Survivor Cambodia – Episode 10 and 11 Recap featuring Kelly Shinn!


Our third all-star Survivor season, Cambodia, continues to entertain beyond the merge! After an exciting double episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! We also talk to one of the real experts in our good friends Kelly Shinn from Nicaragua!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“With eleven people still in the game, each had their own agenda. Jeremy was finding idols. Ciera was using voting blocks to stay alive. Stephen was targeting big threats. At the Immunity Challenge, Stephen gained an advantage in the game, and Joe continued to dominate, winning his third individual Immunity. Back at camp, Ciera, Wentworth, and Abi were on the bottom, and Stephen saw an opportunity to use them, but he needed Jeremy and Spencer to turn on their allies. At Tribal Council, the guys flipped, blindsiding Joe and his closest ally, Wiglesworth. Ten are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~Jeff Probst



Back at camp, Jeremy has to do some damage control. He tells Tasha that he couldn’t tell her, but that she is still in the power. When Joe joins them and inquires what happened, Jeremy and Stephen say that Wiglesworth was “too much” and “in everyone’s business”. They all agree that they are still solid and that they can not let the three “witches” get any traction. Tasha confesses that you only get to leave her out of a vote one time. Joe confesses that he is pissed and trying not to lose his shit.


Jeremy tells Tasha that he couldn’t tell Tasha… (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 25


The next morning, the rain continues, and the tribe is miserable. Ciera confesses that she is creeping her way up through the ranks, but the rain is ruining her game. Everyone is stuck in the shelter and unable to play. Keith confesses that while everyone else is worrying about food, he is doing fine. He is two weeks out, and he’d happily sit there for 50 days to get a million dollars.


“Survivor ain’t fun!” (Image credit: CBS)


The rain intensifies as the exhausted Orkun tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge. For the challenge, the tribe will be split into two teams, and the winning team will play for a meal under a roof with blankets at a Cambodian circus. For the challenge, three people from each team battle for a ball and then work together to get that ball into a basket. First team to score three baskets wins. Green team is Wentworth, Kimmi, Stephen, Jeremy, and Keith. Purple team is Tasha, Abi, Joe, Ciera, and Spencer. In the first round, Stephen tackles Joe, allowing Jeremy an opportunity to score for the green team. Green team’s luck runs out here, however, and the purple team dominate the rest of the challenge, with Joe, Spencer, and Tasha each scoring a point for their team.


Jeremy breaks away with the ball in the Reward Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


At the Cambodian circus, the winning team enjoy their food and blankets. Spencer confesses that reward have never been more important. Ciera experiences some emotions when she sees some of the Cambodian children that remind her of her kids, but she confesses that she knows they are fine and it reaffirms what she is doing there. She takes the opportunity to rally the team towards blindsiding Stephen. Joe and Spencer are adamantly on board.


The winning team enjoy their reward. (Image credit: CBS)


At camp, the misery in the rain continues for the losing team. Kimmi tells her tribe that her son was in the hospital for 49 days, and that was a thousand times worse than what they are going through. She can endure. The five discuss the fact that Joe is holding everyone back from winning rewards. They agree that he made his own bed, and he is being perceived as arrogant and someone who is playing people. Stephen confesses that he thinks he is in a good spot, although he admits that saying that is usually a death-knell on Survivor. That night, Stephen begins to experience severe gastrointestinal distress in the middle of the monsoon. He confesses that he is afraid that his body is breaking down.


The losing team sit in the rain all day. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 26


The next day, Stephen’s suffering continues. In his confessional he begs for a ray of hope. Fifteen minutes of sun. Something. There’s no way he would quit. In addition to the rain and the stomach issues, Stephen is having problems with his feet which look cut up, swollen, and red. Jeremy confirms in his confessional that Stephen is in rough shape, but says that he needs Stephen. He thinks that everyone will be okay if they can just warm for a while.


Stephen’s #GastroIntestinalDistress continues. (Image credit: CBS)


The Orkun tribe enters the individual Immunity arena, and Jeff begins by distributing white and black rocks to each contestant. He explains that for the challenge, participants must stand on a wooden block on one foot and balance a ball against an overhanging piece of wood. However, if five people (half the tribe) are willing to forgo their chance at Immunity, the Survivor builders will waterproof their shelter roof and build a cover for their fire in the centre of the shelter. A white rock signifies that the person will surrender their chance in the challenge. Every single person holds out the white rock except for Joe and Keith. Orkun will get their shelter. Joe and Keith square off in the challenge, and, although Joe is wobbly from the start, Keith is unable to defeat the Golden Boy.  Stephen confesses that with the shelter, they will be able to play again. To him, the obvious target is Ciera, since she is so focused on game changing moves.


Everyone but Joe and Keith give up Immunity. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, the tribe rejoices in their new shelter and the refreshments that came with it. Keith, Joe, Spencer, Abi, Tasha, and Wentworth are all in the shelter when Ciera and Joe lock up the vote on Stephen. Everyone seems to agree, including Tasha although at times she looks visibly uncomfortable. Afterwards, she approaches Spencer and tells him that Ciera is terrifying him. She is building her resumé and making Godfather-esque moves. She in unhinging several groups, but if they get rid of Ciera then it will be Ciera’s group that is unhinged. Spencer confesses that it is in his best interest to get Stephen gone as quickly as possible. On the beach, Spencer, Joe, Tasha, and Jeremy discuss the vote. Spencer and Joe fight to vote out Stephen, saying that they fear his advantage; Jeremy and Tasha fight to vote out Ciera, saying she is the biggest threat at that moment. It comes down to Spencer belligerently targeting Stephen regardless of his alliance’s wishes, and Jeremy being adamant with him that it is a terrible move. They’re out of time.


Spencer gets his “stubborn” on. (Image credit: CBS)


The Tribal Council begins with Jeff focusing on the impacts of the weather on the contestants, but absolutely nothing new is said that wasn’t said at the challenges.He then switches focus on the two men who were not willing to give up their chance at Immunity for their fellow “humans”. Keith wanted a chance to kill the Golden Boy (insert Keith cackle), and Joe knows that if he hadn’t competed he would be going home no questions. They would have taken advantage of him. Focus then shifts towards the concept of the voting blocks, idols, and the target on Stephen’s back that came with his public advantage. Stephen says that now it is a DISadvantage. Ciera says that the voting lines are not solid yet, and there is probably going to be another blindside tonight. If someone didn’t compete in the challenge and goes home, it’s a million dollar decision and a million dollar shelter (because obviously they would have handily beaten Joe and won Immunity… OBVIOUSLY). They vote. Abi votes for Stephen, but we see no other votes and hear no confessionals. Jeremy takes the opportunity to play one of his Hidden Immunity Idols for Stephen, saying it’s a trust move and shocking the rest of the tribe. Jeff is  clearly shocked to hear that it is for Fishback. The votes are revealed, starting with five in a row for Fishbach which do not count. Kimmi receives two votes, and Ciera receives three, making her the fourth member of the jury. Stephen tells Jeremy that he is with him to the end. Jeremy tells Spencer that he would have done the same for him. Spencer is visibly upset.


Ciera becomes the fourth member of the jury. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp that night, everyone congratulates Jeremy on his move. Kimmi calls it classy. Stephen confesses that he owes Jeremy everything. Jeremy tells him that they need to continue to have each other’s back, and warns Stephen that the others don’t trust him. He reiterates to Spencer that he is fine, but Spencer tells us in his confessional that he is not buying it. It may be time for him to jump ship.


Jeremy and Stephen catch up after Tribal. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 27


The next morning, Stephen confesses that he was annoyed with himself for being so out of the loop. He vocalizes to Kimmi his confusion that they couldn’t get six people to vote solid for Ciera. For someone who is a self-proclaimed Know-It-All, he confesses to not knowing what’s going on. His feet continue to suffer as well, swelling to “monster” size. He hasn’t slept in days. He’s overwhelmed by everything.


Stephen is annoyed with himself. (Image credit: CBS)


The Orkun tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge where they take part in a Survivor classic, Survivor Folk Lore! Contestants must listen to Jeff tell a story and then run to stations answering three-choice multiple choice questions about the story. A correct answer yields a gold medallion, and the first person to get all five rings at their station wins a chopper ride to the Starling resort where they will enjoy steaks, wings, cocktails, and “the works”. The challenge begins and the contestants race into the jungle towards the question stations. After selecting a correct answer, Wentworth finds a Hidden Immunity idol clue wrapped with her medallion and discreetly stows it away. At one point, Stephen approaches a station where Abi is struggling with the answer. He begins to select the wrong answer, and she snatches it and runs off. He then realizes his mistake and selects the correct one, saying “Sorry, Abi” under his breath. The challenge comes down to a race between Stephen and Spencer, and Stephen narrowly pulls out the victory. He chooses Tasha to go with him on the reward, saying he needs to mend some fences. Jeremy looks like he is going to lose his mind here, but then Stephen selects him as the second person, saying he owes his life in the game to Jeremy. Spencer confesses that this was a terrible strategic move for a so called Know-It-All, since it shows to him that he is not as close with that group as they are claiming him to be.


Stephen defeats Spencer for reward. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 28


Stephen, Jeremy, and Tasha arrive at their reward the next day and dig into their food. They take the opportunity to lock up their trust and allegiance, and Stephen reveals to them the nature of his advantage so that they can all use it for their benefit. They all say how happy they were to have the conversation, and agree that Joe is the obvious target should he ever lose Immunity.


Stephen reveals his advantage. (Image credit: CBS)


At camp, Abi asks the tribe (excluding those on Reward) what they think of Stephen’s decision on who to take with him. Kimmi says that he was obviously repaying Jeremy for playing the idol on him, which is to be expected. Keith says that you would have to be blind not to see the three of them as an alliance. Kimmi grumpily takes off on her own, and the remaining group all talk strategy. Spencer once again pushes the issue of voting for Stephen. Abi says that she is worried that Stephen’s advantage will be used to her detriment if they target him. She would feel better if she could win Immunity. Joe says, no, he’s going to try every single time. She confesses that she doesn’t trust Joe or Spencer. She feels like they think they are playing everyone so well. She sees through them. Regardless, the five of them (Abi, Spencer, Keith, Wentworth, and Joe) land on voting for Stephen with Tasha as their back up. The group them splits up to different tasks and Wentworth takes some alone time at the shelter to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol after waiting for “annoying sister” Abi to retreat to a distant hammock. Her clue stated that it was directly under the shelter, and she is able to locate it just moments before the tribe returns to the shelter. “Stressful!”


Abi is sceptical of the plan. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 29


For the Immunity Challenge, we see the return of “The Game is Afoot” from San Juan Del Sur, where contestants must build a block structure and place a flag using only their feet. Per usual, Joe gets off to a quick start and looks like the favorite to win. Oppositely, Stephen is moving extremely slow due to his foot issues. Jeff notes that his feet look “prehistoric”. The challenge comes down to a race between Spencer and Joe, and with a few slip ups from the Golden Boy, Spencer is able to pull out the victory and steal Immunity from Joe for the first time in the game.


Spencer defeats Joe for Immunity. (Image credit: CBS)


At camp, Stephen notes in his confessional that at no point before today in the game has Joe ever been vulnerable. Not only has he won ever individual Immunity Challenge before today, he was never on a tribe that went to Tribal Council before the merge. Stephen, Jeremy, and Tasha plants seeds with Keith, Wentworth, and Spencer in the shelter to vote for Joe. They all agree. If Joe asks, the target is Abi. Wentworth confesses that this cannot happen, however, and she pulls aside Keith to tell him to stick with voting for Stephen. Spencer and Wentworth tell Joe that people are obviously coming for him, but they are not going to let him go home. Joe confesses that everything comes down to his social game, which he did not have last time. He’s hoping for the best, but that’s all he can do. Stephen tells Abi they are voting for Joe, but she is suspicious of him and everyone else, especially after she sees Joe, Jeremy, and Stephen talking. Abi tells Wentworth that she think that Joe is playing them. Wentworth adamantly disagrees. Abi then talks with Spencer, who impatiently down-talks to Abi, insisting that they stick to the plan. Stephen and Jeremy talk about how they are worried about Abi and they are worried about Joe having an idol. They plan to split the vote between Abi and Joe. Stephen will also use his advantage to steal a vote to make it work. Jeremy and Stephen tell this plan to Spencer, but unfortunately Spencer is not with them and them splitting the vote gives Spencer and Wentworth’s faction the numbers even when considering Stephen’s advantage… just as long as Abi does what she is supposed to.


Wentworth and Spencer reassure Joe. (Image credit: CBS)


The first topic of focus at Tribal Council is Joe’s vulnerability. There’s nothing he can do except hope and trust. Abi says that Joe’s trust shows that there are true alliances. Tasha says as they get closer to Day 39, the voting blocks are not effective going forward. Having a core group that you trust is the most important thing. Jeff then asks about the possible target on Stephen from the advantage, and Stephen says that it is clearly a real target. The Hidden Immunity Idol makes people want to split votes, and that split vote can make it easy for another faction to sneak in and win the day. Stephen says that he thinks chances are low of another blindside tonight. Tasha attributes this to a shift in the game as people develop trust. Before the vote, Stephen opts to play his advantage, stealing Joe’s vote. As Stephen gets up to vote, Joe mutters “powerful” over and over. Stephen uses his vote to vote for Abi. He uses Joe’s vote to vote for Joe, and takes a second to “marinate in it”. The votes are revealed: three votes for Abi, two votes for Joe, and four votes for Stephen. Stephen tells the tribe that it was a great blindside, and he becomes the fifth member of the jury. Tasha, Kimmi, and Jeremy are clearly upset. Everyone on the jury (Kass, Savage, Wiglesworth, and Ciera) seem pleased. Wentworth fist bumps Joe and tells Abi, “Girl, I told you!”. Jeff says that the only predictable thing about this game has been the unpredictability.


Stephen becomes the fifth member of the jury. (Image credit: CBS)


“Family brings everyone’s spirits up until it all comes crashing down.”

Jeff surprises everyone in the game with an early family visit, but at one of the challenges we see a heavy idol fall off a platform and someone is hurt. Jeff calls in medical and we see the contestants looking shocked and asking “is he okay!?”. We see a white male’s hand twitching with an oximeter on the index finger.


The challenge where the injury occurs next week. (Image credit: CBS)









Another big and busy week with lots happening and lots going on!

I liked the double episode, felt good to get a lot over in that period. Have to come out right now and say challenges. Reward challenges were great, especially the night time story one! SO GOOD! That’s what we need! Nostalgic challenges like that! Other than that what do we have? Stand up for a long time or use your feet. YAWN! I would love to be able to talk to the challenge people and find out why the hell we have to keep having stand still for ages challenges. Seriously it’s pathetic.

Overall there was a few things to point out. The idol play by Jeremy, awesome. Great to see although given Fishbach went next he’ll be pissed but he still has an idol. Wentworth with the idol find again, continuing on the fact that only SJDS people can find idols this season (your turn Keith). Thought Wentworth was going to play it on Joe but I was wrong. So glad Kimmi stayed around and then Abi based on my back pocket.

Have to say not taking out Joe was very very risky. The guy is a huge threat in so many areas so that could come and bite them on the ass if they aren’t careful.

Turns out I didn’t have too much to say, oh well. Bring on next week.



And so ends the ballad of Stephen Fishbach, to a chorus of tears. At least at my house. This double episode was all about the highs and lows for Stephen, and was head and shoulders the best two hours of the season so far. Which is saying something – this season has been really fun and we are now in the end stages, which is shocking. For me, where we go next is going to be really interesting. Stephen had grown into the main narrator and so someone else is going to step into that spotlight. My guess is it’s probably Spencer. The young lad had a big night – winning immunity and turning on his allies. Until now, I had feared that Spencer was more or less playing his season out like Cagayan – a side player to the real action who would eventually paint himself into a corner. Now it seems he has real options, although none are particularly appetising. Getting to the end with two people he can beat will be tricky – Joe, Kelly and Keith are all popular whilst Jeremy has a great resume and backstory. Spencer needs to get to the end with Tasha and Kimmi if he’s to win and even then it will be close. This seems crazy given how popular he is with fans, but it’s a tough spot. And the burden for not taking out Joe when he had the chance falls on him. More than anyone, Spencer has the ability to beat Joe and may have to if he wants any real shot to win. Stephen was a strategic threat but Joe can probably get to the end quite handily.

Strangely I don’t think a Joe immunity run to the end guarantees him a Fabio/Mike style win. This jury are not necessarily going to reward that, depending on who he sits next to. As crazy as it is, I can see Joe winning his way to the end but not getting the votes. Time will tell but prioritizing Stephen seems like an odd move for Spencer.

I also think some work shopping needs to be done around the vote stealer. It’s a great idea on paper but the mechanics of how it is played currently leave a lot to be desired. First the idea that someone has an unknown advantage really strips its power, and also it being played before the votes are cast means if anyone has an idol, they could nullify it as well. I don’t have a sure fire solution – I like what it brings to the game but the way it currently gets used makes it clunky and much less powerful. Given how many said how overpowered it was to start with, maybe this isn’t such a bad thing anyway!

So now we are down to 8 we can really assess based on the edit who is in the box seat. To me, there are people who have a good shot based on their edit, those that have no shots, and a few maybes. The no’s first – Kimmi and Keith. They simply haven’t received enough screen time that would justify this season ending in a win. I could see Kimmi make final 3 and get no votes though. Abi also has no shot to win, she has just been too abrasive and if she was a winner, we would start to get some redemption arc by now.

For me the “maybe” category consists of Tasha and Joe. Tasha has everything you would expect of winner – strategic, and tough and I think we have seen lots of positive moments from her. I have heard lots of people say she was actually a lot more negative on the show than we are seeing, and I’m interested that this has not been shown. But I think if she were our winner, we just would have seen more of her. Very little of the action is being told from her perspective, and even when she was in Angkor, most of the story was told from Savage’s perspective. Joe should be huge favourite given how well he has done in challenges, but we have heard so little from him. A lot about what we know of Joe this season is others talking about him, and that can’t be good. We don’t know what Joe’s plans are and I think we could see Joe get the Terry Deitz ending, where he falls one challenge win from victory at the end. However I could also see Joe’s story ending next week – we got a quote from him in the first episode about how his goal was to make the family visit this time so his dad could come out to see him. Based on the preview for next week, he will fulfil that goal. I always found it to be an odd quote so it would not surprise me at all to see Joe make the family visit, and then be sent home.

That leaves what I think are the 3 frontrunners – Spencer, Jeremy and Kelley. Spencer has had a good edit throughout, with lots of ups and downs and I could easily see this ending in a win for him. I think he now has a couple of good strategic plays to his name (The Kelly and Stephen blindsides) as well as being something of an underdog most of the season. We have also seen a major storyline of Spencer learning from his first game and making the most of his second chance. I think whoever wins will have displayed this quite obviously, as it’s a major theme behind the whole season. I could easily see a Spencer win in the end.

Jeremy’s stock is falling but I still think he is the one character who the show has gone out of its way to show his human side the most. We know about how much he cares about his family, and has left his pregnant wife at home to come and make their lives better. Perhaps this will all have some payoff through the family visit next week but it could be building to why Jeremy’s win is so important. I also find it interesting that when he has been on the wrong side of the vote (Savage. Stephen), we really haven’t seen much of him, so the show has minimised the opportunities to make Jeremy look bad, which has to be a good sign if they want to show their winner as a good player. I’m yet to be convinced we have really seen Jeremy change his game up, other than that he seems much more patient this time. I think he’s still a frontrunner, but probably not the out-and-out favourite for me.

Kelley Wentworth probably takes that spot. Her edit has been really consistent and even when we didn’t really need to see it, we have been shown Kelley’s game and her motivations. She has already far surpassed her first game and has barely been shown in a bad light at all. I like Kelley’s edit – we see enough from her to make her relevant without an overload. I have always found the fact that we saw the Ta Keo 2.0 alliance when it came to nothing (Joe, Kelley, Kass, Keith and Ciera), but this may be to show Kelley getting herself into a good position, despite everyone else being from the original Bayon tribe. Kelley’s positive moves have been highlighted, and even when she is in the numbers, it has been downplayed as to why she was there (the merge episode didn’t really explain why Kelley was on the outs). This is all classic stuff for an eventual winner – play up the strong moments, downplay the weak ones and always have some consistent story telling so they aren’t forgotten. I think Kelley is the front runner, and it will be interesting to see how the final 3 episodes (is it only that many!) will play out.

One final comment – when thinking about who can win this season, I think we probably need to think very differently this time around. I think with half our jury in place now, we can say with a lot of certainty that this will be one of the less bitter juries of all time. They will make the final 3 work for it, but will give it to the best player, rather than the nicest person. Those that think a Joe or Keith in the finals automatically guarantees victory may be wrong this time round – and this further evolution of the game may end in strategy being more valued than ever before.



Wow! Two amazing episodes! I really wasn’t expecting much but wow! It was incredibly great viewing!

I feel the first hour will be overshadowed, but it was more brilliant gameplay that we really haven’t seen before. The different style this season is so much fun to watch, and this ‘voting bloc’ stuff at least means everyone is never really secure…ever!

The weather sucked, and that was a shame for a lot of people, I wouldn’t begrudge a lot of them for stepping down, but a ‘million dollar mistake’ by Ciera – come on! No way was she lasting more than 3 minutes in that challenge! It’s one thing to choose to compete, it’s another thing to be a genuine chance of winning!

I was devastated for Ciera, I think she’s wonderful! Even though she probably went too hard, it was glorious to see! I wasn’t surprised with the move on Fishbach, but I was thrilled with Jeremy’s play! And the amazement on Fishbach’s face said it all! A ballsy move, but it was enough to get Ciera out so that was bizarre, especially as Ciera and Wentworth were voting Kimmi, so it was kind of the first of two split votes gone wrong!

The second hour was equally as brilliant! We had loyalties being tested and changed and so many people doing so many different things! I loved the night-time reward challenge! It looks so amazing when they do that! And well done Wentworth! I was kind of hoping everyone would get back and she’d have to explain herself but it was great to see her get a bit of extra protection.

Abi is back and psychotic! I don’t know how she exactly can ever be in an alliance with how unpredictable she is, her scene with Spencer was crazy! But at least Wentworth can keep her in line!

Golden boy lost, but survived! And I don’t really know who the majority is now, I guess you’ve got Jeremy, Tasha, Kimmi on one side, and Spencer, Abi, Wentworth, Keith and Joe on the other side, so I guess that makes a majority, but when does that ever work out? Especially on this season!!!

I’m out of the Survivor Oz sweep now (booo!), but at least it was a damn entertaining episode for it to happen!



So I am trying something new with this reaction/recap thing. I’m doing it live so I am literally writing this as I watch the episode. I feel it will add to the reaction. This was the first time I had ever seen this season while it was on because of other things so I thought I’d celebrate by writing it while I watch it.

So the new strategy of voting blocks is kind of annoying for the fact that someone like Tasha doesn’t want to make a move because she is still in the power even though she wasn’t just in the power. I really like the voting block strategy but it kind of lessens the drama a little bit.

I love the fact that the elements are being shown a lot more. Plus because of the rain we got a Keith confessional which was amazing. “I’ll sit here for 50 days for a million dollars” love me some Keith confessionals. The weather is putting such a different spin on this game that is really affecting not just the strategy but the physical nature and they can’t cook at all because the rain is so bad. Such a great element to the game. The reward challenge is one of my favorite challenges of all time, Basketbrawl and I’m glad they have it back again. It was a very physical challenge and we don’t even see it this physical for immunity but when it means keeping warm it was the most physical I’ve ever seen it. That is the type of new dynamic of the game that the weather can provide.

The reward was nice and we also got to see a dynamic we haven’t seen that much until this current season of the emotional aspect of Ciera with the story of her child. The move to get Stephen out is brilliant because Stephen thinks he is in the power position right now and so blindsiding him is huge. However the voting blocks did open up opportunities for the ‘witches’ which I love because I have to root for Wentworth. This is probably the worst weather we have ever seen in Survivor which really sucks as it is really getting to a lot of people but we won’t see anyone quit, they tried too hard to be there.

The rain is still coming down hard and the rain is still getting to Stephen bad. We come to the immunity challenge and there is no rain, which is perfect for the competitors. The fact that the elements were so bad that they had to add a twist to improve the shelter shows how bad the shelter was. I was surprised that 8 of the 10 people actually give up their shot at immunity and it sucks that the challenge only became a showdown between Joe and Keith but I really enjoyed the twist. Every challenge they have Joe showing he is slipping a lot but then he ends up winning and it is starting to get old and predictable but it makes the tribals interesting because if Joe loses he is gone.

The new shelter looks amazing. I thought Stephen’s new nickname by Abi just adds to the character that is Abi. Ciera is getting really good at this game. However, Tasha has improved a lot in the game and is a lot more aware of where people stand. For Jeremy’s game keeping Stephen is smarter but his insistence on keeping Stephen probably put a much bigger target on his back. However, the fact that the plan to blindside Stephen came back to him shows how great his standing in the game is because they didn’t need to tell him at all. Jeremy playing his idol for Stephen was an interesting move but should put such a huge target on Jeremy’s back because everyone will see them as a pair now and people like to break pairs up.

The move by Jeremy seems to have opened up the major JT and Stephen feel now when it comes to Stephen and Jeremy. Jeremy seems to have a bond with Spencer too but Spencer doesn’t feel the same way about it. It is funny when the game is moving so fast that even the new school players can’t even keep up with the game.



31 seasons of Survivor and we are still being surprised by things that happen on this show. Most shows I’ve watched lose that magic maybe 3 seasons in if they’re lucky. I thought the rocks was going to be about who passes on the challenge for some food. Jeff probably thought about it but came up with something even better (even more evil). Half the final 10 had to give up a shot at winning immunity in order to get a upgraded shelter. This is where Survivor gets immensely hard and we can speculate and form opinions about what we would do in that situation, but it’s like a penalty kick in soccer. Nobody knows the intensity other than the people who are involved in that intense situation and you can’t replicate that feeling as a viewer. That just highlighted many of the dizzying factors that come with playing Survivor post merge as well as playing it in this era of the show. Idols (congrats Kelly on getting another while Jeremy made a good move with his), advantages, players like Abi (who I’ve become a fan of since she’s proven to be a decent player despite coming off a bit intense and hard to work with), picking who to go on reward with, and running plan Bs and Cs all the type when a permanent threat keeps winning immunity. Three big takeaways from this episode: 1.Keith Nale is the new Big Tom Buchanan. Almost feels like Big Tom is a 4 time player like his buddy (not quite) Boston Rob), spiritually. 2. Joe may not have tied Colby and Terry’s record for most consecutive immunity wins but he did break Marcus’s record for most days until being vulnerable at Tribal Council. 3.Advantages have come full circle. I expect the first season where the contestants have seen this season, there will be much more hesitance to gain an advantage, at least publicly. Ok maybe not a full circle since we have that lovely clue burning montage from redemption island duels in Blood vs Water, but you get the idea. They seem good in practice but so far, every person with that advantage has been voted out the night they used it.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for episode 10 and 11 features our good friend Kelly Shinn from Nicaragua! Kelly discusses everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with her answers to the ‘Cambodia 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Keith 
NEXT TO GO: Kelley

Join us next week as we are joined by another former Survivor contestant to help us recap the twelfth episode of Cambodia!



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