Survivor Oz–The Lost Quiz Episode

Quoz2014Round1 copy

In March 2014, an episode was recorded at Survivor Oz after the idea came about to create a series of quiz episodes that firstly would test the Ozlets on their Survivor knowledge before eventually turning into a platform to bring in fans of the show to test their knowledge and have a yearly competition. Sadly the episode never made it to air and looked to be lost forever. But after demand from our listeners we have decided to release the episode with a very special “lost episode” edition of Survivor Oz!

In late 2013 all the Ozlets were quizzed in three separate sets of questions rankings from easy, medium through to hard. Each section were ranked on various points and the top 8 scorers would move through to the next round. Several Ozlets competed in the initial round who have since left the show, so their scores have been discounted from the final rankings and all current Ozlets who were introduced in 2014 were not eligible to compete.

Since this episode was recorded further Ozlets have left the show and several of the questions of course have no longer remained relevant with the seasons that have since taken part. You can download the first lost episode of the ‘Survivor Quoz’ below:

The ladder after the first round of the Quoz was as follows:

Nick 46
Troy 40
James 35
Rileigh 31
Ethan 30
Noah 28
Aaron 28
Clay 25
Colin 25
Mike 23
Alex 23
Lynda 23
Lancey 20
Alan 19
Jimmy 13

We currently don’t have any plans to reintroduce the Quoz but it is an idea that we would love to bring back in the future. Let us know what your score would’ve been and if you would potentially like to see more of these in the future!

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7 Comments on Survivor Oz–The Lost Quiz Episode

  1. I got 39 pls do more

  2. Got it right right away. Matty’s girlfriends name is Jamie!

  3. I got 20 or so. I knew I would be crap. But I thought I’d get under 20. I impressed myself. But I got Matty’s girlfriend right away.

  4. #BringBackQuoz

  5. I think Lancey freaking out during questions got on the original Ozlet clip on the 3rd anniversary Ozlet episode

  6. Chris Hrozencik // September 28, 2015 at 8:00 am // Reply

    I love the Quoz!!! It’s enjoyable to guess facts/learn new ones! I loved it!

  7. The Jamie question was easy

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