Introducing The Latest Ozlets!–August 2015


Last month, we opened the doors of the Survivor Oz offices and offered you the opportunity to submit an application to become an Ozlet! Today, we’re revealing who made it through the “exhausting application process” to join the team!

We received just under forty applications from a variety of different parts of the world, all from people who believed that they were the best choice to take up a position as an Ozlet. After much consideration and debate, we decided to hire eight new people! Whilst we didn’t initially plan on hiring so many, the standard of applications was incredible and it was simply too difficult to overlook so many people. In the end though, we had to settle for eight. These eight people come from two different countries – Australia and the United States. They will each offer a different opinion about the world of Survivor and they will be valuable members of the team.

Without further ado, please welcome…

Adam Allen


Adam joins us from Maine in the USA and brings a wide variety of experience and fandom to the table.

“Hey folks! I’m Adam Allen. I’m a 19 year old sophomore in college from Auburn, Maine in the US. My first memory of Survivor is when the final 7 Survivors in Australia had… well, they weren’t feeling well, and Nick Brown said something to the effect of “You can only get so much with leaves.” I wasn’t really a big fan of Survivor as a kid, though. I remember watching bits and pieces of All Stars with my mom, but I really fell head over heels for Survivor in Gabon. I loved every minute of that season, and it remains my favorite to this day. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

Survivor is really the only show of its genre that I follow. I’ll watch the occasional episode of The Amazing Race, and I’ve seen a 2-hour summary of Will Kirby’s Big Brother All Stars game, but beyond that, it’s been all Survivor all the time. If one obsession can rival mine for Survivor, it’s Lost. Maybe it’s the island thing, but I can’t re-watch that show enough.

I found Survivor Oz by chance a couple years ago, and started following it pretty religiously. I finally decided to apply because I’m dying for a way to talk about Survivor without explaining every reference I made. I’m thrilled to finally be able to say “he’s fat, but he’s good” or “let the king sit pretty” and have people actually understand what I’m talking about.”

Adam has joined the team as a contributing editor.

Alec Culver


Alec joins us from Salt Lake City in the USA and is excited to join the team!

“I’m Alec from the good old Salt Lake City, Utah. I was born and raised here but I lived in South Korea for a few years. So I’m bilingual, English and Korean. I currently am a college student, studying Broadcast Journalism. I first discovered Survivor during the 6th season, Survivor: Amazon. My dad found the show and I have been hooked ever since. Basically Rob Cesternino got me hooked to Survivor and there is no person better to do that with. Ever since then I have watched every single season, some of them twice. My favorite season is probably China because I feel that every single player got at least some story arc in the season, even some of the early boots. Also Cagayan was an amazing season and in my opinion, the best season since Fans vs Favourites, the first one. I just want to write about the show that I love most and well I hope you guys like it.”

Alec has joined the team as a contributing editor.

Gabriel Swenson


Gabriel joins us from Arizona in the USA and has been watching the show for as long as he can remember.

“Hello there. I’m Gabriel Swenson, and I am from Tucson, Arizona all the way over in the United States. I just started my freshman year of college at the University of Arizona as a pre-physiology major.

My family takes frequent trips to California to surf, so my parents were ecstatic when they first heard about this new show called Survivor back in 2000. They were addicted from episode one. I watched every season with them, but at three years old, I was not old enough to know or care about what was happening on the show. The first season that I vividly remember was The Amazon. Since then, I have not missed an episode and have gone back to rematch every season multiple times.

I first discovered Survivor Oz after the original 2012 Ozcars (or rankings back then). The reason that I liked the website so much was because I felt like it was a Survivor themed BuzzFeed full of listicles. I started listening to the interviews with the Gina Crews one during a Marquesas re-watch and was amazed that I was missing out on them for so long.

When I saw that Ben was looking for new Ozlets, I decided that it was time to stop commenting my ideas for articles on other posts and do them myself. I am looking forward to this opportunity and am hoping that I have something to offer.”

Gabriel has joined the team as a contributing editor.

Jordan Rose


Jordan hails from New York City in the USA and has a large amount of experience and opinions to bring to the team!

“Hey! I’m Jordan, and I live in the New York City area in the U.S. I am incredibly thrilled and honoured to be a part of Survivor Oz! I got into Survivor during the first season and have been addicted to the show ever since. I stopped watching a couple of times during its run (most notably between seasons 22-26… big surprise), but I own seasons 1-20 and have watched each at least 5 times. And of course, I’ve caught up on the “New School” seasons and watched each twice. My favorite season of the show is probably Palau, because Tom is from very close to where I’m from, his win was very satisfying to me and I enjoyed watching Koror win every week. I work as a registered nurse in New York City. In my spare time, I watch a lot of sports and reality TV, go to movies, and play golf occasionally.”

Jordan has joined the team as a contributing editor.

Kate Hunter


Kate joins us from New South Wales in Australia and is super excited to be part of the Survivor Oz family!

“I live in Armidale, a little regional town in Australia half way between Sydney and Brisbane. They say we have four seasons but it’s more likely four seasons in one day…always wear layers. I love playing Scrabble and talking Survivor. I also cross-stitch, play tennis and shuttle ball. I play pool when I’ve had a couple of beers. I support St Kilda, have a tattoo that I don’t regret, and a size 7 shoe. I’m an avid baker even though I’m not fond of sweets and I write a little poetry. I like to listen to my music way up high on the way to work. I’m excited that Ben has established Survivor Oz and look forward to contributing! And I’m hoping S31 is going to be brilliant. I also have a crush on Jonas x.”

Kate has joined the team as a contributing editor.

Patrick Gustavson


Patrick joins us from Connecticut in the United States and is looking to start his journey as an Ozlet!

“Hey everyone, my name is Patrick (or Pat) Gustavson, I am eighteen years old and live in Southington, Connecticut in the United States. I am currently a student at Central Connecticut State University in hopes of obtaining a degree in journalism. In addition to Survivor, I enjoy watching and debating a wide variety of sports, and playing in my band in which I play the keyboard and sing lead vocals. I first saw Survivor when I was just six years old during Amazon, and fell in love with the show instantly. From that point on, I have been a loyal viewer, seeing every season as it aired. However, my obsession with the show first came about just before Blood vs. Water. I began to read summaries of past seasons and all of the memories came back. From that point on, I have re-watched every season at least once, and find something new and interesting each and every time! I discovered Survivor Oz a few years ago when looking for lists ranking the top castaways, and came across the Ozcars for that year. I then began reading the features and top tens on a weekly basis, and then became familiar with the episodes and interviews during San Juan del Sur. I knew I wanted to become an Ozlet while listening to the rankings cast, and I have been waiting for the opportunity to apply ever since. There are many reasons I wanted to be a part of the show: mainly because I love to talk in general, as well about Survivor, and I have been looking for fans to talk with since my obsession tends to frighten my friends and family, so I look forward to this opportunity to share my love for the show with many other super fans.”

Patrick has joined the team as a contributing editor.


Tom Shembrey


Tom joins Alex and Cable as an Ozlet from the Australian state of Victoria but lives a few hours out of Melbourne in Geelong.

“Hi my name is Tom Shembrey, I’m just completing Year 12 down in Geelong and I am so excited to become an Ozlet ahead of what could be the very best season of survivor EVER! I started watching during Philippines, but my obsession hit the next level (Survivor Oz level) during San Juan Del Sur, and since then I have binged every episode to attain true super-fandom. My favourite season is Cagayan (yes mainstream) as it was pure craziness from start to finish. It also was fun and had so many hilarious moments, and not too much fighting (like Worlds Apart)

Even though I am Geelong born and bred, I live for the Bombers in the AFL, and will watch any sport (as long as it doesn’t clash with Survivor.) Like many Australian super-fans, whenever I try to share my survivor love most people say “Is that show even still on?” however I have managed to indoctrinate many of my mates and brought them over to the dark side. All in all, I’m super excited to engage in some hard core banter about Survivor with the best fan community of any show ever!”

Tom has joined the team as a contributing editor.

There you have it, eight new Ozlets ready to step through the doors of the Survivor Oz offices for the first day of the rest of their lives. Each and every one of them is keen to get started so keep an eye out for upcoming Feature Articles and Top Ten’s written by our bunch of newbies!

To everyone who sent in an application, thanks very much for your effort and we do appreciate you going through our “exhausting application process”. We will open up applications again one time in the future.

Introduction interviews with our newbies will happen soon for you to get to know your new Ozlets, and you’ll also hear them across some podcasts in the meantime! Feel free to leave a comment below welcoming them to Survivor Oz!

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2 Comments on Introducing The Latest Ozlets!–August 2015

  1. Congrats new Ozlets

  2. RB Liljestrom // September 6, 2015 at 3:46 am // Reply

    Alright, I listened to the 2nd Chance preview episode and if it’s any indication Noah’s lofty perch as top Ozlet could come crashing down with the addition of Patrick. Although I don’t agree with everything Patrick says he brings a lot to the table. His assessment of Jeremy was spot on. If anyone could fill Noah’s pink penny-loafers Patrick appears to be the man. If only he had that long drawn out deliberate Australian accent he would devour the competition. Welcome aboard Patrick you’re going to be a huge asset to the podcasts.

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