Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings – Pre Game


For the 31st season of Cambodia we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Noah are joined by Ozlets Colin & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We start things off with our pre-game rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks season premiere!


Each week Ben, Noah, Colin & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into two tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two/three should there be a tribe dissolve).


Once again during Cambodia we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets their ranking for the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Ben Waterworth 0
= Noah Groves 0
= Colin Hilding 0
= Jarrod Loobeek 0


1st – Monica


OVERALL: 1st (-)

BEN: “One of the main ‘huh’ choices in returning, I actually am a tad excited to see her play given the fun interview I had with her before this season and also how she will go when surely she can actually get an edit this time and not be overshadowed by a certain Hantz. Returning player seasons have a habit of thrusting the ‘huh’ choices into bigger players (Amber, Parvati) and that will be a huge plus for her because ask yourself the question: who the hell is going to target Monica early on? She was my tip to win, but I swapped it last moment and put her as the runner-up. Bring it on Monica!”

NOAH: “Like Ciera, Monica fits the mould so well of past all-star winners Amber and Parvati, hence why she is my winner pick of this season. She proved in Samoa that she does have an ounce of strategy which coupled with being the most under the radar player on the season could prove a deadly mix. However this is a savvy cast and they may take note of past trends and identify Monica as a target in the game so she just misses out on the number 1 spot. Monica is definitely a contender though.”

COLIN: “If one wants to be super analytical, the odds of Monica winning are very high based on the type of under the radar players who won previous seasons. There is probably some truth to this as paranoia, back stabbing, and strategic steroid players fill all-star seasons. I also think Monica is smart enough to play everyone out there without them realizing it. It will all come down to whether or not she can play a jury after slitting their throats.”

JARROD: “The only thing potentially going against Monica is her lack of challenge strength but apart from that she comes in with a perfect position to make it far in this game. She’s not a major threat or target and she also blends into the group between old school and new school, though definitely with more modern Survivor experience than others in that band. Unless she hopelessly underperforms in an early challenge or has a catastrophic start to the game she should be safe during the pre-merge portion of the game.”

2nd – Jeremy


OVERALL: 2nd (-)

BEN: “Love Jeremy to bits, he was my tip to finish runner-up to his wife Val in SJDS and was devo when he was voted out. I think he is going to come back super strong this season and play a different game, but one that I feel could cause friction along the way. I can see him running the show and going all the way to the end, but sadly I feel as though it might not be a fairy-tale finish and a jury could be against him when it comes to voting for him to win. You’ll hear me say this a lot during these predictions but again, I hope I’m wrong.”

NOAH: “Jeremy isn’t my winner pick but overall I feel he has potential to be one of if not the strongest players on this season. Initially I felt he kept blaming others for his mistakes but it appears he has learnt from his mistakes and without Val to worry about he will likely learn on his second chance. He is physical but not a threat to win the challenges, he is strategic but not over the top like others on the season and he was very well liked on his season. All the qualities needed to do well on Survivor. He was a threat on his initial season but with these 19 players he is in a better position. If he makes the end he will likely win but depending who is left in the game he could be taken out before/just after the merge.”

COLIN: “I thought he could go all the way in San Juan Del Sur and was wrong. I’m thinking pretty much the same thing this time around. Hopefully my faith in Jeremy isn’t what cursed him. His knowledge of the game is off the charts, which doesn’t necessarily matter with this kind of competition, but it could help in the first phase of the game. What will get Jeremy to the end is his competitiveness. I don’t think anyone else out there is as naturally competitive as Jeremy is. Even though he fell on the wrong side of the vote last time, the fact remains that Jeremy is spectacular at forming a solid and loyal alliance.”

JARROD: “Jeremy should be a strong asset to the Bayon tribe early in the game and I don’t see him having any problems forming an alliance amongst the group. He proved in SJDS that he’s comfortable working with both the men and women and will likely try to surround himself with the more physical players this time around. I’d be shocked if Jeremy was on the chopping block early in the game.”

3rd – Ciera


OVERALL: 4th (-)
BEN RANK: 10th

BEN: “Ciera has always been just an average player to me, I don’t see the big deal behind her game in BvW but I do personally like her. I think she’ll be able to float under the radar a bit this season as I can’t really see people targeting her over some of the other players. If she can play a similar game to her first season of staying out of trouble and then trying to align with a power group, she could go deep. Middle of the road I say.”

NOAH: “Ciera fits that perfect mould of young returning females similar to Amber, Parvati or Andrea. We got to see Ciera evolve as a player throughout Blood vs Water so she no doubt has learnt a lot in how to play the game. She also fits in with the younger crowd and has past ties to both Vytas and Monica. Ciera could easily win the game but doesn’t take the top spot here because she could still be perceived as a huge threat for voting out her mum, proving that she will make risky and big decisions in the game.” 

COLIN: “Even though she’s most well-known for voting out her own mother, her reasons for doing so all came down to showing loyalty to her alliance. Loyalty will keep her alive in the game, and social awareness will do her even better. Ciera should be able to read the other players well, and she’s obviously not afraid to make a big move. She has all the makings of a winner with the exception of physical performance in challenges. I have a feeling her strengths will far outweigh her weaknesses.”

JARROD: “Ciera is somebody I feel got lucky with her tribe placement on Bayon. While Ciera is no slouch in challenges she’s definitely one of the weaker females this season but should benefit from having the majority of the less physical females on her tribe. While Ciera probably has somewhat of a target due to being seen as having ties to Vytas and Monica, she’s already played a season with returning players so she knows what it’s like to play an amped up game. Was a great social player in Blood vs. Water so she shouldn’t have any problems bonding with the rest of her tribe.”

4th – Savage


OVERALL: 5th (-)

BEN: “Oh Savage. So great to finally see him make a return and somebody out of the ‘big 3’ from Pearl Islands get another chance. So much has been said about his game first time around and whether or not he was ‘robbed’ of a deeper finish. Now is the time for him to show just how good he can be at the game and I think he will be able to do that. Sadly I don’t see it in his personality to be as cutthroat as some of the other players and I think his loyalty will hurt him.”

NOAH: “If Savage can get together in an alliance then he should be able to have success in the game. Like Terry he is good at challenges but is much older now and not as much of a threat as some of these other challenge performers. Savage is extremely loyal which could be his downfall but could also be the thing that gets him deep into the game. If he made it to the final tribal council then he could earn enough jury votes to win.”

COLIN: “I think Savage has spent a lot of time contemplating what went wrong in Pearl Islands and what he could do differently. Pre-game interviews don’t necessarily show him as being that into the game though, which could be a problem with the competition he’s up against. Savage won’t be one of those to make the same mistakes again. He’ll probably avoid the leadership role and work hard to stay on the good side of his tribe mates. Unfortunately I don’t see him forming strong enough bonds to keep him to the merge. He’ll be this season’s Tom Westman.”

JARROD: “While Savage will no doubt be disappointed to not see Terry or Varner on his tribe, he shouldn’t have any problems forming links with the other members of Bayon. Given his past experiences in the game I think Savage is going to keep every door open when it comes to alliances and will be overly cautious in making people feel included. Could definitely bro down with Jeremy and Joe and I see him getting along with Tasha as well. Shouldn’t be an immediate target and could very well be a leading force on the Bayon tribe.”

5th – Tasha


OVERALL: 8th (-)
BEN RANK: 13th

BEN: “Was a massive Tasha fan during the first time I saw Cagayan and have to admit lost a bit of that fandom for her on a re-watch. Having said that, I don’t dislike her and would love to see her go deep into the game. I don’t see it happening though sadly and I think she’ll be perceived as a physical threat heading into the merge which will be her downfall.”

NOAH: “I don’t know if I am overestimating Tasha here but I can definitely see her doing as well as she did in her first time around. There are so many threats on this season that if she doesn’t go overboard then she can probably ride the game for a while. Being a part of the Cagayan four will hinder her but she is by no means on the radar as Spencer and Kass will be. Challenge prowess could once again help Tasha.”

COLIN: “If anyone from Cagayan can survive to the end it is Tasha. She’s not abrasive like Kass, she’s not wishy washy like Woo, and she’s doesn’t have a massive target like Spencer. If things go her way and she makes it as far as I think she can the rest of the players will be fools for letting her get there. Tasha is a much bigger threat to win than anyone else from her season. She’s just lucky enough to have had a subtler edit than her former tribe mates. Having said that, if anyone catches on to her strengths she could be gone.”

JARROD: “Luckily for Tasha I don’t think people will have any problem wanting to talk strategy this season, so she shouldn’t get frustrated by that. Tasha has proven herself to be adept at the social, strategic and physical components of the game and could easily do well this season. I only place her this low because of the Cagayan Four target on her back. However if that season is targeted immediately, I don’t think Tasha is the obvious boot from that bunch.”

6th – Stephen


OVERALL: 12th (-)

BEN: “See above for Spencer, but the difference is I think Stephen is a smarter player to be able to ride through some tough times and make it far. Stephen could easily go two ways. I can actually see him being targeted early given his profession basically sees him talking and analysing the show weekly and he for sure has said some negative things about several of his cast members which I’m sure they won’t forget. But Stephen is a smart and nice guy and let me just say again that he is SMART. So I can definitely see him going deep, I could even see him winning potentially as well. This time I don’t think he will.”

NOAH: “Stephen’s stigma comes from his Survivor writing and hosting on Rob Has a Podcast which has built him up as a “know it all.” Based purely off his looks and his past season, Stephen will be perceived as a super smart and strategy savvy player. While Stephen has this target on his back, he is nowhere near the threat of some of these other players on the season. Stephen could surprise us and do well but I imagine it is unlikely he will win.”

COLIN: “If I had to pick one player with a huge target based only on strategic game it would be Stephen. He will have strong ties to most of the players from pre-game interactions, and that will keep him around for a while. As it gets closer to the end of the game everyone will want to take him out. I for one hope I’m wrong as I’m dying to see him turn around his final tribal from Tocantins.”

JARROD: “While I think Stephen has plenty of potential avenues for alliances on the Bayon tribe, he comes into the game with a huge target based on his extensive game knowledge and renown amongst the Survivor community. Lots of the other players understandably don’t want to let him get any traction in the game and the easiest way to prevent that would be to vote him off at their first opportunity.”

7th – Keith


OVERALL: 15th (-)
BEN RANK: 16th

BEN: “KEITH IS BACK! Oh so happy to see him! How can you not like Keith? The guy is one of the biggest characters this game has ever seen and one of the funniest and nicest guys you will ever meet. His game didn’t get a whole lot of respect first time around and being on a tribe with Jeremy to start will hurt him to no end as i feel Jeremy will definitely target him early. If Bayon can win a few challenges at the start and he can stick around, I see Keith going very deep as I think nobody will perceive him as a threat at all. However given that I think Bayon will lose a few challenges at the start, I sadly think he will be an early target and won’t make it far. Again, I hope I’m wrong.”

NOAH: “Keith is hands down my favourite player on this season. I think he has the potential to do better than a lot of people are giving him credit for but he still has a lot to overcome. His lack of strategy can hurt him and these all-star players might avoid him in case of ‘stick to the plan 2.0.’ Being on the same tribe as Jeremy could also be his downfall. Keith could slide under the radar and make it deep into the game though.”

COLIN: “I would love to see Keith go far, and he’s strong enough in challenges to be an asset, but this time around most of the players are just as strong. Numbers will be very important early in the game, and Keith just isn’t the type of guy someone would jump to align with.”

JARROD: “Although the Cagayan Four are a big talking point, the San Juan del Sur three seem to be flying under the radar pregame. The big question mark with Keith is whether Jeremy will be out to get him right out of the gate or if he’ll bury the hatchet. While the other players may be concerned Keith could once again ruin a plan, I think the smart players will realise he’s very likely to play a similar game and look for guidance when it comes to strategy. I think we can expect the same old Keith just a little tighter lipped at tribal council this time.”

8th – Joe


OVERALL: 17th (-)
BEN RANK: 11th

BEN: “Joe is hot. Yes he is. And I honestly think that’s the only reason he is back. Not to take away from Joe, he seems like a nice dude and I actually started to really warm to him towards when he got voted out in WA. However I just can’t see a scenario where he can win this game. He is too much like an Ozzy who is great at physical challenges but I can see him being ‘clicky’ with a small group of people that will alienate him from the rest.”

NOAH: “Like Shirin, coming just off the previous season will probably hurt Joe’s chance. He has that ‘golden boy’ title attached to him and was perceived as a huge threat before the cast left for Cambodia. His challenge prowess probably will allow him to make it near the merge but Joe won’t make it deep in the game and is unlikely to win.”

COLIN: “I’m in the camp that believe Joe showed a lot of promise in his strategic game last season, but this season will be all about taking out the biggest targets. Nobody comes into this game with a bigger target when it comes to the physical game as Joe. The rest of these players would be fools to let him anywhere near individual immunity, so I see him going pre-merge as a pre-emptive strike.”

JARROD: “I think Joe is going to be the most vulnerable at the first tribal council he attends and right before the merge. Unfortunately for Joe with lots of players going into the game expecting twists and swaps along the way, there’s less importance placed on keeping the tribe strong. Joe proved that he can work well with both men and women in Worlds Apart and if he’s given the opportunity he could very well secure himself in an alliance for the pre-merge portion of the game.”

9th – Kimmi


OVERALL: 18th (-)
BEN RANK: 15th

BEN: “There is just so much to get excited about this cast and again to see Kimmi back is just so exciting! I love Kimmi, and I never in a million years thought she would be back to play again! I think that a lot of people may forget about her time in AO which could help her but I also feel her personality again may get the better of her and clash with other players. I hope (again) that I’m wrong but I sadly don’t see her making it too far.”

NOAH: “I am ecstatic that Kimmi Kappenberg is returning to Survivor after all this time. To me it can either go two ways for her. Kimmi will either be a very early boot or will make it very deep into the game. It is unlikely there will be a middle ground. Even if she makes it far, I don’t believe Kimmi could ever win the game of Survivor. It is difficult to gauge as Kimmi is a completely different person compared to 14 years ago.”

COLIN: “I’m not sensing Kimmi is going to be any different this time around as she was 14 years ago. She’ll probably have a little more tact which could help in building relations, but I don’t hold a lot of hope for strong alliances in the early stages of the game.”

JARROD: “Although challenge liabilities aren’t immediate targets in All Star seasons, losing females first in both other all returnee seasons doesn’t set a good precedent for Kimmi. While Kelly Wiglesworth may be able to pool on her athletic prowess to make up for her time away from the game, I’m not sure Kimmi will be able to easily integrate with the complex game that Survivor has become. If she’s argumentative like in the Australian Outback she could be out quick smart.”

10th – Kass


OVERALL: 20th (-)
BEN RANK: 20th

BEN: “Oh Kass. Love you to bits. And so happy to see you back as there was no way in hell you were never ever not going to play this game again. But the sad thing is I feel she comes into this game with too much of a stigma against her to really have a shot at winning which is so sad. I think if Bayon can survive a few challenges she has the potential to hang around for a bit just as somebody might use her as a ‘goat’, but I think it won’t happen because Kass wouldn’t let it and I see Bayon losing the first challenge. That will spell doom then for my favourite chaos player.”

NOAH: “Kass is fantastic television but I just can’t see her doing well, even if she does make it deep in the game. She has a massive stigma attached to her from her original cast plus she is a part of the Cagayan four. Kass could make it deep with some luck on tribe divisions but there is no way she can win the game.”

COLIN: “It would be so easy to put Kass at the very bottom, but there is a slight chance that she either survives by being on a stronger tribe. It’s also possible that some player will have the idea that Kass would make a great goat, which only makes sense until she cuts your throat because the mood strikes her.”

JARROD: “This returning players season there feels like there’s more on the line than ever and unfortunately I can’t see Kass sticking around for long. No matter how she tries to explain her moves in Cagayan, it’s clear that nobody finds her trustworthy and she’s viewed as an erratic player. If Bayon lose, a Kass boot would probably be the easiest vote to orchestrate, particularly with the losing tribe going straight from the challenge to tribal council. Hopefully I’m completely wrong and we get to see plenty of Chaos Kass in Cambodia!”


1st – Kelley


OVERALL: 3rd (-)

BEN: “Love me some Kelley, one of the most underrated players and characters from the gem that was SJDS and I am so happy she is back. A lot of people say she is a ‘wtf’ choice to return but I don’t. I think on a non-BvW season she would’ve had every chance to go all the way and right now I think this is her chance to prove it. I see her working in the long run with Jeremy again and I really see her not being a target and being able to control things and get on people’s side throughout the game. Right now I’m calling it, this is your winner of Cambodia.”

NOAH: “Who is ever going to be targeting Kelley to be going home? She was voted out fifth on her season and was barely shown throughout. That also makes it hard to gauge how Kelley will do because while she won’t be a target to go home we also don’t know how she will play as we barely saw what she did in San Juan Del Sur. Unless she is screwed over by a tribe swap then Kelley should make the merge but then the question is whether or not she will be a strong player for the win.”

COLIN: “Half of the people out there think Kelley is over rated and half of the people think she is under rated. How anyone can come to either conclusion boggles my mind because we saw so little of her in San Juan Del Sur. Kelley certainly has the reputation outside of the game to be a major fan and expert on the game, which is pretty much a none factor on an all-star season. What will help her is having a lower profile going in many of the heavyweights like Spencer, Kass or Stephen. If she can go under the radar Kelley could win this game, but chances are she’ll become a major target at some point.”

JARROD: “While I don’t foresee Kelley Wentworth leading an alliance early on, I think her personality is naturally going to draw people into working with her. She’s not going to be viewed as a threat early on and shouldn’t get on people’s nerves. She’ll be decent enough in challenges to fly under the radar and she’s not going to stick with people who could get her in trouble. I’d be absolutely shocked if she was brought up as a potential boot in the first couple of episodes.”

2nd – Varner


OVERALL: 6th (-)

BEN: “Oh god, I can’t believe I’m writing a pre-season prediction about Jeff fucking Varner! I have the biggest smile on my face! Jeff is just awesome. Who out there doesn’t like Jeff??! Given AO is the season I have probably seen the most I just love everyone on that season and Varner has always been one of my favourites. I see a lot of people predicting he will win and I can see it. I definitely can see Jeff Varner winning this game. He is an underrated player and played a great game first time out. I just don’t know if his style of game will get him to the end and I can see a blindside taking him out before the game gets to the pointy end. I do see him at least making the jury this time around (and what a great jury speech he will give) but again, I hope I’m wrong because Varner at FTC would be one of the greatest things ever.”

NOAH: “I am so excited to see Varner play this game. However I am hesitant to put him too high in the list as I fear he may play too hard in the game, something that could bite him in the arse. Having a pre-game alliance with almost everyone in the game could also hinder his chances but on the flipside could take him deep. I am not sure if he can win the game but am confident he will be a big character and player no matter where he finishes.”

COLIN: “I am so happy Varner is back. Now time to say that with caps. I AM SO HAPPY VARNER IS BACK! Despite his first game being kind of villainous, Varner is so charismatic and likeable that he can get away with almost anything. I think he will also have the strongest social game of the season. Varner should be a huge target, but I have a feeling his charm will get him by. If he doesn’t win I will cry. I’m preparing for that as I fear he’ll be taken out right before the end.”

JARROD: “Varner seems to be the player who has the most pregame alliances formed (or at least the most open to talking about them).  I’ve placed him at 10th because that could either set him up well or get him into a lot of trouble quickly. It’ll be interesting to see if Jeff’s obvious passion for the game can translate into solid gameplay. I’m concerned Jeff might play too hard too fast, although the amount of links he has could keep him safe throughout any swaps or twists.”

3rd – Terry


OVERALL: 7th (-)
BEN RANK: 14th

BEN: “FINALLY TERRY IS BACK! How long have we waited and waited and waited for this day to come! So happy for Mr Deitz! One of the biggest physical threats the game has ever seen, it will be interesting to see how he lives up to the stigma he has against him based on his past. Still in great shape, I think he can still be a force in challenges. However I’m not sure if he will be able to click as much with the other players as his social game was a bit of negative for him during Panama. Hope I am wrong with his finishing position because he is one player who would deserve the win.”

NOAH: “Terry is one of the most dominate challenge performers of all time but it has been almost ten years since his season took place. He could become a threat but probably will have less time in the spotlight than someone like Joe. Provided he can nail the strategy aspect of the game I don’t find it unrealistic that he could win.”

COLIN: “When a large gap occurs in between contestant seasons the assumption could be made that old school challenge beasts will suffer from Superman-In-A-Fat-Suit syndrome. I firmly believe Terry will be the exception to that. I’d love to see him be just as strong in challenges. Whether that happens or not that is Terry’s reputation and there will always be the fear that he could go on a run to the finals. If one thing about Terry has changed I think it will be his social game. If his best days of physicality are behind him he could reinvent himself as the likeable Dad character of the season.”

JARROD: “Terry definitely has the feeling of being a fatherly figure among the Ta Keo tribe and I think that will serve him well during the early portion of the game. Could become a threat as the merge approaches but should be helpful in the challenges early on and will most likely be viewed as a loyal ally and not a strategic threat.”

4th – Kelly


OVERALL: 9th (-)

BEN: “Words cannot express the joy and happiness inside of me to see Kelly Wiglesworth back. Can I just say those words again? KELLY WIGLESWORTH IS BACK! Did you ever think that would happen? WILL IT HAS HAPPENED AND SHE IS BACK! Sorry, tad excited! I think that the ‘old school’ factor of her will help her survive into the merge and I really can’t see too many people targeting her at the beginning. I almost think some people will play in awe of her given her status in the game. Having said that, I also don’t see her coming out and being able to pull strings in the way some people will. The game has developed a lot since her time on the show and I will be fascinated to see how she can adapt to those changes. She is the one person I hope I am well and truly wrong about, but I sadly can’t see her going much deeper than early to mid-jury.”

NOAH: “One can hope that she will be just as strong in challenges as she was 15 years ago, but that’s very unlikely. She won’t be plagued by her original season’s reputation as a player like Varner, which works in her favour. The down side to Kelly is being so far removed from the rest of the cast over the years. Pre game alliances will come into play, and Kelly is the one player it can almost be guaranteed has none.”

COLIN: “The player I am probably most excited to see playing on this season. Kelly is such a wild card hence why she is in the middle of the rankings. She will more than likely be a completely new player this time around and it makes it difficult to grasp how she will do. She has potential but could fall completely flat.”

JARROD: “I’m so excited to see Wiglesworth play this game as given that she hasn’t had anything to do with Survivor since Borneo, she comes in almost as if a brand new player. I see Kelly having a hard time betraying alliances she’s a part of which could play to her advantage early in the game as these alliances form. Unfortunately for Kelly I feel the closer she gets to the end, the bigger a threat she becomes simply because the original runner-up winning the 31st season would be such a powerful storyline that I don’t think anybody wants to take her to the end.”

5th – Peih-Gee


OVERALL: 10th (-)
BEN RANK: 18th

BEN: “I sound like a broken down record but I LOVE Peih-Gee and given I feel anyone from China could return and I would be happy it makes me happy to see her season getting a bit more love outside the Amanda/James/Courtney click (although Todd still needs to come back pronto). She was a hugely underrated player first time around and if she can not piss people off she can easily go very deep into this game and possibly even win it. However I think she will clash early with some people on her tribe and that will hurt her, so sadly I have to put her as an early boot.”

NOAH: “Maybe I am overestimating Peih-Gee but I think she will do well. I don’t know if she can win but she doesn’t seem to be a threat to early. She could slide through to the merge and has a decent grasp on strategy. Providing she can get in a strong alliance and not piss people off then she can do some damage in the game.”

COLIN: “Cambodia will be the season of the scrappers. That’s what Peih Gee did best before, and that’s what I hope she does this time around. It’s not a skill someone can lose. She’s sure to improve her social game, but my only question is whether her strategic game will be strong enough. Peih Gee could easily get on the right side of the numbers and stay there. Sadly I don’t see her as being strong enough strategically to make it to the end.”

JARROD: “To me Peih-Gee feels like a player who’s really up for grabs when it comes to alliances. She could very easily fall into being a swing vote as she doesn’t really fit into the new or old school family. Provided she’s not indecisive I can see Peih-Gee setting herself up well in the early portion of the game while bringing back the scrappiness we saw in China if need be.”

6th – Vytas


OVERALL: 11th (-)

BEN: “Vytas was my pick to win BvW and I similarly think he can go very deep in this game. He just has something about him that people seem to connect with. He seems like a nice, charming guy and he is very very smart and cunning which can help him. And again, who will target Vytas? I see a possibly Tyson 2.0 with him, but I also think he will get canned right at the death and will just miss out on the FTC. Having said that, wouldn’t surprise me at all if he won.”

NOAH: “Almost all of the pre-season interviews have had the other cast members labelling Vytas as a huge threat who needs to go early. Vytas is probably viewed as a major strategic threat and could be in danger early. However he does have ties with Ciera and perhaps Monica by association so if tribe division luck works out for him then he could make it deep. Vytas is unlikely to win the game.”

COLIN: “I am envious of his social skills. He can own a person in a debate without even trying. Vytas is a smooth enough talker that he can go very far even if he tanks every challenge. This could also work against him though. If just one person gets nervous about going up against him in a final tribal he’ll be cut out of the picture quickly.”

JARROD: “While I think Vytas has the potential to do very well in the game, I feel his gameplay from Blood vs. Water could put him in the firing line. While other players come into the game trying to correct major flaws from their first appearance, Vytas has proven himself to be a very quick thinker and smooth talker but I’m not sure those attributes will be able to brainwash a more cautious game aware cast. Vytas does have the benefit of having links to both the new and old school players based on the recency of his season and the Aras connection with Terry, so provided he doesn’t get caught between those potential lines he could make it far.”

7th – Woo


OVERALL: 13th (-)

BEN: “Woo was on Cagayan. He is back. Joy.”

NOAH: ““WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR WOO!?”-Rupert Boneham. Woo is probably not going to be a threat in this early game and can probably slide through deep into the game. He doesn’t have a strong social or strategic game so may have to rely on luck and physical ability to help him in the game. Even if Woo makes it deep it is unlikely he will win.”

COLIN: “Strength will be important in the immunity challenges, but in an all-star season strength in numbers will be WAY more important, and Woo is as wishy washy as they come. His challenge performance won’t carry him very far.”

JARROD: “While Woo will always cop flak for his move to bring Tony with him to the end, it should stand him in good stead going into this season because he’s proven just how important a sense of morality is to his game. He could easily be swept up by another “Tony-esque” figure and be used as a loyal alliance member for the duration of the game. He’s also useful in challenges but not the biggest threat, so that should add to his stock during the pre-merge portion of the game.”

8th – Spencer


OVERALL: 14th (-)
BEN RANK: 12th

BEN: ”Love Spencer, a super nice guy and a very unlucky player. I think he will change up a great deal coming into this season and I feel he is a player who will have a lot of pre-game alliances in place. Having said that, pre-game alliances rarely work and I think he will be on the wrong side of a switch or an alliance flip that will hurt him. I tossed and turned over whether he or Stephen would be the higher finisher, and sadly for Spencer, Stephen won the toss.”

NOAH: “Spencer, like Stephen has that reputation of being a super fan of the game and a big strategic player. However compared to Stephen, Spencer has the disadvantage of being on a recent season and is fresh in every players mind. This will prove challenging for him, not to mention being a part of the Cagayan four. While Spencer is a huge threat he does have a lot of friends and could work against the odds to do well. I think it is unlikely but Spencer does have a potential chance of winning the game.”

COLIN: “He’s smart enough to get far into the game, but he already has a massive target on his back, maybe one of the largest targets of any player this season. That’s kind of odd because his game in Cagayan was not that strong. I’m a huge fan of Spencer as a character, but even he knows he made a ton of mistakes. His mistake is not being able to read people, and it’s not something easily learned in a short period of time.”

JARROD: “It’s clear being one of four Cagayan returnees isn’t doing Spencer any favours going into this season, amplifying the already visible target on his back. Add to that his image as a loveable underdog and student of the game and Spencer’s second chance could be very short lived.”

9th – Abi-Maria


OVERALL: 16th (-)
BEN RANK: 17th

BEN: “My pony! I have money riding on her which makes me nervous. I love Abi, she is a great character and a tad underrated as a player and I personally love having her on the show whenever we have had her on. I just don’t think she can make it far sadly. If Ta Keo lose first I for sure see her as a potential first boot. I don’t think they will lose first, but I don’t think she’ll last too long as much as I hate to say that. I hope I’m wrong.”

NOAH: “Abi Maria has that past season stigma that Kass and Shirin have. She was perceived as annoying and as a huge villain and will thus have a lot to overcome. If Abi plays the same a second time she is not long for the game or if she makes it deep then she won’t win. However you can’t rule her out completely as she is adamant that she is a new player and she seems to have a good relationship in the Survivor community outside of playing.”

COLIN: “Pre game Abi Maria seems calmer, friendlier and wanting to change the public perception of her from her original season. I see her either going right back into Philippines mode and being an easy first target, or perhaps being a newer softer person and also being an easy first target.”

JARROD: “Originally Abi-Maria was a lot lower on my list but I thought about it some more and I think there’s a whole lot of players out there looking to have a fun time that would get on well with her. While Abi is viewed as a villain, that’s more so based on her personality than gameplay because with the exception of RC, she stuck firm with the Tandang tribe in Philippines. I think we’ll see a much more reserved player this time around that has the potential to make it incredibly far.”

10th – Shirin


OVERALL: 19th (-)
BEN RANK: 19th

BEN: “I fucking loved Shirin pre-game on WA but have gone off her after her season. She has a huge fan-base and it’s easy to see why she is back, but I think it’s way too soon for her to return after everything that happened and it will hurt her in the game. If Ta Keo lose first, I say she is the first boot. Given I think they won’t lose first, she’ll be second boot.”

NOAH: “Much like Kass, Shirin’s original game could hurt her chances increasingly in the game. She has the stigma just like Kass and was such a talking point shrouded in drama at the reunion. No doubt people will remember he boasting about being a millionaire. Shirin could surprise all of us and rebirth as a new player but even if she does, she won’t win the game. She probably would have had a better chance if she came back in four or five seasons.”

COLIN: “I’m very torn on Shirin, as I think her knowledge of the game could carry her very far. She was partly a target last time because she was too big of a fan and had too much knowledge. That won’t be an issue this time as most of the players are on the same level if not higher. What it will come down to is whether or not Shirin is as annoying as many found her in World’s Apart. The majority of this season’s players could love her, but all it takes is her rubbing a handful of people the wrong way and she’s done.”

JARROD: “Shirin falls into a similar basket as Kimmi in that she’s not a real challenge asset and could be viewed as annoying early on. Her game in Worlds Apart is fresh in everybody else’s minds and that could really benefit or hinder her game depending on premade judgements about her character. While other players’ superfan status will probably hinder them, I think Shirin’s vast knowledge of past seasons and players could prove to be a real bonus and allow her to make key quick bonds with both her old school and new school tribemates.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the first episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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