Reed Kelly Interview


As one of the most popular contestants to come from the 29th season of San Juan Del Sur, Reed Kelly will forever be remembered for THAT jury speech at the end of the game during the final tribal council. But outside of that there was a lot more to his game than was ever shown on screen, and as Reed tells us in this interview, a lot of stuff that easily turned the game around was never shown on screen.

Reed’s game really took off at the tribe switch when he got to work closely with his partner Josh and together they formed a strong alliance that looked likely to take them far. However after Josh was blindsided post merge, Reed hung on to try and work his way back into the game but was ultimately eliminated and sent to the jury.

In our chat with Reed he talks about why he waited till he was with Josh to apply for the show, first impressions and why he worked early on with people that many people might not have seen, adapting to the game as a fan, what really went down with the infamous “stick to the plan” tribal council as well as just how involved he was in the Jeremy vote out, why he thought about weird food combinations during his time on the show and what extra distraction he had during the foot challenge.

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