Survivor Cambodia – Episode 7 Recap featuring Troyzan Robertson!


Our third all-star Survivor season, Cambodia, continues to entertain! After an exciting merge episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! We also talk to one of the real experts in our good friend Troyzan Robertson from One World!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“Sixteen days ago, twenty former players started their second chance to play the game they love, and they all came with baggage from their past. Some even have a history with each other [such as Spencer and Kass]. With redemption on the line, it was clear the game would be played hard and fast. The Bayon tribe agreed to stay strong, but after a twist in the game [which shuffled the two tribes into three new tribes], the former Bayons [at Ta Keo 2.0] were forced to make new deals. Everyone was shocked when Terry left the game, but they were even more surprised by a second switch back to two tribes. The new Bayon came out the stronger tribe and they won the last Immunity Challenge. At the new Ta Keo, Spencer was the odd man out. Spencer and Kass put aside their past differences, and at Tribal Council Kass saved Spencer, blindsiding Woo and shocking Wiglesworth and Savage. Thirteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~Jeff Probst

DAY 17


The next morning, Savage sulks about being lied to before the last Tribal Council. In his confessional, he calls his tribe mates professional liars and lets loose a few expletives about them before forcing a smile. He says if he has to play under the radar like a “wimpy, little non-leader”, he’ll do it. He tells his tribe mates that they could have trusted him, and he assures Spencer that he will never write his name down again. He implores them to use him at the merge. Spencer confesses that he is going to forgive Savage because he wants to make relationships that serve him. He says that he truly has changed, and he is relying on Kass.


Savage promises to never write Spencer’s name down. (Image credit: CBS)


At camp Bayon, Kimmi reads tree mail leading the tribe to believe that a merge might be at hand. Tasha confesses that if there is a merge, the old Brains tribe from Cagayan will be back together. She’s nervous. At Ta Keo, Kass finds tree mail with a map telling them to take everything they need to their home. They are shocked that the merge is so early. Ciera is uncomfortable with the merge happening right after Savage was scorned. She’s nervous, too. Kass tells her tribe mates to stick together and find the crack. In a rainy confessional, Savage pleads to the heavens for a merge to return him to his “Bayon brothers”.


The Bayon tribe prepares for new arrivals. (Image credit: CBS)


The Ta Keo 3.0 tribe arrive at the Bayon beach and are greeted enthusiastically by its inhabitants. Keith reads the scroll declaring that they are, in fact, merged. The group cheers and distribute new orange buffs to everyone. Joe confesses that it’s a whole new game. Savage and Andrew visibly reconnect immediately, man-hugging and shaking hands. As they begin their feast, Kass toasts to the thirteen best losers ever. Wentworth confesses that she is freaking out inside to make the merge. She’s made one step, but she wants to get to the end. As they feast, Kass reveals the whole dynamic of the last vote. Kimmi’s attention is clearly sparked. Stephen confesses that he was ready to pounce. It would be chaos the second the feast ended, and you have to hit the ground running. A seven-person alliance is a must. Savage confesses that he is delighted to be back at his home, Bayon. He tells Jeremy that he wouldn’t believe how fast and stealthy they were at Ta Keo when they turned against him. They need their seven. Savage, Jeremy, Tasha, Stephen, Kimmi, and Wiglesworth are six. They need one more. Joe is critical. Kass and Wentworth discuss their numbers elsewhere. They decide they have their Ta Keo 2.0 five (Kass, Ciera, Wentworth, Keith, and Joe) plus Spencer and Abi. That’s seven. “We’re good”. Wentworth confesses that Spencer and Joe are going to be the power players at this vote. She has to sure things up with both of them.


The tribes merge at Bayon beach. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 18


Day 18 begins and suddenly we have a tribe name, Orkun. Savage approaches Joe in the morning to tell him it’s really simple. They have the numbers if they stay Bayon strong. He reiterates to Joe the numbers. Joe confesses that he thinks he can trust Savage because he is playing with his heart on his sleeve. Spencer and Wentworth reconnect on a hammock and go over their what their ideal alliance would be. Spencer say he doesn’t have a good feel on Joe or Keith. Wentworth assures Spencer that both of them are with her. Spencer confesses that he wouldn’t mind sticking with Joe. He explains the position that they are in to Joe, telling him that they will need to stick together. Spencer is needless in a confessional, explaining his discussion with Joe as simplifying things into “Joe Language”.


Spencer and Joe discuss their place in the game. (Image credit: CBS)

Later in the day, the tribe sits in the shelter during a rain storm. Kass says that she feels like she’s grounded. Stephen shares a poem with the tribe, which seems to be awkwardly received during its reading, but people are friendly and receptive upon its completion. Kass confesses that there is clearly a bro-down happening. Kass and Tasha begin talking in the shelter about the split that might be forming. Tasha confesses that she felt that Kass was fishing for information and she fed her a lie. She tells Kass that she is not close with Stephen and Bayon is not strong anymore. Tasha tells Kass that she will do whatever the tribe decides to do. Kass confesses that Tasha is still hung up on Cagayan, declaring that Tasha has unleashed the beast by messing with her second chance.


The tribe sits in the shelter during the rain. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 19


The next morning, Stephen sincerely tells Tasha that she saved his life by sleeping where she did. She seems to like this and says you’re welcome. Kass confesses that someone is going to have to disrupt the apple cart. Heaven forbid it be Chaos Kass. She approaches Tasha and calls her out on the lie that Tasha sold her. Tasha reveals that she doesn’t trust Kass and isn’t going to reveal to her anything that she thinks. Kass tells Tasha that she didn’t learn from her last game. Tasha disagrees, saying that she learned not to trust Kass. Kass draws a literal line in the sand between them and tells her that its “game on”. They break up and return to the camp where the conversation becomes very public. Kass tells everyone that Tasha declared that Bayon was no more. Tasha refutes this. No one seems to really care or be impressed by the revelation, but disturbed by the fight. Ciara, however, takes the opportunity to spin a lie to the group about Savage saying that he was planning to target Joe and Jeremy after connecting with Woo. Savage refutes this. No one seems to really care or be impressed by this revelation either, but, again, disturbed by the situation. Savage says that there is a nasty two-headed dragon (Ciera and Kass) in their beautiful tribe and they need to lob one of the heads right off.


Ciera spouts some lies about Savage. (Image credit: CBS)


For the first Immunity Challenge of the season, the thirteen contestants must balance a ball on a small platform attached to a pole. They must also stand on a narrow angled plank. Both the pole and the plank have three sections. Each contestant begins at the highest, widest portion of the plank, and holds onto the top section of the pole. Every ten minutes, the remaining contestants move down to the next section of pole and plank. Stephen is out first, only a few seconds into the challenge. Keith, the ball master, somehow is the second one out. Ciera and Kimmi also drop out in the first round. Abi drops out immediately after the beginning of the second round. Kass, Wiglesworth, and Wentworth also drop out in the second round. In the final round, Savage, Tasha, and Jeremy drop out early. Tasha won the same challenge in Cagayan, defeating Spencer. Spencer and Joe are the final two in the challenge. Spencer literally drops the ball, giving Joe the first individual Immunity victory.


The Bayon bros battle it out. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Kass tells Abi in range of Tasha that she has never lied to anyone in either game she has played. At the well, Savage tells Stephen, Wiglesworth, and Joe that he can’t trust Ciera and that she has to go. Stephen says that he thinks Kass was a bigger threat. Savage shakes his head and looks exasperated. They ask Wiglesworth her opinion. She says that she thinks Kass is a bigger threat. Savage shakes his head and looks exasperated. Joe then says that he agrees that Kass is the biggest threat. Savage again shakes his head and again looks exasperated. Stephen declares that it’s an easy, across the board vote. Jeremy approaches Spencer to talk numbers and targets. They agree that Kass is the target. As they do, Keith comes up and declares that he is solid with them. Kass is fine with him. Spencer confesses that the numbers are going where they are going without stopping to wait for him. He would have liked to have reciprocated after Kass saved him, but there’s nothing he can do.


Savage dies inside. (Image credit: CBS)

The group of nine that have come together as the majority sit together on the beach. The group includes Spencer, Joe, Wiglesworth, Jeremy, Savage, Stephen, Tasha, Kimmi, and Keith. It excludes Kass, Ciera, Wentworth, and Abi. Since the group has enough people, they decide to split the vote five votes for Kass and four for Ciera. Keith confesses that Kass stirs up a lot of bickering and he is fine with voting her out. Abi tells her group of four that it is an ugly sight to see the nine of them talking together. Wentworth anxiously swings in the hammock. The four women agree that if they can get Spencer, they will have five. This may be all they need to win if there is a split vote. Spencer agrees with Kass that he will work with them and vote for Tasha. He confesses that Tasha has always been a friend, but Kass and Ciera saved him. He has never before been in a position to influence the game.


The alliance of nine. (Image credit: CBS)



The largest Tribal Council of all time. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff declares the Tribal Council as the biggest one they have ever had. Ciara tells Jeff that the merge has been crazy beyond words. Kass says that he is not playing the chaos game. People claiming to be calm, like Tasha, are in the centre of chaos. Tasha tells Kass not to “play”. Ciera defends Kass, saying that much of what she has said is true. Jeff asks if she is worried about guilt by association. Ciera says that it is a reality of the game. Joe tells Jeff that the easiest votes are Kass, Ciera, and Tasha. Ciera says that if it’s an easy vote, you aren’t playing the right game. Only one person wins and should be making sure that they are in a group where they set themselves up for the top. If they aren’t in the top of their numbers, they need to play the game. “Let’s play”. Stephen points out that it is strange for a merge to have three women as the presumptive boots. Jeff asks Spencer if there may be new voting blocks each week rather than true alliances, and he asks Ciera if that is the kind of game play she is talking about. She says that trust is still instrumental, you don’t want constantly shifting allegiances, but you need to work your numbers to make sure your small, immediate group of long-term allegiances is set up to be on top of their numbers. They vote. Tasha votes for Kass. Jeremy votes for Ciera. Kass votes for Tasha. No idols are played. The votes are revealed: Kass, Ciera, Tasha, Kass, Ciera, Tasha, Kass, Ciera, Savage, Kass, Ciera, Kass, Kass. Kass is the seventh person voted out, and the first member of the Survivor: Cambodia jury. Tasha plays up her quiet elation to have Kass leave. Probst says that this Tribal Council is indicative of a wild ride to come.


Kass becomes the first member of the jury. (Image credit: CBS)









Wow well that was certainly a very entertaining episode! Lots going on, but kind of obvious that was going to be the case with a merge of that size!

Loved all the merge talk and the discussion after it. The drama with Kass and Ciera was fun to watch but was it necessary? I mean I’m torn on the Tash vs Kass situation. Tash definitely played that poorly by saying what she did and admitting a day later she lied but Kass couldn’t bite her tongue either when the going got tough. And Ciera chiming in that way? Well that was a quick way to get yourself straight back into the danger zone for sure. And now we have a fairly strong alliance of 9 with Kelley and Ciera hanging on putting Abi in the dark moving forward. Plus we still have Stephen lurking wanting to make some moves as well which Joe could be in danger as soon as he loses. Lots of complications making it very entertaining.

Still on the Wiglesworth yelling fest at CBS. We heard her talk around a well. Yay. Right? GIVE HER A CONFESSIONAL ALREADY CBS DAMMIT!

Given I didn’t get to see what was happening next week I will say BRING IT ON SO I CAN ACTUALLY HAVE AN IDEA WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

Oh and quickly, orange buffs are awesome!



Wow! This season continues to get better and better as the season goes on. I would say this is probably the best episode as what goes on at camp but it wasn’t the greatest as far as tribal because it was pretty predictable. The merge at 13 people? Still super weird for me. The fact that there were 13 people is kind of much people like Kimmi, Abi, and Wigglesworth didn’t get a single confessional. That seems to be a running theme for Wigglesworth and Kimmi but that is 2 strait episodes for Abi so that doesn’t make sense for someone who was a huge edit person at the beginning. Even people like Stephen and Jeremy who have been big characters so far only really had one confessional. Then there is someone like Savage who has had a couple huge edit episodes getting another one but that is probably because Probst loves him.

I knew from the start of the episode when Savage was talking about Kass and Ciera that one of them was going to go home so it was just a question of why and it was great to see it all unfold. The Tasha and Kass fight was actually kind of odd because for once Kass was the one being honest. Also the Spencer and Joe talk and the mention of #Joelanguage was the best part of the episode just for hilarity. Also #Joelanguage has to be one of the better hashtags CBS has come up with. Spencer was never going to flip. I hate to say that but if he was already chosen as a person to vote for Ciera, which based on the vote seemed to be the plan, he was never going to flip because then it would have caused a tie between Kass and Tasha and well that would have ruined his game. Joe was also never going to flip because so far we had been teased that the only person Joe was even somewhat close to was Kelley and well she wasn’t the strongest member of that alliance either as was witnessed by her voting for Kass. Keith was never going to vote with the Kass and Ciera alliance because if there is one thing we have witnessed by Keith’s game it is that he always goes with the numbers even if one of his alliance members goes home.

So I believe that Kass didn’t get voted out because Chaos Kass came out. There was a lot more to it. The first time in Cagayan, Chaos Kass worked a lot more in secret, having one on one conversations and allowed the other people to blow up at her for it. This time around she was the one that blew up because of what someone said and not the other way around. I would say this episode was more of a Chaos Tasha then a Chaos Kass moment. If Kass had taken what Tasha had said and used it when talking to let’s say a Stephen alone about it then let Stephen tell Jeremy who would tell Tasha and then Tasha would confront Kass in front of everyone, that is more of a Chaos Kass moment because she would have sat there and let Tasha dig her own grave.

I’m also shocked that the jury is starting when there are 13 people, which means either a 10 person jury and a final 3 or an 11 person jury and a final 2, either way it will be the biggest jury ever. I highly doubt we would get a final 4 with a 9 person jury because that would be too many people in the finals.

My final statement: I guess #ChaosKass didn’t speak enough #JoeLanguage but at least she didn’t get #blindside.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 7th recap features our good friend Troyzan Robertson from One World! Troyzan discusses everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with his answers to the ‘Cambodia 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Jeremy

Join us next week as we are joined by another former Survivor contestant to help us recap the eighth episode of Cambodia!



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