Get Involved: The 2015 Listener Question Episode

Many People Thinking of Questions

A very special treat for you coming next week as we record our second ever LISTENER QUESTION EPISODE! And with such a title we need a bunch of questions to be able to answer! So it’s time for you to get involved and get those questions to us and be prepared to ask us absolutely ANYTHING and we will answer them in a very special episode!

As we approach our fourth anniversary as well as another season of Survivor, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for you to once again send in questions that perhaps you have always wanted the answer to! It could be anything from how we get the interviews, who our favourite guest on the show is right through to the truth behind why some Ozlets are no longer with the show or any other topic you can think of. We will answer ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you send in! That’s right, nothing is off limits. You could even absolutely despise us and want to get that off your chest (please do, we appreciate all sides of the spectrum). Whatever you want to say, we will answer it and read it out on air! And it of course can also cover our recent additions of The Amazing Race Oz and Big Brother Oz too or even be off topic. Whatever you want to ask, you can send it in! If you need an idea of some of the questions that have been asked before then check out last years episode.

To get your questions in to us, either comment to this post or email us at or you can of course click on the Contact Us tab at the top of this page. We will be recording the episode next Thursday (the 10th of September) giving you plenty of time to get your questions in! Don’t miss this opportunity to have your say to us and perhaps have those burning questions you’ve always wanted answered finally put to us!

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26 Comments on Get Involved: The 2015 Listener Question Episode

  1. What is your favourite cheese?
    Do you scrunch or fold?
    Do you watch any TV shows that we don’t know about?

  2. Hey guys, I have two questions:
    1. Would you consider doing a rankings of the seasons, like you did with the cast? (I know you do it for the Ozcars, but I think it would be interesting with an elaborate discussion.)
    2. And in regards to the Rankings Cast, do you think it will affect/has effected people wanting to come on your show?

    I can’t wait for this episode guys, the first one was great fun. 🙂

  3. If Jeff Probst died, which survivor player would you want to host the show?

  4. Which do you prefer?

    Chocolate or cheese
    Chess or checkers
    Batman or superman

  5. In which Season did castaways have to actually “Trek/Row” to tribal council?
    – Which seasons “Trek/Row” to Tribal
    – Which season didnt
    What do you think the overall outcome of the “Trek/Row features in the Game.
    Eg Shows Weakness, wears castaways down.

  6. Have all Americans/Canadians try an australian accent and all australians/New Zealanders do an American one.

  7. RB Liljestrom // September 3, 2015 at 3:19 pm // Reply

    1) Now that you all have had plenty of time to sober up from your ranking episodes who would you consider to be the persons you most over and under rated?
    2) Is Noah really an Ozlet God or does he put his panties on one high heel at a time like the rest of them?
    3) (Don’t be a bunch of PC pussies and dodge this question) What exactly was it that Will Simms and the rest of the Dirty 30 were so offended by in the preview episode?
    4) Why did you skip question 3?
    5) Noah’s pick to win the Second Chance season is Monica Padilla. Is he using the same brilliant algorithm he applied to the previous 2 seasons? I cracked his code and applied it to the Kentucky Derby and it calls for Mr. Ed to win. Joe Camel to place and Lonesome George to show ( google it). It has American Pharaoh finishing 20th.
    6) What season improved the most on a rewatch?
    7) Ben which 5 Survivors are your favorite interviews?

    Disclaimer: Any disparaging remarks are made in jest and not meant as personal attacks and always consider the source.

  8. My question isn’t really about Survivor Oz per se but more about your website. Please do not think I am attacking your website, it’s just a suggestion.
    1) do you have any plans to upgrade your website to a more user friendly site? I really think a forum section/chat place would be a great inclusion to your website (I know you have the comment section on posts but something like Sucks would be cool.) Also, an upgrade to the interview section would be cool. My idea would be to have every contestant and have the people you haven’t interviewed greyed out and the people you have in colour so it’s easier to see who you have and haven’t interviewed.

    Again, I’m a huge fan of you guys so please don’t take them personally. 🙂

  9. I love Double Oz Seven. Please cast a James Bond movie with Survivors.

    James Bond
    John W. Pepper

  10. Pope Francis // September 4, 2015 at 9:29 pm // Reply

    1 Who would be the first person voted out in Survivor “Survivor Oz”?

    2 Who is the sexiest contestant of Survivor Second Chance?

    3 You have to name your baby after one survivor.
    who would be and why?

    4 Who is the funniest contestant in survivor´s history?

  11. Tom shembrey // September 4, 2015 at 9:30 pm // Reply

    Would you please consider ranking the worlds apart/second chance people within the rankings cast? That way it stays current?

  12. 1 Would you prefer:
    A) Having a season of 20 gamebots with no personality.
    B) Having a season of 20 great characters that doesn’t known what they are doing.

    2 How would be the perfect video game of Survivor?

    3 You can ask any question to Jeff Probst and he has to answer with the true, what would you ask?

  13. which fictional character would be good in Survivor?

  14. Cofee or tea?

    What did you fear most,snakes or spiders?

    Twitter or Facebook?

  15. 1) Have any of you seen a ghost?

    2) SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like

    3) 3 Words to Describe You

  16. How would be your audition tape for survivor?

    Do you guys have something that just hate for no reason?

    Which are some contestants that people love but you don’t?

  17. Big brother suuucks // September 6, 2015 at 5:15 pm // Reply

    1 What is the worst twist that Survivor could do? America voting for the winner? Final tribal council with 4 people? other?

    2 Opinions about a season that would divide the contestants in players and characters, one tribe is full with super aggressive players and the other one is full with some really big characters,the merge would be amazing.

  18. Big brother suuucks // September 6, 2015 at 5:18 pm // Reply

    What is the stupidest movie you’ve seen?

  19. 1. Who would you rather see play again? Rob M. or Rupert?
    2. When is the next Random Secrets episode?
    3. What wouldn’t Meat Loaf do for love?

  20. What is the meanest thing that Survivor has done?

    If you could choose any survivor to take over Survivor Oz,who would be?

  21. Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a child?

  22. You are in the jury and there is a contestant in the final 3 who deserves to win (in your opinion) , the only problem is that he is a millionaire, would you vote for him?

  23. Will the quiz ever be released?

  24. Ben, what do you think are the funniest ranking cast moments.

  25. RB Liljestrom // September 9, 2015 at 1:15 am // Reply

    1) Other than Ben, Noah, Rossi, Cable, Julian, Paul, Nick and Jarrod are there any other openly gay Ozlets?
    2) Which of the Ozlet’s moms has the nicest basement in which they reside?
    3) I’m curious how the American Ozlets rate the top 5 seasons and top 5 players as opposed to those of the foreign Ozlets?
    4) Who is your favorite all-time Survivor?
    5) Who is your least favorite all-time Survivor?
    6) Has an Ozlet ever been banished from the show?
    7) My friends Eaton Cox and Haywood Jabloughme would like to know if you use an alias when posting on other forums? If so what is it?
    8) Has a fan of Survivor Oz ever been banned?

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