The Amazing Race Oz-US Season 27 Cast Preview Episode


The Amazing Race Oz returns to preview the new cast for The Amazing Race Season 27, premiering on the 25th of September.

The arzlets return to preview the upcoming season of The Amazing Race US. They discuss each of the eleven teams on the season, new twists introduced, who they like and don’t like as much and work out how much truck staring will be done this season. Strap in as another season of The Amazing Race gets running!

Download the episode by clicking the link below!

Make Sure to join us for the upcoming twelve weeks as we recap The Amazing Race US season 27! Read on for more info about the teams and the arzlet predictions.

Alex and Adam


Relationship: Cousins

Hashtag: The Cousins

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Alex – funny, a ladies man and courageous. Adam – dependable, lively and enthusiastic.

Favourite Hobbies: Alex – coaching, bowling and hiking. Adam – storm chasing, hiking and singing.

Predictions: Colin – 7th, Kristan – 11th, Rossi – 5th, Jarrod – 8th, Noah – 5th

Cindy and Rick


Relationship: Newlyweds

Hashtag: ChacAttack

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Cindy – fun-loving, hard-working and thoughtful. Rick – energetic, funny and smart.

Favourite Hobbies: Cindy – trying new cuisines, shopping and baking. Rick – driving, karaoke and photography.

Predictions: Colin – 3rd, Kristan – 8th, Rossi – 10th, Jarrod – 10th, Noah – 2nd

Denise and James


Relationship: Mother and Son

Hashtag: Team Alabama

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Denise – energetic, athletic and flirtatious. James – driven, compassionate and enthusiastic.

Favourite Hobbies: Denise – working out and watching Auburn football and movies. James – running, baking and watching movies.

Predictions: Colin – 8th, Kristan – 10th, Rossi – 7th, Jarrod – 9th, Noah – 10th

Ernest and Jin


Relationship: Brothers

Hashtag: The Dancers

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Ernest – unique, sexy and athletic. Jin – clever, calm and seductive.

Favourite Hobbies: Ernest – paintball, fitness and dance. Jin – parkour, video games and film-making.

Predictions: Colin – 6th, Kristan – 7th, Rossi – 8th, Jarrod – 6th, Noah – 7th

Jazmine and Danielle


Relationship: Best Friends/Athletes

Hashtag: The Track Stars

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Jazmine – outspoken, outgoing and high-maintenance. Danielle – funny/hilarious, outgoing and adventurous (technically 4 words but we’ll let that slide).

Favourite Hobbies: Jazmine – shopping, watching reality TV and working out. Danielle – shopping, watching reality TV and sleeping.

Predictions: Colin – 1st, Kristan – 3rd, Rossi – 3rd, Jarrod – 2nd, Noah – 6th

Justin and Diana


Relationship: Engaged

Hashtag: The Green Team

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Justin – passionate, loyal and straight-forward. Diana – go-getter, sensitive and passionate.

Favourite Hobbies: Justin – photography, video games and learning new skills. Diana – arts and crafts, reading and exploring new places.

Predictions: Colin – 2nd, Kristan – 1st, Rossi – 2nd, Jarrod – 7th, Noah – 8th

Kelly and Shevonne


Relationship: Co-Workers

Hashtag: Team TMZ

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Kelly – loud, funny and high-energy. Shevonne – blunt, loyal and funny.

Favourite Hobbies: Kelly – computers, news and cooking. Shevonne – exercising, reading/talking about TV and socialising.

Predictions: Colin – 4th, Kristan – 9th, Rossi – 11th, Jarrod – 11th, Noah – 11th

Kelsey and Joey


Relationship: Dating News Anchors

Hashtag: The Reporters

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Kelsey – adventure seeker, competitive and over-achiever (again we could impose a 2 hour penalty here but we’ll let it be). Joey – funny, street-smart and quick.

Favourite Hobbies: Kelsey – traveling, scuba diving and food and wine tasting. Joey – golf, reading and working out.

Predictions: Colin – 9th, Kristan – 5th, Rossi – 1st, Jarrod – 1st, Noah – 4th

Logan and Chris


Relationship: Dating Paparazzi

Hashtag: The Paparazzi

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Logan – creative, strong-willed and cute. Chris – competitive, creative and assertive.

Favourite Hobbies: Logan – traveling, snorkeling, paddle boarding and visiting art museums. Chris – music research/appreciation, collecting vintage mid-century objects and photography.

Predictions: Colin – 10th, Kristan – 6th, Rossi – 6th, Jarrod – 4th, Noah – 9th

Tanner and Josh


Relationship: Best Friends

Hashtag: Team Texas

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Tanner – thoughtful, competitive and humble. Josh – confident, competitive and charismatic.

Favourite Hobbies: Tanner – playing/watching sports, being on the lake/ocean and exploring. Josh – church, sports and movies.

Predictions: Colin – 5th, Kristan – 4th, Rossi – 4th, Jarrod – 3rd, Noah – 1st

Tiffany and Krista


Relationship: Friends / Former Cheerleaders

Hashtag: The Cheerleaders

3 Words to Describe Yourself: Tiffany – outgoing, adventurous and passionate. Krista – determined, beyond outgoing and witty/sarcastic (the biggest breach of the 3 word rule so far, tisk tisk).

Favourite Hobbies: Tiffany – dancing, fitness/working out and hair extensions. Krista – dancing, fitness/working out and reading/puzzles.

Predictions: Colin – 11th, Kristan – 2nd, Rossi – 9th, Jarrod – 5th, Noah – 3rd

So there you have the 11 teams that will be racing around the world. Let us know your pre-season favourites and how you think the teams will fare.

To recap our predictions here they are:

Colin’s Predictions


  1. Jazmine and Danielle
  2. Justin and Diana
  3. Cindy and Rick
  4. Kelly and Shevonne
  5. Tanner and Josh
  6. Ernest and Jin
  7. Alex and Adam
  8. Denise and James
  9. Kelsey and Joey
  10. Logan and Chris
  11. Tiffany and Krista

Kristan’s Predictions

  1. Justin and Diana
  2. Tiffany and Krista
  3. Jazmine and Danielle
  4. Tanner and Josh
  5. Kelsey and Joey
  6. Logan and Chris
  7. Ernest and Jin
  8. Cindy and Rick
  9. Kelly and Shevonne
  10. Denise and James
  11. Alex and Adam

Rossi’s Predictions

  1. Kelsey and Joey
  2. Justin and Diana
  3. Jazmine and Danielle
  4. Tanner and Josh
  5. Alex and Adam
  6. Logan and Chris
  7. Denise and James
  8. Ernest and Jin
  9. Tiffany and Krista
  10. Cindy and Rick
  11. Kelly and Shevonne

Jarrod’s Predictions

  1. Kelsey and Joey
  2. Jazmine and Danielle
  3. Tanner and Josh
  4. Logan and Chris
  5. Krista and Tiffany
  6. Ernest and Jin
  7. Justin and Diana
  8. Alex and Adam
  9. Denise and James
  10. Cindy and Rick
  11. Kelly and Shevonne

Noah’s Predictions

  1. Tanner and Josh
  2. Cindy and Rick
  3. Tiffany and Krista
  4. Kelsey and Joey
  5. Alex and Adam
  6. Jazmine and Danielle
  7. Ernest and Jin
  8. Justin and Diana
  9. Logan and Chris
  10. Denise and James
  11. Kelly and Shevonne

Listen to the podcast, get excited, the race premieres on the 25th of September!


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