Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 12


For the 31st season of Cambodia we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Ben & Noah are joined by Ozlets Colin & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We conclude our rankings for the season with our episode 13 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we approach next weeks finale!


Each week Ben, Noah, Colin & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score . The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth. Each week the overall list will be published, separated into two tribes. It will combine into one list once the tribes merge (or two/three should there be a tribe dissolve).


Once again during Cambodia we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets their ranking for the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Colin Hilding 9
2nd Jarrod Loobeek 7
= Noah Groves 7 (+2)
4th Ben Waterworth 6


1st – Jeremy


OVERALL: 1st (+2)

BEN: “The other remaining idol holder, Jeremy goes into this just behind Kelley in my eyes as the best shot to win. How is he never targeted?! Every week he gets a free pass which I think is testament to what a great game he has played. He is socially strong, proving himself decent in challenges and is strong strategically. I called it that he would make the final 3 but said he would get zero votes and finish third as he would’ve pissed too many people off in getting there. Well how wrong was I, because if he gets to the end he’ll be very hard pressed to lose.”

NOAH: “Jeremy amazingly has almost never been targeted this entire game which is kind of crazy considering how much he was touted as a threat in San Juan Del Sur. He has played a pretty solid game with some ups and downs but has always managed to bounce back from anything. He only had to go to tribal council once in the pre merge which certainly made it easier for him going into the merge and sticking with the same people in Kimmi and Fishbach also made it easier for him to keep solid bonds. If he can survive through the next vote and then even if he is targeted as a threat he is guaranteed to make the final four thanks to his idol. Luckily for him Keith is a bigger challenge threat but Jeremy showed last episode that he is still capable in the challenges and could win one despite some less than impressive performances in the past. If he reveals that Val is pregnant at the final tribal council then that could be a strong story to garner votes. He hasn’t really made any enemies and has played a strong social game where he could gather a mass amount of votes. If he made it he would almost definitely have Stephens vote while Joe, Savage, Tasha and Kimmi would also be near locks. I could also see Wentworth, Keith and Wiglesworth throwing votes that way while Kass and Ciera are a bit more up in the air. Jeremy has a huge shot of winning the game. His only issue now is having limited options to get there as he hasn’t thus far worked with Kelley at all and it is unlikely he will this late in the game. If Spencer and Tasha stay true then he is gold! ”

COLIN: “If he makes it to the finals he wins. I don’t see any other outcome. There is a chance he’s targeted before the final 3, but he still has an idol in his pocket and there has been little talk of idols even being in the game. There is still the matter of Tasha’s unresolved comments that she wouldn’t let Jeremy fool her again, but she has been the one pushing the need for a loyal alliance to get to the end, so he may have the support to get there. This jury is not one that strikes me as one that takes the game personally, short of maybe Abi, Kass and Savage, but none of them would have their biggest beef with Jeremy. He’s played a great game on so many levels.”

JARROD: “Just when it looked like Jeremy might be losing his grip on the game he’s back in the driver’s seat with nobody seemingly willing to make a move against him. If a move is made, he still has his idol and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him find another if a situation arises where it’s re-hidden. If he makes it to final tribal council it’s hard to see anybody challenging him for the title of sole survivor (perhaps Spencer). He’s been on the top spot of the power rankings almost all season and it’s fitting that he ends up that way.”

2nd – Spencer


OVERALL: 2nd (+3)

BEN: ”If Spencer had of voted out Tasha this week I would have him at number one with a bullet as the best placed person to win this game. Instead he took out a person he was guaranteed to beat at the end to try and go up against people who he might struggle to beat. I have enjoyed watching his game and have enjoyed watching him find himself in positions where he actually is controlling a vote rather than scrambling. It has been great. But Spencer! Come on! Abi was a clear cut goat! Why oh why wouldn’t you go against that at the end? It baffles me, and I can’t rank him any higher than this. Lucky for him though, I still think he CAN win if he is against the two people below him. Getting there though for that to happen is easier said than done.”

NOAH: “I don’t know if Spencer is exactly my tip to win but I do think he has an incredibly good chance of doing so. Like Jeremy, it is amazing that Spencer hasn’t been targeted past week two or five and has continued to ride the game while others are voted out on both sides of the tribes. One thing that puts Spencer slightly above Jeremy is the fact that Spencer probably has more options. Despite not going with her this week, I could still see him flipping back over to Kelley and continuing the potential final three of Spencer/Kelly/Keith. Alternatively he still has tight bonds with his original alliance which could lead to a Spencer/Jeremy/Tasha final three. That would make it much more difficult to win but it wouldn’t be against the realms of possibility. Spencer by no means has an easy ride to the finals and could be blindsided at sixth but of all the players left he has the most options. One big part of his story this season is his social game where he has been trying to treat players more like people. It seems from what we can gather that he has done this and has potential to grab some jury votes at the end. In saying that, while Spencer has more options to get to the end, I believe Jeremy has more jury votes at the end. Depending on the jury he could manage to get votes from Wiglesworth, Joe, Keith, Tasha, Kelley and Jeremy. Stephen and Kass are a bit more up in the air. On top of all this Spencer has received the most confessionals thus far in the season. The winner doesn’t always equal the most confessionals but he is trumping everyone in that department. This season could easily end up being a close but no cigar situation like Cagayan but it won’t be a surprise to anyone if Spencer is the eventual winner of Survivor: Second Chance.”

COLIN: “The drawback to Spencer is that he had next to no control of the game until the merge, which will hurt if he goes to the end against Jeremy, but I’m convinced Spencer’s control of the game post merge would be enough to beat almost anyone else left in the game. Interestingly enough he has flipped as many times this season as Kass did in Cagayan, but the difference is how this cast views the game. It is much less personal and many players seem determined to judge the game as a whole.”

JARROD: “Of everybody left right now, Spencer may just have the most options available to him. He can choose between his two sets of final threes at the next vote but if he simply sticks with Tasha and Jeremy he may be biting off more than he can chew come final tribal council. He’s had a consistent edit showing his growth so it’d be surprising to see him fall at the final 4 like he did in Cagayan. If the next couple of immunity challenges have puzzles then Spencer is probably the odds on favourite to win them and win his way through to the final 3.”

3rd – Kelley


OVERALL: 3rd (-1)

BEN: “She was my pre-season pick to win and I’m sticking to my guns as I head into the final week. Never have I had my pre-season pick to win make it to the finale so I’m holding out some major hope right now that it could be a correct prediction. Outside of my personal thoughts I honestly think she is in a great position to win this game. For sure she was on the outs of the vote but look at her situation. Final 6, she has an idol. The assumption would be she would play it in the first FTC to make final 5. At final 5 she then has the potential to be the swing vote and work some magic. Say Keith goes at 6, she has the option to try and get the final 3 with the all girls up again, and if say Tasha or Kimmi was to go at 6 she still has Keith and can easily try and sway someone back over to her side, say Spencer, to get to the end. And in a final 3 of Spencer, Keith and Kelley I say for sure Kelley wins that. You also have to look at the fact that nobody is targeting her. She isn’t on anybody’s “next to go list” so she should easily sweep through to final four if the cards fall right. So ignoring her being on the wrong side of the vote, I think she heads into the finale with the best shot of winning this game.”

NOAH: “Kelley’s game has been interesting as she has been on the bottom so many times but always fights back and often ends up voting with the majority. The big damper on her game going forward is that she doesn’t have too many options moving forward with only Keith as a potential solid ally. She could still work something with Spencer but the likelihood of her working with Jeremy for the first real time this late in the game is slim. Luckily for her she does have a hidden immunity idol that nobody knows about which if she can avoid one more vote then she is a lock for the final four. From there her chances are much greater if she can win immunity or if a threat like Jeremy and Spencer is targeted at four. One thing that bodes well for a potential Kelley win is the fact she has received a confessional in every single episode and they continued to show her even when she wasn’t totally relevant to the story. Kelley’s jury management seems pretty good as well as she hasn’t made any enemies although she has also admitted that she hasn’t had many strong allies throughout the entirety of the game. Abi and Ciera would probably be lock votes for Kelley while Kass, Keith and Spencer could be other potentials. She has one big idol play to bring up at final tribal council but if she can get another one in then her resume could be looking much stronger.”

COLIN: “I know all the Kelley fans out there will hate me for saying this, but she has played a game that looks big on screen, due to how she reacts at tribal and a few big moves that helped her only at the moment, but it’s not necessarily that impressive when you sit down and analyse it as a whole. She’s been on the bottom way too much. And like I said, the big moves she made only saved her for another week. She has yet to make a play that gains her any control over the game. While she could make the case that she was an underdog that kept herself alive long enough to get to the end, this is a different jury. Her game wins in Worlds Apart, but not here. Maybe if she pulls off a few brilliant moves to get to final 3 she could win the final vote, but from what I’ve seen so far I don’t see her winning. Her idol can save her for one vote, but she’ll probably be picked off before final 4.”

JARROD: “The female alliance never really got off the ground and I don’t foresee it being revived next episode. While she has a final 3 with Spencer and Keith plus an idol in her pocket I think similar to Keith Kelley needs an immunity run to make it to the end. Her idol may save her for a tribal or two but I get the feeling she’ll fall just short of the final 3. I hope I’m wrong though!”

4th – Tasha


OVERALL: 4th (-3)

BEN: “Was down on her last week after calling out the all girls alliance but she gets a leap this week in the ranks dues to Spencer’s move. Firstly though her attitude and social game definitely needs some ironing out heading into a final tribal, and if she ends up next to Spencer and Jeremy at the end she could be in danger of getting no votes. But she also could find herself surprising a few people too if she was able to get next to the right people. ”

NOAH: “Tasha’s game really heated up when she took control of the third Angkor tribe. After that she quieted down a bit but was still present through most of the gameplay and strategy and this week her edit shot up again. Could this be a final Natalie-like edit spike for a homerun ending where she wins? Either way she has played a much stronger game the second time around and only has to survive one more tribal council to beat her last finishing spot. Personally I think she has less of a chance of winning than the top three but I would certainly not rule her out as a candidate at this point. She almost lost it all in the most recent tribal but has some strong allies and despite being targeted, there are still more threats around her. The big problem with Tasha is that if she doesn’t go with Kelley and Keith then she probably won’t beat Jeremy and Spencer at the end. Varner spoke about her being extremely unlikeable but we haven’t really heard this from any other people so I don’t think we can completely rule out her having the social game to get some votes at the end. She could potentially get votes from Kimmi, Jeremy, Stephen, Spencer or Savage. I think we can rule out any jury vote from Kass though!”

COLIN: “I’m surprised more people out there aren’t seeing how strong Tasha’s game was. Her ability to move from the bottom to top during the tribe switch is impressive enough to warrant a win in many seasons. Since then she has been on the outside of tribal votes once or twice but has always managed to bounce back. I’m impressed every time she is put in a situation to plead her case to someone. I’m seeing Tasha as a player with potential to sway votes once she has the chance to speak. While it might seem like a bad idea to vote out people like Keith and Abi who have no chance at winning in the end, Tasha was bang on about their real danger in being extra votes for someone else to reach the end. If she makes it to final 3 it all comes down to her talking up her game, which as I said is impressive enough. My biggest worry is that she is still too trusting, despite making claims earlier that she won’t be fooled again.”

JARROD: “Right now it seems Tasha’s main goal is to simply make it to the end but she seems to have lost sight of thinking about who she should sit next to. I can’t see her deviating from her alliance with Jeremy and Spencer at this point in time and perhaps she’s hoping they’ll have more blood on their hands. Wouldn’t be surprised to see her make the final 3 but if she actually won it’d be a bit of a shock.”

5th – Kimmi


OVERALL: 5th (-1)

BEN: “I hate going into the finale knowing she really has no chance of winning but I have to be realistic looking forward. A final 3 of Spencer, Keith and Kimmi she could get some votes. But based purely on her edit alone she isn’t winning this game. Which sucks. Because we have seen some great moves by her and great moments. For her to make it to the final tribal would be a huge win in itself so let’s see that happen. Or at least have her make final four to keep my “Australian Outback returnee always makes it to the final four” statistic alive. Whatever happens, Kimmi Kappenberg has made the finale of a season of Survivor. Let that sit with you for a few minutes and smile as much as I am right now.”

NOAH: “I have maintained that Kimmi has played a pretty decent game this season, not brilliant but still good. The problem is the edit hasn’t been showing much of this. She was the opposite of Jeff Varner when adapting to the new school game. He went guns blazing while she sat back, worked on relationships and rode the game. Luckily for her she only had to go to tribal once before the merge and once the merge got there she could blend in. If she had received a larger edit then I would put her as a candidate to win but her lack of anything dictates she won’t. Kimmi has a really strong chance of making it to the finals at this point. I mean who is going to target her? Either Keith or Kelley will take the heat early on or the vote will be switched to target people like Jeremy or Tasha. Kimmi won’t win but could perhaps get some votes from people like Tasha, Abi, Jeremy or Stephen. I would say Kimmi has the best chance of making the finals at this point which I would be thrilled about but I am devastated that we haven’t seen more of her this season!”

COLIN: “I’m more confused every week by Kimmi’s edit. I’m not being critical of how the show has chosen to portray her. I actually find it intriguing. The fact is when we do see her on screen she’s always talking about something different, but not in a way that makes sense to form a narrative. One week she’s all about a female alliance. Nothing comes of that and then it’s right back to her as the loyal soldier with no question of her loyalty. While I may be the only one who likes the editors messing with me with the bizarre Kimmi edit, it makes it painfully clear she doesn’t win the game. Even if she has a brilliant finale performance, she doesn’t win. This is based on the edit of course, as no person has ever won based on a finale performance alone. We have seen no story to set her up.”

JARROD: “The only player left who hasn’t been shown to be explicitly part of a final 3 deal at this stage. Kimmi has been given a few sound bites about wanting to make it to the end and being out there for her kids but it feels like she’s running out of options fast. May sneak through to final tribal council and receive a vote or two but I can’t see her winning the game.”

6th – Keith


OVERALL: 6th (+1)

BEN: “Was worried this was the end for Keith this week so glad to see him stick around, but once again on the outs of the vote and I really can’t see him winning as much as I want him to. A beast in challenges, why nobody is trying to go against him for that beats me. But I’m calling it now: Keith is the new Big Tom. A fun lovable guy who people underestimate as a good player of Survivor. Two seasons, two times he has made the finale. Sadly it will be two times without a win but bring him back for a third and watch him go that deep again. I guarantee it would happen if he ever comes back again.”

NOAH: “Poor Keith, he thought he had something going on and it all fell apart. Just as I predicted with Joe gone Keith has now become the biggest challenge target and is worrying the other players. On the flipside of that though he is the strongest challenge performer which could help him save himself if he can win one or two challenges. Thanks to voting blocs he could still make it in the game but based off the result of last episode his only strong ally is Kelley. Keith’s position could go two opposite ways. He will either be voted out next or at fifth for being strong in challenges or if he can survive that then I find it hard to believe he won’t make it to the finals. He has been identified as a goat however with Abi gone and this ‘all-star’ game apparently goats aren’t as valuable. Keith may struggle to get any jury votes if he can make it to the finals but I don’t think it is out of the realms of possibilities that he gets one or two. Savage, Kass, Kimmi, Kelley could be potential jury votes based on who is there with him.”

COLIN: “Every Survivor finale has that one player considered a long shot, but very few can qualify as a no-shot player. Keith is a no-shot player. I do love how confident Keith seemed in his “plan” working out this week when it was clear to the audience it would never work out. I am happy that after weeks of predicting it Keith has emerged as just as threatening of a challenge beast as Joe was. This of course means nothing, as even if Keith wins every single immunity going forward he has almost no chance of getting a vote. Perhaps Savage throws a vote his way, but that’s the most he gets.”

JARROD: “Keith was confident in his ‘we’ but that was all in vain. It’s hard to see Keith reaching the end given the current state of alliances and he has the added target of being an immunity threat to the other players. Sure some people may want to be sitting next to him at the end but he’s made an enemy in Tasha and he was lucky to survive the past vote.”

Our next Power Rankings will be up after the eighth episode! What do you think of our rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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6 Comments on Survivor Cambodia Power Rankings–Week 12

  1. I think for the first time it will be a final 4 vor FTC…it can’t have 3 eliminations in last episode…i believe it’s between Jeremy or Spencer

  2. I understand what Colin is trying to say about Kelley but honestly I think her game is underestimated. Sometimes you don’t have to make a move that’ll no doubt get you to the end. Sandra admitted during the HVV reunion that her strategy was to take it day by day and it looks like that’s what Kelley is doing. And I think making big moves over shadows the social game which Kelley seems to be dominating. In terms of winning I think that Spencer, Kelley, and Jeremy have the best chance. If Keith was somehow up against Kimmi and Tasha at FTC than I think he wins. As for Kimmi and Tasha, Kimmi hasn’t done enough to get her the votes and the jury doesn’t respect Tasha. According to this season and the Ponderosa videos, the only person who has any interest in voting for her is Andrew and Andrew will no doubt vote for Jeremy over Tasha which is who she plans on going to the end with unless something happens which probably won’t. I keep on saying this but I really hope Spencer or Kelley wins!!!!

  3. A Final Two instead of a F3 this season. Both Kelley and Jeremy will be in at least the Final 5 since they both have idols to play and what they should do is target Spencer if he does not win immunity for a third time. I am hoping for Kelley or Jeremy win this season and PLEASE no third chances for these players unless there is a Winner’s season. I was so tired of seeing Boston Rob play(CBS practically gave him the money not to mention 2 seasons on The Amazing Race and a Wedding Special) and Rupert’s 4 appearances and $1 million gift from CBS. NEW players or players who need a #SecondChance not from CBS reality shows either. Caleb from #BigBrother on the next Survivor Brains Beauty,and Brawn 2? Cast NEW people! Sorry Ciera or Keith but I don’t want to see you play for a third time! I really admire Stephen from #SecondChances saying he played his game and won’t play a third time if he was asked and he got enough from Survivor appearing on two seasons even though he didn’t win.

  4. I love Keith, but he has no chance of winning the game. And Ben, he is ten times better person than Big Tom, but I understand what you wanted to say. I think that Keith is truly a nice person, just like Woo and Joe, and that’s one of the reasons why they could never win at this game. And I agree with the whole list. And I believe that “big suprise” isn’t “final 4”, it’s a “tie 4-4-2” or “5-5-0”. But, we’ll see

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