Survivor Cambodia – Episode 6 Recap featuring John Carroll!


Our third all-star Survivor season, Cambodia, continues to entertain! After an exciting sixth episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! We also talk to one of the real experts in our great friend John Carroll, from Marquesas!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“Ta Keo was thriving and had put together a strong five. Angkor was barely getting by, but, at the last Immunity Challenge, they finally won, sending Bayon to Tribal Council. Back at camp, Wiglesworth and Spencer were on the outs, but Monica wanted to change things up. Everything did change at Tribal Council when Monica was blindsided. Fifteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~Jeff Probst



Jeff Probst shows up to the Ta Keo tribe in the dead of night to inform Terry that his son has been hospitalized. His wife and the doctors say that Terry must go home to be with his son. It is not a choice. Terry responds quickly and shortly that he will get his bag. He informs his tribe mates of the situation and they clearly feel terrible for him. Terry departs on a boat, telling Jeff that he has chills. His tribe are shaken and agree to win in Terry’s name. Kass confesses that it is devastating, and a reminder of how quickly things can change.


Jeff informs Terry of his son’s hospitalization. (Image credit: CBS)


The tribes arrive at the Reward Challenge and see that Monica and Terry are gone. Jeff explains what happened to Terry, and addresses some of the parents in the game. They all agree that family is the most important thing. More important than this game. They all feel for Terry. Jeff then reveals that there is going to be another tribe switch. Angkor will be no more. They draw buffs. The new Ta Keo tribe is Woo, Abi, Savage, Kass, Ciera, Spencer, and Wiglesworth. The new Bayon tribe is Joe, Wentworth, Keith, Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi, and Tasha. The two tribes compete in their first challenge which involves one person from each tribe oiling up, sliding down a slip-n-slide, and tossing a ring onto a hook. First person to hook their ring wins a point for their tribe. First tribe to three points wins a comfort food feast of brownies, macaroni and cheese, and fried chicken. Jeremy squares off against Savage and wins for Bayon. Kass squares off against Fishbach and Kass wins for Ta Keo after Stephen continually fails to throw the ring. Jeremy tells him to have confidence in himself. Abi squares off against Kimmi and wins for Ta Keo. Joe squares off against Woo and wins for Bayon. It is tied. Wiglesworth squares off against Wentworth and wins the challenge for Ta Keo. Wentworth collapses to the ground in disappointment. Savage confesses that he is rock solid given the “complexion” of his tribe. He claims that he is not going anywhere.


Wiglesworth scores the winning point for Ta Keo. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, the new Ta Keo tribe enjoy their picnic, while Spencer tried to figure out how he can fit himself into the tribe. He says that it was awkward and cagey dealing with Kass, but he is attempting to treat her like anyone else. Savage tells the tribe how traumatizing it was at Angkor. The picnic is a beautiful moment for him. If he had a son he would like for him to be like Spencer, but Spencer is not in his plans. He approaches Kass and tells her that Spencer has to go. She agrees. Savage’s perceived alliance of five come together and agree to tell Spencer that Ciera is the target. Ciara is not having this and begins formulating her own plans.


An alliance appears to form. (Image credit: CBS)


Over at Bayon, Kimmi and Keith bicker around the fire. Wentworth and Joe agree that they are going to have to do some work to keep her safe and keep their Ta Keo 2.0 alliance strong. They agree that the one big pitch is that she is stronger than Kimmi and Stephen. Wentworth confesses that she will hide behind Joe as long as she can. Tasha, Stephen, and Joe discuss getting rid of Wentworth. Joe proposes that they get rid of Kimmi. Stephen doesn’t like this and goes to Jeremy and Tasha, telling them about this plans and saying that they should vote out Joe. Jeremy doesn’t want to get rid of Kimmi, but he needs Joe as a shield. Tasha is not willing to vote out Joe either. Stephen has a emotional confession where he reveals his fear of not making the game-defining move when the opportunity arises because his group is unwilling to make that move. Last time he didn’t get rid of J.T. in time. He lost to the golden boy. The idea of that same thing happening again and letting the game pass him by is heart breaking.


Stephen has an emotional segment at Bayon. (Image credit: CBS)


The two tribes face off in gross food eating challenge for Immunity, involving the consumption of numerous Cambodian “delicacies”. Winner of each match up gets a point. First tribe to four points gets Immunity. Tasha and Kimmi for Bayon square off against Woo and Spencer for Bayon. They each have to eat two boiled tarantulas. Spencer and Woo are first, shutting out Bayon. Jeremy and Keith for Bayon square off against Savage and Ciera. They have to eat two giant water beetles. Jeremy and Savage finish simultaneously and congratulate each other. Keith beats Ciera and wins the point for Bayon. Fishbach and Wentworth for Bayon square off against Kass and Abi. They have to eat a big snout. Fishbach is first, followed by Abi. Kass becomes sick, and Wentworth scores the point for Bayon. Joe for Bayon then squares off against Wiglesworth eating deep fried frog. Wiglesworth wins for Ta Keo. It is tied 2-2. Woo and Kimmi square off and have to eat pig’s brain. Kimmi abstains, saying that she hasn’t had pig in thirty years. Woo scores the point for Ta Keo. Ciera and Wentworth square off and have to eat scorpion. Wentworth wins the point for Bayon. It is tied. The final matchup is Kass and Tasha eating balut. Kass struggles once again but Tasha gets it down, winning Immunity for Bayon. As the Tribes depart, Jeremy eats Kass’ balut, stating that he hasn’t eaten in sixteen days. Kass confesses that she would love to get rid of Spencer. “Spencer Bledsoe: 0% chance of winning this game”.


Wentworth and Ciera square off at eating scorpion. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Woo confesses that if everything goes according to plan, Spencer will be going home. The apparent alliance of five reiterate to tell Spencer that the target is Ciera, and not to be seen talking to Ciera. Savage tells Spencer that the target is Ciera and everyone knows. Spencer is delighted and confesses that he likes Andrew and has wanted to work with him. Ciera, Kass, and Abi discuss Savage’s behaviour. Ciera tells them that she doesn’t feel comfortable with him making her the fake target. She also brings up that if they are supposedly Bayon-strong, why wouldn’t Woo be the target? Kass tells her that she would really like to get out Spencer before the merge. Ciera says that they would be dumb to keep Woo over Spencer. Kass reiterates in her confessional that she didn’t want to play with Spencer, but there may be a better use for him. They walk on the beach and discuss the game. He tells her that he likes Savage, and he is shocked to learn from Kass that Savage is targeting him. She tells him that he could join herself, Ciera, and Abi to vote out Woo. Later on the beach, Kass tells Woo playfully that she will finally get her revenge on Spencer Bledsoe. Wiglesworth laughs. Kass confesses that it is her first Tribal Council, and she doesn’t know if Calm Kass or Chaos Kass is coming. Will it be Spencer or will it be Woo?


Kass informs Spencer of the real situation at Ta Keo. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff reminds them that they are sixteen days into this experiment. Savage has been working on his personal game. Identifying those who are trustworthy and loyal. Spencer has been working on seeing people as people in this harsh environment. Woo failed in understanding that to succeed in his first game he would have to be cut throat, but he’s at peace with that now. Kass is caught between bonds she formed in Bayon 1.0, bonds she formed in Ta Keo 2.0, and relationships that have carried over from Cagayan. She is torn between Chaos Kass and Calm Kass. Savage states that he has only seen a loving, loyal Kass – not Chaos Kass. Ciera states that navigating people is one of her strengths. It’s a battle between her gut, heart, and mind. Savage has no doubts about tonight. If he blows it – that’s on him. Probst points out that if everyone is playing at the highest level, everyone should feel confident. Yet someone will go home. She agrees that’s why Tribal Council is scary. They all have plans, but someone’s won’t work. They vote. Savage votes for Spencer, saying that he is too good at this game. Spencer votes for Woo, saying that his fate rests in the hands of Chaos Kass. Jeff retrieves the votes. No idols are played. The votes are revealed: Spencer, Woo, Spencer, Spencer, Woo, Woo, Woo. Woo is the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Cambodia. Spencer thanks Abi. Savage looks troubled. Woo turns and smiles as he places his torch, quietly saying, “blindside!”. Probst might as well be addressing his blindsided buddy Savage with his closing words, remarking that the game is now being played at a high level, and you will have to continue to adapt if you want to make it to the end.


Woo is voted out of Survivor: Cambodia. (Image credit: CBS)


“The merge is coming, and Chaos Kass is back.” ~Jeff Probst

Joe points out that at the merge, things are about to change. Kass says that the line has been drawn and people should be thinking about who they are working with and the manipulation they are trying to run. She says in a confessional not to mess with her second chance, stating that “they” just unleashed the beast.


The merge arrives! (Image credit: CBS)









A fantastic episode, very enjoyable and hands down the best of the season.

Will say, not a fan of the random switch. I don’t like a second tribe swap/dissolve or anything of the sort. It’s completely unnecessary especially given there is a merge next week and just serves to create something that didn’t need to be created. Yes, it gave a good episode, but why not keep this split for another week or two? There are great divisions and possibilities based on how this episode turned out which are going to be completely thrown away next week. The merge will bring great excitement next week with everything but meh, we didn’t need this switch at all considering what is around the corner.

Terrible to see Deitz pulled from the game. After such a long time trying to get back on the show for this to happen was very sad to watch. But completely the right decision to leave in those circumstances. It was clear before the season started that this might be a possibility given how much social media and the Survivor community had rallied behind him on the back of the news of his son. But it’s great to see Danny is doing well.

Two things I need to point out now. Firstly on a positive note, Kass. Wow. Loving her this episode and this season has been great for her. I’m so impressed with how she has turned things around and I can actually see her winning this game which had you said that to me before the season I would’ve laughed. Yes it looks like ‘chaos Kass’ might be coming out next week but it’s hard to judge those promos given how much they try and oversell some moments.

The second note. Wiglesworth. This is absolutely ridiculous. FOUR EPISODES WITHOUT A WIGLESWORTH CONFESSIONAL! Ok, I get it. She might not be the best television, but is Woo great television? Ciera? Joe? If you analyse half the stuff they say in confessionals there isn’t anything there either or even anything barely entertaining. They have waited 15 years to have her on this show again, she was the first person announced as coming back. She was a runner-up on the very first season in the ‘glory days’ of Survivor and they treat her like this? It’s ridiculous and frustrating and I think it’s a disgrace that her edit has been this bad. I even forgot this episode that she was on the new Ta Kao when they were scrambling until her head randomly popped into the shot at one point. It’s a waste and it’s disgusting.

Rant over, merge at 13? Wow. Love the new buffs though. Orange looks awesome. Will the jury start next week too? We’ll see. Bring it on.



Another great episode this week where so much went on that there was hardly any down time. Terry’s exit was devastating because it was something completely out of his control. Not since Jenna Morasca quitting over a decade ago have we seen an exit like this. Even medical evacuations are sometimes the result of contestants working too hard or carelessly hurting themselves. It served as an unsettling reminder that these are real people. They do have lives outside of Survivor. Personally, I would rather see Terry go out heroically like this than getting blindsided after the merge to preserve his legacy.

We finally got some much overdue Ciera screen time this episode. We will find out soon enough if her quiet edit is due to an early exit, or it could be the result of this being her first tribal council all season. Her social awareness shone by realizing immediately where Savage’s tightest loyalties lie. My only question is how did we not get a single clip of Abi telling Kass and Ciera, “Woo voted for me twice.”

A merge with thirteen people? It is too much in my opinion. The pre-merge episodes have been so good so far that they should have held off for at least one more vote. I really like that the merge is coming at an odd number. Off the top of my head, Philippines and Cagayan are the only seasons to merge with odd numbers (11) which resulted in the blindsides of RC and Sarah.

The most exciting part about this merge is that there are so many layers to the game at this point. You have alliances from previous seasons, pre-game, and each of the three tribes so far. The numbers can potentially swing in any direction which will be riveting.



Easily the best episode of the season. In fact I would go so far as to say it’s in the top 5-10% of all-time episodes. It came complete with a tribe switch, two departures, Spencer’s reunion with Kass, a potential betrayal on Bayon, a gross food challenge (with an awesome format, by the way), and a blindside by #ChaosKass. Oh yeah, and Woo went home!

Speaking of which, we finally know WHO THE HELL VOTED FOR WOO!!! I would not have been unhappy to see him win but it’s nice that we got another non-strategic player out of the mix. Ironically enough, we did not get to see an iconic Woo blindside face – only an amused look when his first vote came up.

Terry’s story arc had a very unsatisfying ending. He gets cocky during the first three episodes, even more so in the next two, but goes out in a very anticlimactic (and unprecedented) way. For his eventual departure, I would’ve liked to have seen a different edit. However, it was nice to see a resolution to his son’s situation, and a good one at that. He will surely get another chance to play.

Ta Keo Tribe Notes:

  • Oh, Andrew. Your favorite words are “Drop Your Buffs”?? I thought you always get screwed by twists!! He then makes the classic mistake of assuming everything is going his way, and not considering what else might happen. Why not just split votes between Spencer and Kelly?
  • Impressive move tonight by Ciera. I’m not sure it was the right move (maybe voting out Savage would have been better?), but she took matters into her own hands and managed to get the out person she wanted to get out.
  • I’m not sure this was the right move for Kass. Why not keep Woo around? He’s not a strategic threat, and she already wants Spencer out. Plus, Spencer is more dangerous post-merge.
  • Where the hell was Wiglesworth in all this?? You’d think she’d been in on the plan to vote out Woo, and keep Spencer. Also, still invisible. The new Purple Kelly.
  • Abi is sitting pretty going into the merge, and somehow she wasn’t the focus of anything this episode. Also, Woo was in fact dead to her.

Bayon Tribe Notes:

  • My suspicion is that the producers saved the gross food challenge until Kimmi had to participate in it. Well done, producers! However, Kimmi’s failure had no bearing on the outcome of the challenge. (Woo wolfed down that brain anyway.)
  • Stephen wants to turn the tables and get Joe out. Right now I think the evidence points to the side that this will work. The merge is coming up, and Joe is the biggest threat in the game. If Savage is to get Stephen out (as he wanted before the first swap), he isn’t getting the right edit.

The merge is coming up with 13 players!

Winner pick: Still Tasha.

Dark Horse: Stephen

Next to go: As allegiances are not clear, I have to go with the biggest threat, which is Joe.



I normally don’t jump on with episode thoughts as my fellow Ozlets do a much better job than me and I often feel I had nothing to add, but this week feels a little different. It was a great episode – both dramatic and touching, with the right blend of strategy and personal moments. At 6 episodes in, I am completely lost on who is getting the “winner’s edit” and I love it.

But I don’t want to re-hash the episode but instead give some praise and respect to a couple of players who have been favourites of mine for a long time. The first is Terry Dietz – who is far from the type of player I normally like. Terry grew on me through re-watching Panama, but also because I could see the potential for him to have learned from past mistakes and come back stronger than ever. That his long awaited second chance was cut short in such an unfair way was tough to watch, but I think it speaks to his character that he left without a moment’s hesitation to be with his son and family. Terry is clearly a stand up guy and its great to hear that Danny is doing so well, long may it continue. I’m disappointed for Terry that he didn’t get to see his game have a conclusion but given the circumstances, he would have no regrets. I really do wish the best for his son, Danny, and the whole family. It was great to see him back, albeit briefly.

The other is Stephen Fishbach. I have been disappointed with Stephen, or perhaps more accurately, how Survivor has chosen to portray him this time around. We all know his strategic acumen and the dodo edit he has been receiving has been frustrating for those of us who are big fans of his. His breakdown this week turned me around. Stephen is there to play, and his frustration that he may not be able to convince people to turn on Joe, clearly the biggest physical (and maybe social) threat in the game is incredibly endearing. It’s clear that Stephen has dealt with a lot of regret in not dealing with JT earlier in Tocantins and his decision to not make the same mistake again make me want to see him succeed. The crazy thing is that he’s right – Joe has to be taken out, and soon. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it is for others not to see this. I have no idea where Stephen’s story is headed but he has shot into the front of the pack for people I want to see win. For those of us who are maybe not as athletic, but huge fans of the game, he embodies everything we are. To see him win would be incredibly satisfying. The game is about to change and potentially give him lots more options heading forward.

I was sorry to see Woo go – which surprised me. I didn’t expect to even see him make the cast, but he did look to change his game up a bit from the previous time, and he seems like a really nice guy. I don’t think the show loses much by seeing him gone but he did add something, and proved there was a good reason for him to be there. After a bit of a slow episode last week we are about to head into uncharted territory next week – a 13 person merge – with coral buffs! Anything can happen and I can’t wait.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 6th recap features our very good friend John Carroll! He discusses everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with his answers to the ‘Cambodia 5!’

NEXT TO GO: Savage/Joe

Join us next week as we are joined by another former Survivor contestant to help us recap the seventh episode of Cambodia!



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