the already underwhelming WA post-merge.

    6. Not really. I thought both season camp life was good in some sort of aspect.

    5. Uhm, the Collar gimmick was just similar to Cagayan BvBvB. Plus BvW twist was adding drama of dilemma between yourself and others, so I personally stick to BvW twist. Actually I don’t care the themes as long as the season itself does not gone disappointed, actively awful or too mean spirited to enjoy.

    4. True.

    3. No. I thought SJDS edit was more balanced. WA edit have flaws on inconsistency storylines, loopsided edit on painting NuNagarote that nearly pagonged early merge as ultra positive angels while painting Axis of Evil who made far as ultra negative demons, plus obvious winner edit.

    2. True, but that’s not necessary a bad thing. I knew my opinion wouldn’t get fans, but occasionally a generally a poor strategy-driven season tend to made a great character-driven season like Panama, Gabon and Nicaragua.

    1. True, but a bad boot order doesn’t help with the great cast. One of the reason All-Stars was received so many negative rating because of how the boot order gone bad albeit AS has a pretty great cast as well.

    So in conclusion, I think at this time WA really suffers because of bad boot order, poor edit job, and so many unpleasant controversies clouded the whole season. WA was still a new season, and we don’t know if any possible WA renaissance might happens after a few years just like how South Pacific getting minor renaissance very recently.

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