Survivor Cambodia – Episode 9 Recap featuring Jon & Jaclyn Misch!


Our third all-star Survivor season, Cambodia, continues to entertain beyond the merge! After an exciting episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! We also talk to one of the real experts in our good friends Jon & Jaclyn Misch from San Juan Del Sur!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“After the merge, no one was taking their second chance for granted. Two Hidden Immunity Idols had already been found. Joe continued to win, and Wentworth, Abi, and Ciera were on the bottom, fighting to stay alive. At Tribal Council, it was clear that the game of Survivor had evolved. Wentworth decided to put the game into  her own hands, putting an end to Savage’s second chance. Eleven are left. Who will be voted out tonight” ~Jeff Probst



The tribe returns to camp and congratulate Wentworth on making a great Survivor move. Wentworth apologized for getting a little “worked up”, but she felt betrayed. She confesses that it is the best feeling to see how far she has come since Blood vs. Water 2. Kimmi tells Joe and Stephen that they are going to have to vote out one of the three women on the bottom so that they don’t formulate relationships with the remaining players in the game. Kimmi refers to the women as the “witches coven”. In his confessional Stephen takes to this analogy, slightly butchering a Macbeth reference when calling Abi “boil”, Ciera “toil”, and Wentworth “trouble”. He says that he doesn’t want to be like King Duncan, killed in the night. He wants to do the killing, and he needs to get the witches to make the potion that is right for him.


The tribe congratulate Wentworth on a “bad-ass” move. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 22


The next morning on the beach, Jeremy, Keith, and Stephen agree that Wentworth must have been given information regarding what he alliance was voting for. Jeremy confesses that Savage was one of his meat shields, and thus, last night’s vote was not in his favour. He trusts his ally, Stephen, but feels like he needs to secure a second Hidden Immunity Idol. He knows that there will be a new one now that Wentworth has played hers, and he knows that people will start targeting him soon. Jeremy is not the only one looking for the idol, however. Almost the entire tribe is. Abi finds Joe looking for the idol, and she tells him that she has to use to bathroom to get him to go away. Abi relays this to Wentworth, who takes Joe’s scrambling as a sign that the alliance of eight is not so tight. “Let there be a big move at Tribal!”


Jeremy and Stephen discuss the last Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)


The Orkun tribe enters the Reward Challenge arena as the rain pours and the sky cracks with thunder and lightning. It is a complete mess and the arena is covered in mud and pools of water. For the challenge, two teams of five will race to build a staircase out of poles, traverse a vertical maze, plunge down a slide, and send a single contestant to  navigate a key through a rope obstacle. The key opens a chest containing puzzle pieces that two people will complete to reveal a lock combination. This combination, if correct, raises a flag which declares the winning team. The team that does win gets a spa reward with showers, food, and massages. Jeff reminds us that the challenge premiered in Cagayan, where Spencer and Tasha both lost. The pink team, with Tasha as a captain, contained Ciera, Joe, Stephen, and Spencer. The green team, with Wiglesworth as a captain, contained Wentworth, Jeremy, Keith, and Kimmi. Abi was not selected, and thus, not eligible for reward. This challenge is not even close. The pink team rushes through the challenge at a normal pace, while the green team completely fall apart just trying to put together the initial staircase. They are never able to catch up, and Spencer and Ciera easily finish the puzzle for the pink team. Pink team wins reward, granting challenge redemption for Tasha and Spencer. Jeremy confesses that it was an embarrassing waste of a day.


The green team complete their stairs far too late. (Image credit: CBS)


The winning team arrives at their reward, expressing typical awe and joy at the spread of food before them. As they eat, Ciera attempts to talk some strategy with the people on the reward with her. She tells them that if they go to the end with Jeremy, they won’t win. No ones seems to disagree. Tasha asks what everyone feels about Wiglesworth. They all agree that she is a huge threat who has relationships with everyone. Stephen says that the game is moving faster than it ever has because of the voting blocks that have formed.


The reward team discuss Wiglesworth and Jeremy. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Jeremy utilizes some alone-time to go hunting for the idol. Seemingly within no time, he stumbles across a clue. It tells him that he needs to follow the trail after everyone has gone to sleep. If he can sneak away successfully, an idol will be waiting for him.  Brimming with joy and excitement, he confesses that things are looking up. A few hours later, the reward team returns to camp. Jeremy is frustrated to find everyone hanging out and staying up later than they ever have. He tells everyone that the food he had earlier didn’t agree with him and he needs to go use the bathroom. He sneaks off and finds a torch along the path. Hanging on a rope connecting two trees is a Hidden Immunity Idol. Jeremy confesses that with two idols he can be more aggressive. He wants to make the lives of his family better. These are Val’s idols.


Jeremy finds his second idol. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 24


Two days later, Stephen confesses that he feels that Wiglesworth and Joe are too close. They have a brother-sister bond, and a shared arrogance about their awesomeness. It makes his nervous. He wants to have a game of his own that he can point to, and too many people in the game are too timid to help him make a move. he hopes if he forms a bond with the “three witches” that they will be able to help him build his résumé. he approaches them about making a move, but tells them that he doesn’t want to be the one telling them what to do. He wants it to be something they all agree on. Ciera says that she doesn’t care who it is. She’ll vote for anyone, so he needs to make up his mind. He asks if people want to get out Joe. Ciera says “eventually”. (Duh). They land on targeting Wiglesworth.


Ciera gives no effs about who to vote for.  (Image credit: CBS)


For the Immunity Challenge, each contestant must hand on a triangular platform in the water with their feet perched on very narrow foot holds. At regular intervals, the contestants must move up to the next smallest foot hold. Eventually, contestants will stand on the top. Then they will advance to standing on one foot. The challenge begins and the rain pours harder than it did even at the Reward Challenge. Before anyone drops out of the challenge, Jeff tells the tribe that success in the game is dependent upon making the right decision at the right time. This is one such time. He cuts a rope, releasing a buoy corresponding with each platform. “First person to touch their buoy gets an advantage in this game, but gives up their shot at Immunity…. Go.” Stephen and Spencer are the only two to jump, and they race through the water towards their buoys. Stephen makes it to his buoy first by a hair. The remaining contestants now must transition to the top of their platform. During the transition, Wentworth, Jeremy, Ciera, Kimmi, and Tasha all fall into the ocean. Wiglesworth, Joe, Abi, and Keith remain, with Joe struggling. Keith falls. They transition to one foot. Wiglesworth takes too long and is removed from the challenge. It comes down to Abi and Joe. Joe looks like he is struggling and will fail, while Abi seems rock solid. Suddenly, however, Abi gets a “butt cramp” and drops into the ocean. Joe wins his third of three Immunity Challenges.


Joe pulls out his fifth career Immunity win. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Kimmi confesses that she needs to witches to get voted out. She sits with Tasha, Wiglesworth, and Jeremy and they figure out how they are going to split the votes. The five men in their eight person alliance will vote Wentworth. The three women in their alliance will vote Ciera. Stephen goes off on his own to check out his new advantage. He opens the note to reveal that he has the power to steal a vote. At a Tribal Council of his choosing, he can vote as he always does, but then also take away someone else’s vote and use that as a second vote for himself. “This is tremendous…. This is a game changer. This is beyond my wildest dreams… I am in an extremely powerful position, unless I screw it up.” Stephen moves forward with his plan to take out Wiglesworth. He approaches Jeremy and Spencer and tells them that the girls are targeting Wiglesworth. If they join with them, they are in the six on top of the game. Spencer questions if they aren’t on the top already. Stephen tells them that three people aren’t on top of eleven. Every vote will be a new voting block. Spencer confesses that he fears that this will destroy his game. Jeremy confesses that he is hesitant with Stephen, but Stephen is still the person he trusts the most. He’s trying to wrap his head around the voting blocks. If they vote off Wiglesworth, four people are going to be blindsided when they come back: Keith, Kimmi, Joe, and Tasha.


Stephen, Spencer, and Jeremy decide their move. (Image credit: CBS)


The rain continues to drench everyone and everything. The shivering, destroyed-looking tribe enter Tribal Council and soak in the warmth of the fire as they continue to soak in the rain. Kass and Savage enter, Kass giving her obligatory middle-finger before throwing wide her arms to the sky and rain and laughing. Keith says that they haven’t had much sleep or food, it’s hard to think or concentrate. Wentworth hopes that her idol play at the last Tribal Council burst open the game and will afford a less clear-cut vote this time around. Jeff points out that while they talk about fluidity, nine people voted together at the last vote. Jeremy says that the real struggle is figuring out the voting blocks that were within that majority. He’s still trying to figure it out. Spencer agrees that this is the case, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t build trust. Wiglesworth hopes everyone will do their part, and she is fairly confident they will. Stephen says the game is evolving. Things are not clear-cut or defined. Flexibility is key. Tasha says that even with voting blocks you need those people that you trust at the end of the day. The voting block with the strongest alliance will dominate this game. Jeff asks who feels nervous and half the tribe is. Spencer says that it is a bold move to tell the people that you are supposed to trust that you are nervous. They vote. Tasha votes for Ciera, saying that it is part of the plan. Keith votes for Wentworth, saying “sorry, girl”. Wentworth votes for Wiglesworth, saying there’s only room for one Kell(e)y on this island. No idols are played. The votes are revealed: Ciera, Wentworth, Wiglesworth, Ciera, Wentworth, Wiglesworth, Ciera, Wiglesworth, Wiglesworth, Wiglesworth. Keith, Joe, Kimmi, and Tasha look shocked. Wentworth smiles. Wiglesworth exits as non-decriptly as she seemed to play. Probst says that he can’t wait to see where this evolution of the game goes.


The great Wiglesworth is snuffed out. (Image credit: CBS)


“The rain is relentless and forces a decision that could change the game.” ~Jeff Probst

We see the tribe continuing to be beaten by the pouring rain. Stephen sobs in the night, as well as in a confessional begging for a ray of hope. Keith re-uses his old line about cruises being fun – not Survivor. At a challenge, we see the contestants choose between revealing either a white rock or a black rock.


What decision will the contestants have to make next week? (Image credit: CBS)










I am so so so so so so so so so so damn angry and upset right now! MY GIRL IS GONE 😦 ARGH! And this just gives me all the more reason to vent and get angry about it because what an absolute waste the editors were with Wiglesworth this season! We waited 15 YEARS to see her back on the show, from the glory days of Survivor when it was the number one TV show in the world and you give her barely anything and even in her last episode you give her ONE CONFESSIONAL that lasted for about 5 seconds! Why was it up to other players this episode to speak for her in terms of her amazing social abilities and why everyone likes her? WHY?!?!? There are so many reasons why she should’ve been showcased this season, I don’t care about her not being interesting television, she is a SURVIVOR LEGEND and clearly there was a lot more to her than we ultimately saw. She will go down as the most under edited person in the history of the show and the worst CBS has ever edited a contestant ever. Period.

And lets look at the move. WHY DO IT?! I’m not even saying this because it was Kelly voted out, but what honestly did that move achieve? Jeremy, Stephen and Spencer have just completely alienated four people for no reason which now allows Wentworth, Ciera and Abi to switch sides to that four if need be to change things up even more. It was stupid. Plain stupid. I don’t buy into these ‘voting blocks’ and it being an ‘evolution of the game’. Voting blocks have always been a thing. Always. How is it any different? It was happening in ‘old school’ Survivor before this ‘new way of playing’ to put it into Wiglesworth words. It’s ridiculous. And I honestly think that it was a terrible move.

I have nothing else really to add. I’m still so angry. Two more shit challenges, why are we just getting sloppy seconds from Cagayan? It was a great season but it’s not remembered for the challenges. Another team reward challenge and another “stand still for ages” immunity challenge that Joe wins. I feel as though they are easily fast forwarded each week.

Whatever. I’m done. Fuck off. Next.



What is it with the editors and people named Kelly? Kelly Czarnecki, Sharbaugh, Bruno, Shinn, Remington, and now Wiglesworth have gotten ridiculously invisible edits on their seasons. That is every single Kelly in the history of the show besides Kelly Goldsmith. Maybe an editor has an ex named Kelly because that is the only explanation as to why the most anticipated returnee arguably ever received a grand total of five confessionals this season. Five! Abi probably got more confessionals talking about her bracelet than the original runner-up did over nine episodes. No, she did not seem too invested in the game. No, she was not the most hyperbolic in confessionals, but who cares? It is Kelly Wiglesworth.

Apparently you need your name to have an extra “e” in order to get airtime because we are still routinely getting confessionals from Kelley Wentworth. Although Kelley’s edit is pretty strong, it pales in comparison to Jeremy. Saying Jeremy is in a solid position to win would be an understatement. Not only does he have both of “Val’s idols,” but he has developed strong relationships with what seems like everyone in the game. Whenever someone wants to make a move, they go to Jeremy instead of targeting him. He is not going anywhere. Ciera threw out his name on the reward as a threat, but apparently Kelly Wiglesworth is an equal threat (?).

Overall, the episode was not bad but certainly not the best of the season. Idol hunts make an episode drag. Give me anything instead of someone digging through trees. The lame, lantern-lit idol find just ate more time. It would have made more sense for the idol to be hidden in camp, tribal council, the team reward challenges, or even where Jeremy found the clue.

Moving forward, I am happy that Stephen got the new advantage because I trust him to use it well. I love the witches coven alliance, and things might be looking brighter for them this week. If Joe loses the immunity challenge, he is gone without a second thought. Kelly will probably get more airtime sitting on that jury bench than she did the rest of the season.



Another great episode! And another great blindside! I mean…I thought surely after last week we wouldn’t see another one! It just didn’t seem practical, yet here we were, after another amazing tribal council!

I enjoyed the reward challenge, and it was very satisfying to see a team so awful! I don’t know why, but angry Jeremy is much more enjoyable than happy Jeremy, he’s just better as a bad guy in my books! But then he got another idol…ick! Props to the winning team though as on just picking a kickass team! The reward itself was meh, but a reward’s a reward.

I love watching Ciera play and work all the angles, from someone who looked so out of her depth from what we saw at the start of Blood vs Water, she’s become such an amazing player! Kelley Wentworth is great value as well, and Abi seems to have gone quiet, which is almost impossible to believe! They’re clearly the good guys right? The immunity challenge at least didn’t involve balls and the weather made it much more interesting, watching people have to endure that rain is just something else! It also made for a bizarre tribal! Everyone was just soaked! Poor buggers! I like the twist with Fishbach’s advantage, although it is a huge game changer if used correctly. I don’t know if I like this as a regular thing going forward in survivor though, but ways to give advantages through sacrificing yourself in immunity is always fascinating to see!

On the final vote, I didn’t think this was the smartest move for the group, but there weren’t going to be many more opportunities to get it right. With these voting blocs, it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen, but it’s nice to see such a different dynamic, and a huge unpredictability about everything. I have Fishbach in the sweep, so I’m still backing him in, and I really hope he can do it! Can’t wait for the next episode!



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 9th recap features our good friends Jon & Jaclyn Misch from San Juan Del Sur! ‘Jonclyn’ discuss everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with her answers to the ‘Cambodia 5!’

TIP TO WIN:   Jeremy (Jaclyn) Stephen (Jon)
DARK HORSE: Ciera (Jaclyn) Ciera or Kelley (Jon)
NEXT TO GO: Joe (Jaclyn) Joe (Jon)
2ND CHANCER FROM THEIR SEASON:   Val (Jaclyn) Drew (Jon)
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Nobody (Jaclyn) Stephen (Jon)

Join us next week as we are joined by another former Survivor contestant to help us recap the tenth episode of Cambodia!



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  1. I stopped it at 15:30, when they described how hard it must had been for Jeremy to sneak out at night and look for the idol. Seriously???

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