Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 1


For the 31st season of Cambodia we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Noah are joined by Ozlets Colin & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 1 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Noah, Colin & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into two tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two/three should there be a tribe dissolve).


Once again during Cambodia we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets their ranking for the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Noah Groves 1 (+1)
2nd Ben Waterworth 0
= Colin Hilding 0
= Jarrod Loobeek 0


1st – Jeremy


OVERALL: 2nd (-)

BEN: “Second chance, same Jeremy. That’s not a bad thing either. It works for him. And it seems to be working for him early. He is making connections and trying to move deep into the game. I see it continuing and while everyone froths at the mouth over Joe, Jeremy can do his thing and go far.”

NOAH: “Jeremy is up to his old tricks again forming a big alliance on day one of the beach. This time he has made some teaks though and instead of aligning himself with all women and making him look like a target, he is aligning with people who are physically stronger or equal with him. He is using Joe as a shield to hide behind. On top of this he made amends with Keith and whether or not it is genuine it is better than flat out ignoring him.”

COLIN: “I love what Jeremy did this week. He started to work on an alliance that is about more than numbers. He picked a few people he could trust, one who is simply there as an extra number and ear around camp, and one as a shield. He may have put himself into a power position with a group of people who are all more likely to take the heat than he is.”

JARROD: “Hit the ground running and similar to SJDS made sure to get himself into an early alliance. It’ll be interesting to see if the alpha males can stop from eating one another and stick together long term. Looks to be top dog on Bayon for the time being.”

2nd – Joe


OVERALL: 4th (+13)

BEN: “Everyone loves Joe. Savage was trying to sell his daughters to him it seemed. Tasha was drooling over his bod. The men were drawn to him too. After one episode Joe is in a good spot. But expect this to turn, these sort of crushes never last long.”

NOAH: “Instead of having the Worlds Apart threat on his back, Joe becomes Joey Amazing, everybody loves Joe, Jesus incarnate. This was the Joe Anglim appreciation hour with not bad word stated about him. Jeremy wants to work with Joe, Savage and his children are in love with Joe, Tasha was checking him out during the #Joega session and on top of everything he provided the tribe with freaking fire! Joe is most certainly secure for the time being and seemingly can do no wrong.”

COLIN: “I never thought I would rank Joe this high in any week, let alone the first. I still firmly believe he will be gone pre-merge due to being a physical threat, but I have to give him credit for endearing himself to Savage and others. A few are under the Joe spell and that will work for him…. for now at least.”

JARROD: “A really great episode for Joe: starting fire, bonding with the guys and girls and pulling off the challenge win. As the game progresses it’s inevitable he’ll become a target but Joe’s proven he can play a strong pre-merge game and it was a really great opening episode as far as he’s concerned.”

3rd – Ciera


OVERALL: 7th (-3)

BEN: “She stayed out of trouble, made friends with the right people and nobody perceives her as a threat. Great start for her, and something I see continuing for a long time.”

NOAH: “Ciera is similar to Tasha in that she was more prominent than some players but we didn’t get too see much from her. I think Ciera is in a good position for the time being and did get some moments in the limelight. If Bayon lose next episode, Ciera is probably still safe.” 

COLIN: “Maybe I’m biased as an enormous Ciera fan, but I still have high hopes despite her being semi invisible this week, and not figuring into the potential majority alliance within her tribe. Her being on the outs, yet not a target, is no different from where she was in Blood vs Water. Still can’t ignore her apparent lack of allies.”

JARROD: “Ciera had a solid episode and remains around the middle mark in my books. Loses a potential future ally in Vytas but arguably becomes a whole lot less dangerous and more approachable due to him leaving.”

4th – Savage


OVERALL: 8th (-3)

BEN: “Turned back the clock with his “captain” routine but again, stayed out of trouble and made some good connections. Don’t see him going for a long time.”

NOAH: “Savage was shown fairly prominently during the episode and in a positive manner too. It looks like he is back to his old tricks as the leader and father figure of the tribe. He seems to be in with people like Jeremy and Joe and the women seemed to like him too. He is a provider too, just look at his James Clement impersonation by cutting down a massive tree. Savage is in a good position for the time being.”

COLIN: “He’s not in a bad spot with potential alliances, but he’s so caught up in the wonders of Joe that I don’t see him getting past that and ever being willing to play the game. Others are just as caught up in Joe, but the rest seem to be more aware of the game around them.”

JARROD: “Savage appears to have stepped up into a leadership role on the Bayon tribe and by the looks is going to play similar to how he did in Pearl Islands. Was juxtaposed to Stephen during the shelter building segment and is close with the guys from what we’ve seen.”

5th – Tasha


OVERALL: 9th (-1)

BEN: “Besides her constant dancing this episode, didn’t see a great deal from Tasha. But I’m putting her high given the fact she was tight with people who seemed to be in good positions so that right now puts her in a good spot.”

NOAH: “Thanks to Bayon winning the challenge and a twenty person cast we didn’t see too much of Tasha but she was definitely shown a bit more than some other Bayon players. She is an all-round strong challenge performer and Jeremy wanted her in his alliance. More on Tasha next week…”

COLIN: “She’s showing so much more personality and I’m sure if coming across as very like-able in her tribe. She’s a little too sucked in by Joe, but many are. Unlike some others though Tasha showed her head is a little more in the game in terms of alliances and strategy.”

JARROD: “Was shown to be a part of Jeremy’s alpha alliance and looks to be good with the girls too. Should have plenty of options and potential pathways if Bayon head to tribal council.”

6th – Keith


OVERALL: 11th (+4)
BEN RANK: 13th

BEN: “So good. So so good. Love him to bits. And he patched it up with Jeremy which was interesting. But do we believe it? I don’t. And I think sadly Keith will still be on the wrong end of a Jeremy vote at some stage in the game. Just keep him around for the entertainment!”

NOAH: “Keith is my favourite player of this season and there isn’t too much to judge him on at this point. He screwed up at the challenge which could have cost him the game had Bayon lost in the challenge. Other than that he didn’t integrate in the #joega which could isolate him from the tribe. I think Keith can still make it far in the game.”

COLIN: “I have zero faith in Keith’s game. I doubted anyone would want to align with him, but Jeremy put a good idea out there that Keith can be used as an extra ear around camp. If Jeremy keeps him around Keith will be in a good spot.”

JARROD: “Keith really set Bayon back during the challenge but he provided some great entertaining moments during the premiere. Looks to have smoothed things over with Jeremy and was included in the numbers mentioned in Jeremy’s alliance. He was visibly shown as alone during the whole Yoga segment but I’m hoping that was purely for his great confessional and not to emphasise his exclusion.”

7th – Kimmi


OVERALL: 12th (+6)
BEN RANK: 14th

BEN: “Another one who is amazing to see back and I can never get sick of her and the fact I am seeing her for a second time. Bit of an invisible edit which doesn’t really show well for her moving forward. But it’s early, and lots of these are spots which can’t be read too much into.”

NOAH: “We didn’t see much of what Kimmi has to offer in the game especially as her tribe won. The fact she received a fair bit of air time puts her ahead of some of the other Bayon tribe members and the middle of the pack but really it is a toss-up for Kimmi at this point.”

COLIN: “Kimmi is present in Cambodia…… Hopefully more to say next week.”

JARROD: “Didn’t glimpse the annoyingness mentioned surrounding Kimmi in the pre-game interviews, which is a good sign. Bayon is really a mystery at this point in time but there haven’t been any indicators that Kimmi is in trouble at this stage.”

8th – Monica


OVERALL: 13th (-12)
BEN RANK: 12th

BEN: “Was she in this episode? Oh yeah, for like 2 seconds. She’ll go far though but get the invisible edit it seems. Guess her “winners edit” has already gone.”

NOAH: “Monica got the least amount of airtime out of any player on the premiere which isn’t a good sign. That doesn’t necessarily mean she won’t do well but it doesn’t help her case, nothing else to add on Monica, check back here next week.”

COLIN: “Nothing to drag her down this week, nothing to prop her up. Nothing to say at all really.”

JARROD: “Monica got a big portion of screentime during the meet the cast video pre-season but was invisible for most of the episode. Her one confessional was about worrying she might be viewed as weak in the challenge, which could be foreshadowing a future poor performance.”

9th – Kass


OVERALL: 16th (+4)
BEN RANK: 16th

BEN: “Well how is that for a first episode. Not one single Kass moment that got her into trouble! In fact she seemed to be having a blast and getting on well with everyone! First boot prediction super wrong! However she gets a low grade purely on the fact that I sadly can’t see this lasting and eventually the true “Chaos Kass” persona will show. Again I hope I’m wrong.”

NOAH: “Kass survived her inevitable first boot positioning! Like Monica there isn’t a huge amount to go on with Kass but she did receive a bit more airtime. I still think she will have a stigma based off her last game and won’t do overly well but for now she sits here.”

COLIN: “She is still an easy choice to go dead last in the rankings, but with one episode down and little to no heat at all on Kass, she’s either doing something right or for once NOT doing something wrong.”

JARROD: “This is probably too high for Kass and should Bayon lose I think she’s still a very probably boot, however we didn’t get to see a clear picture of the positioning amongst the Bayon group. She’s seen bonding with Joe in this week’s secret scene and perhaps that unlikely link could keep her safe from a predictable early exit.”

10th – Stephen


OVERALL: 19th (-7)
BEN RANK: 17th

BEN: “Wow. I really wouldn’t have wanted to be watching this episode near Stephen this week. After waiting so long to get back on the show, talking about this show and analysing it religiously for weeks upon weeks, THAT is the edit he gets? Wow. I really hope things turn around because he doesn’t deserve it. And I want to see this underdog story come about. Do it Stephen! You can do it!”

NOAH: “Stephen is getting such a bizarre edit so far. He went from a strategist at the end of Tocantins straight to getting the goofball edit in week one of Cambodia. I don’t buy that Stephen is really acting like that out in the game but the fact he is getting a strange edit like this is probably a bad sign for him in the game. Unless they are going for an underdog story, I don’t see Stephen doing overly well unfortunately.”

COLIN: “Based on the edit we were presented, we are meant to believe that Stephen is in the same position that Cesternino was in in All-Stars, which is dead in the water before the cameras rolled.”

JARROD: “It’s hard to tell if Stephen being portrayed as awkward and on the outs is part of a redemption story or simply setting him up as an early boot. Regardless, he’s the most alienated of his tribe at this point in time and looks to be in trouble should Bayon head to tribal council.”


1st – Kelley


OVERALL: 1st (+2)

BEN: “It’s always tough to do these, especially after an episode with very limited strategy talk and alliance making. But Kelley was by far the star with her idol find and being involved in the vote out of Vytas. Could I have my best ever shot at correctly predicting the winner from the start?”

NOAH: “I still find it hilarious that Kelley received more confessionals in this one episode than she had in total during San Juan Del Sur. Kelley had a strong first performance through aligning with Shirin and Spencer and having discussions with other players like Varner. She voted in the majority to get Vytas out of the game and didn’t hold the tribe down in the challenge. The obvious shining moment is Kelley finding the hidden immunity idol clue and subsequently getting the idol at the challenge. Kelley received a lot of air time although the same thing happened with Carolyn in Worlds Apart and she received a minimal edit after so next week could be the decider on Kelley’s position in the game.”

COLIN: “I had no opinion on her going into this season, and after finally seeing what she can do, I’m very impressed. She found the cue, found the idol, and nobody is the wiser. The idol was the only story we had for her, but it’s the one story that matters. My only disappointment with her finding the idol is we will never see hear how her Dad somehow was to blame for her NOT finding it.”

JARROD: “In just one episode Kelley got more confessionals than during her entire time on SJDS. Did a great job getting the hidden immunity idol during the challenge without anybody noticing. Voted in the majority and has the idol just in case anything changes.”

2nd – Shirin


OVERALL: 3rd (+16)

BEN: “Shirin was on many peoples “first boot” list and I definitely thought she would be the first person booted from Ta Keo if they lost. Well hello first wrong prediction of the season (alongside Vytas going deep into the game). Again, we didn’t see a great deal from her about strategy and alliances but we didn’t see that from hardly anybody else either. She seemed to be the driving force behind the Vytas vote, and does anybody out there really see her as threatening? I don’t think so, and that will work in her favour. Great first episode for her.”

NOAH: “I was convinced Shirin would be in trouble right off the bat in this season but so far I have been proven wrong. She seems here to play and the edit hasn’t shown her annoying anyone at this point. She seems to have made an alliance with Kelley and Spencer and is having conversations with Varner. We saw her identify Vytas as the threat that needs to go home, something that clearly influenced Varner and Peih- Gee. Could this be a new beginning and a successful Second Chance for Shirin?”

COLIN: “She deserves credit for throwing the name of Vytas out there. Having said that, outside of mentioning him earlier on, there was nothing shown to make me believe she spearheaded the vote out. Varner’s very vocal response to her “over strategizing” was well played on his part, and I believe will eventually come back to bite her, but for this week she was in a very good position.”

JARROD: “Orchestrated the Vytas vote out and made a point of setting herself up well early. It’s obvious Shirin came into the game with a clear plan of action and she did a good job of rallying the troops. While she stood out for the wrong reasons in Worlds Apart, Abi and Peih-Gee look to be taking all the heat on the Ta Keo tribe, allowing Shirin to fly under the radar at this point in time.”

3rd – Varner


OVERALL: 5th (+1)

BEN: “The star of the episode in terms of confessionals and moments, Varner has waited 14 years to play again and he is back and picking up from where he left off. I can easily see him winning this game, but I can also see him digging himself a deep hole that he can’t get out of. Nearly put his foot in it at TC, so he needs to be wary of that.”

NOAH: “Varner’s biggest problem is that he talks too much, especially at tribal council. He wants to play and he wants to play hard. He seems to be stuck between too alliances and the game is moving too fast for him. He did vote in the majority which strengthens his case but he does seem a bit lost in the game. Provided he keeps calm then Jeff has a lot of potential in the game.”

COLIN: “This could be a wild theory, but I believe Jeff’s whole thing of being overwhelmed at the game is just an effort to play his own tribe and the audience as well. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. If I’m right, he deserves to be #1 because nobody is seeing him as a threat if they believe he’s that out of the loop. If I’m wrong, he still deserves to be near the top because he managed to survive the vote on the majority side. His demeanour in tribal leads me to believe that he’s the only one who knows exactly what’s going on.”

JARROD: “A strong opening episode for Jeff who appeared to be the swing vote in who went home. Despite siding with the “new school” players I think he still has the option of bringing in Peih-Gee and swinging back to Kelly, Terry and Woo to change things up. Provided there’s no major backlash from the old school bunch Varner looks to be firmly entrenched in the middle of the tribe.”

4th – Spencer


OVERALL: 6th (+8)
BEN RANK: 10th

BEN: ”Spencer certainly seems to be playing the same way, but more wary of what he is doing. For his sake I hope that means he stays on the right side of numbers and has a bit more luck. But I think people will easily come after him after a while, so he needs to just keep an eye on his surroundings and realise people will think he is a big threat in this game.”

NOAH: “I thought Spencer would come into the game with a huge target on his back but he seems to be deflecting everything well. He voted in the majority to get rid of Vytas and performed well in the challenges. He seems to be in a strong alliance with Shirin and Kelley and was still talking to others like Varner and Dietz. Spencer is pretty secure on Ta Keo but could be in trouble if a tribe swap or merge comes.”

COLIN: “I’m amazed that Spencer had almost no heat on him in episode one. He even had some solid bonds formed that could carry him far. Of every player profiled this week Spencer seems most aware of his flaws from his earlier season.”

JARROD: “I thought Spencer’s name would definitely be brought up early on by the Ta Keo tribe but instead he turned out to be prime real estate for both the new school and old school players. Part of a core three with Kelley and Shirin and had a good showing during the quest for fire portion of the immunity challenge.”

5th – Terry


OVERALL: 10th (-3)
BEN RANK: 11th

BEN: “Not a whole lot shown from “Deitz” but that again isn’t always a bad thing. Certainly seems to have Spencer on board which would be an interesting pairing but he does have a big reputation to live up to. Was also on the wrong side of the vote, so we’ll see what that means no doubt next week.”

NOAH: “Terry is similar to Kelly in that he is a strong tribe member but he did vote in the minority which is worrisome. He makes it just higher than Kelly because he wasn’t in the spotlight failing the challenge. On the plus side we did see Terry integrating into the tribe, talking with Spencer and commenting on what he needs to do to get further. Dietz could turn it around and gain power.”

COLIN: “Terry is old school and he knows it. Many may think that’s a bad thing in modern Survivor, but I would argue new schoolers will target new schoolers more as threats. He was on the wrong side of the vote this week, but has strong enough ties within his tribe to stay alive.”

JARROD: “Imposed himself as an asset around camp by working on the shelter but was also shown making some good social ties to the other players. Of the players on the outside of the vote, he probably has the best shot of integrating himself into the majority potentially via the Spencer connection shown in the first episode.”

6th – Kelly


OVERALL: 14th (-5)
BEN RANK: 15th

BEN: “MY GIRL! So good to see her! And so good to see her get airtime! But what is worrying is the negative parts on the first episode. Her struggling in the challenge when it counted. Her voting the wrong way. Even getting cheered for isn’t necessarily a good thing. But we did see her kill it in the swim challenge. And we did see her working hard out there as well. So it’s tough to read. I don’t think she is going anywhere anytime soon. But I also don’t think she can win this game. It’s only one episode and I just hope so badly that I’m wrong!”

NOAH: “Poor Kelly, I was hoping she would make it in the top ten and I am still super excited to see what else she has to bring. She dominated by outswimming two rafts at the marooning but she struggled with the immunity challenge which has to lower her score. On top of that she didn’t vote in the majority and might be on the outs. The game is moving too fast for Kelly but I think she can recover and it is clear her tribe respects her.”

COLIN: “I thought that Kelly would be able to float under the radar due to the length in her absence and lack of knowledge of the game, but Probst and the rest of the cast threw a big target on her minutes in. She didn’t factor into the strategy from what we saw, and she was on the wrong side of the vote, but the fact that her name never came up is a good thing.”

JARROD: “Lost Ta Keo’s lead in the first immunity challenge and voted in the minority. If the voting lines from the first episode carry over she could be viewed as the most expendable out of Terry, Woo and herself.”

7th – Woo


OVERALL: 15th (-2)

BEN: “Stayed out of trouble, didn’t fall out of any trees and still somehow voted the wrong way. Oh Woo. But I put him up this high given I think he will play this way for a while and nobody will target him. In fact I think they’ll just forget he is out there. Hell has he even returned?”

NOAH: ““Of everyone at Ta Keo Woo seemed the least sure of what was actually going on in the game…so what’s new? Woo is a hard worker and a good challenge performer who is not a target and won’t be going home anytime soon but he really doesn’t know what is happening in the game.”

COLIN: “His opening challenge swim could make him an asset in challenges, but on the negative side he’s one of the only players on his tribe that didn’t seem to factor at all into strategy.”

JARROD: “Voted in the minority and seemed to have little idea of what was going on. Of the minority he has the added target of being one of the Cagayan Four, which could put him in trouble if Ta Keo head back to tribal.”

8th – Peih-Gee


OVERALL: 17th (-7)
BEN RANK: 19th

BEN: “So sad to have to put her at the bottom but based on her edit and reactions from others Peih-Gee I feel could be in big big trouble next week. Another person who it’s great to see back after all these years but I just feel her time will be too short lived to experience it properly.”

NOAH: “I think Peih-Gee is in trouble. She did vote in the majority which is a good thing but she doesn’t seem to be integrating too well in the tribe and has already created an enemy in Abi Maria. On top of this she got a fairly minimal edit when she was a part of much of the action.”

COLIN: “I’m really hoping we see old school Peih Gee, but her response to Abi Maria was not what it should have been. I really wanted her to throw suspicion of the bracelet onto someone else. It would’ve been a perfect opportunity to pitch the idea that someone placed the bracelet in her bag to set her up (i.e exactly what Pete already did to Abi!).”

JARROD: “Peih-Gee was fairly quiet this episode despite her involvement in the bracelet debacle. From what we did see, it would appear that Shirin wants her around and she played an important part in the vote alongside Varner. If her fate is bound up with Varner then I think she has an ok shot at becoming a larger factor in the game. We’ll see whether the majority from last episode can hold together with both Abi and Peih-Gee amongst their group.”

9th – Abi-Maria


OVERALL: 18th (-2)
BEN RANK: 18th

BEN: “Damn it Abi! So close to getting me some money! But having said that I’m glad she is still around because I do love Abi and she is great TV. But she is definitely in a sore spot and she will surely blow her fuse eventually. Turn it around Abi, prove the doubters wrong and get me some money at the end of the game!”

NOAH: “I love Abi but she isn’t getting the most flattering edit. So much emphasis was put on her going crazy over losing her bag/bracelet. While she did restrain herself she is still being portrayed as a villain. She was in the voting majority which is a plus for her but we are unsure if she is in an alliance or if she just knew Vytas was going and voted for him. I don’t think Abi is long for this game.”

COLIN: “She was my pre season pick for first boot, I was convinced she was going home during the episode, and she’s still there. That had nothing to do with Abi Maria’s scrambling though, and she’s having a hard time shaking her old attitude.”

JARROD: “Clearly I was way too optimistic about Abi-Maria in my rankings last week as she showed she’s going to have a tough time hiding her personality. Voting wise she’s in the majority so that counts for something but I expect her to annoy people week to week and my guess is that it’s only a matter of time before the amount of votes she receives at tribal are enough to send her home.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the first episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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6 Comments on Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 1

  1. In all my years as a Survivor Fan, and a S-OZ Fan I think this is the most accurate your power rankings have ever been! Spot On.

    I totally agree. Kelley Wentworth is set to go faaaaaar!

  2. The first clean sweep #1 on S-OZ power rankings.

  3. While Kelley played very well so far, her reactions to Vytas helping Shirin with her back-pain were a little juvenile. I don’t see someone like that winning

  4. This is SO accurate!

  5. In my opinion, Peih-Gee is wayyyyy too low! I think she will partner up with Varner and take control of the Ta Keo tribe, deciding if they want to stay with the Beach People or go back to the Shelter People. I may be blinded by my bias because China is my favorite season, but I see Peih-Gee going very far into this game!

  6. Shirin is shockingly high on here. I really don’t know what anyone is seeing. She is playing way too hard out the gate, and she is 100% going to be gone within the next 3 episodes.

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