Nina Poersch Interview


Nina Poersch may not have lasted as long as she would’ve liked on the 30th season of Worlds Apart but she did make a significant impact on the early parts of the game. Struggling to get a grip on various aspects of the game, she was unable to get into the majority alliance on the No Collar tribe which would ultimately be her downfall. But in an entertaining interview Nina goes into detail about her time on the show which is sure to give people some great insights into her game.

survivor (4)

Nina struggled from the beginning on the no collar tribe and found herself a target early on and was the second no collar player voted out of the game.

In our chat with Nina she talks about how Natalie Tenerelli helped get her on the show, why she could’ve easily been on White Collar instead of No Collar, her relationship with Joe and Jenn and what was said to her by them during the game, catching up with other players to watch the premiere of Cambodia as well as giving a controversial choice for her least favourite winner and which player she wished she could’ve played with from the first day.

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