Will Survivor Second Chance Be A Big Disappointment?

As the days dwindle down to the premiere of Survivor: Second Chance, many are speculating as to what will happen on the historic 31st season. Fans have been patiently waiting for this season to air and the energy is palpable but could it be a major letdown? Of all the seasons of this show, this season is easily the most hyped, because it really engaged with the fans. Today Ozlet Anthony Rossi looks at just some of the reasons why the season could turn out to be a disappointment. Read on to find out the possible pitfalls of Survivor Cambodia.

The Fan Vote


This season started differently than any other season with the fans voting for the players they wanted to see out of a list of 32 possible choices. The public voting was a huge success as there were millions of votes counted. By making this bold call, fans either fell in love with the show again or their love was further cemented. Despite some big names getting left out, there was an acceptable spread of contestants with various placements including many pre-jury contestants. With this massive platform the show was able to pull from the earlier seasons with some players that wouldn’t have normally had a shot at returning. I, like many Survivor fans made sure I casted my votes daily and tried to convince others to vote as well. I wanted my ideal cast and this was an opportunity to get that. The list of 32 had some of the biggest names in Survivor history from the original runner-up, Kelly Wiglesworth to a recent fan-favorites like Spencer Bledsoe.

The Season Spread


The issues that plagues any season that contains returning players is that many are pulled from the most recent seasons, typically after Heroes vs. Villains. In the upcoming season we have more than half the cast from the most recent seasons. Second Chance includes the 4 nominees from Cagayan and the 3 San Juan del Sur nominees. As a massive fan it disappoints me to see that the cast is so lopsided, but it doesn’t surprise me. I fear that the contestants from the newer seasons will not being as willing to work with the ‘old school’ contestants that are more out of the Survivor loop.

Your Favorites


This season’s biggest asset may be the biggest issue that it faces. A season that is dedicated to seeing how certain players would fare on their second time around could result in an upsetting end. Many people love Kelly Wiglesworth, but would it ruin the season to see her leave first, or what if she was med-evaced on the fifth day? How much does ones view on the season depend on the performance of their favorites, their votes? Is the ideal cast the best result, because on one hand you have your perfect cast but then you will only see your favorites voted out? There are players on this season that I personally love and am so happy to see them again, but I fear for them, because I don’t want to see anyone that I really like leave early.

The Hype


Survivor fans all over the world wait in anticipation for the upcoming season but has that hype lead to a great fall? In theory, this season should be the very best, because it was handcrafted by the fans that love the show so much. I know that the season will supply many good moments, but take the season with a grain of salt, as all the set expectations may not be met. My suggestion is try to set low standards, because we have seen what happens with high expectations before (Caramoan, World’s Apart). Don’t come in thinking this will hands down be the best season ever, but don’t expect it to be terrible either. Take it episode by episode and I’m sure it will find its place among the elite.

Do you worry Survivor Second Chance may be a disappointment? What’s your biggest concern surrounding the season? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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5 Comments on Will Survivor Second Chance Be A Big Disappointment?

  1. Yeah , it kind of sucks that this season is mostly fan favorites. I don’t want to see the people I love go home first.

  2. RB Liljestrom // September 14, 2015 at 1:15 pm // Reply

    Nice article Rossi. One problem could come from prior knowledge of game play. I love Cass but she’s toast. They know she’s unpredictable and not trust worthy. Joe will be a major target and early boot because he’s too much of a threat. Almost all the players have made pregame alliances and that’s not going to bode well for Kelly Wiggleswoth because she didn’t network. My main concern is this could be an idol extravaganza. Some idols are going to look official and others could be a stick or coconut. People will be trying to pass off fake idols all over the place. Who knows how that will play out. I’d go into this season expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

  3. Interesting read Rossi
    following what you said about a semi ‘recency bias,’ everyone remembers Spencer’s and Kass’ game so well, that villainess Phoebe/Peih Gee will probably have her poor social game and scheming forgotten, putting the fresher players at a disadvantage

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