Audition Tips For Survivor Australia


Today our readers are in for a treat as Ozlet and former Big Brother Australia housemate Gemma Kinghorn shares her knowledge of the reality television casting process with some key tips to think about when applying for Australian Survivor 2016. Read on for some advice that may just help you become a castaway on the upcoming season.

So with this huge announcement that there will be a Survivor Australia season in the near future, and now that applications are in full swing, I thought as the only Ozlet ever to be a successful applicant to a reality show, I would give you all a few tips on filling in your applications and videos. Now by no means do I think I’m an expert, but I do know a few little tips and tricks that helped me in my application to get on Big Brother Australia. The applications are in very different formats. For BB we had to fill a very small application form and we could include a video, then we had to go auditions. When we made it though to the next stage that’s when we had to fill in the huge application form, which was very similar to the one for Survivor Australia.

Tip #1 – Take Your Time


They recommend 2-3 hours to complete the application form which may seem like a long time, but its not. My Big Brother application took me 3 sittings of about 2 hours to get my answers just right. I wrote my answers in then went back and made everything more concise. You have to remember the casting producers are reading thousands of applications so get to the point and don’t ramble on.

Tip #2 – Stand Out With Your Answers


The trick is to stand out from the crowd, when answering your questions think about what everyone else is going to say and try and say something different. For example the application question “ if you had a fire at home, what personal possession would you save first?” This is a great example of a question that will have the same answer for thousands of people. The most common answers will be – my pets, my photos, my children, passport, or my phone. This is a great opportunity to stand out, think outside the box. A example more original answer would be “maybe a fire extinguisher coz I’m a problem solver like that!” Another question you can get creative with is “what are your good qualities?” once again almost every one is going to say – I’m loyal, I’m honest, I’m caring. Try and stand out by saying something a little different.

Tip #3 – Highlight Your Family and Friends


There are so many questions relating to members of family and friends. Channel 10 will really want Survivor Australia to gain some traction and will probably use as many gimmicks as they can to get the viewers, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the started with a Blood vs. Water or similar concept. So for any partner related questions have someone in mind that would also be an amazing castaway and talk them up. For Big Brother I told them all about my boyfriend, that hated the show and thought only douche bags applied, just in case they were looking for a cynical character to go in with me. As I found out very early it was going to be a Big Brother season with pairs.

Tip #4 – Know Your Character


Casting directors have specific characters in mind when casting for shows like Survivor. For example: the hot girl (Chelsea Meissner) the villain (Russell Hantz) the motherly type (Dawn Meehan) the hero (Colby Donaldson) the funny one (Keith Nale) the heart throb (Joe Anglim) the nerd (Cochran) And the crazy person (Brandon Hantz, Coach, Phillip Sheppard, take your pick). You need to be aware of what your character is, if you are drop dead gorgeous in your application mention your looks and in your photos that accompany your application wear something that shows them off. If you are a Survivor super fan, make references to past castaways that you would play like. I was very aware of my character during the audition process, I was the tall drama queen, so many of my answers reflected that. I wore high heels to every audition. Its all about accentuating the qualities that you make you stand out.

Tip #5 – Be Honest and Say What You Think


During the audition process and on the application form be extremely honest, casting directors need to see who you really are, they need people that can express how they are feeling. I shared details of my life that not even my best friends knew about. Being open and honest makes it easier to figure out who you are, and if you are lucky enough to make it on the show, for the audience to connect with you. Talking a lot creates content. The whole reason we loved Rodney Lavoie Jr is because of his confessionals. He always said exactly what he was thinking. When he got pissed off that he didn’t get a reward on his birthday in his own unique way he expressed himself perfectly (by acting like a brat) but it was true to his character and we definitely knew exactly how he felt.

Tip #6 – Show Off Your Personality


This part is easy. Pick photos that you can see your face (no sunglasses) your body type, and accentuates your good features that you may have already spoken about. The photos don’t have to be too exciting, I just used a couple of selfies and got someone to take a full body shot. The key is to show your personality in your video. It doesn’t have to have high production value, mine was just me sitting on my bed with no makeup talking to the camera. I filmed it on my smart phone. But if you are talented and imaginative then definitely go all out. Make sure that the content of your video tells the casting directors what you will bring to the show, shows who you are, and is original.

Tip #7 – Be Yourself


Don’t try to be some one you are not. We love Survivor because all the castaways are unique and have their own personalties. During the audition process for Big Brother there were so many Tim Dormer (winner of the 2013 BB) wannabes. Casting directors are not looking for another Boston Rob or Phillip Sheppard they want unique individuals that can truly be themselves.

I hope these tips and tricks help you with your application. Best of luck!

Are you applying for Australian Survivor in 2016? How’s your application coming along? Did you find these tips helpful? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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6 Comments on Audition Tips For Survivor Australia

  1. nice tips, good luck to everyone who is applying! I look forward to seeing it on tv

  2. In tip number six is that woman a player from survivor I think I recognize her but don’t remember who it is

  3. Tip number six who’s the woman

  4. Is it Leslie – the christian radio host from Survivor China?

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