Survivor Cambodia – Episode 13 Recap featuring Denise Stapley!


Our third all-star Survivor season, Cambodia, draws near to its conclusion! After an exciting penultimate episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! We also talk to one of the real experts in our good friend Denise Stapley from Philippines!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


“At the last Immunity Challenge, Joe gave it his all and lost. After collapsing, Joe was fighting for his life in the game, but the women wanted the biggest threat out. Fearing an all-women’s alliance, Jeremy and Spencer had a difficult decision. At Tribal Council, Keith was left out of the loop when Jeremy and Spencer voted with the women, sending Joe to the jury. With the numbers dwindling and alliances in short supply, uncertainty is at an all-time high. Seven are left. Who will be voted out tonight?” ~Jeff Probst



Back at camp, most of the remaining contestants celebrate the fact each of them have an increased chance at winning challenges. Keith is not thrilled that he was left out of the loop. Tasha confesses that Keith put a target on his back by voting for her.


The Final Seven. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 33


The next morning, Keith, Kelley, and Jeremy remark that it’s amazing that three of the Final 7 are from the original Hunahpu tribe in San Juan Del Sur. Kelley confesses that this is a stressful and important time in the game. Jeremy and Spencer talk on the beach, and Jeremy explains that he is having buyer’s remorse on getting out Joe. They have to make sure Tasha and Kimmi are with them, otherwise their game is done. Spencer confesses that he feels his game slipping away.


Jeremy and Spencer are concerned. (Image credit: CBS)


For the Reward Challenge, each contestant must untangle a rope that they are tied to from a obstacle. Then they must assemble and cross a bridge. Lastly, they will throw sand bags at a block pyramid to knock the blocks off the table. First person to knock down all their blocks wins a trip to the temples of Siem Reap, where they will spend the night, feast, and be blessed by monks. Jeff informs us that this challenge has been completed only one time and Keith was the person who won it. History repeats itself and Keith runs away with the challenge for the second time in the row. Given the option to bring two people with him on reward, Keith selects Kelley and Spencer, saying that he owes Kelley for the family visit and saying that Spencer barely got to see his girlfriend, but at the same time insisting there’s “no real logic” behind his choices. Probst asks Tasha if she is frustrated and she says that any reward, win or lose, is an opportunity to talk and connect, and she’ll be getting to work back at camp.


Keith dominates the Reward Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Upon returning to camp, Abi, Kimmi, Tasha, and Jeremy discuss that Keith is now the biggest threat and the one who needs to go. All four of them agree that that will be their next move. Abi confesses that she thinks that people are going to want to take her to the end, so she had to think about who she wants to take to the end. She is having fun watching them scramble and go crazy. Jeremy explains that he does have some reservations about voting out Keith, confessing to us that he is worried about the women’s alliance. When probed, he tells Kimmi and Tasha that he trusts them and is not  worried about the women’s alliance. Tasha tells him that not everything can be totally in control, and he needs to trust her to make a move.


The four reward losers decide to target Keith. (Image credit: CBS)


At Siem Reap, Keith, Kelley, and Spencer wander the temples and take in the scene. Spencer confesses that this is the rejuvenation he needed to go the last six days. This sets the stage for him to take all the changes that he’s made in the game to win. The three of them sit while monks pray for them and look on while Cambodian women perform in ritualistic dance. Keith confesses that his friends would sooner expect him to be on the shuttle from Mars than where he is. Kelley confesses that to be near the end of the game is a relief, and she is proving that she could do this.While the three of them feast of spaghetti and wine, they make a Final 3 deal and plan to target Tasha. Spencer confesses that this plan could be perfect as long as the fourth person in their group is sound and rational. Unfortunately, the fourth person they would need is Abi…


Keith, Kelley, and Spencer are blessed. (Image credit: CBS)


At camp, Tasha asks Abi if she will allow Jeremy and her to have a private conversation. Abi says that it would be better for them to include her, but allows them to talk. Jeremy remarks that he can’t imagine what it would be like to date Abi and tells Tasha that he doesn’t know how she deals with her. Tasha confesses that she has come too far to let Abi Maria Gomes ruin her game. Tasha and Jeremy talk in the hammock, and Tasha tells him that Abi is the move. They can’t have any messiness coming down to the finals. Jeremy confesses that he likes the plan because it gives him one less women to worry about and evening up the gender numbers. They now have to worry about Spencer, however, and he could run off to Kelley and Keith and ruin their plans.


Jeremy and Tasha decide to target Abi. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 35


For this brutal Immunity Challenge, contestants must race into the water and across a series of obstacles.  Then they must retrieve a key from a buoy in the water and race back. The key unlocks a box of puzzle pieces on the beach. First person to complete the puzzle wins Immunity. After a gruelling challenge with a number of small injuries and falls, Spencer flies through the puzzle which he memorized before going out on Survivor and he easily wins Immunity. As he finishes, however, it becomes apparent that Tasha is struggling in the water – still at her buoy. Jeff calls in a “safety” team to retrieve her, and then calls in the medical team once she is safely on the platform. They determine that Tasha is and will be fine but was overcome by exhaustion. Jeff then puts his attention back on Spencer’s win, congratulating him and presenting him the Immunity necklace.


Spencer wins Immunity. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Tasha explains that it was a very scary experience for her.  She confesses that her priority now is to lock things up with Spencer. Meanwhile, Spencer, Kelley, Abi, and Keith sit on the beach and lock up their plan to vote out Tasha. Abi confesses that her resume is getting better and she is feeling confident. Tasha, Jeremy, and Spencer talk in the woods, and Tasha explains that on THEIR all-star season it would be a disgrace to have Kelley, Abi, and Keith be the Final 3. It would be an “abomination” and a “disservice” to the fans who voted them on. Spencer assures them that he is with them and they will be voting out Abi tonight. Kimmi is on board. Spencer confesses that this is a point of no return. He can go with the alliance he’s been with and he trusts, or he can go with the “super goats” and just pray he makes it to the end.


Tasha and Jeremy lock things up with Spencer. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins Tribal Council by asking about the experience Keith, Spencer, and Kelley had at Siem Reap. It was great, but Spencer was worried about alliances back at camp that might be forming. He then shifts attention to Tasha’s hard time at the challenge. It exhausted and scared her. Jeff then asks about Hidden Immunity Idols. Kimmi says that it forces the questions “do WE have a backup plan”. Jeff latches onto this strange unheard of “we” word and the poison quickly spreads as the contestants and him go back and forth talking about all the different “we’s” people have. Which “we” is the best “we”? Which “we” is the most loyal “we”? Which “we” is going to get you to the end? Keith is confident that his “we’s” will reign supreme.We we we we we. They vote. Kimmi votes for Abi, saying she just wants to make it another day. Keith votes for Tasha, saying “let’s see how this goes”. No idols are played. The votes are revealed. One vote for Keith, two votes for Tasha, and four votes for Abi Maria. Kelley looks confused and then somewhat worried. Abi Maria’s torch is snuffed. Jeff says that it may be one of the most unpredictable finishes in all of Survivor.


Abi Maria joins the jury. (Image credit: CBS)


“This close to the end, no one is giving up their second chance without a fight.” ~Jeff Probst

Spencer and Jeremy argue that neither of the other is “giving”. Kimmi begs Keith to make a move that “they would not expect”. Jeff stands at Tribal Council with a voting urn and says, “For the first time in 31 seasons”. Fishbach looks shocked.


“For the first time in thirty-one seasons…” (Image credit: CBS)








Wow, that was not what I was expecting. And one move that just cost someone the game.

Why oh why Spencer would you do that? Take out a person you are guaranteed to beat at the end to side with two people who could beat you at the end? I get the “play against the best” argument, I do. But I also get the fact this is a game for a million dollars and a game that you want yourself to be in the best position to win at the end. And that move just made it all the more harder for him to win the game. Can he still win? Yes of course he can, but you made it harder to do so. I don’t think the move was smart at all.

We head into a very action packed and bumper finale next week with six people. SIX! And we also have the promise of something that has never happened in 31 seasons before. Is that idea of a final four completely out of the question now? It could be on based on that, which would be a very interesting ending to the season for sure.

I have a few favourites left in the finale which is weird for me as I never usually have this many people like I actually left, and also more importantly my tip to win is still in the game! I’m definitely rooting for Kelley and Kimmi but also Jeremy and Keith too. Not to have anything against Spencer or Tasha as I do like both of them, just putting my preferences out there right now.

It’s hard to believe we are one week away from knowing who is the winner of this season! Just seems like yesterday we were debating which of these people would even be on the show. Bring it on!



A Reign (Rain) of We (wee)?? Welcome to Survivor: Golden Shower! This was a pretty fun episode with what felt like a bizarre tribal council discussion.

Penultimate episodes of a Survivor season are always slightly odd things. They can be epic, momentous occasions that set the end game up with a flourish (see Micronesia, San Juan del Sur or Vanuatu), or they can effectively see the final move play out before a formulaic finale (Pearl Islands, All Stars, Philippines). There is a lot of ground to cover and get things ready for the end-season to play out. Our latest episode in this season was not exactly a wild event, but it did see Abi-Maria sent home one episode short of the finale again. For someone viewed as a goat, it is still pretty surprising to me. I think Lisa killed her chances of winning by voting out Abi before the end, and potentially Spencer has done the same here. He said in the episode that his goal was to find a way to get to the end with Abi and Keith, but he voted one of those two out. Is he about to paint himself into a corner where he is stuck in a final three with at least one of Jeremy, Tasha or Kelley? I can certainly see the rationale in wanting to eliminate the wildcard that is Abi, but it also leaves a lot of other questions. The great thing is I really just done see how this thing is going to end. I still think either Jeremy or Kelley has this thing in the bag, but I just cant decide which one. Either would be a satisfying winner to me – Kelley has played a fearless game and you have to respect that – but I have Jeremy in the Survivor Oz Pool so I could win a few bucks if he holds on! But also he’s played an unassuming game where he hasn’t annoyed people. These two San Juan del Sur returnees really embody the second chance to me – they have learned from their past game and adjusted to do better this time.

And thanks Spencer for answering a question for me tonight – which was why didn’t the white collar have a go at that 5 piece puzzle last season? Spencer is a genius but you would think Max, Shirin or Tyler could have figured it out too. Spencer could run the table in challenges now, although apart from Kimmi, this has to be one of the most intimidating line ups of challenge performers at a final 6 ever.

So how do things play out next week? I’m not trying to predict boot order, but we still have 6 people in the game – what is going to happen? A final 4 facing the jury has been theorised, but I just don’t see it. I think that would be pretty bizarre, and I’m not sure what the point would be. What I think is more likely is that we either have 3 tribal councils to get down to a final 3, or we have a double boot at a tribal council similar to the Dawn-Whitney situation in South Pacific. As for the “this has never happened in 31 seasons” that Jeff spoke about in the preview – I hear people suggesting a tied vote for the winner – I’m not so sure. I think if that was the case, Jeff and the producers would have dropped big hints about this – its just too juicy a prospect to not play up. I think its more likely that we see both Jeremy and Kelley play their idols at the final 6 and all 6 votes do not count – its never happened and seems a much more likely scenario. Either way I cant wait to see how this all plays out. It has been a really fun season, and I think we need to keep in mind that this is even with such a heavy burden of expectation. Most seasons with this level of expectation have failed to fire – think of Caramoan, Worlds Apart and All Stars. So even if the story has felt somewhat muddled and strategy heavy, its been a fun and very unpredictable ride and as a fan, I cant complain about that.



“We” (as in the Survivor fans, in case any clarification was needed) were in for a treat tonight. So this episode seemed like Spencer, Jeremy, and Keith would be in trouble but all of a sudden the girls alliance isn’t happening? It’s apparently the same lines going into the Fishbach vote out only this time Spencer votes with Jeremy and Tasha. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering how well the first girls alliance under Kimmi’s “jurisdiction” went. And after a very good and interesting run, Abi’s time in the game ends. I’m relieved because I feel she would’ve been unfairly picked apart by the jury. Survivor is a difficult game to play, and people think players who are goats often get a free ride. For every Phillip, Natalie, and Albert there are Christina, Kass, and Dan. Just being an unpopular player doesn’t mean you’ll be dragged along anymore. You can try to appear non threatening to get by but everyone ends up on someone’s radar. I know a lot of people thought Joe’s pitch to boot Abi last episode was ridiculous but to me it wasn’t that crazy. There’s always reasons to vote anyone out. And from someone who I wasn’t sold on until her Ponderosa vids in Philippines and who though she’s be an early boot this season, I give Abi a lot of props for her game this season. And after 13 episodes of strategy and backstabbing, we are headed towards the finale and I’m both excited and nervous. Nervous because I don’t want there to be a final 4. Excited because who knows what could happen. 3-4 players, maybe even 5 have a reasonable enough storyline to merit a win. And what could be the Survivor first? Exciting stuff. Although I’m rooting for Kelley to win, I would be satisfied with any of these six winning. There were only a few players this season I wasn’t too sold on but it’s shaping up to be a good end to second chances.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for episode 13 features our good friend Denise Stapley from Philippines! Denise discusses everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with her answers to the ‘Cambodia 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Kelley/Spencer 
NEXT TO GO: Spencer/Tasha

Join us next week as we are joined by another former Survivor contestant to help us recap the finale of Cambodia!



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