Survivor Cambodia – Episode 2 Recap featuring Dan Foley


The highly anticipated season of Cambodia is finally upon us! After an entertaining second episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Dan Foley, from Worlds Apart!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“After being picked by America, twenty former players travelled to Cambodia. They’ve been given a second chance to change the way they played the first time and to finish what they started. At the Ta Keo tribe, Abi was battling herself, but the real battle was between two styles of play: Old school and New school. The New school was all about strategy, while the old school was all about relationships and survival. It was the veteran Jeff Varner who found himself in the middle. At the Bayon tribe, the strong men bonded together. Stephen didn’t fit in and his tribe became suspicious that he was looking for a Hidden Immunity Idol. In a Survivor first, Kelley found an idol hidden at the Immunity Challenge, but it was Joe that found success. Bayon won Immunity and Ta Keo were sent straight to Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, Varner had to decide which way to go. In the end, Abi got four votes, but it was Vytas who was sent home. Terry, Wiglesworth, and Woo were now on the bottom. Nineteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~ Jeff Probst



The morning after Tribal Council, Wiglesworth confesses that she is surprised that Varner flipped. She is not happy to be on the bottom so quickly, and she says that her alliance is going to have to get it together. Spencer and Shirin set the pace by forming alliances and scheming. They have to defend themselves. Wentworth sneaks off to look at her Hidden Immunity Idol for the first time. She says that it is a beautiful thing to have a little security because this game is already crazy. She wants to be aggressive and a player. It’s important to her. “Go big or go home!”


Kelley Wentworth’s idol. (Image credit: CBS)

Varner approaches Shirin, Spencer, and Wentworth and says that he wants them to decide who goes next. They agree it should be one of the bottom three. With Abi they have five and that’s the majority. Varner confesses that Spencer and Shirin are more comfortable than they should be. They are playing too hard and he wants to get one of them out of the mix. By voting how he did, he hoped to wake up some of the old school players he was initially aligned with. He tells Terry that the game is moving like lightning. He didn’t want Abi to go. Abi is easy. They agree that Spencer or Shirin have to go. Terry confesses that Varner helped him see that the game is moving fast and he realizes that he is going to need to bring out a social game. As the two men shake hands, Varner comments that he is looking around for a spy shack.


Varner looks for a spy shack. (Image credit: CBS)


At the Bayon tribe, Joe decides to turn their extra fishing net into a hammock. Then he makes a bunch more. They are a hit with the tribe. Joe confesses that he wants to be someone that people want and need around. Ciera provides food as the men and Kimmi rest in the hammocks. Stephen confesses that Joe is too much of the golden boy for his own good. He is too clearly a threat and will have his neck slit right at the merge.


The Bayon tribe enjoy Joe’s make-shift hammocks. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at the Ta Keo camp, Abi confesses that she is trying to be the new Abi that she wants to be, not who she was on Survivor: Philippines. As Spencer asks Peih-Gee about the fire chimney that they had on Survivor: China, Abi bursts in and starts a confrontation with Abi, under the guise of continuing the friendship that they are developing. Later she keeps running up on Varner, Terry, and Woo having conversations. Varner confesses that Abi is endlessly entertaining, and someone that he knows he can beat. She is the perfect tool to help him win.


Abi disrupts a conversation. (Image credit: CBS)



The next day at Bayon, Andrew Savage details the story of how he met his wife. Most of the tribe seem thoroughly engaged with and enthralled by the story. During the story, Savage begins to weep, seemingly overcome with emotions. This caused much of the tribe to react in kind. After the story, Jeremy excuses himself and confesses to us that his wife, Val, is pregnant. He won’t tell anyone because it will place too big of a target on him, but it’s hard being out here when he could be with her. Kass confesses that the people she played with last time were horrible. These people are amazing and if they can help her be a better person and player, she’ll take it. Stephen asks the tribe is anyone is concerned that Jeremy left, asking if he might be looking for an idol. Andrew is disgusted by this accusation. He approaches Jeremy on the beach and consoles him before revealing Stephen’s question. Jeremy is clearly upset. Andrew confesses that Stephen is without dignity and that Andrew intends to vote him out as soon as he can.


Savage tells Jeremy that Stephen is targeting him. (Image credit: CBS)


That night Shirin and Peih-Gee are talking poorly about Abi on off their own. Shirin has apparently had to “babysit” her. As they continue their conversation, Abi appears suddenly upon them, telling them that she heard what they were saying. A fight immediately breaks out between Abi and Peih-Gee. Shirin backs out of the situation. After Abi and Peih-Gee finish fighting, the entire tribe huddle in the shelter while Abi is off on her own. Everyone except Varner, Wiglesworth, and Terry begin making fun of and laughing at Abi, which Abi overhears. Terry observes this that Abi is alone and goes to console her. Abi is touched by his efforts and reveals that she is hurt that Shirin, who was bullied and isolated last season, would allow for Abi to receive the same treatment. Terry tells her that Shirin and Spencer are out for themselves. They begin to talk strategy together.


Abi aligns with Terry after he consoles her. (Image credit: CBS)



The next morning, Abi and Varner talk on the beach. He tells her that he wants to align with Terry. She says she does too. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to go anywhere. He likes her little moments – they turn him on. Abi confesses that this is music to her ears. He tells her that the three of them could vote with Woo and Wiglesworth. That’s numbers. They shake on the plan. He will help her get back at the people who turned on her.


Varner tells Abi his plan to help her get revenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Before the challenge, Jeff reveals that Vytas was voted off. The Bayon tribe has a huge reaction. For the Immunity Challenge, the two tribes must race over three A-frames while carrying coils of rope. They will then use that rope to pull a crate to the finish. Two tribe members will use the pieces inside the crate to solve a puzzle. First tribe to finish wins Immunity and a number of tools and supplies to help improve shelter and camp life. Bayon sits out Ciera because she feels sick.


Jeff explains the challenge and reward. (Image credit: CBS)

Both tribes remain fairly even as they traverse the A-frames. Jeff delightfully and repeatedly comments that the contestants are leaving the skin behind as they slide down the structures. Varner takes a big fall at one point onto his shoulder. Andrew takes an even bigger fall but leaps back up un-phased. As the two tribes reach the crate pull, Bayon takes the lead. Kass and Kimmi begin working on the puzzle for Bayon and make good progress. Wentworth and Peih-Gee begin working for Ta Keo. Quickly the two tribes swap out members. Spencer and Shirin take over for Ta Keo. Joe and Jeremy take over for Bayon. Varner comments that this is a nightmare. Spencer and Shirin think they have it. Jeff looks. It’s wrong. Bayon finish and win Immunity and reward. Varner confesses that it is poetic that Shirin and Spencer held their fate in their own hands.


The two tribes square off at the crate pull. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Spencer confesses that he relates to Shirin more than anyone else out there. His old experience of being on the bottom and having no one he can trust is gone. Varner confesses that Spencer is a huge strategic threat – the smartest young man he has ever met. Shirin is all that but emotional – a salesperson who can talk to you like your best friend. Peih-Gee tells Varner she will vote with the numbers. She confesses that the majority seems to be everyone in the tribe against Shirin and Spencer, though she would rather eliminate Abi. Varner approaches Wentworth and tells her what is happening. She jumps on board in a millisecond, and she tells him that she will not be talking to them. She confesses that she doesn’t want to turn on them, but she doesn’t have a choice.


Kelley reassures Varner that she is with him. (Image credit: CBS)

Abi and Shirin walk off to clear the air. Shirin says that she is sorry that she didn’t stand up for Abi. Abi tells her that it was Terry who came to her and consoled her. She is a loyal person and her word is 100%. She expected more from her alliance. Abi confesses her famous line, “you f*ck with me, you’re dead”. Abi tells Shirin that everyone wants to her Shirin and Spencer out. Shirin asks Abi if they are still in this together. Abi laughs and says no. It’s not her style. Shirin runs back to camp and tells Spencer what happened and that they are screwed. They try and approach Woo and get him to vote with them, but he turns them down immediately. He is rightly insulted that this is the first conversation they have had. The strategy-oriented gameplay of Shirin and Spencer has failed and now their only option is to vote for each other, an idea which devastates them both.


Woo stands his ground. (Image credit: CBS)


At Tribal Council there is no misconception of who the targets are. Varner makes it clear by confirming Probsts’ probe as to whether Shirin and Spencer are definitely on the outs of the tribe. Probst says that it is interesting that Shirin in involved in a situation so similar to that she was in on her last season, but in an opposite position. He is also interested that Spencer has found himself in basically the same position he was in at the beginning of his last game too. Terry reveals that it was his social connection with Abi that saved him from being on the bottom. Shirin says that if she is the one who is voted out because of what happened between her and Abi, then it is her fault and she deserves it. If they let her stay, it will be her third chance. Spencer tells them that if they let him stay, it will be all about personal connections and not about alliances and strategy. They vote, Spencer for Shirin and Shirin for Spencer. No idols are played, the votes are revealed: Spencer, Shirin, Spencer, Shirin, Spencer, Shirin, Spencer, Shirin, Shirin. Shirin is the second person voted out of Survivor: Cambodia. Spencer tells his tribe that he meant what he said.


Shirin’s torch is snuffed. (Image credit: CBS)


The two tribes are split into three new tribes.


Jeff reveals a new twist. (Image credit: CBS)








Wow, what an amazing episode!

So much happening and yet seemingly we had one challenge and just lots of drama and talking. Fascinating to watch. And fascinating how they are blending old school with new school. Lots of human scenes mixed with strategy. It’s great to see.

Have to say I’m not disappointed to see Shirin go. I predicted coming into this season she would be second boot and well for once I’m actually right! Much rather keep Spencer in the game to be able to go far as he’ll be able to bring a lot more to the game. And Shirin fell down a heap after last week, certainly a big fall from grace for her and interesting to compare her situations of a season ago to what we saw this episode with Abi.

Varner is killing it this season. His confessionals are gold and his strategy is working but is he playing it too hard? I think he might have to be a tad careful, especially going into the switch next week with three tribes. Hell we might even get a Kimmi/Varner reunion which would be gold.

Special note to my girl Wiglesworth. First confessional again of the episode. Just have to put that out there into the universe.

Also, where is Monica?

Until next week, bring it on!



Shirin is an awesome character so it’s a shame to see her taken out so early.  I’m guessing it was Varner’s decision to vote her out over Spencer, but Abi may have had something to do with it.  Overall, another solid episode.
Ta Keo Tribe Notes:
– Kelley gets a genuine-looking idol.  I really like the producers saving the fake-looking ones for the post-merge.
– Terry becomes the MVP of the episode by spending time with Abi.  He got a great edit tonight but his new social strategy could make him even more of a threat than last time.  Spencer (who mocked him last episode) is still around, so we’ll see if he has the game strategy to make it far.
– Varner is the villain!  I should have seen this coming.  I’m not sure I can see him winning if he screws too many people over and there are more likeable people sitting next to him if he gets to the end.
– Abi looks really bad after her conversation with Shirin.  She comes off as malicious and tells Shirin about the vote against her.
– Did Spencer really mean every word he said?  Shirin’s “Give ‘em Hell” quote didn’t help.
Bayon Tribe Notes:
– Tasha gets her winner quote from last episode repeated in the “Previously On…” segment.
– Joe is awesome, Savage’s wife is awesome, Jeremy is sad, and Savage wants to vote out Stephen.  That’s pretty much all we got.
– Except an out-of-character confessional from Kass.  She can’t possibly keep this up for 39 days.
– Ciera accepts the immunity idol after the challenge.  She really worked hard for it.
We go to three tribes next week.  With nine men and nine women left, hopefully they’ll be split evenly.
Winner Pick:  Ugh.  So many players looked good tonight.  I’ll stick with Tasha for now.
Next to go:  Stephen.  Savage’s confessional tells me they’ll end up on the same tribe post-switch.



After a 6-4 vote the next 3 votes would be pretty dull, but thanks to the likes of Abi and Jeff things only got more crazy for Ta Keo. Abi went from the most expendable player to a potential power player. She seemed like an obvious first choice to be voted out but now she not only found room to play she also has some connections such as Terry. And Jeff went from swing vote to author of his own fate, not in a Brandon Hantz way of course.

Despite all this talk about learning from mistakes and second chances, it wouldn’t be a second chances season without players making the same mistakes. I found it comical Shirin volunteered to do the puzzle again after what happened her first season. And then after a good first vote, Shirin and her new Max manage to alienate themselves. For players like Amanda and Russell many of their mistakes in their 2nd season can be attributed to being unable to watch themselves in their first season.

But Shirin was given that opportunity. I’m both shocked and relieved it had little to no reason about how she needed the money less than possibly anyone else in the game. This swap couldn’t have come at a better time for Spencer and Stephen. It’ll be interesting how Bayon react because they set a strategy they couldn’t implement and now before trying plan A they have to resort to plan B. 2 tribes 1 of 8 and 1 of 10 being split into 3 tribes of 6. It’s going to be fun, alliances will be redrawn, strategies will evolve, and like Darwin prophesied the strongest theories will survive.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 2nd recap features the Dan Foley, from Worlds Apart! He discusses everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with his answers to the ‘Cambodia 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Jeremy
NEXT TO GO: Stephen
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Varner/Jeremy/Savage

Join us next week as we are joined by Trish Hegarty from Cagayan to help us recap the third episode of Cambodia!



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  1. I think Dan is a little delusional if he thinks he is similar to Varner/Jeremy/Savage, if anything, he is most like Kimmi or Kass.

  2. can’t wait to listen to this – but are you guys still uploading to stitcher? the long (but awesome) interview with dan appears to still the last thing on there…isn’t it?

  3. A majority of this recap was just a Shirin bash fest

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