The Listener Question Episode 2015


After the success of last years episode we decided to sit down and once again do an entire episode devoted to answering your questions! From the smart through to the funny through to the obscure to the personal, everything is covered in the most revealing episode of Survivor Oz this year!

Ben is joined by Ozlets Noah, Rossi and Cable to go through your questions and answer every single one in the most honest way possible. With over 50 questions to go through you know there is a lot to cover, and you should be warned that there are some very personal (and we do mean VERY personal) questions asked and answered. So sit back and enjoy our first ever listener question episode as you get to know Survivor Oz in a way you never thought possible!

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4 Comments on The Listener Question Episode 2015

  1. I fucking love you guys. I can’t resist busting balls. The more I like ya the harder I bust. Sorry Noah you’re my favorite. I went to the Dan Foley seminar on how to make friends and influence people. You either hate me with a passion or pretend not to hate me with a passion. I didn’t mean any offense in labeling some of you as gay. It was in response to you guys championing the gay contestants by mentioning the first openly gay players. I don’t give a shit who you poke or prod, what religion you belong to or what color you are if you’re a good person that’s all that matters to me. Great show as usual and you guys are the best and most entertaining podcast out there. All your detractors can go fuck themselves with a sombrero cactus.
    Sincerely yours
    Eaton Cox

  2. How could you not mention Grant Bowler as potential Survivor Host? Imagine him at Final Tribal Council – “YOU’RE THE WINNER OF SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!”

  3. #proudtobeaSOZlistener

  4. I just finished listening to this episode and I enjoyed it immensely. I was surprised that the outrage over a old podcast was still raging and was stunned to hear that some people were ashamed to say they listened! The internet is a broad community and I agree with Noah’s observation that you can’t tell people what to be offended by. You apologised and we are all grown ups so lets move on.

    Thanks for the time and effort you put into creating such great content.

    You are all terrific.

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