Survivor Cambodia – Episode 3 Recap featuring Billy Garcia


The highly anticipated season of Cambodia continues the pre-merge and continues to entertain! After an exciting second episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Billy Garcia, from Cook Islands!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“Twenty returning players got another shot at the game they love. At Bayon, their second chance couldn’t have started any better. At Ta Keo, Abi and Peih-Gee continued to fight, leaving Abi all alone. At the Immunity Challenge, Ta Keo lost for the second time in a row. Back at camp, Shirin and Spencer found themselves on the outs, and at Tribal Council, Spencer promised to change his ways. In the end, Shirin was sent home. Eighteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~Jeff Probst



Back at camp, Spencer reiterates to his tribe that his intent is to become a part of the tribe’s social dynamics and not be such a strategic player. He confesses that people who are able to change have been rewarded, so there is still hope as long as he can change. The tribe remarks that anyone who makes it to the Final Tribal Council will have Shirin’s ouster as a feather in their cap. Terry celebrates in his confessional his position in the tribe and his new social game. Spencer will be the next to go.


The Ta Keo tribe converse after Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)



The two tribes come together, expecting a Reward Challenge, but instead Jeff informs them that they are going to get new tribes. As usual, he baits the tribes into detailing their tribe satisfaction before dropping the bomb on them. He reveals that this time, for the first time, two tribes will become three tribes of six. The third tribe will wear yellow, be called Angkor, and will have to start from scratch. New beach. No shelter. No food. Savage confesses that he hasn’t had good luck with swaps. There’s a lot of love on his tribe, and he doesn’t know the people on the other tribe. Each person grabs a random buff, giddy with excitement. The new Bayon tribe is Stephen, Jeremy, Spencer, Kimmi, Monica, and Wiglesworth. The new Ta Keo tribe is Terry, Wentworth, Joe, Ciera, Kass, and Keith. The Angkor tribe is Varner, Savage, Tasha, Abi, Peih-Gee, and Woo. Jeff addresses Savage, who says that he feels overwhelmed. “It’s devastating.” Spencer confesses that the Survivor gods are testing him and giving him another chance to show what he can do.


The three new tribes. (Image credit: CBS)


The new Angkor tribe arrive at their new beach. It is desolate. Their supplies are very minimal. Varner, Woo, and Peih-Gee talk and Woo begs them to stick together as a four and not do anything stupid. They agree. Peih-Gee says the only luxury this tribe afford them is that they have two new people on the bottom lined up to go. Tasha confesses that if anyone can survive this, she can. She is strong at heart and she is here to win and play the cards she is dealt.


The new Angkor tribe arrive at their beach. (Image credit: CBS)


Terry and Wentworth show their new tribe mates around the camp. Terry confesses that the luck was “sick”. They got three or four number one draft choices. He doesn’t think they will lose a challenge. They cook up a chicken with their rice to celebrate their new tribe. Ciera and Kass talk and agree that they scored with this tribe swap. Ciera confesses that the Bayon four will stick together and they should be just fine. Kelley and Joe catch up. They talk about Terry, but Kelley makes sure to mention that she was not working with him. Later, she talks with the other women and tells them that Terry would go off for hours looking for the idol. She confesses that she is kicking him under the bus.


Wentworth is kicking Terry under the bus. (Image credit: CBS)


Wiglesworth and Spencer are blown away by how nice the Bayon beach is. Monica confesses that the original Bayon members are in the majority. Jeremy, Stephen and Monica agree that they will stay strong. They have the numbers. Stephen confesses that he couldn’t be happier because for the first time he knows he’s safe. Spencer confesses that he has played logically but failed to understand people’s emotions. He’s trying to have feelings on this tribe. He discusses his inability to say “I love you” to his girlfriend, asking for Jeremy’s advice and opening up to him. Spencer confesses that he is trying to form bonds that might be helpful, but the connection he is making is authentic. It also might make a difference in his game. Jeremy confesses that Spencer is a stand up guy that he could connect with and trust. He’s “digging the kid”. He’s not sure how long they’ll keep him, but they can use him for now.


Spencer successfully attempts to bond with Jeremy. (Image credit: CBS)



The next day, the rain is pouring and pouring. Jeff stands in the downpour, extending his middle fingers to the sky and yelling. Meanwhile, the rest of his tribe do their best to stay dry without a shelter. Peih-Gee and Abi bicker while the tribe is huddled up and Tasha takes notice. Tasha confesses that her time on Luzon prepared her for this experience. “This is just round two.” There’s time in the day to strategize and converse, and she’s going to use every minute of it. While she and Abi weave palm fronds, Tasha tells her that Bayon was golden and she would definitely join them. Abi confesses that she is not sure what to do. Varner tells Savage and Tasha that he is just desperate to make the jury. Tasha tells him that that’s possible. He confesses that sarcastically that it’s a lovely invitation. They’re on the bottom. They can get rid of them “like that”, but they’re talking to Abi and Peih-Gee. There’s a lot that could go wrong.


The Angkor tribe suffer in the rain. (Image credit: CBS)


At Bayon, Steven confesses that Spencer and Wiglesworth are cozying up to their alliance. He tells Jeremy that he is nervous about there being an idol out there. He doesn’t want it to come back to haunt them. The original four Bayon members all begin to hunt for the idol. Jeremy eventually finds the clue while he is on his own, informing him that the idol will be at the next Immunity Challenge attached to the back of the third chest that they will encounter. The makes it clear in his confessionals that this idol will be his alone.


Jeremy recounts his discovery of the idol clue. (Image credit: CBS)



The three tribes arrive at the challenge, and Probst reveals a second Immunity Idol. For the challenge, the tribes will push a cart through an obstacle course. At each tower they will retrieve a suspended key and use the key to open a chest and put the chest on the cart. Once the tribe collects all three chests, they must disassemble the cart, slide it through a barricade, and make their way to the end. At the end, two members will use the puzzle pieces inside each chest to complete a circular dragon puzzle. Probst also notes that this was the first challenge of Survivor: Cagayan, where Kass, Spencer, and Tasha all failed miserably. This time, the three of them are each on a different tribe. For two, there will be redemption. For one, history will repeat itself.


The third Immunity Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)

The three tribes all keep a good pace for the first portion of the challenge. Wentworth retrieves the keys for Ta Keo, Spencer for Bayon, Woo for Angkor. When they arrive at the third chest, Jeremy is able to quickly retrieve the Hidden Immunity Idol without anyone noticing. Ta Keo pulls slightly ahead by the end of this portion and they are the first to reassemble their cart and get to the end of the course. Kass and Joe begin working on their puzzle. Once they catch up, Peih-Gee and Tasha work on the puzzle for Angkor; Spencer and Monica for Bayon. Kass and Joe continue to pull ahead and easily get the first tribal Immunity Idol. Angkor and Bayon race for the second tribal Immunity Idol and Bayon pulls it out. Angkor will go to Tribal Council.


Kass and Joe destroy the competition for Ta Keo. (Image credit: CBS)

After the challenge, Varner attempts to mouth something to Wiglesworth and Tasha spots him and leaps in front of him, waving her arms. She says that they have a rat. Probst hands out the Immunity Idols. Tasha cheers for Spencer’s redemption. Probst points out that Tasha will have none. Then he addresses Tasha moment jumping in front of Varner. She explains what she saw and says that the tribe is trying to bond and Jeff attempting to communicate with another tribe doesn’t send a good message. Varner blurts out that he made a deal with Savage and then Savage turned around and made a deal with Peih-Gee. Savage tells Varner that he is wrong. Woo asks Varner why Varner didn’t make a deal with him? Probst tells them that they are an underdog story in the making, but they will have to hit rock bottom. They may be headed there. Varner confesses that he shouldn’t have blown up like he did, and he may be in trouble.


Tasha runs interference on a signal between Varner and Wiglesworth. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at the Angkor tribe, Savage confesses that he thought for sure he was going home. Varner’s action, however, makes him feel that that may not be the case. Savage tells Woo and Peih-Gee that they will be in a tough spot in the challenges if they vote him out. Varner is not pulling his weight, and they should all vote for him. Woo asks Peih-Gee if they want to talk alone. Savage leaves. Woo reveals that he wants to go with Savage’s plan and take out Varner. Peih-Gee confesses that you have to take everything desperate people say with a grain of salt. Tasha and Abi talk, and Abi says that Varner needs to be sucking up to people. She confesses that he is unpredictable and might have to go next. But Woo voted for her, and Peih-Gee is sketchy. Abi approaches the two of them, telling them that they have to make up their mind. She will be voting with Tasha and Savage. Peih-Gee confesses that this was unacceptable and she wants Abi gone. She tells Savage and Tasha that she will be voting Abi. Savage confesses that it was so easy to get them to turn against one another. Abi and Varner will be voting for Peih-Gee. Woo and Peih-Gee will be voting for Abi. Tasha and Savage get to decide who goes home. Tasha confesses that it feels fantastic to have the tables turned.


Peih-Gee tells Tasha that she is voting for Abi. (Image credit: CBS)


Probst begins Tribal Council by asking Savage about his first reaction to the switch. Savage says that he couldn’t process it. It was such a bad roll of the dice. Peih-Gee says that history dictates that Tasha and Savage would be in trouble as a minority based on previous tribal lines. Probst points out the incident between Tasha and Varner at the challenge in order to question if things are as simple as history might suggest. Varner says that he was sending a signal to someone he cared about and he didn’t feel like he was being a rat. Tasha’s accusation hit him hard due to his lack of sleep and food. He’s emotional. How great would it be if he escaped without one vote tonight? He says that he has heard Peih-Gee’s name, Abi’s name, and his own. He reveals that Savage and Tasha get to make the decision tonight. Abi says that she feels vulnerable because of the conversations she wasn’t a part of today. Peih-Gee says that she is solid and loyal. Varner has no idea what will happen, but reiterates that it will be Savage and Tasha’s decision. Peih-Gee votes for Abi. Abi votes for Peih-Gee. Probst retrieves the votes. No idols are played. The votes are revealed: Abi, Peih-Gee, Abi, Peih-Gee, Peih-Gee, Peih-Gee. Peih-Gee is the third person voted out of Survivor: Cambodia. She wishes luck to Woo, who looks stunned again, as she departs. Abi laughs and points out to him that it was the second time he wrote down her name. Probst tells them that they will have to be able to adapt on a dime.



Angkor is in misery on a “dead cove”, but they aren’t the only ones that are suffering. The infamous blindfolds and crotch-shots challenge is returning next week and will be doling out some punishment.


Everyone’s “favorite” challenge is back sans pulley. (Image credit: CBS)








Another decent episode is setting this season up pretty good. Not brilliant but by no means horrible either.

Interesting shake up with the three tribes. I knew it was happening but avoided the spoilers from the week showing who was on what tribe which made it for better viewing. As always interesting that we get these big diverse gaps between numbers from other tribes but of course it makes the ‘obvious’ not so much.

Sad to see Peih-Gee go, I am a big fan of hers but glad that Abi didn’t go to give me some weird hope that she’ll go to the end to at least win me some money (yeah I’m dreaming but you have to have hope). Interesting shake up with Varner and getting a bit lippy, I want to know what he actually said to Wiglesworth. It was bugging me.

Speaking of Wiglesworth, we saw too little of her! Not good enough! Show me more Wiglesworth dammit!

Liked the idol find, Jeremy did it a lot more smoothly than Kelley and interesting to see the San Juan Del Sur dominance of finding idols so far this season. Does that mean Keith is next? That would be awesome!

Next week we have the giant puzzle challenge with blind folds! So that is going to make me say BRING IT ON with gusto!



Wow! What an episode. In my opinion this is by far the best episode of the season. So far the episodes just keep getting better and better as the season goes on and I hope that this trend continues. The split went very well and it worked out for a lot of people, except for the Angkor tribe.

The Bayon tribe has a very good dynamic to it. You have Spencer trying to make his game better and actually form relationships with these new tribe mates. I loved the story about his girlfriend and he was connecting with the right person on that tribe. By far the star of the episode in my eyes was Jeremy, who is now my current winners pick. He found an idol, built a good relationship with the new members on his tribe and all of the sudden Stephen is starting to trust him. Plus he jumped in and it was at least portrayed that he helped his team win but I think it was a group effort. Also Monica said a word this episode, so there is that. By the way, what is it with these old SJDS players this season, Kelley finds and idol, Jeremy finds and idol, Keith is… there. I wish he would talk more because who doesn’t love Keith. These guys are not messing around this season I like it.

The Ta Keo tribe is the tribe to beat right now. I understand why Terry was acting the way that he was but he needs to keep in mind that if they lose he is on the chopping block and Kelley is starting to put him there as well. By the way my pony Wentworth, doing well for herself, didn’t really see a ton from her this episode but still got at least some airtime. You know it is a good episode where there is so much going on at the other tribes that Kass doesn’t even get to talk so that shows you how good of an episode it was.

Now on to the Angkor tribe, what can be said about them? They are entertaining. Maybe it’s because they have the two biggest characters of the season so far, Abi-Maria and Varner, on their tribe along with the two people who Abi-Maria couldn’t get along with at all, Peih-Gee and Woo, and then Savage and Tasha are just great to watch this season. Tasha is bringing out her mean side and Savage means business. Stupid move by Varner to try to send a message to Wigglesworth but at least he stayed for now. Overall I think that Savage and Tasha did the best thing for their game in getting rid of Peih-Gee because keeping Abi around will make them less of a target. Overall this episode was amazing, probably one of the best episodes since like Cagayan so that is really good. I enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what happens next week.



This swap from two tribes to three was pretty interesting, especially because I completely forgot about the conditions the third tribe would be under. Thankfully they had the same amount of supplies but obviously someone had to build a new shelter. After 3 episodes, 8 players have not yet been to tribal council but one of the 3 players who have now survived 3 tribal councils is Abi. She’s actually doing very well. And even for his low expectations Woo is struggling. On one hand he hasn’t been handed the best allies but on the other hand maybe he doesn’t pick the best allies. Jeff stayed in and Peih-Gee left because which one of them kept saying yes? Exactly. Hesitance leads to uncertainty which leads to paranoia and no one will trust you if you make them paranoid.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 3rd recap features Billy Garcia, from Cook Islands! He discusses everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with his answers to the ‘Cambodia 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Spencer
NEXT TO GO: Abi-Maria

Join us next week as we are joined by another former Survivor contestant to help us recap the fourth episode of Cambodia!



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    Great job Colin. It’s never easy replacing a legend.

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