Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Funniest Survivor Oz Ozlet Moments


Survivor has produced some great content over the years, but so have the podcasts that discuss and debate about the show each in its own individual way. Being the "Survivor Oz Super Fan" Ozlet Anthony Rossi was a dedicated listener before turning professional in 2014, after listing to hundreds of Survivor Oz podcasts, of which many delivered some random and great laughs. This week Rossi recaps his top 10 funny moments on the episodes where Ozlets made their voices heard. Enjoy the list,  go and listen to the podcast and let us know your thoughts on other funny moments of complete randomness that have been featured over the years.

10. Hunchback Running – Amazing Race Oz (Us Version) Episode 7 Recap


To start off this list we have an entry from one of Survivor Oz’s spin-off projects: The Amazing Race Oz. The seventh episode of the American version of the Amazing Race was filled with entertaining moments and the episode recap brought the same. Jarrod is not someone that goes over the top or says controversial remarks, but he stepped out of his shell in speaking about one of the racers. In this episode Jarrod refers to one of the contestants as a hunchback due to her injuries resulting in a strange running pattern. This out of character moment is what makes this so funny and memorable.

9. Jan speaks classic Survivor Quotes- Amazon Commentary Episode 8


“Eat your Rice!” “I will always wave my finger in your face.” “Rob and Amber are gonna do it.” These are just some of the many memorable quotes from Survivor; these memorable quotes span all the seasons from a multitude of different contestants. In this episode commentary these quotes are spoken under the accent of one certain contestant, Jan Gentry. As the Ozlets recollect the varying memorable quotes the episode gets sillier and more ridiculous by the second. It is quite an interesting podcast to listen to and definitely worth it.

8. Spider Challenge- Borneo Ozcap


For this funny moment we head back to the very first Ozcap, which may be considered not the funniest or the most entertaining, but it sure supplied at least one memorable moment. This podcast highlights the poor quality Internet that Ozlet Troy Maynard has to deal with. Often times he would not answer a question or would respond much later. As a part of every Ozcap, Troy is asked the traditional questions one of which is what he believes to be the best challenge that season. At first he doesn’t respond, but later interjects with, “SPIDER CHALLENGE!” Troy’s spotty Internet makes him quite funny, it’s a shame he never really got a chance to really talk.

7. Ashlee Ashby- Palau Ozcap


Ex-Ozlet Ethan was never shy in expressing his thoughts and that is very true in this case. Similar to the other Ozcaps, the aim is to review the season as a whole and to dissect each individual’s games. Ashlee Ashby is not the most memorable contestant in the history of Survivor, but Ethan has some fond memories of her, two to be exact. Well, let’s just say that he isn’t really admiring her cunning gameplay and strength in the challenges.

6. Sitting on the Chairs- Bringing Sexy Back Oz


For the podcast the no one wanted to record, it sure brought a lot of laughs for those listening at home and those recording it. In episode 6 of Australia’s hit show Bringing Sexy Back, Paula was on a mission to lose weight and received some help from so-called ‘experts’ to achieve her goal. This episode was filled with crazy stunts from having Samantha Armytage breaking into houses, to having Paula cheat on her husband, and plenty of fat cast modeling. The episode in itself was quite overdramatic, which made it quite funny to watch, but what takes the cake is one of her exercises. That may sound mean, but when her training exercise is to sit down on chairs in a theatre you can’t help but laugh. Not only is just watching her get emotional from sitting on chairs and the fact that the ‘trainer’ is really trying hard to get her to keep going, but what makes it even funnier is listening to Noah and Ben react to the whole situation. No wonder why this show got cancelled.

5. Rainbow Ice Cream/ Snappy Jarryd – Caramoan Ozcap


As a season, Caramoan offered nothing special, but the Ozcap had its moments. In speaking about Julia, Ex-Ozlet Jarryd found that she is most similar to a very colorful flavor, which in actuality doesn’t taste good. In making his point, Rileigh interjects and as a result Jarryd loses his cool and curses off those present. In true Jarryd style, he’s just so snappy!

4. The Love Child of Billy Garcia and Ethan Zohn- All Stars Ozcap


In this episode Ethan gave an interesting answer in response to one of Ben’s outlandish questions. Ben wondered if Ethan Garcia had any relation to Billy Garcia and Ethan Zohn perhaps their love child. Ethan’s response is a good example of why you don’t ask a question like that. There are no real words to describe how ridiculous Ethan’s response is, but that’s what makes it memorable and hysterical. Oh Ethan!

3. Technical Issues Please Stand By- San Juan del Sur Preview Episode


San Juan del Sur started off with a bang in the offices of Survivor Oz with this preview episode. In prepping for the season, Ben and several of the Ozlets shared their thoughts on the cast and predicted as to what would occur in the upcoming season. Normally technical difficulties do not make for a good podcast, but in this case it’s the exact opposite. The “technical issues” that occur in this episode is a direct result of one Ozlet’s comments (which should and will never be shared with anyone). This created many laughs for those in the podcast as well as many listening at home. Let’s not forget that this podcast also brought us a Survivor Oz term known as #kristaning.

2. Ducky Kwan- Fiji Ozcap


The 14th season of Survivor may not be the most loved, but the Ozcap definitely delivers with funny comments and interesting points for debate. Noah, who often likens some of the contestants to certain animals; he continues this tradition in the Ozcap. Sylvia Kwan was the victim of Noah’s comparison. Noah finds that she has a likeness to a duck and then the podcast becomes completely absurd, but insanely funny at the same time. Quack!

1. The Biggest What If Moments- Nicaragua Ozcap


In closing each Ozcap, Ben asks the Ozlets present some questions which includes the best player of the season, worst player of the season, best challenge and the biggest what if moment. In this Ozcap, the answers got a bit silly especially in regards to the biggest ‘What If moment’. When asked this question Ex-Ozlet Rileigh responds with the absurd, but funny answer of “What if Fabio had Parkinson’s”. This unexpected response is absolutely hysterical and ends the Ozcap on a high note.

Honorable Mentions: Princess Karen- San Juan del Sur Oztopsies, Survivor: The Musical- Africa Commentary Episode 8, Kim Johnson’s Antics- Africa Commentaries, Rupert Performing Simple Tasks- Australian Outback Commentary Episode 15.

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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8 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Funniest Survivor Oz Ozlet Moments

  1. What about essentially everything from the series of podcasts where you ranked every Survivor contestant? That could even be a separate Top 10.

    • RB Liljestrom // August 20, 2015 at 12:09 pm // Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. The rankings were some of the most entertaining podcasting I’ve ever heard. Kate was great. Colin and Julian brought some sense to rankings. Ben and Noah were almost as funny as they were clueless. Great podcast.


  3. PR Karen was absolutely hilarious

  4. I miss Jarryd on the Ozcaps. So much funnier.

  5. It’s a good article but some time stamps would be useful.

  6. my personal favorite moment was the impersonations from the first ozlet anniversary

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