Tyler Fredrickson Interview


Tyler Fredrickson was one of the stars of Worlds Apart when it came to players that looked likely to win the game. For large portions of the 30th season he was many peoples pick to go all the way, and it wasn’t too long till his fellow castaways also saw the threat which would ultimately lead to his vote out. But just how close did he think he came to winning? How close was he to Carolyn and did it hurt to be voted out? And do NFL and Survivor fans compare in anyway? Click the link below to find out!


Starting off strong on the white collar tribe, Tyler worked closely with Carolyn into the merge where he was soon perceived as a threat and voted out to join the jury.

In our chat with Tyler he talks about getting on the show and how close he nearly came to being on another season, his take on the twist at the beginning on the game and why he could’ve been on any of the tribes, the scenes that were never shown with him between his visits to tribal council, spilling the beans on the auction and why he didn’t bid for the advantage as well as the amazing things he has been up to since his season and talking about season 31.

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