The Amazing Race Oz-Canada Season 3 Episode 1 Recap Episode


The Amazing Race Oz returns to recap the first episode of season 3 of The Amazing Race Canada! Canadian host Colin Hilding is joined by the Ozlets (Arzlets?) to recap everything that happened within the latest episode. Discussing roadblocks, detours, highs and lows as well as bringing the usual love for resident Canadian host Jon Montgomery. They also discuss the pre season predictions and look forward at what is to come next episode.

Download the episode by clicking the link below!

Before the airing of the first episode all the Ozlets submitted their predictions on how the boot list of the season will go. A tally will be kept and a winner will be announced on the final episode.

Colin’s Predictions:


12- Susan & Sharnjit
11- Neil & Kristen
10- Brian & Cynthia
9- Brent & Sean
8- Nick & Matt
7- Simi & Ope
6- Hamilton & Michaelia
5- Max & Elias
4- Nic & Sabrina
3- Gino & Jesse
2- Dujean & Leilani
1- Dana & Amanda

Noah’s Predictions:

12.Susan and Sharnjit
11.Brian and Cynthia
10.Neil and Kristen
9.Simi and Ope
8.Brent and Sean
7.Nic and Sabrina
6.Nick and Matt
5.Dujean and Leilani
4.Max and Elias
3.Hamilton and Michaela
2.Dana and Amanda
1.Gino and Jesse

Kristan’s Predictions:


12.Nick and Matt
11.Nic and Sabrina
10.Neil and Kristin
9.Max and Elias
8.Susan and Sharnjit
7.Hamilton and Michaelia
6.Dana and Amanda
5.Brian and Cynthia
4.Simi and Ope
3.Dujean and Leilani
2.Brent and Sean
1.Gino and Jesse

Rossi’s Predictions:


12.Brian and Cynthia
11.Susan and Sharnjit
10.Dujean and Lellani
9.Neil and Kristin
8.Brent and Sean
7.Max and Elias
6.Simi and Ope
5.Nick and Matt
4.Nic and Sabrina
3.Hamilton and Michaelia
2.Dana and Amanda
1.Gino and Jesse

Alex’s Predictions:


12. Susan and Shanjit
11. Simi and Ope
10. Hamilton and Michaela
9. Brent and Sean
8. Brian and Cynthia
7. Dana and Amanda
6. Nick and Matt
5. Duncan and Leilani
4. Neil and Kristen
3. Nic and Sabrina
2. Gino and Jesse
1. Max and Elias

Jarrod’s Predictions:


12 – Gino and Jesse
11 – Simi and Ope
10 – Susan and Sharnjit
9 – Brian and Cynthia
8 – Dana and Amanda
7 – Neil and Kristen
6 – Brent and Sean
5 – Dujean and Leilani
4 – Max and Elias
3 – Nic and Sabrina
2 – Hamilton and Michaelia
1 – Nick and Matt

Make Sure to join us next week as we recap episode 2 of The Amazing Race Canada season 3!



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