Survivor At 30–A Special Retrospective Episode


A very special episode of Survivor Oz as Ben sits down with Ozlets Colin, Kate & Julian to give a retrospective look at the first 30 seasons of Survivor and look ahead to the future for the next (hopefully) 30 more!

Ben and the Ozlets go over each of the seasons, detailing the best, worst and iconic moments as well as just how the show has developed and changed over the years. They are each tasked to pick one ‘iconic player’ from each season and then look ahead as to what might change for the future of the show we all know and love!

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8 Comments on Survivor At 30–A Special Retrospective Episode

  1. awesome episode 🙂

  2. Whoever the girl is talking on this podcast (and I can’t be bothered to check the name) absolutely wasted a good opporutnity to discuss Survivor. How bout this honey – next time you are slated to come on board and offer your thoughts why don’t you put some effort in soundling like you actually care. I skipped over most of your later commentaries because the sound of your voice became just as grating as your opinions. SurvivorOZ! Find a new girl to represent Survivor!

    • you mean Kate Mcglaughlin (i know i spelt it wrong sorry :s) the woman who won the ozcar for best survivor oz member? And i actually think she’s a really funny person tbh and she knows a lot about survivor if you ever “bother” to listen to it. 😉

  3. RB Liljestrom // August 1, 2015 at 12:46 am // Reply

    Great show! I especially loved Kate’s brilliant analysis and her sexy voice. Keep up the great work Kate. You’re the best. Right behind Noah of course.

    • other than completely disagreeing with the parts where you discussed Tocantins, awesome podcast.

      (by the way, I think very highly of Tocantins)

  4. Tyson and Rachel are great to watch on Marriage Boot Camp, just putting it out there

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