Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 10


For the 31st season of Cambodia we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Noah are joined by Ozlets Colin & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 10 & 11 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Ben, Noah, Colin & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into two tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two/three should there be a tribe dissolve).


Once again during Cambodia we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets their ranking for the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Colin Hilding 7
2nd Noah Groves 5
= Jarrod Loobeek 5 (+1)
4th Ben Waterworth 4 (+1)


1st – Spencer


OVERALL: 1st (+1)

BEN: ”Could be the first time in Spencer’s Survivor career that he has controlled a vote and been in the majority after a vote. He is in a strong position and his edit definitely warrants him going very very far. And with Stephen out it could definitely mean he is in with a super good chance of winning this game.”

NOAH: “Is this the first successful thing Spencer has ever done in Survivor? Spencer took his own game into his hands and made a decision that was better for him. He is right in his perceptions that Jeremy, Fishbach, Tasha and even Kimmi are much tighter. They have been together since day one on Bayon and Tasha was there in the beginning too despite going to Angkor. Not only that but Jeremy, Fishbach and Tasha are much stronger competitors to beat at the end compared to going to the end with Keith or Abi. The constant talk of voting blocs also kind of gives him a free pass from others being bitter as a bunch have people have swapped in this merge game. It also gives him a “big move” to build his case should he make the end. Spencer is in a good position after the last episode but he is the kind of player I can definitely see being targeted as a big player and perhaps blindsided. Only time will tell! ”

COLIN: “Gotta give it up to Spencer this week. Although he is lacking the personal relationships that others have with the jury, Spencer quickly realized that this was a season where the players are valuing the game higher than anything else. He has been on the right side of the votes longer than anyone else. If alliances stay as they were on the last vote, he has surrounded himself with a lot of easy to beat players. My only concern would be why he saw Stephen as a bigger threat than Joe. It was a questionable move, especially considering Spencer is now the only person to beat Joe for immunity. Doesn’t that make him the next biggest threat should Joe win again?”

JARROD: “Spencer really has constantly been in a position of power post-merge and his decision to flip on Stephen secured the majority last vote. We’ve seen lots of scenes with him having one on one conversations with the remaining players and he may have the most ties out of anybody in the game right now.”

2nd – Jeremy


OVERALL: 2nd (-1)

BEN: “Lost an idol and was on the outs of the Stephen vote. Definitely has less going for him for the win than he did a week ago in terms of his position in the game but he is still in a very solid position with plenty of wiggle room and nobody knows he has the idol which obviously is very powerful.”

NOAH: “Jeremy lowers a bit after a convoluted double episode but he is still in a decent position. He has lost one of his idols which turned out to be a waste, at least for the long term anyway and has lost the trust of Spencer. Only Tasha and Kimmi are his loyal allies left but he can still work something out with that. Luckily for Jeremy no one knows about his second idol which could help him a lot should he become a target next episode. That is actually the biggest shift for Jeremy after two episodes. Jeremy’s early strategy was focused on blending in and having targets protect him but now Jeremy is well and truly a target. With the unpredictable nature of this season he could still win the game.”

COLIN: “While he has lost control of the game for the first time all season, he still has an idol, several loyal allies, and has played a better game than anyone else out there. If he makes it to the end he wins. My only question now is whether he makes it to the end.”

JARROD: “Are thing starting to crumble for Jeremy? He’s down to just one idol and he lost arguably his closest ally. He’s still seemingly inseparable from Kimmi and Tasha looks to be back in the fold after defecting to vote Stephen the night Ciera went home. If he can reel a few more players back in like Spencer, he can re-establish his dominance. Still has an idol left so he shouldn’t be going home next week.”

3rd – Kelley


OVERALL: 3rd (+2)

BEN: “Another idol and on the right side of the vote for the first time in a long time. Only misses out on top spot as she hasn’t really got as much leverage as Jeremy perhaps has moving forward. But can still easily win this game. She gets rid of Jeremy, she will win.”

NOAH: “Pretty much since the merge the coven have been on the bottom and while Kelley saved herself from an idol and was the target, she has since gone under the radar with Ciera and Abi receiving the attention. No doubt the plan was to eventually get rid of Kelley next but thanks to voting blocs and shifts, it seems like Kelley may either now be in the majority or at least have some wiggle room to stay in the game. The major plus for her this week however is the hidden immunity idol which no one knows and surely won’t expect she will have. If used correctly then Kelley could have a safe passage through to at least the merge.”

COLIN: “She was able to make a big move this week, and she has an idol, but I can’t forget that this was only the second big move she’s had all game, and the first one that showed she was able to rally support from other players. Her resume is not as impressive as my top 2.”

JARROD: “Once again Kelley bounds back up the rankings as the fallout from her idol play a couple of weeks back seems to have settled as she dodged receiving votes in both this week’s episodes. She’s back with an idol and we saw a lot of her and Abi this past episode. Has Kelley tamed the beast? Plenty of options for Wentworth moving forward so she should be safe for a couple of weeks to come.”

4th – Tasha


OVERALL: 4th (-)

BEN: “Tasha might have people targeting her sooner rather than later given she seems to have fallen out with Spencer and other big targets are slowly getting taken out. I think Tasha is playing a very solid game and could win this season, but she has to get something together pretty soon or her days are numbered.”

NOAH: “Tasha has been out of the vote a fair bit in the game but she has done a phenomenal job of laying low. No one has targeted her at all and we are down to eight people in the game. She lost a close ally in Fishbach but is lucky to have Jeremy serve as her meat shield should this new majority stick like Kelley says it will. Tasha may stay loyal to Jeremy and Kimmi but if she is fluid she could make it deep into the game and is strong enough to win challenges if Joe is taken out.”

COLIN: “While I think Tasha has a better shot at winning jury votes compared to Wentworth, she is a little less likely to make it to the end. I wonder if the confessional of her talking about Jeremy not being able to fool her again was foreshadowing a future flip in her favour?”

JARROD: “Tasha was in and out of Jeremy’s crew this past episode though the two seem to remain a strong duo. She has a good bond with Spencer and talked about alliances instead of voting blocs at tribal council. It’s hard to know where she’ll go from here but she has options open to her.”

5th – Keith


OVERALL: 5th (+5)

BEN: “Again, similar to Kimmi. He is safe, nobody is targeting him while some others are still in the game. Got a bit of airtime this week too with his decision to battle in the challenge which was great. Could see him making final tribal but I feel he might get cut at 4th or 5th.”

NOAH: “Keith isn’t really in any notable danger of going home soon but also won’t win. He is likeable enough but he hasn’t really built up a strong case for the win and he has received one of the most minimal edits of the season. Keith put himself in the limelight when he was the only one to pick the black rock against Joe and winning certainly didn’t help his case but it probably won’t affect him too much. Either Keith, Joe or Spencer could be a medivac based on the preview which would be devastating.”

COLIN: “Keith is now nothing more than an easily swayed vote from a player with zero chance at winning the game. He made nothing but mistakes in San Juan Del Sur, and yet he seemed a far more likely winner in that season than this time around.”

JARROD: “Plenty of Keith in the past two episodes, it’s so good to have him around to shift the focus away from gameplay in such a strategy heavy season. Zero backlash for choosing to compete in the challenge rather than opt for shelter and we got plenty of talk about him taking down the golden boy, could this be foreshadowing? It’s still impossible to tell who he’s 100% solid with but he’s constantly being approached for his vote so that’s a good sign.”

6th – Kimmi


OVERALL: 6th (+1)

BEN: “May have been on the outs of the Stephen vote but was there for the Ciera one and still has nobody going after her. As long as Jeremy is there she will be safe. Could see her making the final tribal, not sure if she can win though.”

NOAH: “Kimmi joins Keith as the other player with a minimalist edit which is an outrage in my opinion. Kimmi is a decent player from what we have seen. She seems likeable, decent in challenges and understands strategy but her lack of edit dictates she won’t win the game. She had some nice character moments last episodes but she has been out of the loop a fair bit lately. Kimmi is being used as a pawn at this point but it could help her go far.”

COLIN: “We are only a few episodes away from finishing, and all that we know about Kimmi’s game is that she has been loyal to Jeremy the entire way. That was working in her favor, but the game is changing week by week with people willing to flip on alliances. Being the loyal soldier means you’re the last person the opposition will consider coming to.”

JARROD: “There was some talk this week about Kimmi waking up and flipping on the Jeremy group but she remained solid with them and with Stephen gone it’s unlikely she’ll feel uncomfortable enough to flip out of that group. Received her first couple of votes at tribal council and idol paranoia is stirred up she’s an easy target.”

7th – Joe


OVERALL: 7th (+2)

BEN: “Well I said as soon as he loses he is out and I was proved wrong, but again, going to say he is in danger if he loses. Was a huge risk not to take him out when they had the chance and I think they won’t make the same mistake twice.”

NOAH: “Joe is a very very very lucky man. He survived the vote when he wasn’t immune for the vote for the first time this season. Spencer saw Joe as an opportunity and used him to the group’s advantage to get a big player in Stephen out. There is only four or five more tribals before the end and it wouldn’t be unbelievable to see Joe winning them all. If he loses again he could be in serious trouble though.”

COLIN: “He bought himself an extra 3 days in the game, and that may be it. Very surprising that he talked up improving his social game when from what we saw it was everyone else who did the work for him. Joe’s game is based on challenges alone, which could win him jury votes in a regular season, but not in an all star season.”

JARROD: “Joe scraped through without immunity the past episode but I doubt people will be willing to put off taking him out again. He was called arrogant and his tribe mates seem to be getting fed up with him. With a resolution to the Stephen vs. Joe storyline Joe could be the next one out.”

8th – Abi-Maria


OVERALL: 8th (-)

BEN: “I can see Abi making the FTC and getting zero votes but I can also see her personality finally getting to the point where people will just take her out for the sake of taking her out. I’m loving her this season, she is television gold so I hope she does stick around for a bit.”

NOAH: “When you are nearly voted out over Joe then you must be doing something wrong. Abi Maria was doing a good job of laying low but has now reverted back to her old self. I don’t think it is a given that Abi goes next episode but it is almost certain that she won’t win the game. Now that we are only five tribal councils away she may be taken to the end as a goat but if she almost was voted out this past week then it wouldn’t be unrealistic to see her gone soon.”

COLIN: “As it gets closer to the end of the game her usefulness as an added number is being outweighed by the liability of her paranoia. I’ve never seen someone so paranoid over so little.”

JARROD: “Abi made everybody nervous this past episode and could have very well screwed herself if she’d decided to vote for Joe instead of Stephen at the last tribal council. Nobody is entirely sure how to handle her and she may be frustrating people enough to the point where she gets voted out regardless of her goat status. Her sudden rebound in screentime could to set up her imminent boot.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the eighth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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2 Comments on Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 10

  1. Spencer is awesome!!!!!!!!! So happy that for once Jeremy isn’t the obvious person in power especially after that dumb move to play his idol for Stephen only to have him voted out the next tribal council and lose an idol in the process giving Kelley the opportunity to find another one. I hope to dear god that Spencer isn’t the one to be hurt or get evacuated because that would be heart breaking. I really think Kelley has a great chance of winning with her idol and especially by the fact that Abi Maria is most loyal to her and can be used as a goat. Tasha has zero chance of winning if she stays loyal to Jeremy. The fact that she gave Jeremy one time to deceive her is dumb and should’ve flipped on him. If she stays loyal to him, she will no doubt lose. I don’t understand why everyone is saying that keeping Joe is a dumb mistake. Sure he might win all the way to the end but in a season like this winning every challenge won’t do him any good so I think Spencer keeping joe around is smart and can be used as a shield and an extra vote!!!

  2. Kimmi can’t win, Abi can’t win, I don’t see Keith winning, and I don’t think Joe will make it to FTC. I agree with ya’ll that Spencer, Jeremy, and Wentworth are the clear far and above favorites. I agree that Spencer is in the best spot but I really think Wentworth is in a better spot than Jeremy. She, too, has an idol no one knows about which is super powerful, and she has been in more of a majority lately, than Jeremy. I’m not ruling Tasha out for a bit of a more “under the radar” win.

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