Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 8


For the 31st season of Cambodia we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Noah are joined by Ozlets Colin & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 8 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Noah, Colin & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into two tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two/three should there be a tribe dissolve).


Once again during Cambodia we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets their ranking for the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Colin Hilding 6 (+1)
2nd Noah Groves 4
= Jarrod Loobeek 4 (+1)
4th Ben Waterworth 3 (+1)


1st – Jeremy


OVERALL: 1st (-)

BEN: “First week we’ve actually seen his name called out as a target which will make him nervous and shows people are aware of the position he is in, but as long as Joe is around he won’t be the biggest target. Still in prime position to win the game.”

NOAH: “It feels strange constantly putting Jeremy up the top, especially after what happened in San Juan Del Sur. There is no denying it though, he is in a great position. It is a far cry from his last merge where Jeremy was a massive target and now he is laying low. He wasn’t involved in any of the arguments, he is close with Stephan, Savage and Joe and he voted in the majority. He also has an idol which no one knows about. I’m not sure if Jeremy can win but he has played a strong game so far and doesn’t appear to be in any immediate danger.”

COLIN: “The unshakable leader of the power rankings. He was smart to surround himself with so many threats. Thankfully he seems to realize that keeping Stephen is preferable to keeping Joe. Watching him subtly talk a very stubborn Savage out of making a big move was a joy to watch. It makes me excited to think about what he could do at a final tribal.”

JARROD: “Loses Savage which is a major blow but on the flip side that should bring some cohesion to the alliance with one less person wanting to target Stephen. There still looks to be a firm alliance of 8 at the moment and Jeremy still has his idol if need be.”

2nd – Tasha


OVERALL: 2nd (+2)

BEN: “Called out as somebody controlling the game this week but it didn’t seem to bother her a great deal. Hasn’t been seen a lot since the merge, but she still should be around for a fair while.”

NOAH: “Same for Tasha as it is for Spencer. She is flying under the radar while everyone else is targeting each other. She hasn’t done too much to be so high up other than no one is targeting her and probably won’t for a while. As the numbers begin to fall she will become a stronger candidate to win the challenges which could either hurt or hinder her. For now Tasha is laying low and it is working.”

COLIN: “Her name was thrown out there as possibly having control of the game, but nobody will care about Tasha as long as Joe is still in the game. She will take considerably less heat for the moves than Jeremy and Stephen will. I’d be interested to see what happens if Joe does go, as I’d consider Tasha to be the next most threatening challenge performer.”

JARROD: “It was a quiet week for Tasha but that’s probably a positive given nobody followed up on the move made by Kass to vote her out. She’s firmly in the majority and has plenty of strong guys around to deflect the target off of her.”

3rd – Spencer


OVERALL: 3rd (-1)

BEN: ”A very quiet week from Spencer this week solidifies him smack back in the middle. He’ll take it though and I’m sure his fans will too.”

NOAH: “Spencer had a quite week and is amazingly flying under the radar. So much attention is focused on Fishbach, Joe and the three girls that people are forgetting about Spencer. No Doubt eventually people will start to notice him but for now he is just another number in an alliance who has received an overall large and positive edit.”

COLIN: “There seems to be a point where a threatening player can slip below the radar. Spencer had made it to that point. Nobody seems to be throwing his name around anymore, and his hands are washed clean of the Kass vote-out. In my opinion only 3 players are currently being set up as winners. Spencer’s setup may be subtler than the others, but it is there. Having said that, there are a lot of weeks left, and a lot of players that we haven’t heard very much from yet.”

JARROD: “Spencer has seamlessly integrated himself with the Bayon group yet he still has ties to the outsiders if need be. Of everybody left he may have the most available options at this point in time being close to the two alphas Joe and Jeremy.”

4th – Stephen


OVERALL: 4th (-1)

BEN: “Similar to Jeremy, he seems to be more of a target though as Joe also will be hovering around to take him out. As long as Jeremy is there to protect him with some numbers, he should be fine.”

NOAH: “Stephen is an interesting position and his chance of winning seems to diminish each week. He has a huge target on his back after trying to get Joe out of the game but luckily for him Joe’s biggest defender, Savage, is out of the game. Fishbach did have Jeremy looking out for him which is a good sign and he still has options to potentially work with the three girls to get Joe out. Despite the backfiring this week, Stephen isn’t in the worst position possible.”

COLIN: “He’s just as marked as Joe, Wentworth and Ciera, but he has Jeremy on his side. Jeremy has been playing a great game of keeping bigger targets in his alliance, and it was clear this week that he preferred keeping Stephen around over Joe. If it comes down to a Stephen vs Joe fight, almost everyone will keep Stephen. Thankfully this week we saw some fight in Stephen to play his own game, and slowly others are coming around to his ideas.”

JARROD: “The battle of Stephen vs. Joe is heating up and Fishbach gains some ground after Savage was sent home. Jeremy clearly wants both Stephen and Joe still in the game at this point in time but it could be telling that he decided to save Stephen in the last episode. It’s slightly concerning that the girls were so quick to jump on-board the plan to vote him out but Ciera seemed keen to vote Joe out so they could swing either way if they’re given the chance..”

5th – Kimmi


OVERALL: 5th (-)

BEN: “Similar to last week, who the hell is going to target Kimmi? We have so many big name targets left in this game that Kimmi is safe as houses as long as Jeremy has his numbers and she can stay out of trouble.”

NOAH: “Kimmi is being set up to go far. No one is going to waste a whole cycle in trying to get Kimmi out of the game. She will be sliding through under the radar but it is highly unlikely she will win the game based on her edit and game.”

COLIN: “Despite her being one of the most invisible players we have seen thus far, Kimmi does have one thing going for her that most others don’t and that’s one solid episode. That’s not to say that she can win based on that single pre merge highlight, but it’s more than Keith and Wiglesworth have going for them. I still think we have seen glimpses at a trusting alliance with Jeremy, which if true can take her to the end.”

JARROD: “Sitting firmly in the majority and not making any waves at this point in time. Will she be willing to make a big move when the opportunity comes along? Either way it’s unlikely she’s on anybody’s radar at this point in time..”

6th – Keith


OVERALL: 6th (+1)

BEN: “Similar to Kimmi, we also had a great little scene this week with him and that motorbike. Keith will be around for a while.”

NOAH: “Keith is in no danger of going home at all. Certainly not in the near future anyway. In saying that he has received barely any edit at all this season and has been a huge non-factor in anything. Let’s hope he can ride a to-to to the million dollars though!”

COLIN: “We’re reaching the point where a background character like Keith has no chance of winning, based on the edit received. He’s slightly more valued than Wiglesworth as a potential ally, and slightly less unpredictable than Abi. I don’t see him making any real moves. #Totos may be his season highlight.”

JARROD: “So happy we saw some comedic moments from Keith last episode and I hope we continue to see more. Keith is going with the flow and sticking with the majority at the moment and it’s likely he’ll stay there until somebody tells him to do the opposite.”

7th – Kelly


OVERALL: 7th (+3)

BEN: “I’m not going to even bother to rant again about my Wiglesworth this week because it’s wasted breath. All I’ll say is that she should be safe for a few more weeks while the big names are around and then she might have to start wheeling and dealing more. I’ll also say that beach scene of her in the water with the others showed her talking strategy, so clearly she is doing it, we’re just not seeing it!”

NOAH: “Wiglesworth is a weird one as she seems completely clueless to the game while also seemingly having an alliance with everyone in the game! Edit alone dictates that she is very unlikely to win but she won’t be targeted anytime soon. We need to see more of her though god dammit!”

COLIN: “It would be a compliment to call Wiglesworth a pawn at this point. She has no game whatsoever. She’s frequently in the background as others talk strategy. If this keeps up then I fear the original runner up may go down as the most insignificant Survivor player in a long time.”

JARROD: “It’s laughable how many times Kelly has failed at voting for the person who’s sent home but I’m satisfied that she had a lot more screen time last episode despite the fact she still went without a confessional. Looked to be closest to Savage so now she may well become hot property for a new advisor.”

8th – Joe


OVERALL: 8th (-2)
BEN RANK: 10th

BEN: “If Joe loses immunity, he is gone. It’s that simple. But he knows that, and he will do his darndest to win every challenge just like he tried last season. Next week too we could have a heap of people jumping off for the advantage which if Joe plays it right should be fairly easy for him to just stay in the game and take the immunity. But hey, we don’t look ahead a week for rankings do we? Whoops…”

NOAH: “Joe had a free ride but now the game is catching up to him and he is now a target and probably will be for however long he is in the season. He is backed in a corner where winning challenges is making him a threat but if he doesn’t win he will probably be voted out. Add on the fact that Stephen is gunning for him and Joe could be in trouble. Despite this he still does have a lot of friends in the game and options if he needs them.”

COLIN: “Everyone is talking about the downside of an alliance as large as the one in control at this point in the game. The upside is that there are more than enough people floating around to justify making big moves once it’s down to 9 instead of 11. That’s exactly where I have Joe ranked this week. I stand by what I said last week. Had Joe thrown the first individual immunity he would have had a much better shot at making it a little further. By winning the first all he did was amplify the target that was already there. Now he’s not targeted as a physical threat, he’s basically a dead man walking.”

JARROD: “Yes Joe’s currently in the majority but his whole storyline seems to be based on challenge performances and as soon as he loses it’ll be hard for the others not to jump at the opportunity to get him out. Has good bonds with everyone at this point in time but he needs to become part of a tighter unit if he wants to stick around without relying on immunity.”

9th – Abi-Maria


OVERALL: 9th (+2)

BEN: “Abi has joined the invisible school in Cambodia with Wiglesworth, Kimmi and Keith which is a huge surprise given how much airtime she got early on and how great of a character she is. I’m going to put her highest out of the bottom three girls purely on the basis that she has that ‘goat factor’ over the ‘threat factor’ and she is always willing to side with others to save herself.”

NOAH: “Abi falls lower than her two fellow alliance members solely because she has zero chance of winning the game. Unless she starts annoying people again she probably has a better chance at sticking around than Wentworth or Ciera though as she isn’t a physical or strategic threat. Abi could get taken to the end or could easily go soon in an uneventful picking off of the alliance.”

COLIN: “The idol play this week simply bought Wentworth and Ciera an extra 3-6 days in Cambodia. For Abi I think it may have helped her get even further. She has always been a dream goat to take to the end. Every unpopular move and alliance flip makes her more ideal to take to the end.”

JARROD: “Abi’s in the minority but she’s yet to be targeted post-merge and she looks to be safe for another week or two bar a major shakeup. From the looks of things she’s burned her bridges with Tasha but if she sticks around long enough things could change.”

10th – Kelley


OVERALL: 10th (-1)

BEN: “As always, going to start off by saying she can still win this game. Absolutely. But now she has played the idol, she is going to have a huge target on her back in the next week and could be a very dangerous episode for her next week given the amount of votes she got and the amount of people who didn’t know she had the idol. It was a great move and one I’m glad she made to put all the Wentworth haters to rest, because my girl showed she has some balls and can play this game with the best of them.”

NOAH: “Wentworth is in trouble. Her and her alliance members Ciera and Abi are on the bottom and Kelley has a target on her back after playing the idol. Luckily for them there is a clear crack in the Bayon alliance and both Stephen and Joe have expressed interested in working with the three girls which is a good sign. Wentworth is higher than her other counterparts because she has received a bigger edit than the other two and is probably going to be the most influential in potentially changing up the game.”

COLIN: “It’s really a toss up between her and Ciera now. What’s working more against Wentworth is she is a slightly better challenge performer and has proven she can find an idol that most people didn’t think was even in the game. The reaction to her idol from even her closest allies shows that she is playing a very secretive game. She should be a greater threat at this point.”

JARROD: “Kelley bought herself some time with the idol play but she still seems firmly in the minority despite voting with the majority the first tribal council post-merge. People underestimated her last tribal but now they’ll be sitting up and taking notice. It looks like she has more bonds than Ciera and that could be her saving grace at this point in time.”

11th – Ciera


OVERALL: 11th (+1)
BEN RANK: 11th

BEN: I have to say this with the note of no disrespect to Ciera herself, but she is really grinding my gears this season. Her constant whinging about people playing the game is just irritating, especially her spiel about ‘not having the numbers to do anything’ on BvW when she did and she screwed it up! Ugh…rant over. She is in a bad spot, and needs a miracle to survive. I don’t see it happening and sadly for Ciera fans out there I think her days are very very limited.”

NOAH: “Ciera is trying her all to fight back and stay in the game. At this point it is probably putting a bigger target on her back but she really has nothing to lose. It is anyone’s guess if the Bayon alliance vote for her or Wentworth when they have a chance but she is definitely on the radar. Eleven people is still enough to swing some things around but at this point Ciera may not be long for this game” 

COLIN: “Last week’s tribal made for brilliant TV, but there is no doubt that this is the Three Amigos all over. All they did in Caramoan was buy themselves an extra week, and that’s how I predict this will unfold. The only way Ciera makes it back into the game is to make a new alliance quick and hope for those larger players to start turning on each other.”

JARROD: “Ciera keeps trying to shake things up but it looks like she’s fighting a futile battle. Fear of an idol kept her safe the last vote but I doubt that’s going to keep her safe anymore. She wont go down without a fight but her constant push to change things up could be her downfall.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the eighth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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6 Comments on Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 8

  1. Everyone playing knows Joe is a huge challenge threat. They all watched him last season and many saw during the pre-merge portion of the game how good he is at challenges. He’s the kind of guy who would never forgive himself for not going 100% at an immunity challenge, losing, and then getting voted out anyway. I think he would be foolish and naive not to play the immunities at less than 100%. He has said he needs to trust his social and strategic game more than he did S30 and that’s the best he can do.

    Joe and Spencer seem like they’re in the middle of two alliances right now. Both of them could swing the game in a new direction. I’m wondering if they team up together as they could each function as a shield for the other.

  2. What the heck, Ben..? Ciera did NOT have the numbers in blood vs water… she was clearly at the bottom of that alliance. Not only would she have made the FTC if Tyson got beaten at Redemption island, she would have also won the season. The 33% chance she took is much better than the 0% chance she had without betraying her “alliance.” You’ve got to be kidding yourself if you think Tyson would have let her stick around with her mother on the jury.

    • I think I misunderstood what you were saying.. You mean before the rock draw, yes? Then yeah, she did have the numbers, but you have to consider that those folks had just turned on her and were even the ones who wanted to vote out her mother a few days prior.

      I think you think what she’s saying is… hypocritical? when she realizes the mistake she made and is trying to stop other people from making that same mistake. She’s trying to stop Kimmi/Keith/Kelly from realizing they are on the bottom too late like she did

  3. Wouldn’t it be amazing if joe won every single immunity challenge. He would surely win as he would have been immune for every tribal ( both him and Keith never went to tribal premerge)

  4. So happy my girls Ciera, Kelley, and Abi Maria are still in the game!!!!! Joe seriously needs to do some work if he wants to stay safe just in case he doesn’t win immunity. Kimmi, Kelly, and Keith seriously need to do some work cuz they are on the bottom and they only way they will make it to the end is if they are pulled as a goat. I really home the next episode is where people really shake things up!!!! (Especially Stephen)

  5. Here is what I am hoping happens .. so that my favorite players succeed and for unpredictability value … Spencer and Joe (who worked together as swing votes at the merge) realize that they are near the bottom of the Bayon alliance (Jeremy, Tasha, Fishbach, and Kimmi are all tight) so they will flip to the Ciera/Wentworth/Abi alliance and bring with them Wiglesworth (Spencer and Wiglesworth were aligned on Ta Keo 2.0 so it might happen) and they would then have the numbers to pick off Jeremy/Tasha/Fishbach/Kimmi/Keith.

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