Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Alliances We Need to See In Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance


Happy Wednesday S'Ozers. This week in anticipation of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance, one of our newest Ozlets Tom Shembrey delivers a dose of alliance dreams, running through his top 10 alliances that need to happen in the 31st season. From old adversaries reunited, and unlikely pairings that could go right to the end, one thing is for sure: if these castaways were to team up we'd be seeing some on-screen explosions. What other alliances would you like to see in Survivor Cambodia? Let us know with a comment!

10. Joe, Terry, Keith, Woo, Tasha and Kelly Wiglesworth


With so many huge even famous challenge players from the last 15 year vying for the necklace in Second Chance, surely these threats will band together in a 6-horseman style alliance. This is the only way people like Joe Anglim will be able to get the intercontinental target off his back. Personally I think this is the sort of alliance that would best suit Kelly Wigglesworth, as we know she despises the cut-throat strategy and she’s really out there for the survival aspect. In Terry’s pre-game he said how he has learnt the strategy he should’ve used in Panama. Tasha will drag along Woo and Savage and Terry won’t be able to resist working together. Watch out for a challenge beast alliance in Cambodia.

9. Ciera, Peih-Gee, Kelley Wentworth and Monica


This is probably where the winner will come from; the almost stereotypical why-did-she-get-brought-back who wins, the Parvati-Micronesia contestant. While Ciera and Peih-Gee definitely deserved their ‘Second Chance,’ it was Kelley’s excellent campaign and interview which probably netted the votes for this pre-merge boot. Monica left a lot of people saying “Who?” and “So this is the girl who replaced T-Bird.” But both showed they were game savvy in their debuts and none of the four are going in with a huge target. If these four make it to the merge we could have a winner.

8. Woo and Savage


This one is called Loyalty-R-Us. Woo shot himself in the foot with his undying commitment dragging him to make a $900 000 mistake. Savage proclaimed team unity to his Morgan Tribe on Pearl Islands and it was his downfall as he refused to allow Lil back into the tribe after the controversial Outcast twist, going into the merge at 4-5 with Lil in the middle. These two are, barring a Brandon Hantz #SurvivorMeltdown, making it to the merge and in such a duplicitous crazy season these two will find a secure place and with their physical challenge prowess could see these two stay honourable and make it late into the game.

7. Spencer and Kass


This is probably where the list gets a bit hopeful. In Spencer’s interview with Survivor Oz he really laid into Chaos Kass, and we know he hardly respected her game in Cagayan. This has the hallmarks of Jerri-Colby, but imagine them working together! If it’s willingly, nobody would expect these two to pair up and it would make an amazing sub-alliance. Most likely the pair will be forced together as they both are die hard players who are not afraid to make moves. Throw in some Wentworth glue and these guys might be able to work together until the end. This alliance would be crazy, but nothing compared to the rest of this list.

6. Keith and Jeremy


I’m unsure what Jeremy and Keith’s relationship is like following Jeremy’s brutal broadside at Keith during the San Juan Del Sur reunion, but I know things were tense for a while. I’d love to see Jeremy play Keith as dumb, only for him to turn on him and execute an epic blind-side and prove the Nale game savviness is real. Just watching Keith get into the strategy this season will be unbelievable, but with Jeremy this would be such an interesting duo, especially if “Jeremy got that idol *spits*”

5. Kimmi and Jeff


Varner ran his campaign, an excellent campaign and thoroughly deserved his spot on the beach. His disgust in Kimmi was evident in his pre-game interviews, and it was obvious he didn’t think she would be on the plane to Cambodia. Jeff is adamant the Kimmi revealed to Tina that he had votes against him in The Australian Outback, which lead to his elimination due to the old-style tie-break. Expect this bad-blood to bubble over in Second Chance, but imagine if, like Spencer and Kass, this dynamic duo are forced on each other as unlikely allies, expect fire-works and a self-destructive alliance to rival the Casaya Six from Panama.

4. Terry and Vytas


These two big targets are united by a common Baskauskas, Aras, who was a very physical rival with Terry during Panama and played with his brother Vytas during Blood vs Water. You just know that Aras told Vytas that he has to beat Terry in every single challenge and set him up with a nice juicy blind-side, but you can be just as sure the competitive fire still burns bright in “Captain America” and once his adrenaline starts flowing that flame will turn into a bonfire. Put a Baskauskas in front of him and Terry will go into full navy hero mode. Now that Terry says he is going to play strategic he knows that he can’t make a rival, especially one as game savvy and powerful as Vytas just because of history. These two working together could be a very successful powerhouse alliance, and have a strange pre-game bond.

3. Spencer and Stephen


This could be the quinella; two extremely game conscious players who are moderately social and in Spencer’s case, physically successful. As soon as these two’s toes hit the sand they will be going a million miles an hour strategically, pulling in numbers before the shelter is up. These two are definitely going to need each other to scratch of the fluorescent orange flashing targets they’ve got stuck to their backs at tribal council. However the knives come out once you drop your buff and these two slugging it out cloak-and-dagger style behind each other’s back will be amazing, but this pair should work together as nobody else will let them near the Final Tribal Council. This pair covering each other’s backs would be formidable and then at final four they will have to turn on each other, and the game will hit a new gear. This alliance is Jeff Probst’s dream, and most believe it could only be fan-fiction given how amazingly strategic these two fan favourites are, watching them working together would be killer.

2. Shirin, Kass and Abi-Maria


I have labelled this one the ‘crazy women alliance’ and it’s my masterpiece, my Frankenstein’s monster. Shirin, love her or hate her, is a super-fan and we saw in World’s Apart she knew how to create drama, big time drama. A lot of nasty things have been said about #ChaosKass, and her only rival as the biggest female villain in the last 10 seasons, even since Jerri, has been Abi-Maria Gomes. We have the drama queen, the mother of madness and the bizarre Brazilian. Set these three as the minority against a game-bot alliance and watch the strategy descend into chaos. What could be better than this?

1. Shane, T-Bird, Troyzan and Carolyn


The disappointed dozen, the ticked-off twelve, call them what you will, throw these four into the game as wild-cards and let them get the revenge on CBS and the voters will know what they did wrong. You just know that Shane flew to Cambodia and tried to sneak on the beach, but what if Mark Burnett let him play. The alliance of the forgotten is my pick to win the season, other than #VoteVarner.

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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14 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Alliances We Need to See In Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance

  1. That number 1 pick left me crying of laughter. I love it

  2. Brilliant article! Hoping that Kass stirs up trouble all season long.

  3. While I agree Shane, Troyzan, and T-Bird should’ve been brought back I am not a Carolyn fan and think that your #1 spot is fictional because we KNOW THE FRIKIN’ CAST and as much as you (and me too for three of them) hate that these awesome players are not back, they are NOT BACK. 🙂

    Another alliance that no one would suspect that I think could be highly functional would be a “Blood vs Water” alliance — 5 people from 2 BvW seasons teaming up (Ciera, Vytas, Jeremy, Keith, and Kelley Wentworth)

  4. it seems no one would want to align with Kass, so not sure if she can survive through the 1st few tc?

  5. #dankmemes for my boy Tom Shembrey for such an amazing list.

  6. What is the premiere date in australia?

  7. I’d like to see a Stephen/Spencer/Jeremy alliance. Or maybe Terry & Savage.

  8. Actually #8 and #10 would be cool to see

  9. BiggestSurvivorfannz // September 19, 2015 at 1:47 pm // Reply

    Anyone know the premiere date for nz and what channel

  10. December 8th for anyone who still wants to know

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