Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Seasons With Potential For Returning Players


Over the years Survivor has given many of our favorite or the most notable players a second, third, or even fourth chance at playing this amazing game. But while half of Australia’s cast has returned at some point, no original player from Guatemala has appeared since that season. Some seasons don't have much more quality returning players to offer while some have quite a few decent choices who would love to play a second time. This week Ivan from Cali recaps his top 10 season that have supreme potential for players to return for a second chance.  

Each season’s cast I’ve divided into 3 categories

Likely: Players that seem to be on the radar of casting crew or a strong fan movement in support of them.

Long Shot: Not as likely choices as the likely group but still have some sort of chance.

Honorable Mention: Possibly have a chance but likely are lower in the totem pole of overall options. Or simply a player I’d like to see again but I’m not sure too many other people feel the same way.

10. Nicaragua

Nicaragua Cast

Nicaragua gets mixed reviews to this day by the Survivor fan base. Some consider it a bad season, some think of it as a good season disguised as a bad season courtesy of Heroes vs Villains’ huge shadow. Some say it is predictable and boring, others note the shifts and power and several key moments they remember this season by. However, there’s many players from this season that merit a return. The final 4 of this season, which itself is polarizing as many people love or hate this final 4, is a good place to start. No one has really played a game quite like Fabio has, even though players who have come since such as Jay or Woo have been advertised or predicted as the next Fabio.

Holly had an interesting story arc, while both Sash and Chase played cutthroat games, though one of them was more aware and less apologetic/doubtful about it as the other. I see Marty’s name get tossed around a lot as an underrated player. To me he is like a modern John Carroll only Marty’s game was flipped around much earlier and he knew it. Even though he didn’t appear in the second chance ballot, if the producer’s favorites include the likes of Jim Rice and Max Dawson, surely Marty can’t be that far away. Fan Favorite Jane and even Doctor Jill would be welcome additions to another season.

Likeliest Candidates: Marty, Holly, Fabio

Long Shot: Chase, Sash, Jane

Honorable Mention: Jill

9. Borneo

survivor borneo cast

We’ve already had the Tagi 4, Gervase, and Jenna comeback. Colleen’s been asked back and I don’t think any pre merge Borneo player would be interested even if they were chosen (not that Stacey would be chosen). But even still, this remaining trio of Sean, Greg, and Gretchen would be three very interesting players if they appeared in a new season. While Richard’s strategy was the foundation of modern Survivor strategy, Sean’s strategy was on the losing end of this form of darwinism. How will he play a second time? Greg was an interesting character his first season and I would like to see his approach now. I am not even sure if Gretchen is interested, but as the first post merge boot and probably even the first blindside, there would be some storyline opportunities there.

Likeliest Candidates: Sean, Greg

Long Shot: Gretchen

8. Pearl Islands


Like Borneo, we’ve already exported the major personalities from this season into new ones, including Cambodia contestant Andrew Savage. However, why not have Christa and Burton back? I know with Savage’s return some people are sick of hearing about the Outcast twist, but it offers an even more intriguing storyline for Burton. He would probably play hard right away to prevent history from repeating itself, which could either see Burton make a quick exit or go far in the game without a second life. Little did Christa know she was the third member of an alliance that would produce two of the show’s most recognizable characters. I think she deserves a chance to carve her own legacy aside from just being in an alliance with Rupert and Sandra. Darrah would definitely be a long shot and she is a more quiet player, but it would be interesting to see her play again. From Ryan (Rhino)’s social media presence he seems like he’s raring to go again and I know Savage would glad advocate for either Darrah or Rhino to appear again. Lill, not so much. Whether you’re a fan of hers or not, a lot of what went on in Pearl Islands was linked to Lill and she did grow during her time on the show, but based on controversy and her age she doesn’t seem like a safe bet to see again.

Likely Candidates: Christa, Burton

Longshot: Darrah

Honorable Mention: Ryan O, Lill

7. Palau


Coby is one of the most active Survivor alumni on social media, and if the Survivor fan base loved Jeff Varner in his return appearance, they’ll likely do the same for Coby when and if he plays again, which I really hope happens. Aside from Coby, the other members of Tom’s majority alliance deserve some love as well. Gregg, Ian, and Katie all played certain parts of the game well and provide different personality types that could be good contributions to future seasons.

Ian especially would have an interesting storyline: would he be haunted by Tom like how Fishbach frequently references JT in Cambodia? Speaking of second chances, though the entire Ulong tribe would love another chance after being part of that disastrous tribe, Angie definitely deserves one. She grew a lot from her first time playing the game, and I think she would be fun to have back again, like Kimmi or if she’s lucky maybe even like Kelly Wentworth. Wanda and Jonathan are controversial choices, but then again in an alternate universe, they replace Stephenie and Bobby Jon as the final members of the Guatemala cast, so it’s certainly worth thinking about, but definitely a long shot

Likeliest Candidate: Coby

Long Shots: Katie, Ian, Gregg

Honorable Mention: Wanda, Jonathan, Angie

6. Cagayan

survivor cagayan

I know we just had 4 Cagayan returning players, but about half of the remaining 14 would still be good ones to see again. Tony is self explanatory, he provided on all levels during his run in Survivor: Cagayan. Could he pull it off again? Whether or not he does, T.V. will give us more quality TV. Trish was not expected to be a strategic force in this season, but she pulled off some good moves before being blindsided and she would be capable in another season as well.

I know Brice and J’Tia did not last long but during their time they had some good personalities that contributed and from what I’ve heard, they could be prime second chance candidates if the idea is ever used again. Sarah and LJ were central to many storylines before their time was cut short, and Jeremiah gets lost under some of the bigger characters but I think he has potential and would be a good person to have come back again.

5. Africa

Africa Cast

Teresa unfortunately could not get the votes to get onto Cambodia, but I hope somehow there’s a spot for her in the next returning player season. She is a sweetheart as Survivor Africa fans know, but she is an underrated player as well. There’s always talk about bringing Silas back, the first person to be voted out following a tribe swap. There’s just a second chapter waiting to be written there, and I think being several years older will probably serve Silas well.

Those two alone propel this season up to number 5 on this list but it would be wrong to write off Kelly and Brandon. They were certainly interesting personalities with some potential, and like Silas they’ve grown and matured a lot since they last played so it would be interesting to see if that helps or hurts them.

Likeliest Candidates: Silas, Teresa

Long Shot: Kelly

Honorable Mention: Brandon

4. The Amazon


This is not a mistake. I seriously think the entire jury and final 2 of Amazon should play a second season. This could have been such a boring season with a boring pagonging, but instead we had multiple power shifts, a lot of players vying for power, and some hilarious and random moments along the way.

If Heidi and Matthew come back again, everyone else better watch out. Heidi will be inspired by her friend Jenna to win like Jenna managed to do, and Matthew has more of his lessons learned from Rob to implement. Deena, Alex, and Christy all got too comfortable after playing well to get as far as they did. So they probably learned a lot and would love to play again. Dave and Butch probably won’t be coming back, but for some reason I have a soft spot for the rocket scientist and Principle “Believe in Yourself/Firewood Collecting Champion”.

Likeliest Candidates: Heidi, Matthew

Long Shots: Deena, Alex, Christy

Honorable Mentions: Dave, Butch



31 seasons and we haven’t seen any of these players since their debut season. That is a Survivor crime. Danni played a great game and it wasn’t textbook Survivor. She simply adapted, hid her game, and kept a calm mind. She didn’t do anything flashy but she did not have to. Definitely would be a great player to see again.

Judd and Jamie’s personalities as well as their gameplay merit a second take as well. Gary Hogeboom-Hawkins and Brian Corridan played well given the hands they were dealt, and Cindy and Amy were decent as well. These players emanate so much hidden potential but maybe this will continue to be the forgotten season of Survivor. Let’s hope not. C’mon CBS and the powers that be, the fans a crying out for more acknowledgement of the wondrous cast that was the 11th season. 

Likely Candidates: Danni, Judd, Jamie

Long Shots: Gary, Brian

Honorable Mentions: Cindy, Amy



This season gave us two very big characters in Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien and Rob Mariano, but the players they played against were not bad either. Even the pre merge boots consistent of some very unique players that gave us some good memories in their short time in the game. John and Neleh both want another chance desperately and not only do their fans but many Survivor fans who didn’t necessarily root for John or Neleh would be pleased to see them again. John and Coby are good friends a long with Brice they work on Survivor Shade and interact with many of their fans so if we are ever allowed to vote again and John can be on the ballot, he probably will be back.

I’m not too sure if Tammy, Sean, or Vecepia are even in the conversation of possible returning players at the casting level, but based on the way they played their own games and how their approaches and personalities could interact with others, I would love to see them again. Gabe is an interesting choice but like Greg even though he was not interested in “playing the game” his first season, that could certainly be a different story if he comes back. I don’t think he would be brought back though. Gina’s game was full of setbacks and despite her efforts and fight, she couldn’t make the merge. However, Ms. Most Confessionals for a Pre Merge Boot in Survivor History would definitely be a welcome player in another season if I had a say in it.

Likeliest Candidates: John, Neleh

Long Shots: Tammy, Sean, Vecepia

Honorable Mentions: Gabe, Gina



Of all the seasons, why would Vanuatu be #1 for having the greatest remaining potential second time players? It is especially a weird and risky decision since two of the most familiar faces from this season, Ami and Eliza, have already appeared on their second season. But especially when I rewatched this season this year, it was apparent how many memorable characters AND good players this season had, and many of them were both.

Obviously Chris is someone we have to see again. His journey from Day 1 to Day 39 is impressive, possibly overcoming the most odds of any Sole Survivor. The next likeliest candidates in my eyes would be the runner up and the person whose blindside began the domino effect of the girls alliance’s failure. Twila and Leann are both underrated players and would probably be underestimated by new or even some other returning players.

I would not be opposed to Sarge, Rory, or Scout coming back either. Sarge and Rory both had interesting personalities that you’d think would cause them to have crappy social skills but they understood the game well and probably even surprised themselves how quickly they made certain friendships. Scout, along with Twila, were almost always one step ahead of their alliances and I was impressed how she managed to hang in there in all aspects of the game despite her age. She was not a challenge beast but she was far from a burden either, receiving no votes against her pre merge. However if she were to appear again, she would likely be around half a decade from Rudy’s All Star age. This collection of good players and interesting personalities is the reason why in my opinion, Vanuatu has the best possible second time players to offer.

Likeliest: Chris

Long shot: Twila, Leann

Honorable Mentions: Rory, Scout, Sarge

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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16 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Seasons With Potential For Returning Players

  1. How are Dr. Sean and Neleh likely candidates? The only reason I remember Dr. Sean is the alphabet strategy and I wouldn’t bring him back just because of that the only thing I remember about Neleh is the half chewed mint which I thought was disgusting and unnecessary. I’d also add Benry in the Nicaragua section even though Probst said no.

    • damroberts744 // December 9, 2015 at 10:48 am // Reply

      I think they’re both likely from that season if only because they’ve expressed interest and have a small campaign going on through twitter. I don’t necessarily think they’re at the top of producers lists, but I’d imagine expressing an interest and people from the fourth season of a show that has recently enjoyed bringing back older players is enough to bring them into the conversation at the very least.

    • It’s been 14 years!!! Lots has changed. I’m not the same 21 year old young girl anymore. That’s what makes Survivor great. Players with all these years to stew and ready to come back and kill it! Made it that far then, made some mistakes. Want it bad now! Thanks Survivor Oz and all involved for your hard work, research and great stories. I like your thoughts.

      • Neleh! I absolutely loved watching you play in Marquesas. I feel that you are one of the best players never to have won. I can’t wait to see you play again. I know that you would do great if given a second shot. You have always been one of my favourite players- best of luck with everything!

  2. Nathan Nixon // December 9, 2015 at 10:14 am // Reply

    I think that all the seasons have great players for comeback, of all the seasons I would like to see again:
    31: Monica*, Kass*, Ciera*, Spencer*, Kimmi*, Kelley* & Kelly*
    30: Sierra, Carolyn, Hali & Tyler
    29: Jon, Jaclyn & Reed
    28: Morgan, Jeremiah, Jefra, Tony & Garrett
    27: Candice*, Aras*, John, Katie & Hayden
    26: Eddie, Reynold, Laura, Hope, Malcolm*, Brenda* & Andrea*
    25: Denise, Pete, Jeff, R.C. & Angie
    24: Matt, Michael, Jay, Chelsea, Sabrina & Kim
    23: Whitney, Jim, Sophie & Albert
    22: Natalie, Ashley & Mike
    21: Alina, Benry, Chase, Sash, Jane, Holly & Marty
    20: Danielle*, Amanda*, Colby*, James*, Tom*, Cirie* & Courtney*
    19: Natalie, Mick, Brett, Kelly & Marisa
    18: Erinn, Taj, Sierra, Brendan, Joe & Sydney
    17: Matty, Charlie, Marcus, Dan & Jacquie
    16: Jason, Alexis & Natalie
    15: Aaron, Jamie & Todd
    14: Earl, Dreamz, Boo & Edgardo
    13: Rebecca, Sundra, Becky, Adam & Yul
    12: Misty, Nick, Sally & Shane
    11: Danni, Jamie, Bobby Jon & Cindy
    10: Jonathan, Wanda & Kim
    9: Chris, Twila & Leann
    8: Jenna M.*, Jenna L.* & Alicia*
    7: Michelle, Shawn, Christa & Burton
    6: Dave, Heidi & Matthew
    5: Brian, Penny & Tanya
    4: Hunter, Neleh & John
    3: T-Bird, Lindsey & Kelly
    2: Elisabeth
    1: Sean, Colleen & Greg

  3. i only spoken seanso I warched

    S1: greg ,collen,sean and gretchen
    S2: QUEEN elisabeth
    S3: T-bid, lindsey, kelly and silas
    S4: vecepia,neleh ,john , tammy and gina
    S5: BRAIN and helen
    S6: Heidi,dave, chirsty and alex
    S7: burton chirsty and darrah
    S8 jenna L alicia , shiann
    S9 : leann twila chiris
    S10: Ian, greg , coby and katie
    S12: shane and coutrney
    S13: YUL
    S14: earl , michelle ,alex,dreamz and ed
    S15: jaime JR and todd
    S17: cristal, ken and marcus
    S18: erinn taj sierra and brendan
    S19: brett
    S21: jane chase
    S24: kim chelsea and alicia
    S28: morgan, jefra, sarah, jtia , Lj and tonny
    S29: Natalie, jon , josh and reed
    S30: mike and carolyn

  4. Afiq Shahril // December 9, 2015 at 12:59 pm // Reply

    I’m so glad finally someone stand up for Christa, she definitely deserve a second chance. How about So Kim? She left us a huge a impact despite her short amount of time on the screen. And then we have Jenny, she was this silent strategist. She stated devastation of not making into the voting poll for Cambodia bcos no one in the history of survivor has been voted out the way she did.

  5. For the seasons I have watched, this is who I’d like to see back:

    Borneo: Colleen
    Australia: Elisabeth
    Thailand: Helen, Jan, Brian
    Amazon: Deena, Christy, Heidi, Butch, Cesternino
    Pearl Islands: Michelle, Tijuana, Darrah
    Vanuatu: Scout, Twila, CHRIS
    Panama: Shane
    Cook Islands: YUL
    Fiji: Earl
    China: Chicken, Aaron, Frosti, Todd
    Micronesia: Yau-Man, Eliza, Natalie Bolton, Tracy
    Gabon: Ken
    Tocantins: Sierra, Debbie, TAJ
    Samoa: SHAMBO, Brett
    Heroes vs Villains: Sugar, CIRIE, J.t., PARVATI, Sandra
    Nicaragua: Kelly Bruno, Marty, NaOnka, Jane, Chase, FABIO
    Redemption Island: Grant, Natalie Tenerelli
    South Pacific: Mikayla, OZZY, Coach
    One World: Troyzan, Chelsea, Kim (would Really like to see all three of these for sure)
    Philippines: Rc, Penner, DENISE
    Caramoan: Malcolm, ANDREA, Brenda, ERIK, COCHRAN
    Blood vs Water: Rupert, Hayden, Tina, Monica
    Cagayan: J’Tia, Sarah, LJ, Jeremiah, JEFRA, Trish, TONY
    San Juan Del Sur: Nadiya, JOSH, BAYLOR, Jaclyn, NATALIE ANDERSON
    Worlds Apart: Lindsey, Max, Joaquin, Hali, Jenn, Sierra, Rodney, Carolyn, MIKE
    Cambodia: T-Bird (I didn’t watch her season so that’s why I didn’t include her under Africa but given her campaign interview for Cambodia she seems really neat), VARNER, TERRY DEITZ, CIERA, SPENCER, Keith, Wentworth

  6. nice read; while some people would think it’s too soon, I would like to see another 2nd chance season in the near future (2016?). If CBS makes that happen, I wonder if the ones that didn’t make S31 could be shortlisted again?

  7. Great Article! Thanks for the shout-out! All 4 of us work hard on it! Coby, John, and Brice ALL deserve to be back!!!

  8. For me, Worlds Apart has to be there. I mean Mike, Jenn, Rodney, Hali, joaquin, Max and maybe So

  9. Survivor Returning Players are always so down put by so many fans of the show but the way i see it we keep adding great new castaways every year we just miss out on older contestants tat really deserve to get a chance to come back.
    Especially from the first 9 seasons (You will also notice if a player played in more then one season and I think that they should return I put them in their original seasons category)
    Borneo: Greg, Jenna L, Kelly
    Australia: Alicia, Colby, Amber, Elisabeth, Tina, Jerri (only season i have that has five people that have already returned thats shows how much they deserve to be seen again)
    Africa: Teresa, Kim Powers
    Marquesas: Vecepia, Neleh, Kathy, Tammy
    Thailand: Helen, Shii Ann
    Amazon: Matthew, Heidi, Jenna M, Deena
    Pearl Islands: Ryan O, Sandra, Christa, Burton
    All Stars; ——-
    Vanuatu: Ami, Leean, Chris, Twila, Eliza
    All of these older players were either way ahead of there times in terms of game and strategy wise such as Jenna, Ami, Eliza, Christa, and even Teresa or certain players were just so memorable that they deserve a second chance at it (Helen, Greg, Vecepia, Ryan O, Leean, Heidi)
    Then you get to the middle classes seasons that really start to push out players that deserve a second chance to prove that they can play the game or stick up to their old performance
    Palau: Angie, Ian, Katie, Greg, Coby
    Guatemala: Amy, Danni, Cindy, Rafe, Gary (The poor season that has so much potential but continues to get pushed to the side)
    Panama: Sally, Shane, Cirie, Danielle, Terry
    Cook Island: Becky, Yul, Candice, Adam
    Fiji: Michelle, Earl
    China: Courtney, Peih Gee, Jamie, Erik, Frosti
    Micronesia: Natalie, Tracey, Alexis
    Gabon: Matty, Susie, Corinne, Ken
    All of these people like I said have true potenial to be some of the greats they just never get the shot to do so (Natalie, Danni, Rafe, Ken) Then you evenhave some dark horses in here that a lot of people liked they just got screwed by certain things that destroyed their game (Angie-her tribe sucked, Sally-didn’t have the numbers at the merge, Michelle-was screwed by a fake tribe merge thing, Jamie-TODD) Then you have your odd balls that I think would do much better on a second chance (Katie and Ian – would realizes their mistakes, Becky- woudln’t play so under the radar and play a better social game, Amy- not get hurt first and then could be a force to win almost like Denise)
    You then get to the newer ages of contestants that change the game and have way bigger personalities then ever
    Tocations: Tyson, Brendan, Sierra, Debbie, Taj, Erin (the entire merge cast virtually that hasn’t returned other then Tyson
    Samoa: Natalie W, Laura, John, Mick, Liz
    HvV ———-
    Nicaragua: Yve, Jill, Holly, Jane, Brenda, Marty, Fabio, Benry, Chase, Alina (this season was so good in my opinion and had so much comic relief and people who were actually there to play its just the game was put on a very odd foot with the twist at the beginning and it jacked up the feel for every other fan…..other then me)
    Redemption: Natalie, Ashley, Grant, Mike
    South Pacific: Dawn, Whitney, Jim, Sophie
    One World: Chelsea, Jay, Monica, Sabrina, Alicia, Christina, Troyzan
    Philippines: Lisa, Abi, Denise, RC, Pete
    Caramoan: Hope, Eddie, Reynold
    Blood vs Water: Ciera, Hayden
    This group maybe not be a group that a lot of people would want to see again but I think if they got a second chance they would really kill it (Yve, Natalie, Hope, Grant, Fabio) This group also has some of my favorite players and the ones I want to see play again so much (Monica- people would instantly say no if they saw her again but the second time she came back she grew and if she came back for a third time I think she really learn from her mistakes from both times and take them, Ashley- would turn into another Andrea she finally at the end realized she got played and I say something in her just like Andrea that she would return with a fire in her eye, Lisa- also someone who would see that she can’t always play the older woman card and get away with it and she would see that)
    Then you have the final group which contains a crazy amount of people maybe because of biased to newer seasons or just because these seasons were actually really entertaining and you could really see them playing again
    Cagayn: Kass,Trish, Alexis, Jefra, LJ, Tony, Woo
    San Juan del Sur: Josh, Reed, Jacalyn, Jon, Natalie,, Missy, Baylor, Kelley, Jeremy, Keith
    Worlds Apart: Hali, Carolyn, Tyler, Mike
    Second Chance: ——–
    Once again in my opinion these last three seasons had some of the most determines and likable cast ever. Cagayan had phenomenal hidden players like Alexis and Trish, great entertainment Kass, Tony, Woo, and just people you really want to see again Jefra, and LJ
    Say want you want about San Juan del Sur but not only are the three players right now in Cambodia doing amazing but they are entertain as crap, plus literally as soon as the merge hit in this season you had everyone playing the game crazy villains Missy and Baylor, good players Josh, Reed, Natalie, Jon and even hidden gems like Wentworth and Jacalyn who both were really well rounded for the game
    And finally Worlds Apart may have had a unique cast you still had fur people that really grabbed the eyes of fans and you just wanted to see them again because they were so likable and could play the game

  10. some of the former castaways i would love to see return on the show. (none of these have returned yet)

    Borneo – Sean, Colleen, Greg, Gretchen
    Australia – Keith, Kel
    Africa – Teresa, Kelly, Lindsey, Silas
    Marquesas – Vecepia, Neleh, Sean, Tammy, John, GIna, Hunter
    Thailand – Brian, Helen, Penny, Robb
    Amazon – Matthew, Heidi, Christy, Alex, Deena, Dave
    Pearl Islands – Darrah, Burton
    Vanuatu – Chris, Twila, Julie, Sarge, John Kenney
    Palau – Ian, Janu, Coby, Angie
    Guatemala – Danni, Rafe, Cindy, Judd, Gary, Jamie, Amy, Brian
    Panama – Shane, Courtney
    Cook Islands – Yul, Nate, Jenny
    Fiji – Earl, Dreamz, Boo, Alex, Edgardo, Michelle, Rocky
    China – Todd, Jean-Robert, Jaime
    Micronesia – Natalie, Jason
    Gabon – Kenny, Crystal, Ace
    Tocantins – Erinn, Sierra, Taj
    Samoa – Natalie, Jaison, Shambo, Erik
    Nicaragua – Fabio, Holly, Jane, NaOnka, Marty, Alina
    Redemption Island – Ashley, Grant, David, Stephanie
    South Pacific – Sophie, Albert, Edna, Jim, Christine, Mikayla
    One World – Sabirna, Chelsea, Christina, Troyzan, Jay, Jonas
    Philippines – Denise, Lisa, Pete, Jeff, RC
    Caramoan – Eddie, Reynold
    Blood vs Water – Hayden, John, Brad, Marissa
    Cagayan – Tony, LJ, J’Tia
    San Juan Del Sur – Natalie, Jaclyn, Baylor, Jon, Josh
    Worlds Apart – Mike, Carolyn, Rodney, Hali

    some people i won;t mind seeing for a third time are Kelly Wiglesworth, Jenna Lewis, Alicia Calaway, Jeff Varner, Lex Van Den Berghe, Kathy Vavrick O’Brien, Shii Ann Huang, Rob Cesternino, Jonny Fairplay, Eliza Orlins, Ami Cusack, Bobby Jon Drinkard, Danielle DiLorenzo, Courtney Yates, Peih-Gee Law, Erik Reichnbach, Stephen Fishbach, Brenda Lowe, Andrea Boehlke, Kat Edorsson, Malcolm Freberg, Abi-Maria Gomes, Ciera Eastin, Vytas Baskauskas, Woo Hwang, Kass McQuillen, Spencer Bledsoe, Kelley Wentworth, Shirin Oskooi, Joe Anglim.

  11. No James Miller? 😦

  12. Afiq Shahril // December 11, 2015 at 1:30 pm // Reply

    I think Jenny, So and Nadiya really need to return. Jenny’s biggest move was blindsiding JP, she’s a silent strategist and a physical competitor. Nadiya on the other hand was taken out due to her reputation outside the game which is quite unfair to me. So Kim was trying to be honest but got into an unfortunate alliance with Joaquin. Of course Joaquin will get away because he’s a guy. I think all these three girls have what it takes to make it further than they did in the their first season.

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