Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 9


For the 31st season of Cambodia we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Noah are joined by Ozlets Colin & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 9 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Noah, Colin & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into two tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two/three should there be a tribe dissolve).


Once again during Cambodia we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets their ranking for the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Colin Hilding 7 (+1)
2nd Noah Groves 5 (+1)
3rd Jarrod Loobeek 4
4th Ben Waterworth 3


1st – Jeremy


OVERALL: 1st (-)

BEN: “Is number one this week purely on him having two idols and still nobody targeting him. If he didn’t have the idols I’d be putting him in the middle with the rest of his new ‘voting block’ as I think it was a pointless move to make at this stage in the game and is only going to cause him more issues than if he didn’t vote out Kelly. I love Jeremy still and I would be super happy to see him win this game and he has played a great game, but I think this move definitely is going to bite him in the ass.”

NOAH: “Jeremy has had a good week once again but I feel cautious constantly putting him at the top. Surely someone will seriously target him right? He now has two idols which no one knows about which puts him on a huge pedestal above everyone else. If he plays them right that could guarantee he makes it deep into the game. He keeps his closest ally with Fishbach while still probably being able to win back Tasha, Keith and Kimmi next week or work with the coven. Joe is still in to serve as his meat shield and he got to get rid of another person in an almost consensus vote, probably not losing a jury vote in Kelly.”

COLIN: “He was untouchable before he doubled his idols. Where else are we supposed to rank him?”

JARROD: “Things keep looking up for Jeremy. Yes, he may have blindsided a couple of members of his alliance with the Kelly vote out but now he has two idols and if he senses his position changing he can just use one to save himself.”

2nd – Spencer


OVERALL: 2nd (+1)

BEN: ”Spencer is right in the middle. He won’t be targeted next or for a few weeks but he is still not in a position of power to control it. Jeremy will cream him at the end so his only hope is to stick with Stephen and maybe take an Abi to the end so he has two people he can beat to win.”

NOAH: “Spencer is laying low which I must add makes him a much more tolerable character. I am shocked that he is able to just fly by like this and I never thought I would be putting Spencer high up at all in this season. People are so preoccupied with the Witch’s Coven or making big moves that they are completely missing him. If this keeps up Spencer could slide by and is likeable enough to win jury votes at the end. A crazy thought…will Spencer eventually become a target for the vote?”

COLIN: “The progression from being a marked player with no ability to change into a player in the perfect position to make it to the end (with a solid chance to win the game) has been seamless. I don’t see him winning unless he can break away from Jeremy.”

JARROD: “Spencer always seems to be part of the key conversations and has not been brought up as a potential target for a long time. From what we’ve been shown he has ties with Joe, Stephen, Jeremy, Kelley and Tasha which should serve him well moving forward.”

3rd – Stephen


OVERALL: 3rd (+1)

BEN: “Stephen is at the point now where he is making enemies for no reason and while he is learning on what he did the first time, he is still easily clearing a path to the end for him to get to but then get no votes to win it. He was the instigator of the Wiglesworth vote out, and for what reason Stephen? What reason? To show your ‘voting block’ as having power? Why???? There is no reason to do it at 11! No reason! Cost himself the win with that move.”

NOAH: “Stephen is obsessed with making big moves and finally one paid off. Only his big move was voting off the one player who would never make a big move against anyone. Turning on Kimmi, Tasha and Joe could seriously come back to haunt him as well as letting the coven stay even longer. He won the advantage which will help him if he uses it at the right time but it could also put a target on his back. Stephen isn’t playing a brilliant game and may have trouble winning at the end but for now he is in a decent position.”

COLIN: “While he still has a long way to go if he wants to win the votes in the end, Stephen’s persistence has started to pay off. He successfully pleaded his case and changed the vote. Based on past weeks where his pleas to Jeremy have fallen on deaf ears, his must have been persuasive this week. Now with a powerful advantage, and the patience to not use it right away, he’s in a good spot.”

JARROD: “Jeremy wants to keep him happy and put his own alliance in jeopardy to do so, which is surely a good sign. Having the advantage may put a target on his back but Stephen will likely be expecting that and has a whole lot of options available to him. Choosing what information to reveal about the advantage, what to bluff about and when to use the advantage could keep him safe right up to the very end.”

4th – Tasha


OVERALL: 4th (-2)

BEN: “Tasha will win this game if she can get into a majority, which is easily achieved if she gets the ‘witches’ on side with her, Kimmi, Keith and Joe. Then it’ll be a battle between her and Kelley for the win. But right now based on her being on the outs, she is in a precarious position moving forward if she can’t change the minds of the ‘witches’ and is stuck with her four verse their six.”

NOAH: “Tasha was out of the loop on the vote this week which takes away from her but I don’t think she is an immediate threat to go home. She still has a bond with Jeremy and Joe and will probably still be brought into the loop as a number. She has the ability to win immunities but isn’t a big threat and while her chances are diminishing each week she could still win the game.”

COLIN: “Tasha has clearly been trustworthy enough for many people to loyally align with her in the past, but for some reason wasn’t trustworthy enough to be brought in for the Wiglesworth blindside. If Jeremy/ Spencer/ Stephen were really nervous about her we would’ve heard her name dropped at least once. While it is likely the old Bayon alliance will reform, Tasha is the one player with enough influence to pull off another power shift.”

JARROD: “Apart from hugging people while Probst explains reward challenges, we haven’t seen a whole lot from Tasha the past couple of weeks. It seems Tasha is going to remain unwaveringly loyal to Bayon but it’s not clear who amongst that group she’s closest to.”

5th – Kelley


OVERALL: 5th (+5)

BEN: “Right back to the top after surviving that move, she is safe as houses now moving forward as the ‘three witches’ just became the main alliance in this game. Yes I know they still don’t have the numbers, but moving forward there is a divide in the eight (now seven) which will continue to fracture moving forward. To get Stephen to come to them was a huge win, and Kelley is right back to the top in terms of chances of winning this game.”

NOAH: “Wentworth is now the sole Kelley left in the game. Out of the three coven members she has received the most airtime which could suggest she goes far but given we only have 5 episodes left there isn’t much room to move. She is the biggest threat of the three girls but has survived this week and has relationships to work with a variety of people in the game. Kelley Wentworth could win this game but she has a long road ahead.”

COLIN: “If this were any other season this week’s vote would lead us to believe that Wentworth was now in the majority. What was made very clear by Jeremy and Stephen is that Wentworth still can’t be trusted and was used this week only as a number to take out what they viewed as a bigger target.”

JARROD: “Kelley’s idol play two weeks ago has seemingly made people wake up and notice her which is good for her chances if she makes it to the end but in the meantime it’s painted a huge target on her back. This coming week will be a real test to see if the Bayon majority has really broken up or if the Wiglesworth vote was only a temporary detour from the main course.”

6th – Ciera


OVERALL: 6th (+5)

BEN: “After my words against Ciera last week, I’m going to give her props this week for talking up strategy at the reward and then remaining calm with the Stephen talks to get the move into place. I still see Kelley winning it over her, but she is in a much stronger position now than at any other point in this game.”

NOAH: “Quite week for Ciera this week but it was ultimately a pretty good outcome. She survived and potentially has a new alliance. Even if the coven is targeted next episode, this episode and the last proved that Wentworth is the bigger target which gives her another week to try and “play the game.” 

COLIN: “There are much bigger targets in the game than Ciera, like Wentworth and Joe. I don’t see her being targeted for a while. She needs to take the next few votes while the attention is off of her and build some new allies.”

JARROD: “Once again we saw Ciera working hard at the reward to try and swing things around in her favour and she’s no longer the main target of the Bayon bunch. If the game breaks up after the last vote Ciera could have options to get in good with a new majority.”

7th – Kimmi


OVERALL: 7th (-2)

BEN: “Kimmi drops down a heap after being on the outs and I see her being in danger purely based on her no doubt voicing her anger at that vote more than any other in the four. However, we have seen a newer, calmer Kimmi this season so perhaps she’ll keep her cool. But given she pretty much moves up to my number one girl at this point (well at least battling it out with Kelley) she no doubt will be in trouble with my luck.”

NOAH: “Kimmi was out of the loop this week on the vote and will no doubt be pissed that her plan to get one of the three girls out didn’t work. This could cause her to flip the game around in retaliation but I can definitely see her sticking around with Jeremy and Stephen despite this. Kimmi still has potential to go far but I don’t think she will win. I am hoping we see more of her though especially now that Wiglesworth is gone! #oldschoolrepresent.”

COLIN: “It’s very hard to get a read on Kimmi’s game. While Kimmi was kept out of the loop for the vote this week, she has been tight with Jeremy in the past. If she doesn’t blow up about the Wiglesworth blindside there’s a good chance she could be brought back in.”

JARROD: “While she was on the outside of the last vote, there haven’t been any hints about Kimmi being a target and I’m doubtful she’ll rock the boat.”

8th – Abi-Maria


OVERALL: 8th (+1)

BEN: “Is anyone targeting Abi? No. And with this move this week she vaults right up the order into the ‘Kimmi spot’ from the last few weeks. She won’t win this game, but she has a strong chance of at least making the FTC.”

NOAH: “Things could be looking up for the witch’s coven but even so Abi Maria won’t win the game. She could be kept around as a goat to the finals or if she starts annoying people again then she could go soon. A strong performance against Joe in the challenge but wasn’t even picked to perform in the reward. Props to her for trying to stop Joe from looking for idols though!”

COLIN: “Last week I thought Abi was the safest of the “coven” as she was the least likely to win the game, and therefore a perfect goat. Now that we know the game is focused around “voting blocs” I believe Abi’s usefulness has run out. If one of the coven is going to be cut out Abi is the clear choice, as she’s too unpredictable to trust in any “voting bloc”.”

JARROD: “Abi wasn’t chosen to compete in the reward challenge which is probably a bad sign in terms of her bonds with other players. Despite a good showing in the immunity challenge she isn’t going to be viewed as a threat by anyone and the real question is whether she’ll be taken out in turn or be brought to the end in the hope that she wont receive any jury votes.”

9th – Joe


OVERALL: 9th (-1)
BEN RANK: 10th

BEN: “Joe is gone when he loses immunity and I’m putting out a bold bold prediction that it will be next week. He is in the bottom four alliance now and everyone will want to get rid of him the first chance they can given how strong he has been in the challenges at the start.”

NOAH: “Joe is still a target and if he doesn’t win immunity then he could be in trouble. He was out of the loop in the vote tonight and lost a supposed ally in Wiglesworth. Despite this Joe has received a decent edit and still has options to stick with the Bayon + Spencer alliance or the coven may want to use him to get out a big threat.”

COLIN: “As soon as he loses he is out. Everyone viewed him as a massive physical threat before. How much more marked is he after 3 consecutive immunity wins? Plus he lost the only real ally we know he has.”

JARROD: “Joe is still public enemy number 1 for Stephen and he lost an ally in Wiglesworth this week which can’t be good for his game. Each week it looks like Joe is going to lose a challenge but he always seems to come up with the goods and I could see him continuing to do so for a couple more rounds.”

10th – Keith


OVERALL: 10th (-4)

BEN: “Keith is nothing more than a victim of circumstance and being in a group he thought he was strong in. If he can get back into a majority, he isn’t going anywhere for ages. But he has to do that first, and based off this week he has to hope things change.”

NOAH: “Keith was out of the loop on this vote but still probably won’t be a target anytime soon. If the new alliance sticks then his time could be ticking but I can easily see him tacking on as an extra vote in an alliance. He is this low in the rankings as I fail to see many situations where he could win in the end.”

COLIN: “Why was Keith left out of the loop on the Wiglesworth vote when he was previously seen in close communication with Jeremy earlier in the episode? Obviously Keith is not tight with anyone in the game, and he’s built next to no case for himself if he does make it to the finals.”

JARROD: “More humour from Keith this week and he remains about middle of the field in my power rankings. Like Tasha it’s not clear who he’s closest to at this point in time but if the week to week voting blocs continue Keith is a valuable number for any group seeking a majority.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the eighth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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4 Comments on Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 9

  1. BAHAHAHA! You guys really think Abi can win?! lol. she should be at the bottom.

  2. did you not read the article?

    Ben: “She won’t win this game, but she has a strong chance of at least making the FTC.”

    Noah: “Things could be looking up for the witch’s coven but even so Abi Maria won’t win the game.”

    Colin: “Last week I thought Abi was the safest of the “coven” as she was the least likely to win the game”

    Jarrod: “the real question is whether she’ll be taken out in turn or be brought to the end in the hope that she wont receive any jury votes.”

  3. It just get better and better. The fact that the witches keep passing by is FANTASTIC! Although it’s pretty obvious that Jeremy will win, having these girls hang around is exciting!!!! I really hope Ciera, Kelley and abi Maria somehow make it all the way despite tthe obvious choices to win. (Jeremy, Tasha)

  4. Stephen played well this week due to Savage not being there. Thus causing Jeremy to be a bit more paranoid, even with his Idols. Need I mention James Clement? In San Yuan Del Sur he had the same edit. Everyone thought he was going to win. THEN BOOM. I believe the edit is making everyone comfortable to bring home the Blindside with Jeremy.

    I also believe the same with Abi but reversed. WHY IS THERE ALWAYS ABI HATE. In the first half of the game she played so well. She was a bigger target than Kass in the beginning due to The Philippines and she is still there. I think she is brilliant. I hope she dose give everyone the finger and take home the win. How brilliant will that be. We know she wont go down without a fight, hello! remember the fake “idol” move in Philippines?. I agree that she has to pull something out AKA a big Abi move to show she is playing/deserving of the FTC but I think she has it in her. GO ABI

    Kimmi needs to pull her finger out

    Kieth is dead wood

    Jo is gone.

    The rest are fare game

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