Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Second Chance Dissapointments


With the season of Survivor: Second Chance almost upon us and  all about redemption, learning from your first time, and trying to win again, this week Melbourne Ozlet Alex Morella looks back at previous castaways who got a second chance, only to prove disappointing in their ‘second chance, whether through their own actions or circumstances beyond their control. Only players coming back for their second turn on the Survivor merry go round are listed, reserving other lists for those who may have improved their game or proved disappointing on third or even fourth attempts.  

10. Richard Hatch – All-Stars


Being the first winner, and the original strategist, pretty much screws up any alliance you aim to make in a season where the winners are sitting ducks waiting to be voted out. This was Hatch in All-Stars, or as it should be known as: Revenge of the Shitkickers. Seriously, it was just a season of sore losers taking out winners, and Hatch was one of these! While he did last a bit longer than some of the others, he was still the first member of Mogo Mogo to be voted out of the game! There was time for some controversy, but ultimately he was a victim of a season of unfair vengeance (If you haven’t got the idea, I really didn’t like All-Stars).

9. Russell Swan – Philippines


After being medically evacuated from the game, it’s fair to say you can feel like your Survivor journey was not properly finished, so for Russell Swan to get a second chance was the chance for Redemption and to show he could’ve won Samoa (unlikely but you never know!). To then be on a tribe that managed to lose its first 4 immunity challenges, and as a result, be voted out 4th, was not on the plans. There was no denying the dedication, but sadly for Russ, it didn’t go the way he had pictured it!

8. Tina Wesson – All-Stars


Looking at Tina’s second game, All-Stars, she was another victim of the shitkickers! It was always going to be tough for her (and Ethan, and Hatch, and Jenna), as it was made clear in the first 10 minutes that the strategy was to get rid of the winners. That’s not real survivor, that’s just shit players looking for revenge! As a result, this was a real disappointment for Tina, but we did get to see her again in Blood vs. Water, and we were not disappointed with what we saw there!

7. Brandon Hantz – Caramoan

An interesting player to return anyway, Brandon wanted to prove he was a strong player of sound mind and good faith. Unfortunately he failed to really demonstrate any of that, and instead was an erratic player, of an erratic mind, and erratic faith really. His meltdown after also tipping out his tribe’s rice was the sad reality that he was not going to use his second chance effectively, and ultimately, he was just as crazy as we thought he was in South Pacific.

6. Aras Baskauskas – Blood vs. Water

A former winner, there were really high hopes for Aras to tear up Blood vs. Water, especially with his very competitive brother Vytas! We saw the golden boy for the first 10 days or so as well, but what we also saw was a lack of awareness for what was going on around him, blinded by the presence of his brother to the situation that had emerged around him! It was disappointing to see a former winner seem to not even be aware of a situation, but I mean, that’s Survivor for you!

5. Tyson Apostol – Heroes vs. Villains

Tyson won Blood vs. Water, but before that of course he was on Heroes vs. Villains. He promised so much on the season, with a strong alliance and a determination to prove he was more than just a quick-witted jerk that we saw on Tocantins. Unfortunately, his own over-thinking and analysing cost him as he took out himself basically giving us the impression of a very daft player! Luckily he, like Tina, redeemed himself in Blood vs. Water to show us what a capable player he can be!

4. Colton Cumbie – Blood vs. Water

Colton Cumbie

A potential super villain who sadly never was able to cope with the demands of the game! Colton, after being medically evacuated from One World, was a surprise selection for Blood vs. Water, but lasted only 7 days before deciding to leave the game! It was a frustrating scenario to see for many, but it was more than just that. The inability for Colton to just hold on before making moves and being loud and miserable was just too much to deal with! It was disappointing to see him fail to really understand the concepts of patience, and ultimately not properly utilise his second chance.

3. Francesca Hogi – Caramoan


When you’re voted out first, and you miraculously get a second chance, you’d expect to learn from it! Well, unfortunately Francesca had not, and tried to do the exact same thing she did in Redemption Island! Again, the situation was difficult with Phillip, but there’s no denying, if you are voted out first, come back again, and are voted out first again, it’s not quite the second chance you were after!

2. Rob Cesternino – All-Stars

One of the best strategists ever was in a delicate situation from the start on All-Stars. I believe All-Stars was a terrible season for several reasons, mainly because it was ‘Revenge of the Shitkickers’, and Rob was clearly a victim of this! Most of his tribe had little reason to be invited back, it was lucky really they did this after 7 seasons, and as the only one who had really shown strategic prowess in his season, he was on a hiding to nothing! Let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen to his RHAP buddy Stephen Fishbach!

1. Johnny Fairplay – Micronesia


From the greatest survivor super villain in the first 15 seasons, to a soft mess that sadly could not cope with being away! Jonny Fairplay was the person everyone was the most excited to see in Survivor Micronesia, and even through the first episode, it looked like he was going to play a major part in the season! We were disappointed to see then that his head wasn’t in the game, and he asked to be voted out (HE DIDN’T QUIT!).

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!




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11 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Second Chance Dissapointments

  1. I don’t reckon the winners shouldn’t be on here, because they didn’t really have anything to prove. I mean the point of a second chance is to fix up old mistakes. I don’t feel like it was that much of a disappointment that Hatch, Tina, and Aras didn’t make it further. Malcolm, Ozzy, maybe Colby, Amanda, even Brenda might be more accurate.
    100% agree with that order though, minus the winners.

    • I am really shocked that Ozzy didn’t make the cut for Micronesia. Production basically handed him the game on a silver platter with a rather naive tribe of “fans” and comps that he had already won in Cook Islands. They just didn’t count on Cirie and Parvati teaming up to take him out because he has a terrible social game.

      Although she did way better in her second season, I think Stephenie’s “worts and all” edit in Guatemala could be argued as disappointing for the millions of fans that she accrued in Palau. After all, she was such a big underdog hero.

    • Brenda went further than she did in Nicaragua though.

  2. RB Liljestrom // September 10, 2015 at 3:28 am // Reply

    Every point in the article is valid and I enjoyed reading it. Liz and Barabara’s points are also valid. Winners really aren’t second chancers and if ever there was a Survivor that was devastated after their chance at redemption it was Ozzy. Blind sided and heart broken at the same time. Curious to see who makes the list if you eliminate winners. Thanks for the article Alex. Nice job.

  3. I’m shocked Randy didn’t make the list. I wish he would’ve gone further and made merge plus he was smarter than half the Villains tribe.

  4. Richard was the best thing in All Stars, to be honest everybody who left pre merge were fucking stars who delivered, omg that season is such disappointment….

  5. To be very honest Aras was never aware of his surroundings, even in Exile island. Cirie was his eyes and ears on that season and without her he would not have won the million case on point BvW

  6. A good list, but all the All-Stars bashing really spoils it. I appreciate each Ozlet’s opinions and insights. But all the negative comments about the season diminishes the quality of the article. All due respect intended.

  7. Your top 5 are the only real disappointments, minus Colton. Bad list, but great Top 10 idea.

  8. I thought the plan to take out past winners was sound. They are obviously capable of winning and could gang up later.

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