The Amazing Race Oz-Mike and Rochelle Interview


In this special episode of The Amazing Race Oz we chat with Mike Dombrowski and Rochelle Nevedal, otherwise known as #TeamTruckStopLove, the fourth place finishers on The Amazing Race season 26!

In this interview Colin and Rossi chat with #TeamTruckStopLove about their time on the race. Find out how an audition years earlier for another CBS show started their audition process, how secretive the blind dating twist of the season was kept from the players, why Mike was told to not discuss his real profession on camera, Mike and that Ladyboy challenge, Rochelle owning the competition in the transmission Road Block, and how funny Phil Keoghan is in real life. We also get Mike and Rochelle’s initial impressions on the cast of the upcoming season 27!

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3 Comments on The Amazing Race Oz-Mike and Rochelle Interview

  1. Hi
    I am not sure where to direct my comment, it is in relation to your podcasts. I use Pocket casts to curate my podcasts and yours are not updating. Is that a your end problem or a Pocket cast problem?

    Thanks (in advance) for your help


    • Hey Tracy first of all if you want to email/contact us then please click the “contact us” button at the top right of our page for details how to reach out. Secondly when was the last time you updated the feed? Did you re-subscribe to our new feed we posted a few months back?

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