Australian Survivor Is Back!


It’s time to get excited Australia! After 13 long years, a local version of Survivor is set to return in 2016!

Channel 10 made the announcement tonight on The Project after announcing it during their 2016 up fronts where they released details on their 2016 schedule. You can see their official tweet announcing it below:


Already there is an official Twitter setup for the show (@SurvivorAU) and there have been a few details already released about what we can expect via this article. The main points that we know so far are:

  • The new season was announced with other reality series I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of There, The Bachelor and Masterchef. Assumingly Channel Nine will still air the US version of the show.
  • It will be filmed somewhere overseas with white “luxurious beaches”. Celebrity Australia Survivor was filmed in Vanuatu while the first Australian version was filmed locally in South Australia. Applications close in February so it will be filmed sometime after that.
  • Channel 10 chief programming officer Beverly McGarvey stated that “we really wanted something significant in the run home at the end of the year.” So we won’t be seeing the season for almost a year. It will probably begin between August and October.
  • McGarvey stated “Our intention is that it will be multi-night but not every night.” That means more than likely we will have at least two episodes a week but no more than four. No comment has been made on the length of the episodes as of yet.
  • Application requires “you must be able to swim” so assumingly there will be water challenges or at least a marooning to kick off the season.
  • Application states that you must be free for a period of ten weeks for filming. That could include a week or two beforehand for preseason press and perhaps a week after filming too. It would be logical to assume the season will then be at least 39 days long.
  • The season will be intended to follow similar production values as the US version and Castaway Productions are very particular that the show is done justice and maintains the quality of the franchise.
  • Australian production company ‘Endemol Shine’ will be producing the series. They have produced other reality shows like Big Brother, The Voice, The Biggest Loser and Shark Tank.
  • Applications for the season open today and will close 10th February 2016. You must be an Australian citizen and over 18 years of age to compete.
  • A host is not currently known, although Rove McManus is a strong frontrunner. Other possibilities include Grant Denyer, Matt White, Chris Brown and Andrew Flintoff.

You can check out the application form and submit your application here.

The announcement comes as somewhat of a surprise with no real prior warning or rumours beforehand. During our Charlie Parsons interview in 2013, he discussed the possibility of it returning and said that he was hopeful there would be a new Australian production “soon”. Given it is now over two years since he said that, there must’ve been some big discussions happening behind the scenes in order for this to happen.

It is also somewhat surprising for the show to be on a different network as opposed to Nine, who have had the rights to the show since Borneo. Whether this means Channel Ten may pick up the rights to the US version from next year remains to be seen, but it could come part of a package deal as originally Survivor was sold to a network on the condition it made its own local version alongside airing the US version.

The news has not surprisingly created a buzz of excitement amongst the Australian Survivor fans on social media:


Let’s hope that whatever happens the season will be a huge improvement on the failed attempt to make a local version in 2002 as well as the Celebrity version back in 2006 (which aired on Channel 7, meaning that a local version would’ve aired on all three major commercial networks in Australia).

Let us know your thoughts below on the return of Australian Survivor and stay tuned to Survivor Oz for unprecedented coverage of the show in 2016 and in the lead up!



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9 Comments on Australian Survivor Is Back!

  1. Are any of you ozlets applying?

  2. they better be applying. how fun it would be to watch one. the oztopsy would be great when they fuck up. website is looking good also

    • I’d say a majority of us will be applying. However who knows what the casting process will be like and the type of people they are looking for.

  3. I read in TV Tonight that Nine Network intends to make more local content and they’ve just recently did not renew its output deal with Warner Brothers. However, I don’t think Nine will let Survivor go that easily if it was rating well for Go! anyway.

    Cheers from the Philippines.

  4. I really am going to enjoy this i’m just hoping it doesn’t become all gimmicky and crap the great adventure or whatever it is. I also don’t like their choices for a possible host, I don’t even know who Rove McManus is, Grant Denyer would be horrible (*cringe*), It don’t know Matt White, Chris Brown would be OK but I would rather have someone else. I don’t know Andrew Flintoff. I reckon a good host would be Grant Bowler, host of The Amazing Race Australia because he is used to hosting a competitive reality show. But I’am so excited to see this anyways, need to wait a few years before I can audition, hopefully it will last that long.

  5. Shit, that’s awesome! I watched the celebrity version which I thought was pretty good, but I agree the original sucked, and I managed to somehow watch that one all the way through on Youtube. So I hope this one will be good and I hope I can find the episodes on Youtube once they’re on, since I won’t be able to watch on TV in America

  6. I am looking forward to it, but also with a little bit of trepidation. Lets just hope it is a better version than the original.

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