Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 6


For the 31st season of Cambodia we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Noah are joined by Ozlets Colin & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 6 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Noah, Colin & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into two tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two/three should there be a tribe dissolve).


Once again during Cambodia we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets their ranking for the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Colin Hilding 5 (+3)
2nd Noah Groves 4 (+1)
3rd Jarrod Loobeek 2
= Ben Waterworth 2 (+1)


1st – Jeremy


OVERALL: 1st (-)

BEN: “Tough with rankings this week given the merge throws things open next week and the pointless switch this week. But given he has an idol, he has a bunch of allies and no enemies and his edit is probably the strongest out of everyone, he is easily in the best spot right now heading into the merge. Remember what happened in SJDS though? Hoping it isn’t a case of history repeating itself.”

NOAH: “Jeremy is set up pretty well for the merge. He has the Collins & Fishbach alliance which also has Kimmi tagging along. He has built a friendship with Spencer which could come back to help him and we also saw him bonding early on in the game with Savage. He has Joe as a shield and Jeremy isn’t actually that strong in challenges so he may not be a huge threat immediately. Keeping Joe could seriously backfire as he is in the Ta Keo 5 and could play both sides far into the merge, not to mention it may make Stephen want to flip. Jeremy is looking good going into the merge, but he also did in San Juan Del Sur…”

COLIN: “Jeremy could disappear from our screen for the rest of the season and there would still be enough material from episodes 1-6 to justify him winning the game. He’s been able to surround himself with loyal people who are all targets in their own right, and yet he’s clearly the one calling the shots, at least from what we can tell.”

JARROD: “Original Bayon look like they’re set on sticking together for the time being and amongst that group Jeremy is the clear leader. Hard to predict what’s going to happen next week but Jeremy seems to have the most ties at this point in time so that should stop him from being the first target post-merge.”

2nd – Kelley


OVERALL: 2nd (+1)

BEN: “Similar to Jeremy, Kelley is in a great position in this game despite a brief showing of her ‘being on the outs’. The biggest point with Kelley being in a great position right now is who the hell will target her at a merge? With such big targets ahead of her, she is as safe as houses right now and her idol only makes her even more secure. I also really should mention that she is playing a great game socially and strategically and is showing what she is capable of after so many people saw potential during her SJDS game. I’m loving her even more this season than I have before and I’m actually confident that for the first time my pre-season winner pick has an actual shot at still winning the game.”

NOAH: “Didn’t see much of her this week but Joe was willing to fight for her to keep the Ta Keo 5 strong and she at least has some form of alliance going into the merge. Oh and she has an idol and we are seeing her at least once every episode. There’s nothing to really warrant Kelley being number 2 other than the fact she is set up quite well for the merge and won’t be a huge threat they want to get out early.”

COLIN: “Another tribe switch and a merge to follow make this a very hard week to rank. Kelley has an idol, which means she’s safer than almost everyone. We finally have some form of confirmation that the Ta Keo 5 alliance may have some staying power. Lucky for Kelley she’s in an alliance with Joe, who takes most of the attention off of the rest in the group.”

JARROD: “Kelley wasn’t in the best position on new new Bayon and she could have been on the chopping block if they’d lost but now that she’s at the merge the target on her back is probably fairly miniscule. Can group up with the Ta Keo 5 or her original tribe mates if need be. Plus if she gets any indication that she’s in danger she’s bound to whip out the idol fairly quickly.”

3rd – Tasha


OVERALL: 4th (-2)

BEN: “No Tasha this week on our screens but she will head into the merge in a fairly good spot. She’ll surely hook back up with Savage and I can see some moves being made there and I think others will be targeted before her.”

NOAH: “Didn’t see any of her this week but she is assumingly still close to Savage and the Bayon tribe members. Can win challenges at the merge but won’t be the biggest target. Check back here next week for a better read on Tasha.”

COLIN: “We didn’t see Tasha much this week, but tribal council still revealed something strong about her game. Savage couldn’t hold Abi and Woo together on his own, and Abi’s vote has only been successfully influenced once this season, and that was by Tasha.”

JARROD: “Tasha is tight with original Bayon and so far has done a good job of managing Abi and no doubt will be looking to bring her back into the fold. Could become a target due to her physical prowess but given the other alpha males still around she should be safe for the time being.”

4th – Stephen


OVERALL: 5th (-)

BEN: “That was a very very interesting episode by Stephen. Tears, emotion and moves. Have to say, I felt for him this episode. How emotional and worked up he got I feel is something how I would get if I was in a similar position to him. He loves the game, and really wants to do well at the game so he is definitely trying the best he can. All that side, can he win? Absolutely. His edit has come full circle from early on to where he is now and it’s showing him in a light that would be a great all around story for a winner. Of course it’s not all about the edit, and outside of the edit he is playing a fairly decent game. Keep an eye on him because he can just keep getting better and better.”

NOAH: “Stephen is thinking about making strategic moves that would benefit his game but he is getting shut down by his closest alliance member. He has some allies going into the merge but the closest thing to a strong ally is the Collins & Fishbach alliance which isn’t even the most trusted. I feel he could be being set up for a runner up position between his early dodo edit through to Jeremy saying he could be JT by having Stephen follow him and his breakdown last night in which he fears the same thing could happen again. Could Stephen switch sides at the merge if things don’t go his way?”

COLIN: “After a very rough start in the game Stephen found himself comfortable in an alliance controlled by others. This week it was made clear that Stephen had no real sway in that alliance, as his biggest supporter, Jeremy, failed to even consider Stephen’s pitch to target Joe. The merge could help or hurt him. I could make an argument either way. Instead I think he should be judged on his game so far, and I’m struggling to think of any positive moments in his edit thus far.”

JARROD: “More bumbling at the reward challenge but we got to see some raw emotion from Stephen this week reflecting on the first time he played the game. Stephen wanted to take Joe out and one gets the feeling that that’s the driving force behind his narrative at the moment. If we do get a Stephen vs. Joe storyline, Stephen probably has a higher chance of survival. Is Jeremy’s right hand man and should be able to fly under the radar for a little while longer.”

5th – Joe


OVERALL: 6th (+2)

BEN: “Joe can still win this game, but by the slimmest of margins. He’s edit is diminishing and he isn’t really doing anything with his gameplay except relying on old alliances that aren’t necessarily still in place. Now at the merge too, he is a huge threat and Stephen clearly wants him gone. But Jeremy doesn’t. So we’re going to see some fireworks over this soon and it’ll be great to watch, but Joe definitely could come out the loser in it no matter how it goes.”

NOAH: “Joe never had to go to tribal council before the merge so we can’t fully grasp how his game is. He is in the Ta Keo 5 alliance and Jeremy wants to keep him around as a shield. Joe is going to became one of the biggest targets at the merge but at least does have some options going into the merge. Joe could win the game but like Spencer it will be an incredibly hard road to get there.”

COLIN: “The biggest storyline Joe has this season is that he’s being kept around as a “shield” for a much stronger player. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not seeing Joe as a potential winner and with a merge around the corner, he will be public enemy #1. His best hope is to tank a few challenges in hopes that the other strong threats like Tasha, Jeremy and even Keith take the attention off of him.”

JARROD: “With the merge upon us Joe is immediately going to be a target. Stephen has already talked about going after him and if word gets around about him wanting to target Kimmi last vote he could be toast. Joe does have the benefit of having options open to him and he can team up with Jeremy or the Ta Keo group but who knows if that’s going to be enough to deflect the target off his back?”

6th – Keith


OVERALL: 7th (+3)

BEN: “We’re being robbed of Keith screentime but we get to see snippets which I guess is better than nothing. He is there, not really involved in the season in terms of being in a position to win, but with big names surely being targeted from the get go at the merge he should be safe for a few more weeks.”

NOAH: “In the Ta Keo five alliance and still has some past relationships from Bayon. Keith having options going into a merge can only be a good thing but his neglect in the edit means he is very unlikely to win the game. He could fly under the radar with all the other threats but may struggle to get in the final three.”

COLIN: “All we know for sure is that Keith is not on the bottom of his tribe…… or do we? We know for sure that he was right about Kimmi dropping something in the fire. On the positive note, there’s no way anyone perceives Keith as a threat.”

JARROD: “At this point in the game Keith has plenty of options open to him, the main question is whether he can juggle those options and prevent a “stick to the plan” repeat. Whether he goes with original Bayon or the Ta Keo 5, Keith shouldn’t be in any immediate danger next week.”

7th – Kimmi


OVERALL: 9th (-3)
BEN RANK: 10th

BEN: “Similar answer to Keith, although she is in tight with several Bayon folks which could see her an easy target if the Ta Kao alliance get some numbers and one of their big guns wins individual immunity.”

NOAH: “Didn’t succeed in either of the challenges and her name was thrown out by Joe as a target to go home. She does have some strong allies in Collins & Fishbach and she will no longer be a threat at the merge but Kimmi certainly isn’t winning this game. Hopefully we see some more of her next episode!”

COLIN: “She has an alliance willing to protect her, and she enters the merge as one of the least threatening players both physically and strategically. If Kimmi has a strong game in her now would be the time to start playing.”

JARROD: “Jeremy and Stephen were both quick to shoot down the idea of Kimmi being the target this episode and she seems to have found a group that have her back for the time being. I don’t know why people would vote Kimmi out at this stage of the game unless they’re worried about a bigger threat having an idol. Poses no threat in the challenges and I doubt she’s perceived as a major strategic force either.”


1st – Ciera


OVERALL: 3rd (+4)

BEN: “Ciera is…there. She made a move this week after not liking the position she is in and I put her so high given that she won’t be a target for a while now the merge is coming up. But again, Ciera I think is a great social player who is well liked who is forced into making moves at the last minute. I’d love to see her actually come into something full tilt and make a big move to change things up rather than being forced to make something because something changes from what she was expecting at the last minute.”

NOAH: “She may have pissed off Savage and the ongoing myth of a Bayon nine reunion at the merge but she has solidified herself as loyal to Abi and potentially Spencer along with Kass who is also in the Ta Keo 5. Not only that but they managed to take out one of Savage’s right hand men who would probably more likely switch over with Savage and Tasha then ever being loyal to herself. Keeping Spencer could backfire but there is still a bunch of advantages for the move she made. I am still not ruling out Ciera winning this game but unless her edit picks up like the most recent episode, those chances could diminish.” 

COLIN: “She made a logical move this week based on self-preservation, which is what she did best last time. Of the Ta Keo 5 Ciera is the only one I can see calling the shots. She is the latest to capitalize on Abi Maria’s renegade voting strategy. From what we can tell she’s on nobody radar.”

JARROD: “Wasn’t having a bar of her name being thrown out as the decoy vote and got the ball rolling in terms of shifting the vote to Woo. While she may have burned her bridges with Savage, it’s doubtful she was ever going to factor into his plans long term and she likely buys some trust with Spencer. She’s not a challenge threat and proved in Blood vs. Water that she has elements of a strong social and strategic game post merge. She’s not going to sit around and wait for the game to come to her and will be looking to set herself up to make it deep.”

2nd – Kass


OVERALL: 8th (+1)

BEN: “The revelation of the season. Kass is impressing the hell out of me and given she was in an all too familiar position of ‘middle woman’ for a vote, she handled it well. I can see sides for both vote options but in the end taking out Woo was the smart decision because having only Savage and Wiglesworth off side won’t be as damaging as having a Ciera or Woo offside. She can win this game, I can’t believe I’m saying that, but she can! More than likely she won’t, but if she keeps this up, she could provide us the greatest game turn around in the history of Survivor.”

NOAH: “Kass is proving that she is trying to change her game and is also proving she can be entertaining while not reaping chaos across the lands. She is doing pretty well at the moment but she also was this time last time she played so will she crack under the pressure of the merge? She is playing a stronger social game and is a part of the Ta Keo 5 alliance but I personally still don’t feel she can win. Keeping Spencer had its advantages but probably is worse for Kass than it is for Abi or Ciera as it is very unlikely Spencer will ever stay loyal with her but at the same time Woo probably wouldn’t either. I am loving Kass’ evolution but I think the merge will be her true test.”

COLIN: “Editing may have played some tricks on us this week. I really don’t think Kass was in charge of the vote against Woo. History has shown us that Abi was ready to vote out Woo first chance she got, and Ciera was the one who initiated the vote against Savage’s leadership. I believe Kass was shown heavily in this episode because of the story arc with Spencer. Regardless of who really was calling the shots, we have already seen that there is suspicion surrounding Kass and whether she really is changed. This vote gave anyone looking to capitalize the perfect opportunity to question her loyalty.”

JARROD: “The façade of calm Kass is gone and chaos Kass is back. With this season so focused on growth and change I get the feeling that reverting back to her old tricks may put Kass squarely in the firing line. She probably has the least chance of repairing bridges with Savage especially given how tight he is with Tasha and Spencer isn’t going to feel like he owes her anything. If the Ta Keo 5 can band together and pull in some others she’s got a fighting chance of righting the ship but she’s in dangerous waters right now.”

3rd – Spencer


OVERALL: 10th (+1)

BEN: ”His edit is showing a perfect underdog ‘Cochran’ story but he is always in a position where he has to be saved rather than actually being able to make a move himself. This merge is going to be fascinating to see where he is placed because he always seems to be a target and you just feel eventually he won’t be saved and he’ll be gone. Interesting to see where he’ll end up next week.”

NOAH: “It seems like in both times he has played Spencer is kept around by the kindness of others and doesn’t actually do much to ensure his own survival. Lucky for him he voted with the majority against Woo but they hardly seem loyal to him at all. Savage targeted him and he will probably be a further target at the merge. Lucky for him he may still have some options with Collins & Fishbach or with some of the people who saved him last week. Spencer can win the game but it will be a tough road to get there.”

COLIN: “He survived yet again, really through no doing of his own. There are some players who get far in the game by being a solid extra number. I have a feeling this week Spencer was viewed as nothing more than an extra number for a single vote. If Kass is his biggest advocate, and she spent most of the episode talking about how much she disliked him, Spencer is in trouble.”

JARROD: “Spencer got lucky last tribal council and he’s lucky the tribes are merging early or he may have been the next one out. Similar to Wiglesworth he doesn’t really have any original allies left, however he’s tight with Jeremy and now has a chance to team up with Cagayan tribe mate Tasha. It’s going to be tough for Spencer to make it to the end but I can see him being hot property for opposing sides in the first merge vote.”

4th – Abi-Maria


OVERALL: 11th (+4)
BEN RANK: 11th

BEN: “No Abi this week? Well that was a first. But it’s Abi. She is a firecracker ready to go off and could easily be a target. She also could easily still be used as a goat too, but I think her days are getting slowly numbered.”

NOAH: “Abi didn’t do anything wrong this episode ad voted in the majority but there is still no way she can win the game. She will no longer be much of a target now that we are at the merge but she will no doubt continue to annoy people. May be kept around to the end as a goat but people will probably want her out before then.”

COLIN: “After putting her at the bottom for weeks, I think the time has finally come for Abi to move up in my rankings. She is a threat to nobody, and has a knack for controlling a vote. She needs to show loyalty and some self-control in the merge though, because even her biggest ally Tasha was questioning her, and that was before Abi assisted in turning on her second in command, Savage.”

JARROD: “Abi is playing her own game and at the moment it’s working to her benefit. At this stage it feels like she’s thrown away any chance of winning the game but everybody wants to keep her around and with 13 people living on the same beach she’s likely to be less of an annoyance to any one single person.”

5th – Savage


OVERALL: 12th (-8)
BEN RANK: 12th

BEN: “Will be a target for sure at the merge and given he was on the outs this week he’ll be upset and scrambling and I think it’ll cloud his judgement being in panic mode. Wouldn’t surprise me if he goes just before the jury once again which will be sad so I hope I’m wrong.”

NOAH: “Savage was lucky he didn’t go home this episode and was completely out of the loop on the vote. It was right to target Spencer especially to gain Kass’ trust but throwing Ciera under the bus so easily was a mistake. He should have put his own name up. Going into the merge his only real allies are Tasha and Jeremy and potentially Wiglesworth.”

COLIN: “I might be a little too critical ranking Savage this low, but I made the case last week that the only game he had was being tight with Tasha. Low and behold, one week later we see Savage separated from Tasha, being way too confident in his majority, and ironically ending up in the exact same position he put Varner in a few weeks back. Maybe it was Abi who flipped the vote, maybe it was Ciera, or maybe it was Kass. One thing is sure, and that’s that Savage was completely out of the loop.”

JARROD: “It seems without Tasha, Savage was unable to execute his strategic plans so he’ll be thankful that they’re back on the same tribe next week. He’ll likely team up with the alpha players and fall back into the fold. Comes in with no real option but to team back up with original Bayon.”

6th – Kelly


OVERALL: 13th (-)
BEN RANK: 13th

BEN: “Ugh. I hate this. This is the worst position I’ve ever had to do and I hate myself for it. But who else can be last after this week? She was on the outs of the vote, she is getting no airtime and even if she was voted out we probably wouldn’t see it. I have never wanted to be more wrong in my entire life than right now, because if she gets voted out soon I will cry. Literally. So be wrong Ben, be wrong!”

NOAH: “The second tribal council is the only time Kelly voted in the majority or had any idea of what is going on. She has barely any allies left in the game which could put her on the outs or make her a valuable number at the merge. She is a strong physical player which may also make her a big threat in the game now. Wiglesworth won’t win this game but we NEED to see more of her dammit!”

COLIN: “How is it possible we are this close to the merge and Kelly STILL has not factored into any votes or alliances. Numbers are getting slim, and it’s like even the players don’t realize Kelly is out there. That could speak to the lack of game she really has.”

JARROD: “Kelly has no real allies left in the game and unfortunately she’s been completely shut out by the edit. If a group can simply bring her into the fold she could be an important number who’s almost guaranteed to stay loyal but her refusal to play strategically may be her downfall. At a time where everybody is likely to be nervous of idols, stepping up too early and overplaying their hands, Kelly is an easy boot that doesn’t make any waves.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the seventh episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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8 Comments on Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 6

  1. Agree with Jarrod’s ranking of Savage but disagree with everyone else’s. Savage isn’t going to go down quietly. I think once original Bayon (especially Jeremy, Tasha, Fisch, and Kimmi) hear about Kass and Ciera flipping Savage will receive sympathy at the merge and Kass will be attacked and criticized, launching her into full chaos Kass mode.

    I think at the merge we will see an alliance of Stephen, Jeremy, Kimmy, Tasha, and Savage vs. an alliance of Joe, Kass, Wentworth, Ciera, and Keith, which leaves Abi, Wigles, and Spencer as swing votes.

    What do you guys predict will be the alliances at the first tribal after the merge?

    Also, aren’t 13 players a lot for a merge? Do you think there could be some secret twist with the finals like a final four?

  2. Kass is gone. Every time they devote a whole preview to one person they normally go home.

  3. I LOVE CIERA!!!!!!!!!!!! She should definitely get credit for making a move this week. The fact that 4 out of my 6 favorite players (Ciera, Spencer, Kass, and Abi Maria) banded together (the other two would be Joe and Kelley Wentworth) makes me soooo happy about this season. I’m really hoping that the members of takeo going into the merge get rid of everyone else!

  4. I LOVE CIERA AND THIS SEASON (so far)!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fact that 4 out of my 6 favorite people this season (Ciera, Spencer, Kass, and Abi Maria) banded together (the other two being Kelley Wentworth and Joe) and are trying to take control. If there is an alliance involving Ciera, Spencer, Kass, Abi Maria, Joe, and Kelley, with the help of others, I will be beyond satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also really love Savage but I feel like he’s gonna want to target my favorite people.

  5. I am also a huge Ciera fan and was sooo pleased by this week. I was getting concerned that we hadn’t seen her make moves or get much of an edit yet, and was hoping that was just because she hadn’t gone to TC, which indeed, was correct, as proven by her great gameplay and edit this week. I’d LOVE to see her win this game, and think she can. Right now, I agree with you all, Tasha, Ciera, Jeremy, and Wentworth are the top contenders at this point though I also think that if Spencer can get himself in a good alliance at the merge his edit and storyline has been such that he can definitely win. And I’m not ruling Kass out either because her quote of the winner of this season will be someone that’s changed, seemed like a winner’s quote to me, and we can all agree she played a decent pre-merge game.


  6. Couldn’t agree more! Team Ciera all the way. I also agree with the top contenders to win this season. Kelly Wiglesworth has had such a minimal edit and I know that doesn’t mean everything but it doesn’t seem like shes gonna win. Kimmi has been relevant 1 episode and it wasn’t even the smartest move for her so that rules her out since she probably will be seen as a coattail rider if she stays with the guys. I honestly think Andrew has a chance of winning the game. He’s played a decent game and has allies he just needs to cool it with his over confidence or else history will repeat itself. He also needs to deflect the physical target off him. Stephen might still have a chance but he’s too emotional and unless he can make a big move that favors him he’s not gonna win. SURVIVOR IS NOT A GAME WHERE YOU CAN CLING TO ONE STRATEGY! (Jeff Kent comes to mind) Abi Maria I believe has no shot unless she calms herself down. I love her like crazy and she’s one of my favorites but she has to watch herself. Her enemies may be eliminated but she can make new ones. Ciera obviously still has a chance. She may have had a minimal edit before but that’s because she was on a winning tribe. The minute her tribe finally lost she actually made a move and got herself into a good position. I also think Kass still has a chance but she needs to make sure people don’t end up hating her. If spencer can take the target off him then he definitely has a chance he just has to show that he’s not just being saved by others. Tasha definitely has a good chance she just has to stay on the right side of the numbers and not be seen as a threat. Keith doesn’t really have shot since he’s not making any moves. Jeremy has a great chance as long as he doesn’t get over confident. Kelley has like the best shot cuz who’s gonna target her and she has an idol. Joe needs to deflect the target, be on the right side of the numbers and make moves. Here’s my list on who has the best chance of winning:
    1. Jeremy
    2. Tasha
    3. Kelley
    4. Ciera
    5. Spencer
    6. Kass
    7. Andrew
    8. Stephen
    9. Joe
    10. Abi Maria
    11. Kelly
    12. Kimmi
    13. Keith

    • If you were to go based on the edit alone, I think Stephen, Tasha and Jeremy have the best chance of winning. But if you factor in alliances and strategy I also think Spencer, Ciera and Kelly Wentworth have a chance as well. But right now I’m #TeamStephen

      • Your point is completely Valid and I also like Stephen (maybe not as much). Stephen has a chance of winning if he makes a big move. He’s all worked up about getting Joe out and won’t budge. If he relies on one strategy and isn’t open to other opportunities than he doesn’t have much of a chance. But I can sense that Stephen has something in store that will shock all of us!!!

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