Survivor Cambodia – Episode 12 Recap featuring Marty Piombo!


Our third all-star Survivor season, Cambodia, continues to entertain beyond the merge! After an exciting episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! We also talk to one of the real experts in our good friend Marty Piombo from Nicaragua!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“Second chances are never easy. Some were struggling with their emotions, while others were fighting to stay alive. At the last Immunity Challenge, Joe lost for the first time. Back at camp, Stephen thought he could get everyone on board to take out Joe, but Spencer had plans of his own [to take out Stephen]. At Tribal Council, Spencer got his way, shocking Jeremy, Tasha, and Kimmi. Eight are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~Jeff Probst

DAY 30


The next morning, Jeremy congratulates Spencer on a big move, but asks if Spencer was concerned about it messing up the numbers. Spencer confirms that move opened up the game. Spencer confesses that even though he doesn’t want to go to the end with Jeremy, he needs to keep his relationship with Jeremy. Jeremy confesses that he doesn’t like the chaos that the move imparted on the game. He likes to be at the centre of the action and know what’s happening. Kimmi then takes the initiative to approach Wentworth, saying that, if they can get rid of Joe, the four women can run the game. Wentworth loves the idea. Kimmi then takes this plan to Tasha, who seems to agree that she is on board as well.


Kimmi starts formulating a women’s alliance. (Image credit: CBS)


After teasing the contestants with the possibility that there might be no family visit this season, Jeff starts bringing out people’s loved ones. Jeremy is visited by his pregnant wife and San Juan Del Sur contestant, Val, who whispers to him that their unborn child is a boy. Tasha is visited by her cousin. Spencer is visited by his girlfriend, whom he tells that he loves for the first time. Abi is visited by her mother, who also visited her during Philippines. Keith is visited by his wife, whom he refers to a “Big D”. Wentworth is visited by father and San Juan Del Sur contestant, Dale, who claims to have a whole new respect for all the family members who stay home and worry about their family members. Joe is visited by his father, who immediately starts telling his son that he has made his dream come true by getting him there. Kimmi is visited by her father, whom she excitedly tells “Daddy, I did it!”.


Val and Jeremy embrace. (Image credit: CBS)

For the Reward Challenge, contestants must dig bags out of the sand, spin around a post to release another bag, walk across a balance beam and collect the last bag. Then they will use all of the puzzle pieces in the bag to unscramble the word “nourishment”. The winner of the challenge will take their family member back to camp for a Survivor barbecue. Wentworth dominates the challenge and is able to quickly unscramble the word, winning the challenge. Jeff allows her to pick four more people to bring their family members back to camp for the barbecue as well. She selects Kimmi and her dad, Abi and her mom, Keith and his wife, and Joe and his dad.


Wentworth wins reward. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, the five contestants and their family members enjoy their barbecue feast. Wentworth confesses the energy and excitement was amazing. Joe’s father tells Joe that he has never had a friend like Joe and says that Joe is his hero. Joe confesses that his father was never affectionate growing up, so it was an extremely special moment. Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha sit together in the shelter. They agree that they need to look out for each other and that they are happy with the three of them as the Final 3. Tasha confesses that this is great for her. Between the women’s alliance and this Final 3, she has two good options. Either way, they’re going to have to remove Joe as soon as they can.


Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha agree to be the Final 3. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 32


For the Immunity Challenge, contestants must balance an idol on a platform at the end of a rod. At regular intervals, contestants must add more sections to the rod, making it longer and increasing the difficulty of the balancing task. The last man and woman standing will each get Immunity. Wentworth pulls out another win, claiming the Immunity Idol for the women. As with so many challenges this season, it comes down to Keith and Joe. After an hour and twenty minutes in the sun, Joe suddenly passes out. Medical is brought in a he regains consciousness. He says that his legs went numb and that’s the last thing he remembers. Due to this collapse, Keith wins Immunity and Joe is vulnerable to the vote once again. Jeff says that this is what they always wanted with Second Chance: A group of people who were willing to push themselves to the limits for their redemption.


The medical team tends to Joe. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Tasha reveals to Jeremy and Spencer that there has been talk about a women’s alliance. This makes Jeremy and Spencer second guess whether they can actually get rid of Joe at this point. Spencer confesses that leaving Joe in the game could be a huge mistake that allows him to win out, but getting rid of Joe could throw his whole game in the toilet too if the women then pick off the men. Tasha confesses that she revealed this so that they didn’t hear it elsewhere and have it breed mistrust, however she is worried that telling them just made them suspicious. Joe’s argument is that Abi is a guaranteed seat taken away from people in the Final 3. The longer she is here, the more of a threat she is to go all the way to the end.


Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha plan their move. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins Tribal Council by addressing Joe’s collapse at the challenge. Joe says that everyone has their breaking point and he found his. It’s humbling. Jeff asks Wentworth how quickly after Joe collapses do you start thinking about the game again. She confirms that it didn’t take long for them to realize that this guy is willing to push himself until he passes out. Jeremy says that Joe is certainly a huge threat but you can’t just put blinders on when there is a game happening. Joe reiterates that this vote is crucial. Jeff asks who feels vulnerable. Joe and Abi raise their hands. Abi says that she feels it could always be her. Joe states again that Abi is a threat because she is slipping under the radar and will take someone’s seat in the Final 3 if they aren’t careful. If they vote out the wrong person and don’t have four people that they can trust, all the big threats will go home one after another. They vote. Abi votes for Joe, saying that he looks like a clown and that he needs a haircut. Spencer’s vote remains hidden, but he confesses that he thinks it’s either a winning or losing vote. No idols are played. The votes are revealed. Tasha gets one vote from Keith, Abi gets one vote from Joe, and Joe gets six votes from he remaining contestants. Joe becomes the sixth member of the Jury, telling the “boys” best of luck on his way out. Jeff says that the question of tonight’s Tribal Council is whether this vote reveals alliance lines or whether it was purely opportunistic.


“Joey Amazing” is voted out. (Image credit: CBS)


“After a huge blindside, Jeremy and Spencer are worried, but backstabbing isn’t the only danger in Survivor.” ~Jeff Probst


Spencer takes a painful dive. (Image credit: CBS)









“You’re mouldy, you’ve got to go. And please get a haircut. You look like a clown”

Quote of the season right there to Abi! Hilarious!

An entertaining episode all around. LOVED the loved one visit, first time we’ve had a proper one since Philippines and to actually have Dale and Val come back was amazing. Sad not to add Wes to that bunch but still great to see former contestants come back as loved ones. The challenge too was good to have INDIVIDUAL reward rather than team based. See the drama it causes with choosing? So much better than dividing them into teams.

The immunity challenge was good too, out of all the ‘stand still for ages’ challenges it’s one of the better ones. Joe collapsing was a pretty scary moment, a mixture between Russ Swan and Boston Rob. But great to see Keith win and Kelley win. This episode was dominated by San Juan Del Sur people winning stuff! Great to see!

Need to point out the great sight of Kimmi doing strategy. So good to see that she is out there doing far more than just making up the numbers. I don’t necessarily think she can win but if she got to the end with the right people, she very well could get some votes. Tasha telling the guys about the all girls alliance wasn’t the smartest move. Could’ve easily backfired and very nearly did. She also used the line that she told Jeremy and Spencer so that she didn’t create ‘distrust’ between them, yet she has done exactly that with the girls if they find out. She is in a very precarious spot.

It was right to vote Joe out. I think they were wrong to not do it last week but I guess in hindsight it worked out because they’ve taken out Stephen and Joe in consecutive weeks.

We are very much in a weird spot right now with 7 people left with only 2 episodes to go. Going to be a rushed finale at this stage unless we’re going for something crazy like a final 4 which isn’t completely out of the realms of possibilities. We’ll see how we go. Watch this space and bring it on!



If you listen carefully, that’s the sounds of a million hearts breaking as Joey Amazing exits the game. I was never much of a Joe fan – but then again, I don’t think I was supposed to be. Joe’s popularity is based off being great in challenges and at living off the land. These are certainly legitimate aspects of Survivor, but not the ones I think should determine who wins the game. So whilst the cry on the official Survivor Facebook page might be that Joe was robbed, and that weak players were jealous of him and we need to have a season of those who are the best physical players, Joe’s demise was pretty likely from the beginning. Not only had he just come off his first season as a physical threat, but that season was won by a guy who won a string of immunity challenges at the end. These players were only going to let Joe go so far – and full credit to him for hanging in the challenge until he passed out, but when that is your only avenue to stay in the game, he really had no other choice. Joe’s biggest obstacle in this game was not his physicality or even his social skills, but his timing. Returning so soon after his previous season meant he really had no time to be forgotten by anyone and his status as a threat would have never been far from people’s thoughts.

But what else did we learn from this episode? Well after claiming last week that Kelley, Jeremy and Spencer were the only real potential options for a winner, I almost have to add Tasha and even Kimmi back into the mix now, who are both looking at making a late run at a women’s alliance. The interesting part is that the two big targets for each alliance next week look to be Kelley and Jeremy – who both have idols. Could all votes end up being nullified in a double-idol play? It would make old school fan’s heads explode but would be another epic moment in a season already overstuffed with them. And of course we still have some mystery about having 7 people still in the game with just one episode left before the finale. There are too many people still on board – how is this going to be resolved? Is there a last gasp twist still left in this season that has seen so many twists that the cast and audience all feel a little dizzy?

And I can’t continue without saying how great it was to see Val and @farmguy69 Dale Wentworth back on our screens. Two early exits from San Juan del Sur that were both compelling TV in their short stay, it was really cool to see some familiar faces (along with Abi’s mother of course) in the loved one’s visit. And to bring my comments back to Joe (as I’m sure many of you want), this completed Joe’s story arc this season for me. It started with him saying how he missed the loved ones visit last time and his goal was to get that far on his second chance. I had been feeling for a while that Joe was a lock to make the loved ones visit then be voted out next – thus fulfilling this prophecy. Well done on successfully closing that story loop, editors. I was also curious to see what Spencer and Jeremy’s loved ones visit was like as it would be illuminating as to their end game chances. Both had great moments but I would argue Jeremy’s probably propelled his story arc forward – making it all the more important for him to win for Val and his unborn son. I had thought that he may break and let the players know Val was pregnant, which may explain some of the early season talk he had about hiding this. But Jeremy followed Rodney’s #3Cs and didn’t let his emotions get in the way (It’s also worth giving Jeremy a ton of credit for how he handled Spencer’s flip. The S29 Jeremy would have completely lost it and alienated Spencer – S31 Jeremy is a much better and more controlled and calm player). Spencer’s felt more like the closing of a story about him now truly being able to express emotion, so my feelings is that Jeremy’s story was enhanced the most by the family visit.

Kelley’s story is still so hard to read for me. She is always in and around the story and making key moves but we often seem to miss hearing her opinions at pivotal moments. There was some talk earlier in the season that she and Joe were close but this was never really followed up on and concluded in this episode. I can’t discount her but I’m still confused by how the show is presenting Kelley. Its interesting that the producers have mentioned more than a few times that Dale was the reason Kelley lost in San Juan del Sur. So its surprising to me that they didn’t take the opportunity whilst he was there to reference this – even if to say that Kelley doesn’t need to be worried about it because she’s in a good position. On paper, Kelley should be an absolute favourite to win. What I can’t decide is if I should consider Kelley a legitimate potential winner, or not. I’m confused – and I love it. The more uncertainty, the more I am glued to the TV to find out how this thing will end.

Overall I would say this season is probably going to go down as one of my favourites. So far it’s been pretty consistently entertaining and the editors have done an amazing job of keeping so many potential players open as winners. I can’t wait to see how it concludes. And with only seven players left, it’s still hard to believe that only one of them will be successful in their mission to win on their second chance.



Wow!!! They actually made an obvious vote episode rather interesting. I think it had a lot to do with the family visits though. I just have to say that with Jeremy, Joe, Spencer and Kimmi’s visits this has to be one of if not the most emotional family visits in Survivor history.

I didn’t like how much they played up Stephen being voted out as a Spencer power move when he wasn’t even the one to bring it up at first if I’m not mistaken. Plus the whole scene of Spencer telling Jeremy how he can’t tell his girlfriend I love you actually made a little bit of sense in this episode as we got to see him say it, or at least whisper it, I don’t think you could actually ever hear him say it.

Wentworth’s choices for this reward I feel are going to come back to haunt her. I feel that she let Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy bond enough to where I believe that they will be the final 3 especially after this episode. Despite her being my pony and her huge edit this season, I’m not sure if she will make it to the end. If she does she has a great chance of winning but she has to make it there first.

The challenges weren’t all that great this time around. I will say that I loved the immunity challenge though. I would have loved it a lot more if we didn’t already have like a billion of the same types of challenge already this season. When that was the final immunity challenge is Samoa I loved it, but this time it was just interesting. Also the fact that of all people the ‘Golden Boy’ is the one who got hurt surprised me so much. He had gotten such a nothing brings me down edit that I thought it was going to be Keith the whole time. That being said I feel that this was part of the full story arc that Joe got on his exit. It was kind of a fitting end that the ‘golden boy’ ends up defeating himself. He tried so hard which I know he needed to that it ended up hurting himself and it made him feel more human and I feel it was a very fitting end to what I believe was a huge improvement of the game he played in Worlds Apart.

So now the ladies don’t have much eye candy until tribal council unless they like to stare at Spencer. Joe can now hang out with Kass, Savage, Kelly, Ciera and Stephen and they all can do some Joega. Maybe people will start to speak some Joelanguage with him as well.



You know it’s a good season of Survivor when as the game dwindles down, fewer moves look obviously good or obviously bad right away. You have to consider if it will make sure you survive this current vote. You have to consider what it will mean for the next several votes. And you also need to think about how everyone else will feel about the vote. You can’t play Survivor in a vacuum. You’re not the only one that is making these assessments. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and no one is going to be content with second place on second chances. You may have your favourites and some people may appear more deserving to win than others, but whoever wins this, as always, will deserve it. Aside from the strategic issues of the game, we got to see some other great sides to this game. The first thing of note is Jeff loves word torturing these people. This is clearly a result of 15 years of hosting, and many of the people he has hosted he loves to mess with (you know who you are, former Survivors). I was definitely excited to see Val and Dale back because this was the first time former Survivor contestants returned as loved ones for this event in the game. It is interesting how Stephen was given the option to choose only 2 of 8 players left to go with him on reward while Kelley was able to choose 4 of 7. And then in the immunity challenge, Joe collapsing gave me a flashback of Russell Swan from his medevac in Samoa. Thankfully he was ok and didn’t have to be pulled from the game. Especially as a returning player it sucks to leave that way. What an interesting final few days Joe had in the game. But the spirit of Joe lives on in the next challenge as more injuries seem imminent.



Finally. I could not give you one good reason why I did not like Joe, but I am happy to see him gone. Part of it could be his staunchly loyal fan base. Reading the comments on the official Survivor Facebook page each week has given me exposure to different perspectives. It drives me crazy to hear people saying that Joe is the only one that deserves to be there. As Penner would say, that’s bollocks. If you’re there on day 30, it does not matter if you’re Joey Amazing or Abi-Maria. Something about your personality got you to that point. Joe is not made to win Survivor. He might be perfect to live on an island, but a threat like him will never make it far. Back to Facebook commenters, this week they were saying that it was unfair that Jeff did not reset the challenge after Joe collapsed. Keith won! That’s it. Be rational people.

With all of that said, I enjoyed the episode partly due to the emotion throughout. Also, Kimmi came to play, and I am loving it. Her women’s alliance idea is even better since she got rid of Monica for suggesting the exact same thing. It is crazy how invested I am in a Kelley win. Nothing would make me happier than seeing her walk away with the million. Watching Abi sit next to her at the final tribal council and fight with every jury member would make it even sweeter. I am beyond pumped for these final two weeks.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for episode 12 features our good friend Marty Piombo from Nicaragua! Marty discusses everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with his answers to the ‘Cambodia 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Kelley 
DARK HORSE: Jeremy/Kimmi 
NEXT TO GO: Spencer

Join us next week as we are joined by another former Survivor contestant to help us recap the thirteenth episode of Cambodia!



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