Survivor Cambodia Oztopsy–Episode 8


Each week after the Australian airing of Cambodia we will dissect the episode LIVE with Ben and the Ozlets and a wide variety of phone in guests! Now that episode 8 is over and done with, it’s time for the eighth Oztopsy of the season!

Guest host Noah this week is joined by a group of Ozlets to talk about all the key moments from the seventh episode of Cambodia! Through various comments in the live chat, call ins and everything else in between, the 61st ever Oztopsy has it all!

This week your only option is to listen as it wasn’t live, so click the link below to download it and enjoy!

Remember to tune in next week LIVE as we dissect the ninth episode of Survivor Cambodia!

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1 Comment on Survivor Cambodia Oztopsy–Episode 8

  1. Good job hosting Noah! I feel like the reward challenge was maybe originally intended to be redemption for Vytas. This puzzle was from the challenge where he was eliminated (Where Laura helped Tina)

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