Tom Shembrey Ozlet Introduction Interview


Well we announced our new Ozlets last month so it’s finally time to start hearing from some of them! The first one you are going to meet today is Tom Shembrey from Geelong in Australia as he details a wide variety of stuff about learning about Survivor and keeping up to date with everything to do with Survivor Oz!

Tom talks about how he discovered the show and how he has managed to catch up to all the seasons in such a short amount of time, his love for Malcolm and Tony, how he managed to avoid spoilers and stay surprised during some of the earlier seasons as well as making sure Ben is on his best behaviour in the interview and bringing back some classic Survivor Oz hashtags!

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1 Comment on Tom Shembrey Ozlet Introduction Interview

  1. RB Liljestrom // September 28, 2015 at 2:39 am // Reply

    Ben you need to put this little fucker on the Ozcaps. He’s articulate for a kid and he has a million dollar voice. Tom if you read this get the fuck out of Geelong and move to the states. Study American Football and pursue your journalism degree. Americans are suckers for Australians and Brits. Gordon Ramsey, David Faherty, Curtis Stone, Simon Cowell… Currently nobody has filled this niche in the largest market of all the NFL. I’ll bust your balls later about that “selfie right before death” photo of yours. Welcome aboard kid.

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